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>no vent thread

Ok I'll start

>doing complex linework
>go to pen in values on the layer below
>was drawing on the opaque background layer the whole time

is it possible to make a whole color transparent? I always use a neutral tone for my bg but I'm not smart enough to figure out how to erase it

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>drawfag for a board sometimes
>one anon follows me around somehow and always posts the same strange insults every time I post
>it's obviously just a troll because his posts are incomprehensible every time and the insults make zero sense
>shouldn't let it get to me
>it gets to me a little
I should always expect someone to call me shit, it's just strange how this one guy manages to find my art no matter where I post it, he's right there waiting to reply.

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It's the power of autism and loneliness.

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Hue/saturation+colorize, increase saturation to max, selective color filter, make that color white, merge, turn it into multiply layer

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>bigger new followers count on days when I'm not posting than the day after posting the drawing

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The other day I made a comment about bad advice someone was giving and they flipped out about some discord shit I don't even know it existed.

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>take a little break from drawing
>suddenly passionately convinced that I need to climb K2 via the northeast ridge

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>has time and inspiration to draw
>flip through some artbooks from the megas for ideas
>see's art of ex's favorite shows
>no more inspiration or will to draw anything
I'm pathetic

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>Started the month at 250$/month on my patreon

>Cost have increased so I begin shilling very hard like nothing before and reached $290

>Keep posting frequently and substantially

>Lost patrons out of nowhere, no reasons on the exit surveys either

>Now @ $245

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consumerism is a fickle mistress. sorry anon

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i just suck. Imagine spending 8 years painting and only being meh. Cant paint from imagination. Nothing ever looks good.eye sight is probably shit but i dont know how shit it actually is. Getting worse each year. Art seems more and more like an unproductive degenerate waste of time in front of a computer. Industry is full of elitest neck beards who hire their wives. Can only matte paint now because drawing is such a fucking waste of time.

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I can relate to that, the only way i have to bring some attention to my shitty art is to draw fucking furry porn.

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Too ashamed of my work to ever post it.

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Yep. My classmates and teachers still called pic related shit. I should’ve expected it. Clearly I am the retard in this equation.

Why do bother drawing again?

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Go vent in your /ic/ discord you fucking tranny

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Ah a new fag

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>Want to be the "closet degenerate" type of artist
>Haven't made any degenerate art

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>still can't see my drawings in 3D
>they still look super flat
it hurts

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Finally got into a good practical art college with etertainment design focus, best in my country. or so i thought.
The life drawing teacher has us doing abstract shape and blind drawing and his demos suck. Other teachers similarly basic and shape based. Only good classes are the perspective class and 3d.
Going to have to teach myself everything if i want a job at the end of this.

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Welcome to Western art school, I tried to warn you.

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>my """"""style"""""" jumps from drawing to drawing so much that people start thinking that multiple artists share the same account

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I have NO fucking concept of
a. color theory
b. how to paint hair
c. doing anything more complex than shiddy bust studies
and I'm pissed about it.

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Sounds like a fun(ny) relationship. I have a friend whose critique is rarely useful and it's always derisive to some extent. I've learned to fully accept it and only ask for further elaboration if it's veering in the direction I need help with.

Is that your work? Composition is boring as fuck, but with this level of technique it would look amazing with just a bit of learning on the composition basics.

Anonymous imageboard, nigger. Take advantage to train your ego where it matters the least.

Give me d/ic/k shitting on crying /i/-tan.

>Going to have to teach myself everything
That's the case even with good teachers, be glad you realized this BEFORE graduating. Happy happy-accident-making to you, anon!

Same here, but I don't have enough of a following to get suspicious people. Unless you're trying to sell something, don't supress it. The cure, I've found, is to actively try to copy some artists you admire. You'll feel a bit like a cheap-ass thief, but with time you'll also learn to give it your own spin.
Don't forget realism, though.

>paint hair
Learn color theory first to avoid overly rendering shit. You can solve hair by drawing dark/neutral masses mostly everywhere and then applying some detail to some focal points.

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Art is the only thing I hold dear in life and that I could put hope in.

I have finally reached a level of skill where people are impressed by and interested in my work,
only to figure out that promoting yourself has way more to do with social skills and social media savvyness,
of which I have none, than with what your work even is and how good it is.

I've gotten reactions in the vein of "bruh, I cant believe you dont have more of a following, u got2 promote urself more"
many times, but the only advice I can find is "you gotta engage with the community and talk to people"
which is adjacent to impossible with my debilitating degree of autism and hatred for everyone who isn't me.


Yes, photoshop, CSP and gimp all have such functions.

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>year ending in 3 months
>have made 0 progress since the start of the year
>2017 still remains my "strongest" year and peak

And yet I have this strange feeling 2020 is going to be my year. I can still close out this year just revisiting the basics of basics to make sure I really know what I'm doing. Plus I'm taking local classes now so that should help. I have a strong confident feeling things will turn around

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Just remember that everyone that knows this stuff went through this frustration before learning. It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll

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2 months after I finished uni with a degree not relating to art at all, somehow I managed to get hired for the 2D game artist position in a small game studio (this is my first job yay). I'm not very good and I don't even know why I got hired and It's been 2 weeks and everything I've made seem like not on the "standard" good.
First week I was told to a lot of pointless stuff and the art director kept finding my mistakes ( design-wise and perspective) and I had to redo it so much I got tilted so hard.Then this week I actually got assigned to do something big for the company's game , I spent the whole week doing background artwork and then at the end of the week the art director pointed out all the flaws in my work. Then my work got rejected and I got told to restart from scratch ( start with doing sketch for rocks) .
Now I feel so incompeted, underqualified as fuck and I want to die. I don't mind redoing it I just hate feeling incompetent and useless. I'm on probation for 2 months and they've already seen how useless I am ( all the feedbacks I've got were all negative) so I'm not sure I'm gonna get to stay after probation.
That night I straight up cried 15 mins under the shower feeling like a piece of shit.I saw the art director looking through some other candidates applications and they're all so good. I started to doubting my skills, questioning if I'm good enough for this. Why the fuck did they hire me if there are so many better people out there?

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>Get inspired by /ic/ to grind fundies (Scott Robertson perspective, head and hands etc)
>Do it for 5-6 days in a row
>Try to juggle it and work
>Fizzle out and eventually stop
>Don't draw for weeks and weeks
>Browse /ic/ and the whole thing repeats itself
I just cannot maintain a consistent routine. I hate myself for it. I can do everything else daily (brush teeth, shower etc) but when it comes to practicing drawing I just grind to a halt after a few days.

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Just drop your work and draw porn for way more money

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Even if I were way better than I am right now, nobody would give a shit about my art. People just don't like my general taste in things, and it goes the opposite way too, I don't like a lot of the stuff that is popular.
I don't know if this is crushing or relieving, it doesn't matter that I'm not very good after all. It wouldn't make any difference, I'll never make it anyway.

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Sounds like you’re burning out on the repetitiveness of jjust doing exercises. Draw things you fancy just for fun too without worrying if it’s good, anon.

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At least you got hired. These entry level jobs are all really bad and they squeeze you really hard. Other people would probably go through the same shit.

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if drawings not a habbit don't start with really hard stuff, just do what you can and do it everyday for a few months, then when you do fundies you'll be less willing to quit.

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>trying to copy a known drawfag's style for a few deliveries in a drawthread
>the drawings get tagged as his in the booru
>"okay that was a good kek now back to my usual stuff"
>new work keeps being tagged as his despite being obviously far worse and different in style

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I don't have a job and I practice literally every moment I get and I still feel like it's not enough, I'll be an old man by the time I git gud

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Fuck me, mate. I JUST WANT SOME FUCKING RECOGNITION. Is that so much to ask? I don't care if someone calls me shit. I don't care if someone compliments me. I just SOME KIND OF ATTENTION. I hate the feeling of putting my art out there just to be ignored. SOMEONE. ANYONE. JUST GIVE ME SOMETHING.

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did my bachelor degree
didnt sign up for master degree course cause was sick of uni
mom wants me to get a job, big stress from pressure
uni was shitty and i was lazy, no real skills

2 things going for me:
- making a game with my friend in unity, i dont expect anything from this
- learning to draw to make money, my work is >>4127155 so far

pls give kind words this is a dark time for me, i lack stability and i sense the pressure from my parents

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I'm in a lot of pain and discomfort and can't draw

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The studio I worked for in 2017-2018 is dying. If it takes down the website and all social media, idk how I'm gonna prove that I ever worked there, and it's the only full-time position I ever held. I'm so mad at the dumbass owner, he had everything, the team, the clients, the reputation and he just ruined it. It was a terrible place to work at but people were losing their health and sanity to produce the works in its portfolio, and they will soon be nowhere to be seen.

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Pro-tip: pick up a skill or experience that will get you a proper job or commissions that pay more than the minimum wage. Think real industries like games, animation, editorial illustration, motion design etc. If you're a fresh baked graduate, it's the perfect time to start an internship.

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Please don't listen to >>4126089
Keep trying, I was the same in my first job. I had an internship and I swear I was messing up every day, crying in the bathroom and getting my work rejected. After three months I still got a work contract, apparently the art director admired my "determination" or whatever. I stayed there for 9 more months and learned everything with more practice.
I know that junior jobs are super stressful, but it only gets better from now, I promise.

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If you're not doing that yet, you need to shill yourself anon. And if you're doing that, you're not shilling yourself hard enough.
I can't bring myself to act like an opportunistic attention whore, but there are so many opportunistic attention whores on the internet getting all the attention that not even the second coming of Christ would make it without constant shilling, lying, dogpiling, trend-hopping and general hypocrisy.
It doesn't even matter how good you are beyond a certain level.
Just let go of your integrity

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>girl added me on social media, in mutual group/mutual friends.
>find out she fuckin great at art/went to college
>for weeks she just made an art page and invited me

idk i’m p envious but good for her ig. i need to be more social if i’m gtmi ughh. a few months ago i went to a cafe and they said they would put up my art there if i brought in a few pieces.

i really need to practice and put in the time so i can git gud. i put some acrylic gesso on 3 papers a few days ago and i haven’t done anything since.. except trying to finish a portrait/warm up circle/spiral/cubes. depression sucks.

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thank you

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Fine. At least, I have a decently sized network. Do it for fun, they said. People will appreciate your hard work, they said. Meritocracy, they said. See this is why I crab so much. Because these fucking niggers lie to your face knowing that the shit they say is bullshit. Fuck the hard work. It amounts to nothing. Why work when you could just take advantage of nepotism? Why actually say something when you could just say nothing?

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why am i so shit at handling compliments holy fuck. i always tense up when it happens

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no longer have any interest making artwork yet can't move on cause everything else feels wrong or skinnerbox.

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>Be me, always drew with pen/ink
>Better than most at sketching and linework, I think, at least when compared to amateurs
>Go digital in like 2012, try to learn to work with color and paint without relying on flat linework
>Make some progress, but only in sai
>Sai feels limiting because I can't get custom brushes for landscape painting to work in any sort of practical way
>Try to move into photoshop
>photoshop is far more capable but has some issues I can't get around, and I can't tell if it's my settings or my crappy pirated copy perhaps, or just something I need to learn to deal with.
>In sai, opacity being on doesn't make colors overlap
>in photoshop, it makes the colors overlap if you lift the pen, and makes blending difficult
>Hard round in sai has settings to make it slightly blend with the other colors you're painting over
>photoshop doesn't as far as I can tell, besides the horrendous mixer brush which for me, shows tons of little circles as if flow was really low, but it's not
>No stabilizer to help with edges (i can work around this one, just mildly annoying).
>Now, i have my fundies down well, but because of these issues I get so frustrated that I can't paint literally anything in P.S.
>I literally have not improved at painting since 2013, despite doing it daily, because I get frustrated every fucking time.

God damnit, I just want to learn to paint landscapes so I can get my ideas out. I feel like just sketching/drawing isn't enough to properly depict the scenes I want to create, but despite having had drawing in general come naturally to me, with no actual studying required on my part beyond doing it daily, painting is impossible. I just can't make things look good and I have no idea why. I understand anatomy, I understand values, I'm good with foreshortening and never needed to grind boxes because depicting shapes was always just a natural thing for me. So why have I made no fucking progress?

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And the other part to this vent is that I have almost no fucking free time because of my stupid job, and all I want out of life is to be better at painting. I get home from work exhausted (manual labor) and can't force myself to do this shit, so I only draw on the weekends now, and even then, it's mostly just sketching because trying to paint has whittled down my resolve entirely. I'm so fed up with it, it's not fun anymore. I used to enjoy it so much but now it just makes me sad.

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how do you ussualy reply?

>> No.4127549

I went through something similar. What helped me finally "get" painting was studying tutorials/process videos from other people making stuff similar to what I wanted to do. I kinda thought since I already knew a ton of shit from drawing that I wouldn't need to do that but it turned out to be really beneficial. Not sure if that'll help for you or not but it might be worth trying.

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I do this but I run into a few issues.
Most of those videos deal with photoshop and I find photoshop infuriating/ can't figure out how to make their settings work for me. The other thing is even when I can make something they did in the video work, I can't apply it to my own ideas without following the video. It's like the information leaves me the moment I finish the study.

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quick storytime: i am working as a freelance concept artist/illustrator for almost 6 years now. i am/was pretty good. 3 to 9 gigs per month. everything was fine until ive got brain damage 2 months ago (work that ive before was able to do in 3 hours is takin me now 3 days). clients askin mes whats going on. refunding on paypal lef and right. i am affraid to tell them that i am basically retard now because they wont hire mi in the future i lost my apartment month ago and i am currently homeless. what should i do? i am literary crying right now. any sugestion are welcome

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How'd you get brain damage? Also sorry anon, I have no idea what you should do besides looking into welfare programs if your country offers them.

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I think you should try to get a check for disability.

>> No.4127569

Tell them your brain damage play up the sympathy card. Apologize that you are taking so long and let them know why. If possible make them feel bad and if they still like your product I am sure they'll stay. You will most likely loose some clients but I am sure you can get some to stay. You might have to open up to pitty cash.

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After you lay down a stroke, use the eyedropper to pick the color of the region you just layed in (sample merged/all layers). Then when you blend around that region, it won't darken it. Painting in Photoshop requires liberal use of the eyedropper, I find. Or you can just keep using a program with a more paint focused brush engine, that's perfectly valid too. Many artists use multiple programs for different stages of a piece.

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nothing unusula just an accdent year ago, just got way wore recently becouse of another bump in the head. bad vision and visuela halucinations, lost of focus. dont feel like a person anymore, more like i was constantly drunk on liter vodka + joint. ist nigtmare I woulb rather wont go to details because i have some ilr friends and clients lurking on this board. i cant focus on script, layout, but i can paint my own free stuff more naturally (it just loooks like shit) than somethin complicated. i live in family right now so it not that bad.

I am not ready to comfirm that I am retarded, but i was thinking about welfare. it just doesnt feel right.

money, money are important but what about my future as an artist. it doesnt handle mi a good name in biz

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Its like its trying to do a lot of things all at once
You seem to have a lot of imagination but puking it all out on one piece makes it really busy and unreadable
I would suggest you to try to do each part of the drawing separately and see if it holds up on its own
I don’t know if the creature are supposed to be the judges stands but I would put them on front since they are way more interesting

I love the concept and once you solve the technical problems of it it’ll be a really amazing piece
Don’t try to go too big do the shit step by step

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If you are not baiting... I have read that some of the damage of TBI can be rebuilt and the brain creates new connections or even new cells to overcome the damage. So don't stop drawing, try to stay active. I would look for a mental health professional that can help you stay positive because you're probably going to have depressive episodes.
I would try to do all I can to recover, you shouldn't stress yourself too much. Keep easier client work, do things that are manageable so you don't feel overwhelmed. Inform yourself about what you should do with your employer in this situation.

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Even if this were less edgy and amazingly well drawn it's not the kind of art that gets praise from normies. You should expect that.

Anyway your lines do not follow the volumes very well. Do this exercise: take a basic pencil drawing, of maybe trace the outlines of this one, and work on it with a lightbox (or if you don't have one, tape it against a window). Get a bunch of sheets and think only about the direction of the hatching. Take that Bible. Why did you draw the lines at that angle? What does that say about the perspective of the book? Where is the light source?
When you draw in ink you should consider that you're packing a lot of information in every line, you need to be precise. Your hatching is not only there for volume, it needs to show value and texture as well. This is why this looks compositionally wonky, try to decide a strong light source instead and try to achieve some consistency in value, make the shadows as compact as possible.
Look at the masters of etching and see how they use line.
I think most of your mistakes are due to too much haste, slow down even for the drawing part.
If you haven't read guptill's drawing in ink, give it a nice read, it's boring but it says a lot

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I hate eating.
Plain as that, I fucking hate eating.
Doesn't matter if the food is great or it's fucking slop, I hate it

I hate putting food in my mouth, the texture, the sickly feeling as it sits in my gut to digest.

I HAVE to eat, I'm chained to the task by my body, but my god does it revolt me to do so.

I have no idea why.

>> No.4127706

I don't really have any advice for you but I feel the same way at times. Sometimes I can't even stomach a bite and spit it back up. Sometimes I find soup (not even a cup of chicken broth) or protein shakes are the only thing I can get down. Proteins sales are usually sit too heavy in my stomach.

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That's fucking metal dude

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> Posts several drawings on various threads in the span of a week on /ic/.
> 0 replays, no critics, not even insults
> MFW my art is so boring and unappealing that no one pays attention to it.

Don't want to be a crybaby but, damn that leaves me with a feeling of failure.

Worst part is that I don't know what to do about it, just keep drawing I guess.

>> No.4127723

post it here, all of it. ill give you my hones opinion. i promis

i am dealing with these terepetiucial stuff with my doctor twice a week. i do believe that its posible to heal myself. he told me I shold swim a lot ad eat fanci meat. so I do. yes, and stress too. I am in the forest in my frre time too. calms me dovn

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> post it here, all of it. ill give you my hones opinion. i promis

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As long as your art is saying something no matter how basic it is, more people will givr a shit about it

>> No.4127739

Not the anon you replied to but isn't a carpet nonsensical on a, well, humanoid wasp? Exoskeleton and stuff.

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>on vacation so nothing to do but wake up, shower, sit there for hours and go back to sleep
>get high as balls and watch hampton's video lectures over and over again
>practice, watch again, practice again, repeat
>consumed by thoughts of anatomical landmarks juxtaposed against figure drawings
>go to sleep and disappear into a vortex of loomis heads and 3D spines
>gonna do it again today

The promised transformation is at hand lads

I felt that way on Adderall but it stopped when I quit. Are you on anything?

>> No.4127746

iktf very well

>> No.4127754

I really dig the bottom one; it's your most polished and confident drawing. I also like the guitarist and Tifa. Work on your head rotations and cleanup. The people under the wasp don't follow perspective properly.
You got some good foundations, keep up the good work.

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hello, i hope this will make some sense. i tried to put together critiqe; something in your lineart tells me that you are more of a painter than the inker. you should definitely try some other techniques and more various resources because it seems to me that you are not wery confortable with drawing. try freestyle painting, blocking, negative spaces nshit. also, if you want to be an anime artist stay away from anime when it comes to tutorials and learning. you can learn a ton just by watchin quality anime. that jus my opinion. overal its good but bit booring because it show that you are focused too much on one subject (anime) when it come to learniong. and meanwile there are a whole world of warious visuall art taht you can gain a fras inspiration from and create something uniqe by combination and remix. last sugestion; whan practicing try tracing and photobashin as an exercise. you can learn a lot of stuff and its alslo fun and realxin. ovrall its really good stuff if you are under 30yo you are gonna make it. ps, girl on far left is really hot

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>Not the anon you replied to but isn't a carpet nonsensical on a, well, humanoid wasp? Exoskeleton and stuff.

The concept is based in this >>4123129 so yeah, is a bit nonsencial to begin with.

>The people under the wasp don't follow perspective properly.
Yes I can see that, perspective is something I don't study regularly.

>You got some good foundations, keep up the good work.
Thanks anon, I appreciate it

No blog, sorry.

Thanks a ton anon, I will follow your suggestions.

I feel less like a failure now, thanks guys.

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How do you practice more efficiently. I keep feeling my brain shutting to autopilot and I hate it.

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>my brain shutting to autopilot
thats accually a good sign

my best pieces was created during autopilot mode. just chillin and paintin. whats wrong with that?

think of that famous korean masturbator, kim something kung kim idk. he wears glases and hes bald

>> No.4127855

>whats wrong with that?
I'm a /beg/ who is trying to learn seeing shit in 3D more and I don't like my progress up to this point. I feel like I could stand to practice more eficiently, and when my brain goes on autopilot I'm basically doodling mindlessly and I'm pretty sure that's harming my rate of improvement.

>> No.4127866

dont be so hard at yourself. enjoy your self


breathe and forget for a second aboat all those dumb rules and teachings by failture artist


cant always grindin, bee urself

>> No.4127876

Thanks, but, that's kind of the problem I guess- my issue is more so that I can't concentrate or get into the grind part of it that easily right now. I already do too much of the "muh style" stuff, and I want to improve the technical side of things better.

>> No.4127886
File: 80 KB, 722x425, 54256461_2206527026035400_2796954841425903616_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh yeah, I had a similar problem. practice + time worked for me. but this can apply for almost every skill development. maybe start talking to yourself, out loud or just in the ghost, what exactly are doing at the moment. like by your own narrator. imagine that you are narrating your process to a blind person next to you

>> No.4127889

So essentially reminding myself of what I'm doing throughout the process?

>> No.4127895

yes. focus on your self. some people have vvell trained silver cord, some not

>> No.4127903

Ok thank you

>> No.4127904
File: 127 KB, 1200x762, eh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>still coming to /ic/ from time to time for materials and something interesting to find...
>Useless threads with zero substance
>Discussions centered around individuals
>Toxicity, polemics and empty bickering
>People that are giving advice or talking from position of experience have none and lying. Especially those who claim to have patreons or making assumptions of how it works.
>That one fag who is using the "cumbrain" word. Where it's even came from?

I understand that it's 4chan and all but we're all people. Being immature shitfucks just for the fucks of it is not helping anybody. Don't spit into the well, please?

>> No.4127906
File: 798 KB, 2369x3244, 9c9c12751a52ac5b8a6b6813bfea74ca.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What are your goals? Do you know how you might like to eventually draw--do you have an inspiration folder you look to regularly? (I might be able to offer more specific advice if you post an example.) What questions do you have about your own work?

You should be able to answer each of these questions. If you can't, spend some time introspecting.

You're trying more complex drawings--multi-character images and props, that's good. You're doing imaginative stuff, that's also good.
But right now I'm seeing anime without much design sense or unique vision. It looks like you've studied some anatomy, but the drawings suffer from a stiffness, a lack of line/shape confidence. The shapes are not very designed, they don't feel intentional. This is a natural part of the process of getting better, so don't worry and keep studying and drawing things you like. Your work isn't incompetent, I think you have the potential to get where you want to go, but where is that? YOU, before anyone else, need to know where you're going if you want to get there.

In essence, you haven't found your style yet. But how do you get there? You study artists you admire. I don't mean copying them necessarily (unless you want to), but rather, keep your favorite pieces on hand and try to understand how they achieved a certain effect. Then try to get a little of it into your work.

Example from 7ZEL. He isn't my favorite artist or anything, he just appears first in my inspiration folder so he'll do. The illustration is fairly simple, with simplified anatomy, but it's very much a designed, intentional piece that knows what it's about.

>> No.4128036

JUST IGNORE THE CRABS its easy to spothem; the want you back in their bucket. fuck them. dont even reply to them. ITS THAT EASY god

>> No.4128124
File: 37 KB, 300x400, HqGOEt0QcWg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think I've lost my soul over the span of two weeks. I'm posting every 2-3 days on twitter now but it gets 50-100 likes despite being 300-500 before

>> No.4128153
File: 23 KB, 376x478, 20170811_face.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can't get excited or motivated about drawing anymore.
Whenever I even think about making something, I feel like I'm doing it for somebody else's approval or that I'm copying someone or being something that I'm not.
Throughout every step of the way, I'm reminded how nothing I do is original or stands out, how nobody cares, and how there is no place for me.
Literally every single day I fantasize about making great work, but when I actually have the opportunity to start, I'm flooded with hopelessness.
It's been like this for about two years now.
How can I erase all the negative precedents I've built around this?
I'm so tired of being a miserable failure.

>> No.4128159

this is bullshit and you know it

>> No.4128164

It's social media. If you're hoping to make it with art on the internet you are making art for approval and being something you're not. Gone are the days where you could make personal work and get anywhere. It was a bubble in the last century, now we are back to conformity. There's too much marketing involved, too many compromises.
If you don't want to cut social media off then reserve a time of the day to draw something that you decide beforehand you will not post on social media.

>> No.4128186

They hired you for a reason, man. If they think you're not good enough, they're gonna tell you. When you feel like that's harsh on you, watch some videos of the army training. What you're going through is the way to get good. I had to learn all those by myself. The director told you what is wrong, If it's too hard to fix, you come here and ask us. That's why concept artists get so fast. You can do it. When I was younger I was just like you. Breathe and keep going.

>> No.4128363

That's a little too late. Teachers already seized and shredded it. I'm telling you, this the last time I do anything like this. I'm just gonna keep doing charcoal figure studies like everyone else cause then I don't have deal with this kind of bullshit. Fucking hell, they give you 40 minutes to make an experimental piece and then punish you when you try something you haven't done before. All we do is charcoal figure sketches and still life's and nothing else. The entire class including me fucking flunked this project because we weren't actually supposed to be experimental and the fucking valedictorian is the only one that gets an A just because she sucks the professors clit and that professor measures our art against hers. The game was rigged from the start.

>> No.4128377

I'm sorry anon. I don't know what to advice, is it possible for people with your condition to regain skills? Some exercises, therapy? Right now you probably need to tell your clients new time frames work will be done, if you keep old ones and break them it will not bring anything good.

>> No.4128384

desu, you should be somewhat open that you're dealing with serious medical issues that are lowering your productivity. you don't need to go any more in depth than that if you don't want to. maybe also try doing more simplistic commissions.
worst case scenario in the longterm is that you could just switch over to being a gallery artist.
hang in there anon.

>> No.4128427

was there a change in subject, maybe? or are you drawing about the same things as you used to?

>> No.4128436

this sounds like imposter syndrome, and i think that most artists tend to struggle with this. i think you have to 1.) realize that nothing's really original anymore, and not necessarily strive to be original, but just strive to speak and do whatever it is you set out to speak and do. it'll put a lot less stress on you and keep your work authentic. i'd just be really mindful of the things you like and the types of things you want to say with your art, themes you want to portray, stories you want to tell, elements you want to include. it's all about want, not need, that way it centers back to you rather than appeasing other people. 2.) i think that comparison is a good way to motivate improvement, but if it begins to hinder your growth (mentally or artistically), then you should probably try to stay off social media for awhile until you feel you can handle comparing your work to other people again. i think that in a capitalist society, we're all incredibly hellbent on competition and competing with eachother, that we don't feel good enough unless we're as skilled/better than x, y, z. but, it's really not true. you don't have to compete with anyone, just remember you're going at your own pace and making your own strides. 3.) when you feel hopeless before or during the process of a piece, remind yourself that if this one turns out bad (which it might, and that's perfectly okay), you can always draw another piece and that one might come out better. you don't have to post everything that you draw, and knowing that if a piece doesn't come out the way you want, you feel less pressure to have it be perfect if you know you don't have to post it or show it to anyone. again, go at your own pace. there's nowhere you have to be, no skill level you HAVE to be at by a certain age or else you're ngmi. if you put too much focus on the success of a piece, you miss out on the process of it.

>> No.4128446

you are retarded. drop out and make your own porn games.

>> No.4128449

>crush starts liking my work on social media
>heart reacts on pictures of me
>still no guts to ask her out


>> No.4128451

Thank you all for those nice words. The people here are actually nice and they teach me a lot of new things. They don't yell at me or anything It's just me feeling useless and unworthy. Even though I have to redo the piece but going by small steps each day makes me feel more comfortable.

>> No.4128490
File: 99 KB, 576x960, 1562007056560.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How can I make the most appealing and visually pleasing OC that normie nsfw artists would be willing to draw?

Getting sick of pouring my fucking heart out time and time again painting day n and day out till my fingers break and getting little to no recognition on twitter.

and it all it takes is some fuckwit with basic level cel shading to suddenly flood the dashboard with fanart

what am I doing wrong?

>> No.4128544

Make a schedule, when the time to make art comes just start drawing whatever comes to your mind without thinking too much. Turn off your mind and self criticism, don't have any expectations. Smoke some weed if you want and start drawing whatever you feel is cool atm. Try out different techniques for different subjects and in general enjoy the process without worrying about outcome. You'll feel better that you actually productively spent time drawing and maybe some interesting ideas will pop into your head and make you excited. Inspiration tends to come while you're working already, if you don't have any great ideas it's best to use this time for grind, life drawing, master studies, gestures. Weed makes me enjoy the process and think whatever I'm doing is cooler, you won't create masterpieces but this change of mind state could push you to explore.

>> No.4128640

>start drawing
>get sad
>get sleepy
>stop drawing
>feel fine
>think about what just happened
>get sad because I did nothing

>don't draw
>feel like shit because drawing is all I can do

art being in my life literally only brings me grief

>> No.4128648

im worried. I've been drawing all my life, like 20+ years and always enjoyed it but recently im getting bored fast. i think maybe ive been playing too much vidya or consuming too much media that ive destroyed my attention span. or maybe im depressed... hmm

>> No.4128652

I am bad at creating original content, everything I create is inspired by something else. Lately I only seem confident in doing studies, but I want to post something that most just poses.
How cheap would it be to take a flavor of the month and or someone's waifu from /A or /V and put their head on the figure studies and call it fanart?
I need to practice drawing figures with clothes on anyway.

>> No.4128661

>everything I create is inspired by something else
it's impossible not to do that, that is how creativity fundamentally works. if you don't want to look like youre plagiarizing combine many different ideas

>> No.4128781

>How cheap would it be to take a flavor of the month and or someone's waifu from /A or /V and put their head on the figure studies and call it fanart?
very cheap, but everyone does it

>> No.4128801

For god's sake, FUCK them. Do you realize what you have? You made something original. Yes, it isn't executed at the highest level, but you did that much, you made something original. Technical skill can always be acquired later with practice. Why else take art classes if you didn't believe that? Creativity though must be cultivated from within when you can't get encouragement from without. So many people struggle to do just what you did, because since childhood they've had the creativity systematically beaten out of them, they've been shamed to conform.
I'm being as serious as I've ever been on this godforsaken website: keep doing what you're doing as well as you can only in that moment, and just try to do a little better each time than you did last time. But study diligently too. And question the wisdom every faggot who tells you otherwise (and whether they deserve your money & company).

>> No.4128923

How the fuck do you draw a appealing face??? Why do I get stucked on the face. I mean like even when I try to draw anime it feels too forced and gives it that I am a westerner feeling.
I guess a large part of this has to do with I don't know where I want to keep my art.

>> No.4128930

>everyone does it
Good enough for me

>> No.4128969
File: 212 KB, 396x529, 1482855571025.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wish school will be over soon so I can just focus on drawing.
but I know I still have to worry about Internship and job search after I'm out of school. I'm never going to get out of this cycle.

>> No.4128978

being dead must be so nice. you don't have to worry about disappointing anyone, especially not yourself. who cares about anatomy? what does perspective matter when you're dead. no people younger than you and better than you, no people more popular than you, just nothingness. a neet? who cares? wouldn't it be cool to find out what happens when all is gone? isn't it exciting? imagine there just being nothing. no sense of awareness, there is just nothing. god, just let me die in my sleep

>> No.4128987

Same things, same fandom

>> No.4128989

Study cute faces

>> No.4128991

I'm sticking around until 2039. NASA's sending a drone to saturn's moon titan and it should arrive then if it launches on schedule. I am so fucking curious to see those photos.

>> No.4128994

I'm thinking death doesn't actually exist and you're just going to end up waking up in a "what if" scenario and keep living until some bullshit excuse in your timeline keeps you alive forever. I think Jesus saved us from this loop so that you're on his side when the great Heavenly war happens.

>> No.4128998

Oh yeah, a good example of this that feature in WoW where phases can pass while someone is in a zone but you cannot see them as the other player is in a future tense phase and everything remains the same.

>> No.4128999

This advice genuinely made me feel better.
Thanks, guys.

>> No.4129017

OC become popular only if you're popular, it has nothing to do with their design

>> No.4129020

If people want to fuck it and it's easy to draw, it becomes popular
Your art of it doesn't matter, fan art of it does

>> No.4129155

Examples of unpopular artists that have popular OCs?

>> No.4129241
File: 80 KB, 586x397, 1534513451.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like his animations but holy fuck this image is awful and he still got 2,5k likes. Is it really only because he's already popular?

>> No.4129248

its a goth girl anon

>> No.4129257

> What are your goals? Do you know how you might like to eventually draw
I used to, not anymore, I think lost the love I had for the medium that inspired me to draw in the first place.

>What questions do you have about your own work?

>You should be able to answer each of these questions. If you can't, spend some time introspecting.

You got me thinking anon, I should ponder what I want to do, I seem to be studying things to fill a checklist of things I need to get better at, but with no purpose in mind.
This has always been in the back of my head but I did not paid much attention to it.

Thanks for your words anon.

>> No.4129292

you'll get used to it eventually

>> No.4129384

>Started drawing in my late teenager years
>I'm an adult now but my drawings still look like shit
>There are right now teenagers that have already pavimented their way to becoming professional artists because their art is already good and they're really young
I really wish time machines existed already so I can tell my younger me to start drawing already. I seriously wish I was good at drawing right now

>> No.4129385

Have you made it yet anon?

>> No.4129387

All I can think of is my family finding the monster porn. I have a sizable folder despite throwing away most of it, but what if I die suddenly and I can't get rid of it before dying? This is the kind of concern that keeps you from entering the afterlife.

>> No.4129405

Hang in there. Not an artfag but I have my own share of getting chewed at then either taking a breather or crying in the office bathroom during breaks. You'll gonna be fine

>> No.4129406

I'd say lean into it. For me it's been a blessing for commissions because it makes it easier for me to mimic other styles. (I get a lot of Jojo and BNHA comms, but I've had a few stragglers. Like One Piece fans.)

>> No.4129497

Sorry, they took your piece and shredded it? Where the fuck do you go to school? What grade are you in? Surely somewhere in middle school if your teacher is shredding projects

>> No.4129505

I’ve never played WoW but for some reason I get this and love it as an alternative to string theory

>> No.4129609

The person who got me into art has been coasting and stagnating for the past year and a half. I talked to them and they said they barely draw once every couple days. This person used to draw hours every day and made massive gains, and I really looked up to that. They seem so burnt out with everything, and I just wish they'd get that spark back so we could draw together like we used to.

I feel like it's partly my fault. I used to be a huge writefag and they were inspired by my work a lot, and I feel like getting burnt out myself led to their burning out too.

>> No.4129621

>tfw no art fren
how and where do you find these sweet people? anon just talk to this person, ask them how come they're not drawing that much and maybe suggest something to do together. try to rekindle the flame

>> No.4129645

I've been trying for the past year to set aside some time to draw my first graphic novel. I've got everything written, thumbnailed out, characters, places, vehicles and creatures designed. It's only 20 pages long. Still I can't find enough time to draw the whole thing, I always have commission work to do, can't shake off the feeling I will starve to death if I don't work for a month, although I could easily live for a year solely on savings. I thought maybe I could take it easier next year, but social insurance costs are getting even higher...

If all works out well, I should be free in two weeks. But fuck knows what will happen then.

>> No.4129659
File: 11 KB, 480x447, 1233146452521.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>start to draw more and every day
>immediately got worse
What the fuck happened

>> No.4129669
File: 20 KB, 220x202, rueu.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>have to show up to work late again today to finish homework

haha time to get fired

>> No.4129674

Hang in there anon kun!

>> No.4129757

people are more forgiving of disability these days. just be honest an accident has left you permanently disabled, aren't able to perform at the level you previously did, and try to do the work you did before, also being forgiving of yourself for how much more time it takes you. you can also try out different styles if your old work isn't working for you anymore, and maybe you can use the new limitations of your brain to make interesting artworks within those limitations. I'm really sorry you have to go through this. I have no idea how you feel, and hopefully I never do, but there will be more opportunities for you as long as you try to make the best of your new situation. This is only the beginning of a new artistic life for you, one that will be harder but infinitely more rewarding in the end.

>> No.4129761

Holy shit faggot JUST DO IT

>> No.4129802

You didn't get worse. You just started realizing how bad you actually are. Unironically Dunning-Kruger. You're on the right track, anon-kun.

If you're looking at your past work and thinking it's actually better than what you have now, then you're just not looking at it objectively. Post in progress thread.

>> No.4129808

Read up on quantum suicide, anon.

>> No.4129809

When I post art on 4chan I always get insulted for one reason or the other. What the fuck.

>> No.4129818

I wonder how much time of my life I have spent trying out different blending modes on layers.

>> No.4130411

man one of the saddest things is when you slowly stop enjoying someone's art who you've been following years because of how you've developed as an artist. i used to really like this guy's art but now i see the same flaws in it constantly and his art hasn't progressed at all in the 6 years i've been following him

>> No.4130413

i just thank them normally, but i'm always worried that won't be enough or something

>> No.4130638

Does he need to progress though? If he has an established style that is pleasant to look at, why not stick to it? Unless there's obvious room for improvement

>> No.4130702
File: 387 KB, 500x500, 1539965692389.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't know what's wrong with me. Didn't draw for a week because college stuff ia getting in the way, and now I can't even draw a box properly. Everything looks like shit! SHIT!

>> No.4130705

Stress messed with everything. Exercise, sleep, and diet.

>> No.4130752
File: 52 KB, 640x640, 13690758_10208516396521103_4976288152168529247_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My skill level seems to fluctuate wildly every day and my own expectations are so high that I've become unable to finish personal pieces or commissions and I'm more avoidant of drawing because of the stress(which is also making me worse)
starting to wonder if I have brain damage

>> No.4130798

My love for drawing is going out without a bang, a little bit more everytime I try to get back at it
Drawing is the only thing I knew how to do a tiny bit more than norml people even if I am low level beg
But depression and age are getting heavier and heavier.
I don't know what I'll do with my life anymore. The thought of not creating anything absolutely terrifies me, but I also know I'm not cut ouf for this. I feel like crying. I fucking hate myself. I don't want ot die like this.

>> No.4130855

I'll drop you a fact here real quick. No matter how old or bad you are, no matter how many times you failed in life, you always have a chance to get up and try again and again. There's nothing that prevents your success aside from your own lack of commitment and large amounts of self-doubt, fear, stress, etc. Depression sucks but it only gets worse if you allow it to take control of your life. Sometimes you should stop doubting and listening to your thoughts and just be unreasonable as fuck with your inner voice, if it says "You can't make it, you have no talent", you must believe in the absolute opposite, because this inner dialogue is nothing more than a bunch of primitive unreasonable instincts trying to control you when you could force it to shut up with logical thinking and actions. Just draw, just do those damn studies, just kill all of your weaknesses one by one and when you will start noticing that the roadblocks are not as big as you thought they are - you will become more confident, and your inspiration and love for art will live again.

Only death and your own self-doubt and fear can stop you from achieving your dreams, things only will start getting better if you commit and actually work on improving your life and finding your passion in art or whatever you may wanna do in the future. The power is within you and it's not bullshit. People underestimate the power our own mentality can have over us, I've pulled myself out of that gutter by the force of sheer will, because I decided that my emotions are unresonable and dumb, my fears are useless and uncalled for, and thinking about past or future is nothing more than a waste of mental energy and nerves that I could be using for actual improvements in things I want to improve at.

Bottom line is, you can make it, as long as you are alive - you can make it. Just gotta work very hard for it. And even if things won't work out, at the very least you can be confident that you did your very best.

>> No.4130949
File: 22 KB, 251x231, 1566230718960.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just don't get new 4chan.
Everything just feels dishonest and none of it's fun, like nothing comes organically anymore it's all got to have an agenda.

I just saw a thread where 80% of it was filtered.
It's just sad

>> No.4131005

>new 4chan
wut? i only ever browsed /ic/ what's changed about the rest of the boards?

>> No.4131035

Remember when /b/ and /r9k/ were not just a tranny porn boards haha

>> No.4131045

haha trannies xd so funny

>> No.4131109
File: 46 KB, 403x419, VHNldnk.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't know how to describe it
There's less traffic on /ic/ so there's less change, but on more popular boards (and even some smaller hobby boards) there's just been this trend towards "forced board culture".

I put that in quotes because, while I don't have any evidence of it I just know it's happening.
When the NPC thing started, within 2 hours entire catalogues were filled with new images and descriptions of it, which kept going for two days. It's suspicious as fuck.
What about the [x]oomer stuff? That shit was so blatant it's ridiculous.
>The Boomer™ Drinks Monster® Ultra™!

I hate it
I fucking hate it
I want my internet back, I want the genuine connections people had online back, I want the niche communities and subcultures
I don't want to be some faggot's university thesis, I don't want money grubbing companies stirring shit in my space.
Get the fuck out

>> No.4131131

I feel the same. Years and years of blood and sweat and I regularly see 16 year olds way better than me. I don't like their subject matter but that's obviously what people like because nobody gives a shit about my work. I can't relate to other artists. I know I have a fat zero chance at a career. Thankfully I like drawing by itself so I don't think I'll quit drawing, but without this purpose it feels just like an empty time killer.

>you must believe in the absolute opposite,
This is just a lie. You need opportunity to dream like this. You need to know that you have the capabilities to win the Olympics, this belief only makes sense if you haven't started yet and you don't know your chances, or you already know you have the chances because you're close enough, and have to push yourself a little harder. If you see that you're below average on all levels and you are fucking shit, nothing special, the market is this brutal and saturated, making a career has nothing to do with art, everything is
fake and engineered, sending someone on for years to dream like this is just cruel.
All I see is a market exploiting this dream and people wasting their lives on this goose chase until they realize you just can't do it. The gold rush is over.
The only reponsible thing to tell people is to stop doing this shit, doing art as a hobby, getting a real job, and if art happens it happens. It's painful but it's the only realistic choice. I don't know what to do with my life either, I don't want to do anything but art, but it's impossible. My work is completely ignored even here on /ic/, how many decades would I need to become noticeable?

>> No.4131157

>there's just been this trend towards "forced board culture".
>I put that in quotes because, while I don't have any evidence of it I just know it's happening.
redditors and normies flooded 4chan. It's the same atmosphere as reddit except a different website mechanic. I've been here since 2013 and it definitely went to shit compared to then, I imagine oldfags perceive it even worse.
Also this is a small website but the traffic it generates is sizable, it costs nothing at all to advertise here and posts get exposure one way or the other. That porn guy makes all the self-promotion threads, his post is always the first or second. A lot of the advertisements for channels like Proko are made by them and disguised as gossip, it doesn't matter as long as you have brand awareness in mind. An internet animator made an AMA on /co/ ffs, it's become an advertisement platform. I think that's why hiroshimoot split the site, not for the ads but for the actual threads.

>> No.4131218

Remember, you can never go back

>> No.4131391

Just today I was breaking my head over this exact things and guess what ? I did a drawing where the hair and the colors looked pretty good so don't give up my dude

>> No.4131396

Remember this, /ic/ is for shits and giggles and you will never learn anything by lurking here, it's literally better to be a drawfag at other boards than thinking you make progress by being here bye bye

>> No.4131420

FUCK I am so frustrated

I CANNOT draw on my screenless wacom bamboo tablet for shit
drawing on paper with a pencil is so much easier, I can feel the forms, the lines are smooth and consistent
whereas on my tablet, I struggle with everything, I am 2 times worse, lines are shaky, forms are flat
I don't have a scanner and I can't afford a good screen tablet with a big screen

>> No.4131426

I met this person at high school. I've been talking to them about it before but I get tongue-tied and choke up when I'm trying to be forceful and blunt, and it ends up coming out all passive-aggressive instead.

Life's been setting them back in other ways not related to drawing and they've been burning out. I wish I could help them out and do something tangible other than just being support. Their art has been hanging around the same level for so long now and it hurts to see.

I wish I could give them more inspiration and advice because I'm starting to see the cracks in what they're doing (stagnating, comfort-zoning, ignoring stuff they should be working on, generally not putting in as much effort) but I don't feel like I'm in any position to give them advice. They're already a solid intermediate level artist and I'm just a /beg/. I feel like I'm stepping out of my lane whenever I try to give them advice, especially with life being a struggle for them in general I don't want to put down more undue stress on them to improve. And it sucks because they WANT to improve, but I feel so bad because their current environment isn't at all conducive to encouragement.

>> No.4131428

Just buy a flatbed scanner. You can use any old one provided it has >300DPI. They are dirt cheap, you can probably find one for 10 bucks.

>> No.4131447

I'm a stricktly SFW artist and I feel like this is kind of a big obstacle for becoming more successful with my art and also commissions, at least in the short run. I don't have the time to put more hours into my art progression right now (I still try to squeeze in 2hrs each day) and I don't have the skills to make great art that could compete with NSFW attention.

>> No.4131591

drawing is the only thing i have left.
>I want my internet back, I want the genuine connections people had online back, I want the niche communities and subcultures
the internet feels so lonely now, it didn't used to be like that.

>> No.4131593

thanks anon
I ordered it

>> No.4131597

use VueScan for scanning. It's amazing, and works with all scanners.

>> No.4131628

he's been stuck with things like sameface for years is what i mean. i don't really find his style very appealing to look at anymore but that's more down to my taste changing

>> No.4131792

I worry about this sometimes. My wrists have gotten a lot more sore since I started back up in school and I'm having to write a lot for my courses. Then when I try to draw, my wrists are sore and it hurts to keep going. I hope my wrists don't blow out by the time I'm 30

>> No.4132191
File: 91 KB, 750x750, 1569186624606.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4132256

does anyone here know any decent how to draw books on rendering and crosshatching?

>> No.4132275

How long ago was the breakup?

>> No.4132281

Yea its called layering. Two different realities separate from each other yet both still on the same plane

>> No.4132285

I keep thinking about that one anon's comment of how the general threads on this board are very impractical.

>> No.4132311
File: 89 KB, 210x339, 1538284234273.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>draw fundies and warm ups
>looks like shit and give up
>draw what I want
>looks like shit and give up
having 24/7 stress is poison

>> No.4132437
File: 65 KB, 200x197, 001355.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Drawing is my favorite thing to do but I HATE coloring. My whole life I disliked coloring, I even have memories of being in preschool and refusing to color. Over the years I have forced myself again and again to color, and I hate it! I've studied coloring techniques for countless hours but even if it looks good, it doesn't feel like "me". Instead, I feel passionate about my lineart and screentones. I love drawing manga illustrations with fancy colorless backgrounds and applying screentones but I feel like I HAVE to color because everyone does. And when I do color it makes me hate drawing..I lose my passion for it.

>> No.4132463
File: 136 KB, 500x346, __matoi_ryuuko_and_simon_tengen_toppa_gurren_lagann_and_etc_drawn_by_omusubi_sanmyaku__0d613f4d4abddbb6bff392452e5ef139.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No matter how much I try to like my art, I just can't say anything positive about it until it looks like the unrealistic standards i set for myself.
Maybe it's because i'm practically suicidal, and can't love myself. On top of that with each passing day it feels like im forgetting more and more in the 8 months i dedicated to purely drawing off of my savings. If only i wasn't so hard on my art i'd probably be happier.

>> No.4132544

wtf, just dont color. is raelly that easy

>> No.4132697
File: 94 KB, 1280x1440, 1567221149493.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like to draw with thick lines

>> No.4132700

If you were complacent with your art, then you would never feel the need to improve.

Complacency is the worst curse of drawing

>> No.4132704

Huh. My favorite thing is coloring, but I hate drawing!...

... wanna team up and start a porn patreon?

>> No.4132719
File: 77 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190926-043826.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Fell into a depression
>Can't draw because no motivation
>Start hallucinating animated characters in cartoonist style
>"Damn it'd be pretty cool to animate some of these, I mean, might as well put the hallucinations to use"
>Instead sob for a few hours and go to sleep
>Depression gets worse
>Start coming up with really interesting stories I could make an animation or web comic out of
>Shit that would be really interesting and, well, depressing
>"I should really write this down and flesh it out"
>Make a joke about it and never write it down
>Still haven't drawn anything since this episode hit

>> No.4132730

(assuming you mean >>4115272) Then start changing the board, anon. Though I think that comment misses the mark a bit but still, the more discussion around improving the community the better.

>> No.4132803

the webcomics threads are good, outside of the bickering that happened in the first one

>> No.4132810
File: 27 KB, 320x320, 1563652322451.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It just so happens that I've been training myself to eventually start a lewd Patreon one day. If people like you exist maybe I really won't have to color. I need time to build up a presence online though, I've never posted my art before. I'm only 18.

>> No.4132865

I know but I'd rather be ignorant and happy, rather than competent and miserable.

>> No.4132937
File: 61 KB, 639x432, crap.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>draw pic I think is funny, have a good time drawing it, chuckle all the way through
>post it
>gets 1/10 of the likes of my other posts
I know I shouldn't care but it gives me the same feeling of telling a joke I really like and have no one laugh at it

>> No.4133244
File: 457 KB, 850x1169, 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I feel completely disconnected from the rest of humanity
It's not that there's hostility, I just barely exist.

Any time I try to talk to someone they're response is just wanting to end the conversation, just "Hmms" and "Huhs".
I try to talk to my family and they barely respond.
I try to talk to my friends, if that's the right word, and they just want to go back to their other pals.

What is it exactly that pushes people away from me?
Is it that I'm ugly?
Is it because I can't talk properly?
My lack of intellect?
My mangled teeth?
My inability/unwillingness to read social cues?

I've seen people who (from my perspective) had rolled way worse, but they never ended up like me
So I don't fucking know

>> No.4133688

I fully believe now that I'm being targeted by secret service or some mind control program. There have been so many instances that just doesn't sit well with me that stand out and lately I can't even bring myself to enjoy the things that I used to enjoy. I think at this point "they" (whoever they are) are trying to drive me into madness to cause myself to inflict harm. Some key things are noted that happened:

1. Around the age of 16 or so I had been sent to a mental section of the hospital for kids who misbehave. To cut it short I've been sent twice by my parents and on the second visit they 1) made me take this pill that quickly disolved in my mouth. They were so damn keen on wanting me to take it that they said they'll force me to the ground if they have to. 2) someone put a notebook in my bag that never belonged to me nor did my parents buy me it. Someone knew I wrote a lot to myself (I did, a wrote a ton of fanfic stuff for myself). The hospital ward guy or whatever said, and I remember it very clear till this day, "Oooh look at this nice little book you got here...!! ha ha!" Almost taunting me like he knew something. He put it back in my bag and I went back to my room with it. I remember I was happy having a notebook for myself to write in--but I didn't have a pen. The next morning the fucking notebook was GONE. No where to be found. Missing.

They were taunting me for sure.

2) Much later after that event. Like a few weeks later...I had 2 officers show up at my apartment (still at 16) when my parents weren't home. My brothers just let them inside the house and have their way. They came up to me and asked me "So, are you hearing voices in your head?" I was spooked. The other officer grinned at each other and said "See! I told you so!" They both laughed and just walked out of the apartment like nothing happened". My parents came home and knew nothing about what happened. My brothers never mentioned of cops coming. Almost like they were under some spell.


>> No.4133692


On my 18th birthday I had been gangstalked for a few days. In the morning there was this homeless man on the side of the road. I couldn't tell if he was knocked out or dead but it was early in the morning on my way to the bus stop to get to school (on my birthday). On the way back home I had a helicopter over my head and it was lightly raining. I thought the helicopter was just looking out for traffic at first but then it began to circle over my head. Maybe they were looking for someone else, I thought. But no, it was literally following me. Then there were cop cars making rounds around me. I walked into the shopping district and cop cars blocked my entrance around the area where the homeless guy I saw in the morning was. Then another cop car slowly was driving behind me, watching me but the cop never pulled down his window.

Cops were just watching me all the way till I got to my development. And all the way through that whole walk I felt a wealth of wanting to kill myself.

2. Another instance, a cop wanted me to get in his car because he said "I was a bad kid and I'll take you to school myself". He was very angry at me for no reason and no telling if he was really going to do what he said.

3. Another time a cop glared at me and told me "maybe you really are crazy". I could feel this murderous arua coming off him. He didn't feel normal at all.

Anyway you get the point...masonic cops in my area tried to off my at an early age for some reason or another....moving on...


>> No.4133695

To cut it short lately I have no will to do much at all. And I've been suspecting I'm being targeted by some kind of radio signal waves to my brain to get me to do something to ruin my life. I've successfully shunned every attempt except one thing and it's sexual risky behavior that keeps being used by (them). I'm getting these fetishes in my head that I do not like at all and habits that aren't of my own. Attractions that are not me at all. They're fucking with my head and I can't make it stop at this point.

This year specifically I've always had problems with my heart area. I've been sent to the hospital and admitted because the doctors said they found something strange near my heart. They wanted to perform surgery. My crazy dad said that they were just there to draw blood from me and kill me for my organs--he was probably right. Because I got a second opnion from another hospital and they said they didn't find a thing near my heart. The hospital that said they did find something refused to tell me what they saw. They just said that "they may need to stick a needle in my heart area and "poof" the problem is gone :-).

Ever since then I had no heart problems and I've had heart problems for many years. I've had shooting sensations in my limbs, went to the same hospital to get it checked to see if it's signs of stroke or something else--nope, nothing :-) says the doctor. But I can clearly feel stiffness that lasts for 48 hours. The pain can get so great it feels like I'm under attack.

And since that's failed they've resorted to filling my head with "risky sexual activity". It won't stop. Why are they doing this to me.


>> No.4133703


Oh now that I type all this out I'm starting to remember all the other "people" that appeared out of nowhere and kept nagging me but I'd rather not fill this thread up with more wall posts. The point is I didn't think MK#*ultra or mind control tinfoil hat programs existed but now I'm actually believing it's a real thing and they're targeting me for what reason I don't know but I just want it to stop so I can draw a lot again.

>> No.4133705
File: 286 KB, 479x376, confused and afraid guru.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>terry davis of art drops his baggage

>> No.4133717
File: 118 KB, 406x364, 1531089130372.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>for real

>> No.4133759

Not fucking art related. Stay in your schizo containtment board next time retard

>> No.4133774


fuck off

>> No.4133794
File: 3.87 MB, 520x520, 1551995668669.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Too late kid I'm sending the spooky agents right now to raid your ass again, steal all your shitty notebooks, double the dickgirl fetish waves dosage and invade your dreams from now on.

>> No.4133797


>> No.4133986

>wasted 3 years drawing and posting once a week
>two weeks ago decided to draw everyday even when I don't want to
>right now I finally like to draw and at this point don't even want to play games
What kind of magic is that

>> No.4133994


>> No.4134009

Jokes on you I still fap regularly

>> No.4134250

>have schizophrenia
>voices in my head pretty much 24/7
>can't concentrate while trying to learn
>try to mute them with music/podcasts
>still can't concentrate

>> No.4134251

ask them to take over and grind fundies for you

>> No.4134324

that's not how this works

>> No.4134327

Do you have any control over the voices, like with intrusive thoughts to a degree?

>> No.4134337

not really, I take a pretty high dosage of meds but it doesn't change anything

>> No.4134348

That's unfortunate. You say you have tried music, have you tried white noise?
Set the volume low, see if it helps

>> No.4134388

Right now I'm in the process of moving so I can't try this, but I have saved the link and will try that.

>> No.4134413
File: 71 KB, 1024x944, bnfia5tdgzl31.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Got extra lazy with art last week cause I'm playing vidya instead, barely draw any sketches worth a shit and don't draw at all a few days
>Go to a drink and draw, have a good time and talk to boomer comic artists for a few hours, feel inspired
>This week get back on my grind, drawings are looking better than before and I'm drawing just fine without any sketches or guides

Wtf bros! Is this the power of taking a break? Of drawing and talking with other artists? Either way this is the best I've felt about my art practically all year and I'm happy with my work for once.

>> No.4134474

Gave up on going to school for fine arts because most of my profs and fellow students are cucks and do feelings over foundations. Started into graphic design, more people who can't do fundies. Was trying to learn a mistake or should I hold out and hope I can get off the ground?

>> No.4134475

>>Go to a drink and draw, have a good time and talk to boomer comic artists for a few hours, feel inspired
I'm jelly, that sounds comfortable
I think being alone and isolated all the time can really fuck you up, so yeah it's good to relax and chat with actual people.
Good luck anon.

>> No.4134476

Own it, do it well and keep working to make it better. Don't be a faggot and complain that you're doing something wrong

>> No.4134594

Robertson will suck out the joy of anything. Draw what you want for your own pleasure, not to be like some autist.

>> No.4134598

Based and foodpilled

>> No.4134601
File: 517 KB, 800x986, 4d4403542bfdda4abec802e7e4311601.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>spent the last hour listening to the same 30s of a song on loop
My god
I must be clinically retarded, or at least on the spectrum

>> No.4134665
File: 2.58 MB, 3102x3038, LRM_EXPORT_1464976380606177_20190927_224603997.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i got into art mostly because it's the only thing I'm mediocre at instead of straight-up bad but the older I get the more I realize I'm never gonna be good. I don't have an "artist eye" I don't know how to make appealing characters, or their stories, or which palettes look pleasing to the eye, I could be using saturated eyeburning red and pastel blue on the same piece and not give a shit. I can only draw busts and they look awful. I've been practicing anatomy, animals, shading and various techniques for years and im still as bad as always. I keep seeing people posting their things on social media and it makes me feel jealous as fuck because I know I'll NEVER be half as good as most people my age which has lead me to draw less and less which also leads me to never improving which leads me to being jealous which blah blah blah

>> No.4134671
File: 1.62 MB, 1120x1556, A smater way to improve.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Try to have a good drawing schedule so I can finally be good at drawing.
>Slow down to a snails pace to a point I'm not drawing every day.
>Draw again it looks like something a middle school kid drew.
>Feels bad for not drawing try to get a good schedule going again.
Saw this image a month or so ago been trying to go through it but I'm still in group one and I'm already falling into not drawing everyday.

>> No.4134800
File: 79 KB, 469x381, chad.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can only draw fucking chads now. Is what happens when you loomis to hard

>> No.4135087

I'm sick and tired of doubting myself. I feel like my fear of not being able to progress is going to become a self-fulfilling prophecy, but I'm always struggling with maintaining that positive, growth-oriented mindset.

>> No.4135091
File: 78 KB, 555x545, 1318708253366.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what the hell is this
is this really all it takes to make it?

>> No.4135122

It's been 3 years and I barely improved, while my peers running circles around me in terms of skill. I was so sure I'll be at least somewhat good, but nope. Worst of all, I could've used these 3 years to do something productive instead, like getting a career or building a relationship. I feel stupid and disheartened.

>> No.4135231
File: 8 KB, 509x619, 8e8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw somebody who I trusted put my art up on deviantartwhy once
>didn't know about this because it was buried under a ton of pages

>> No.4135236

That head looks pretty bad so no

>> No.4135360

I wanna draw gore so bad, not becaue I think it's hot but becaue I enjoy drawing extreme emotions. I love drawing faces contorted in fear, even though just knowing a friend is sad makes me sad myself. I also don't want to hurt others, I just wanna draw gore. Wish there was any place to post that knida art without being harshly judged...

>> No.4135364

Isn't there a chan for guro?

>> No.4135542

If a coincidence happens the problem is you're going to believe it until it's proven to be a coincidence, there's no coincidences in your world.

This all sounds similar to other cases of case of schizo. Would you ever consider the fact that you might be mentally ill? I think I might be shizo aswell, I'm very paranoid about a lot of shit, and a lot of the time I realize it's not true, it was in my head. If you think you're going to hurt someone or yourself go seek help. If someone is watching you, realize their wasting their time, there's nothing to get from you. Try to learn to live with it because that feeling may never go away, you may never be able to prove that you aren't being watched. Anyway man, I hope you don't hurt anyone, and I hope you find a way to coincide with your thoughts.

>> No.4135720

Practice by drawing forms w/ typography. Just draw lines around the forms. Give it a month and your braon will start seeing 3d forms better

>> No.4135982
File: 1.77 MB, 450x253, cat_panic_2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>drawing on PC
>go take a piss
>suddenly hear the fans running at full capacity

>> No.4136128

>shit artist smacks a filter or one overlay layer onto their art
>everyone goes apeshit and starts treating it like gods work
>said artist keeps using this as a crutch and refuses to address criticisms or issues with their actual work
>keeps hiding their mediocre art under these pretty lights because it impresses normalfags
i'm so fucking sick of this shit

>> No.4136151

You aren't autistic, just studying. I do that too. I'm not an audiophile but I could be. Maybe you too.

>> No.4136165
File: 20 KB, 410x302, image0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can't see in 3d. Everything looks flat to me, even a perfect sphere or cube. What's wrong with my brain? Was I never meant for art?

>> No.4136199
File: 122 KB, 747x1000, 34wy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Anyway man, I hope you don't hurt anyone, and I hope you find a way to coincide with your thoughts.

Typing all that out helped me to think what is going on. I definitely have a 'cooomer'cumbrain addiction that's gotten really bad at this point. Other than that I did some self-reflection today and it helped. /pol/ has definitely did a number on me with my thought patterns so I should just stop going to /pol/ (unless it's the election debates, because those are fun). I realized we're in such a good time period to be alive as artists. I'm not going to go on another wall tirade about it but the self-reflection helped today.....

And I have thought of an idea to get me back on the path of drawing again more. My idea was to create a folder of a character I envision my imaginative "tulpa/muse" I see in my head all the time when daydreaming (she can take on many forms). The folder will contain a months worth of images broken into weeks. And in the week folder will be labeled each day I copy that image in a sketchbook. The purpose of it is not to make a pretty masterpiece to upload online or whatever but to just remind myself of my inner good thoughts and give it praise. Sort of like how Christians need to go to church every Sunday to remind themselves of Gods glory. Hopefully this plan works.

>> No.4136208

Also I might hive bi-polar disorder rather than schizophrenia.

>> No.4136218

You have Ligma. The only cure is to have your penis amputated. Sorry anon.

>> No.4136481
File: 52 KB, 549x505, 1543690225077.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i'm really frustated with my art
what do

>> No.4136520

I get really annoyed when I look back at old art I posted to /ic/ for crit, where all the advice I got was "it sucks." I know exactly whats wrong with my old drawings now and it's not even complex shit, it's mostly a lot of basic proportion and perspective issues. It just makes me realize how fucking low the knowlege level is on this board, even though everyone likes to talk shit and crab on other people, they hardly anyone here knows what they're doing themselves. No one even posts work anymore, this board is such a shithole.

>> No.4136550

What I really detest is when someone posts images for feedback asking all humbly if they should change anything, you and other anons give them feedback and they always reply "ty but I actually wanted to do it this way" and change nothing about the art because they were just seeking attention.

>> No.4136696

tfw you actually "wanted to do it that way" but you understand why the execution failed

>> No.4136698

>No one even posts work anymore
yeah the generals are all barren from any art.
wait no theyre not.

>> No.4136752

I lack direction. I have tons of favorite artists and it feels trapping to choose just a few to follow their styles. I've been drawing for quite a long time and people say I have distinctive style but to push forward I feel like I need to focus and cut down the sidetracking. I feel confused about finding place where what I like looking at, what I'm good at and what I enjoy creating overlap and how to make money out of it.

>> No.4136843

What is the thing that you like the most that also happens to have an active fandom?

>> No.4136855


>> No.4137062

Idk man I don't consume much media, especially ones with fandoms. It's not an issue of what to draw because I have many ideas, the problem is conscious choice of particular direction to get consistent.

>> No.4137074

you might be practicing like shit. if you are drawing the same thing constantly you just can't evolve. don't be one of these fags that practices drawing faces all day, make sure you're doing full color studies of landscapes, greyscale studies, drawings of machinery, just try and do more to round out your expertise. also, study the work of other artists you want to draw like. you won't regret it

>> No.4137097

I asked you because that's a problem I have as well. If you don't like drawing fanart, you have to try to fit into something that already exists and has a decent fanbase. All the artists who draw OC do this to a degree or constantly reference the media they like. I don't think it's necessary to make your art derivative, but there should be something already existing whose fans you think will like the things you draw.
It's harder to do with older influences because they have blended in with their era, many don't have a real fandom or if they do it's not very receptive. It's going to be hard selling your fantasy to Frazetta fans or your sci-fi to Moebius fans.

>> No.4137289

oh my fucking god can someone just commission me anything but fucking furries. i'm so tired of it and genuinely hate drawing them. i don't want to look like a furry artist either since that's all people pay me to fucking draw. i'd stop accepting furry commissions but money is money

>> No.4137302
File: 1.84 MB, 320x250, thimbsup.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

illustrators are brainlets. the biggest compliment they can give a work of art is that it looks 'cool'

>> No.4137320

the faces on the two old dudes are completely trash, but the rest of it is quite solid. heart could use a bit more texture and detail as it's very white for a red organ. other than that, not fucking bad dude

>> No.4137544
File: 772 KB, 400x225, 1569632684386.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't come here often, like twice a month, but I'm glad you anons are here. Just occasionally reading the threads about Loomis, crabs, begshittery, anime, pseudo science, making it,... It's often pretty retarded but it warms my heart in a weird way, makes me want to draw.
Please keep on drawing, you fags.

>> No.4137547

>but it warms my heart in a weird way
I think about suicide too when I browse this place

>> No.4137572

I'm really sad that I haven't progressed much in the past year or two. I know it's because I've been practicing very poorly, and I guess that's why it bugs me so much, because it's all my fault and not from external circumstances.

>> No.4137603
File: 57 KB, 500x450, 1564168971412.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4138218 [DELETED] 

I can't fucking stand the fact that everyone who draws better than me is also 5 years younger than me. Where the fuck did I go wrong? Why was I now born with talent?

>> No.4138219

I can't fucking stand the fact that everyone who draws better than me is also 5 years younger than me. Where the fuck did I go wrong? Why was I not born with talent?

>> No.4138234
File: 59 KB, 848x480, DeavCYXXUAANrPF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i really regret not going to school lately. financially it was obviously the right choice not to do it but i don't have any friends at all & it feels like at 27 it's too late to form any lasting friendships since everyone else already did that & they don't need you at all.

>> No.4138296

There's nothing cool about smiling even at the worst.

>> No.4138304

Same, everything went wrong. Environmental and genetics.

>> No.4138305

how much do you draw daily and how long

>> No.4138307

have you been drawing seriously for

>> No.4138311

>only stupid and disheartened
The feel is way worse situational brother. Life feels so bland and pointless after all of that.

>> No.4138312

You should be sick and tired. Self-fulfilling prophecy is very real, but at the same time, if you're feeling that way, may not be meant to make it anyways. I think those more talented just don't have this issue and so they'll always succeed. Success-fulfilling prophecy might as well be called.

>> No.4138314

You should just give up drawing. I have found much more of a happier life once you realize you can just always imagine these things instead of wasting your time trying to gather up the skill to draw them. No one else cares anyways, just keep it in for yourself and leave this path.

>> No.4138315

Stress is unironically poison. Real thing instead of mental. Get rid of that shit immediately. You can still give up, but don't stress over that shit.

>> No.4138318

The first year or two suck. After that you start to get a feel for it. Experience is what I call it. After 5 years, you realize these things just take time.

>> No.4138335

So what, do I just give up or something?

>> No.4138356

>laptop overheats and dies

>> No.4138358

panic attacks are super gay

>> No.4138359

>success-fulfilling prophecy
Then the question becomes "how to get into that success mindset" doesn't it?

>> No.4138384

I’ve been doing a ton of studies and my arts improving decently but it stings to know that I’ll never be able to do photorealistic stuff.
My particular mental quirks mean I see everything slightly off from what it is... so I have a style pre built into my brain.

>> No.4138398

I'm kinda in the same boat. Probably it's a good idea to learn what successful artists did to get there. For example https://youtu.be/m4tttsdhn8o

>> No.4139194

I kind of find it ridiculous that artists in the west cry about not making it but also haven't capitalized on the "exclusivity" of above intermediate artists being "friends" with one another and boosting each other's audience. We know that Japanese twitter does this to get each other trending, so why can't we just do the same?

>> No.4139332

Am frustrated my drawings look like shit and continue to look just as shit from years ago, even though i have started drawing now alot more than before now in the past month. I feel like no progress is being made at all. Am total /beg/ teir. Ive been trying to push through the frustration of being a failure at art by going against every fiber in my being howling at me to give up. I feel little to no enjoyment from drawing whatsoever, just the constant words telling me in the back of my mind that everything I make is shit and a failure, nothing looking the way that it should be. I don't see how anyone can enjoy this outside some bizzare form of masochism.
I lack creativity/imagination, to make anything "cool" or "neat" even though i want to make such things.

>> No.4139351
File: 2.12 MB, 1360x2000, 1110.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The best thing I've heard on this problem was said by ModernDayJames on one of his streams.

He said he gets frustrated all the time, he said how could you not? It's good to get frustrated, it means you want to improve.

I know it may be hard to think that way, but the way I look at it is that if I'm frustrated with what I have produced, the only thing that I can do to make me feel better about the quality of my work is put more effort in, to keep going.
TL;DR : It's k to be frustrated, it's probably good even. Learn to embrace it

>> No.4139363
File: 208 KB, 874x1024, dfsfds.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you still want to draw or be good at drawing then you should start focusing as hard as you can at the fundamental concepts during your studies.

i.e: what is gesture, how does it relate to structure? What is a 3D shape in space, how am I trying to represent it on a page to give people the illusion it is 3D.

Try to find an archived thread with the MEGA links as well, really helps. Do master(anyone you admire really) studies. Force yourself to apply concepts you learned by drawing out of imagination.

>> No.4139432

No I’m shy.

>> No.4139475

Just conjectures and probably wrong assumptions from bad translations:
Some time ago I was looking at this long-time (like 50 year old) mangaka/assistant's Japanese version of livejournal. As a disclaimer, assistants are not just beginners learning the ropes. This guy is a beast at drawing and published some impressive seinen stuff in a style similar to Otomo.
He had a little bulletin board where he would give advice to beginners and aspiring mangaka. The concerns are the same as /ic/, except they all acknowledge how hard it is to make it, they don't go insane when someone mentions talent/luck, etc. There is a general acceptance that the manga industry is really brutal and even if you get serialized it doesn't mean much since you are always about to get axed.
But they focus on giving their best and there's a really sweet helpful attitude from this guy, but I have read similar things somewhere else. It feels a bit like old CA.org, like a little community of people trying to make it together and pros helping the newbies.
He also got a cute/scary section about "what to bring with you to get started as an assistant" and he mentions extra clothes and blankets in the winter because "heating is too expensive and they leave it off", a couple bottles of tea to stay awake, toilet paper and a towel because you won't have any in the studio.
So back to Western artists, I think they don't want to form a "network" in the west because 1) the western art world sees success as a ladder and artists want to sell to other artists instead of treating them as peers 2) western artists are much less compact as people 3) westerners find no reason to do this if they can't monetize it while mangaka just want to sell manga and couldn't care less about helping other artists when editors and the public still decide if you make it or not.
That's what I understood. If someone else who's weebier than me can chime in and add to this I'd be interested

>> No.4139820


I'm so FUCKING tired of bullshit professors with tenure fucking around on their phones when their supposed to to be lecturing and when they do lecture, they never slow down or answer any questions. Fuckers always bitch at us to read our text books. YOU WANNA KNOW WHAT'S BULLSHIT? The textbook doesn't show HOW to do anything! It just lists equations and identities and reciprocals and describes them but NEVER NOT EVEN ONCE tells us HOW TO USE THEM!!! WHY AM I PAYING SO MUCH MONEY FOR THIS?! I could've been a mechanic and do commissions on the side and live as a comfortable poorfag but now I sunk thousands into university in a STEM degree and I can't take this bullshit. WHY IS THE PROFESSOR SO FUCKING USELESS?! WHY IS THE TEXTBOOK SO FUCKING USELESS???!?!! WHY IS THE MATH EMPORIUM AND THEIR TUTORS SO FUCKING USELESS?

Why the fuck did I come to tutoring if all they're gonna say is read the book? That's why I came in the first place. Because the textbook is BULLSHIT!

>> No.4139875

Made me angry, thanks.

>> No.4139881

i pity the stembabbie

>> No.4139897

how much do you paying for this bullshit per month?

>> No.4139901

Plenty of western artists do it, it's just /ic/ autists can't into friendship.
If you look at any mildly-popular western artists Twitter you're going to find plenty of reblogs and interactions with artists in their same field. Even if you look at unpopular /beg/s drawing for fun they'll do it too. /ic/ is just socially retarded

>> No.4139909

If you're making that mistake and that question I suppose you're a noob, so
First you gotta get used to starting all over again
Then you'll get used to not making that mistake

>> No.4140257

getting meaningless critique from beglets who have no idea what they're talking about, but pretend to have an air of superiority is infuriating

>> No.4141180

>post a new art after quite some time without post anything
>start losing followers immediately

>> No.4141188

I feel so lonely

>> No.4141196
File: 14 KB, 565x87, grahhhhh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuuuck. Discords been somewhat irritating, but I think I've just reached my breaking point. Their I like 1 or 2 guys I like, but beyond that it's just a full of retards who think wasting time on discord = art gains. It's also more depressing than browsing /ic/ because discord is a NGMI central. It's so depressing seeing teens stagnate in those servers while making "I'm gonna be ruan jia one day" posts daily. IC is fucking childs play compared to discord

>> No.4141217

I thought quitting would have given me release but I'm even more miserable and snappy than before. Everyone around me is feeling that I'm constantly on edge. Will this pass?
I only know I want out, I'm done with making it. Even if my work were good I'm just not cut for the internet bullshit. The stress and drawing all day are destroying my health.
I can't bring myself to flush this life goal down the toilet.

>> No.4141247
File: 926 KB, 400x225, jjjkl.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

all my drawings turn out gay and i cannot seem to find a way to defag my art

>> No.4141280

then just embrace the gay

>> No.4141473

its been said a million times over: the only good art discords are the tight-knit private ones that adv. artists use for critique and critique only.
granted, some of them are garbage. i got invited to nosebro's once and it was insider-culture circlejerk mania with maybe 3-4 actually good artists..

>> No.4141481

I don't know what you were expecting

>> No.4141486

i was expecting a dumpster fire and i got a landfill

>> No.4141620

we have 3-4 good artists!? Thanks dude, means a lot to us!

>> No.4141939

>unironically thinking Sakimichan is good
this is why porn and regular art should be kept separate, people who draw porn are brain damaged

>> No.4141943

Congratulations that pic made me rage

>> No.4141944

I'm not really venting but who is @click_burgundy on twitter?

Is he a professional artist, a freelancer? I'm just extremely curious who this person is and it's frustrating me that I can't find any information.

>> No.4141945

lol i cant imagine this. pyw, no homo

>> No.4141947


>> No.4141950

>Sitting at around 8k followers
>Lose a follower or two every time I post any kind of art

Why does this happen lol

>> No.4141999
File: 90 KB, 500x571, two cakes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is completely false. I have seen this situation IRL many times, the worse food stays untouched even when there's nothing else to eat.

>> No.4142021
File: 41 KB, 497x500, 1568777637882.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I legit just want to make more art friends, talk about ideas, artists, and techniques.

Can I find this on discord, or is the drama and circle-jerking stories true?

>> No.4142027

discord is just a bunch of people shilling themselves

>> No.4142066

you can't just say that and not post a drawing anon
be my friend pls. im dumb and autistic but i try really hard

>> No.4142113

I hate recieving asspats for my mediocre art, it feels like they're pitying me and I can't change how to interpret it as anything else

>> No.4142196

araki posted this

>> No.4142236

what do you draw?

>> No.4142506

I'm one of those people that draw same face same pose forever
I have literally been drawing for 6+ years but made 0 improvements
I used to get in the zone and enjoy drawing but not I get so fucking mad
when I want to draw,I lose my shit, I've lost any small drop of creativity I had and
can't think of anything, it's not that I don't have no clue how to improve, I just don't believe in the process
I start drawing from reference of doing some gesture drawing and it seems so pointless, maybe i've become too bitter to enjoy this shit.

>> No.4142732
File: 774 KB, 745x870, 1568438758744.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not art related but vent related. I am fucking tired of letting people walk all over me. I'm breaking up with all my friend groups that don't appreciate me this week and I don't care if they talk bad about me or try to keep me around. I gotta live my life and take care of myself and they're not the kind of people who seem to care about that for themselves or for me. Good riddance. I'm gonna fucking draw angry shit now.

>> No.4142754
File: 14 KB, 278x202, DWbm3QeXcAArhLI.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My gf has a job and I am living with her but im just a pathetic person trying to make money with art. I've made like $30 off commissions and like $10 off print on demand sites in the last 10 months.

>> No.4142788

A few days(?) A go a anon made a thread about a ic booru. At first I hated the idea of another source having archive of my art. But then I thought it would be good to be held accountable for my awful awful art and in hopes to get good.
It's a shame that it would never work out. The new one that was made the registration is closed.

>> No.4142800

Why don't you want an archive?

>> No.4142816

Protip: they aren’t friends

>> No.4142886
File: 33 KB, 382x362, 456456.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>its the same three autists commenting "cute" "nice" etc. under every picture

>> No.4142891
File: 375 KB, 695x1000, 16660_zh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jojo characters are what colorful male birds would look and behave like if they were humans

>> No.4142911

I'm one of those artists that goes ape shirt every three years or so and deletes everything. Sad part is that my art isn't rememberable so in the end I get what I want, a new start. Saying that out loud feels like a joke now....

>> No.4143096
File: 129 KB, 640x960, 45702ca0f49ce1921f3971c89dff0ac0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't do that anon please

>> No.4143170
File: 122 KB, 220x220, tenor (1).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wanna be an artist, but I fucking hate the art community with a burning passion. Im going to have to pretend to like or keep my mouth shut around all these underage dweebs. I just wanna draw funny comics and not talk to some Ruin jia qabee

>> No.4143176

Who is this tight anime virgin?

>> No.4143181

I can't help it

>> No.4143198

There's a artist here on /ic, who shares the same name as me. It's not a common name, especially in America. They are also younger then me, more talented and better looking.
Don't get me wrong I don't feel invalidated by them and they are really good. And I know that I am where I am in life due to both personal choice and external forces.
But I have a odd feeling about it, I don't know how to describe it. It's not jealousy. It's like I am the bizzaro version.

>> No.4143299
File: 235 KB, 781x899, 066.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I draw soldiers at war naively searching for glory, gangsters beating people up, farmers and ranchers working the rugged beauty of the land, and prisoners fighting and stabbing each other. Maybe it's the high drama of it, which is just the nature of the beast, but I doubt it.

I think it's a lot of little things, like how I draw people, or their gestures and expressions. Maybe it's the detail of the senses, like the snowy terrains the soldiers march through, or the sunny orchards where a boy first met his farmboy friend. Maybe it's the way how the muscular and tattooed prisoners size each other up in a tight enclave.

Someone told me my guys pose like dancers and figure skaters. Another asked me if I ever thought of doing children's illustrations. A lot of people compare my style to Tezuka's. Imagine if Tezuka drew gangsters stabbing each other. hope that paints a picture

pic is semi-related. it's the kind of stuff I like.

>> No.4143304

Friends shouldn't walk all over you so you're doing yourself good by cutting off these 'friends'.

>> No.4143914

Started art school like 2 weeks ago
I know this year is supposed to be a "common ground", but I am seriously wondering if I chose the right path, it scares me. I can't stop thinking about other carreer, other studies I could fit into but I don't like anything beside drawing. I really hope it's going to get better

>> No.4145042

I feel paralyzed by fear of failure. I want to draw and paint but I keep hesitating and coming up with excuses or just gettin stuck in front of the computer. I feel stupid. I know I should just try to start but it's hard. It's like my self-worth is tied so hard to the result of my drawing being good or bad (mostly bad, I'm very /beg/) That drawing or painting becomes a negative experience because I only produce shit and I feel bad and now my supplies are gathering dust.

>> No.4145113

Ex cheated on me. A little over a month since I've been on my own. Everyone, my family, even my own parents are too busy to talk to me. And when I'm visibility distressed in front of a friend, no inquiry from them. I'm ready for my next phase of life. Sigh

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