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is there any subject that you unexpectedly learned to love to draw?
I'm not really good with drawing mechanical structure, but I came to embrace drawing medieval armor a lot. Before this, I avoided drawing them as much as possible but now I can't stop.
Is there any armor study books you guys would recommend? I'm looking for the fundamental of it so I can make it into second nature.

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I like sketching angels. Wings are hard with no ref

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skinny female torso

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About the armor, it's a great subject to study because there tons of channels on HEMA etc. made by people focused on history and accuracy. There are guys actually showing you how to don the armor and how it works, I love Knyght Errant
Lots of videos like this
Even more about weapons and combat. It's a rabbit's hole.

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I never stick to a single theme, so I always have this feeling of "I must learn everything".

Lately I've been reading Dungeon Meshi while drawing every new Marcille outfit that shows up, or some other cool things that catch my attention, cause I love this manga's style.

Makes reading very slow, though.

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The way Marcille is drawn and the style in Tongari No Boushi no Atorie are my favorite manga styles.
Outfits are cool. I should study more /fa/

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Meshi is meant to enjoy slowly, update comes really slow too so I would cherish the moment I still have with it if I were you.

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Skulls. I had to draw a shitton of them for one picture and dreaded it at first, but they soon became my favorite part of the drawing to make. I would give them small variations and feel like each one had unique emotions or personalities they were expressing, it was fun.

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Anatomy. Like medical anatomy and dissections.

I mean it’s fun and it’s useful. Also, it makes my penis hard.

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Not gonna lie OP, perspective and drawing boxes is quite fun, learned a lot of perspective shit in under a week and I was able to do what krenz is able to do and draw cars, vehicles, planes machines, ect. Boxes and perspective is fun.

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What methods did you use to learn?

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Cute picture. I'd also like to draw lots of wings, but I find it difficult subject to study. I think I'm too beg still.

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why does an elf carry that lion head helmet? what manga is that?

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This is the nicest video I've seen on bird wings
if you draw from direct reference it's much easier, there's a lot of fuzz that gets a bit abstract. I still can't wrap my head around it

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The manga is Dungeon Meshi, and the elf girl doesn't actualy uses armor, it's just the title page because on this chapter they are fighting this specific living armor (and then they eat it. sort of.)

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