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How does it feel knowing that women will find you creepy for being interested in art, unless you're attractive?

Even if then unless you're in the top 5% percentile, women will find you creepy for spending so much time inside drawing, instead of doing things like having friends and having sex with other women.

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who cares? i want money

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If you are honestly concerned with this incel shit, you are never gonna make it OP

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That is true and it is an outcome we accept. Only the enlighten ones understand the value of craftsmanship instead of putting pussy on a pedestal.
Watch as the Roastie shrivels and throws a temper tantrum like the overgrown child she is when you ignore her. There's a reason why Women ruin everything and that's because they hate everything that takes away the attention from them.

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I wonder what the female population of /ic/ think when seeing threads like this.

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women need a hugbox, /ic/ is terrifying to them

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A roastie is a roastie is a roastie, they're all the same fren.

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literally false

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fuck forgot to sage such a shit and pointless thread. saged

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cope harder, incels

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The fuck are on about? I don't comsider myself good looking at all and I have quite a few female freinds I've met through art I even saw one nude when I painted her for a work of mine, maybe they think it's creepy when you draw lolishit and not do masters studies and traditonal paintings and drawings of nature, bitches love that shit not cringey weaboos with a tablet.

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>How does it feel knowing that women will find you creepy for being interested in art, unless you're attractive?

Has never happened. Ever.

Now, if women are finding you creepy? I guarantee it's not because of art.

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nice thread retard. post your work.
women are people too that like drawing as well.

how do you feel knowing that youre not getting laid and cant draw either?

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I was thinking along the same thing anon. Animefags almost always turn off women, real talent and success don't.

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>got a live nude model
Did you fuck her afterwards?

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Feels good, always do the opposite of what women want

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>bitches love that shit not cringey weaboos with a tablet
Never seen a guy get his dick sucked by painting in public while chad is getting 1 grillion tinder swipes

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Because you probably never go outside :^)

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being in the 5% percentile means that you are better than or equal to 5% of artists.

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See these posts, incels

>women are people too
women are just men with inverted nuts.
they are not some random animal that is easy to predict.
stop being an incel, go read some Schopenhauer, and get of /ic/.

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why are men like this

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12 year old girls look at me like pic related when I draw

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Men only want one thing and it's fucking disgusting.

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I don't think anything about retarded threads. Some males that are artists are actually based, some are not, but I think it boils down to personal preferences. I met an artist that I really liked romantically but I also stumbled upon some crazy fucking creeps.

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Thats the age right before they turn into bitter roasties, how can something so cute turn so vile

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I don't care

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>how can something so cute turn so vile
I gift drawings of cute anthros to kids, that's got to have a positive effect

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Anon no!

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I'm a qoman who lovwa to draq and doesn't say anything wrong with people having a passion for art. OP on the other hand is an incel faggot who will NEVER get laid if he keeps living his autistic incel fantasy. Fuck off back to >>>/r9k/ and stay there.

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* woman

I fucking hate this shitty tablet keyboard it's too small for my fatass hands.

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Remember op, you will never get to have sex with illiterate overweight roasties if you don't start respecting women

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The only woman I care about is my waifu.

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yeah you fucking retard i literally just said that they are people too, im agreeing with you. get some reading comprehension

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Well I am creepy, so I guess it feels... appropriate?

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True if you put and artist and a musician in a room and make a woman choose she will always choose the musician.

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>Even if then unless
What did he mean by this?

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"even if then, unless"

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sweety a woman wrote this you can tell obviously

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Should have phrased better. I'm not yelling at you,
In yelling at op.

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I literally only draw big, muscly men wrestling. Is that creepy? Maybe, but they'd have to beat me (6'0", 240lb) in a fight to mak me admit that it's creepy.

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My art class is full of retards and autistic kids (myself included). Some are Chads who just want to get the easy credits...

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this thread makes me sad, yall really delusional lmao

women (and men) will fuck anything, if you think being an artist is a deterrent youre prob just gross, sexist or mean; none of which are permanent :)

unless ur drawing lolicon, then yeah go die alone

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just workout and eat right. wtf

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Giving women access to the internet was a mistake

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women will fuck anything (as long as they are 6' tall and attractive)

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if money is what you're going for, this is the last field you should be getting into

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Do you even know what an incel is?

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>go die in a hole
>then yeah

this post reeks of 17 year old DeviantArt smelly weaboo girl

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damn i sound like a white girl? :(

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This doesn't help much, is that legal?

Of course he is a woman, anon, of course.

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Who gives a shit what roasties think, I'm gay

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who said anything about white fucko
keep race out of it. the girls i had in mind were two black girls from highschool who went around naruto running in cat ears barking at people

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I like penis anyways.

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yeah, creepy men that don't get laid and blame democrats for it

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Yet somehow i still get laid.

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As a woman, I can verify this.
I think its even weirder than so many anons on here have these fantasies about a girl fawning over them because of their mad drawing skillz, or even getting her to nude model for them.
In addition, I find it pathetic, cringey and aggravating when they show me their drawings, being over confident and trying to impress me when they are worse at drawing than I am. Like I have to sit there and nod my head and goo "oo....cool..." and just humor them to get them to get on with it while in my head I'm thinking of all the mistakes they've made.

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>tfw I'm really nothing special, /beg/ as fuck but they fawn over me the moment I tell them I'm gay.

Can a grill ITT explain this shit? I'm not joking, sometimes it gets fucking creepy

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Women are different. To me, passion and skill are both admirable traits. Drawing is way more attractive than consuming media, even if the guy has a long way to go. You sound unpleasant.

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Women only care about wealth and social status, neither of which artists tend to have. Stop valuing their opinions.

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>women really think they can be artists
>nobody wants to model anymore
>silly anon I can’t pose for your paintings don’t you know I’m an artist myself?
>we should paint together!
>clearly art history has taught me nothing and I still blindly assume if women didn’t have muh oppression there would’ve been a female Van Gogh!
>the circumstances of being a man don’t contribute to men being better artists despite all of the evidence supporting it including the paintings done by men, silly anon!

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Suck my dick ;)

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attention whore

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open your mouth

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don't care about women, I don't do my passion for other people validation

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When will incel threads like these die?
Why must we hear the same complaint over and over again?
>women will never love you
>you're never going to make it so just complain about it
Go read the coiled snake if you feel this way.
Read it and stop replying to this thread that has so little to do with art criticism.

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Holy based, didn't expect that from an anime poster

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interested in art is not the same as weeb shit and furry bro

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What if I told you I'm attractive, the issue is im bad at speaking with people, yet I have a girlfriend. Life's abit easier when you're 1.90+ with a good haircut and decent body type.

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>LEL YoU FaT AnD CaN't TyPe Get RektEd!1!1!!
Kill yourself.

This thread is so delusional if's pathetic. It's not even art related and I think that OP is just a samefaggot and posts like these are just OP with proxies.

You guys will NEVER "make it" Die in a hole.

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At least i'll never be a hysterical and pathetic woman

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Nope, even after you transition, just like every other faggot

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Its because you're gay. If a gay man is criticized, his critics are lynched for being homophobes.

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Who cares what women think?

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