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Give it to me straight, am I gonna make it?

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hmm let me just read my magical book of the future here...hmmm. lets see... turns out you become an ugly thai ladyboy and suck off fat americans for the rest of your life, sorry OP.

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great bait OP, can't wait to see all the /ic/ dumbasses come out

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Fuck off, Sargent.

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>copying a master with both artistic vision and skill without shame
>charming lines despite dubious skill
>not using flat paper from the get go
>appreciating non-canonical facial features, meaning appreciation for the craft itself

Yeah, actually, pic oozes talent

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what does any of that mean?

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It means you gay

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No, Sargent was a hack

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Sorry you guys never developed and are stuck at the intellectual and emotional level of a chimp! I know you can teach a gorilla to paint and sell prints, but that's marketing and won't work for you.

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