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How would YOU remake Tifa?

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By removing those disgusting udders and giving her a DFC.

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I know what i will be doing tonight

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I like small but Tifa can't be Tifa without the tits. It's part of her design.

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Someone please make a new "reference vs. your style" thread. I'm no good at picking references.

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Okay guys let's ACTUALLY unironically do this. I'm really interested on seeing what we can come up with as a better design. I'll start working on this as soon as im done with my current project

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We're working with Flandre on a skateboard first.

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yuck, she needs a fucking redesign thats for sure. moeblob trash

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hey lolifag

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You can't improve upon perfection.

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I don't know how this works so I tried to stick to the pose

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(You) are all disgusting incel faggots

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This gives me an idea...

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yeah how about no you weeb shitter

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Fastest flat chest in the south.

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agreed weebs unwelcome just tifa-chan drawings allowed ^_^

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I'd give her abs and toned arms. strong looking legs too. make her look like an actual fighter if she's supposed to be one.

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That would be really jarring with her character IMO

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here's my attempt

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I dig the hair style, this one suits her better.

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Shorts instead of a skirt. She moves around a lot, so her clothes must not restrict movements.
More muscles. With these limpy noodles she'll hit like, well, a noodle.
Unironically boobs armour. Being repeatitively hit in that area has a nice side effect of rapidly developing breast cancer. And Tifa's aren't exactly a small target.

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i would just make her into more of a tomboy given the chance to do anything with her design, there are to many girly girls and not enough tomboys

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>give me free redesign art
yeah but, nah i'm not that invested in her character to spend time out of my short life to redesign her

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I'll make her an Street Fighter character

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you people are absolutely retarded

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Anon you got it wrong, the board is called "Artwork/Critique" not "Artwork/Drawing", the point is waiting for someone to post art and then you say it's shit.

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nu /ic/ fucking sucks cock

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How is >>>/i/ btw? Anyone a regular there?

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>it's another "I'll bait /ic/ into drawing my waifu" thread
I'll pass

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/i/ just isnt worth going to in my experience

YOU GAIN MILEAGE, at least youll fucking be drawing which i doubt you barely do

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just give her shorts and muscles that's it. there's really nothing else you can do.

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Intercourse. Unless i could some how else duplicate her genes precisely. Why nigga? She aint ur girl

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i'll take my reddit karma now

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I guess we all think the same way
>street fighter

I would have finished yesterday, but it took me 2 whole days to draw the face. I even cheated and took a picture, drew over the sketch on iPad, and tried to master copy it back into my notebook, but it was still horrible. I think i drew the face at least 80 times. I almost gave up, but it was tifa, so i powered through it and she at least has a face now.

Also, does she have OG infinity gauntlet?
>materia girl

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Tried some simple outfits. Still think the original design is perfectly balanced and iconic thpugh.

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Why would I post my work? I am not looking to get shat on by a crowd of Anons.

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OMG not this shit again...

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rip /i/

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Top this.

Spoiler: You can't.

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I couldn't think of anything to change, Tifa's OG design is perfect imo

Love your work anon, very dynamic

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Boobs are too big

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well, tifa's boobs ARE too big

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fuck off!

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face looks like a generic thot, nobody draws good faces anymore

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The definitive redesign.

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very cute


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File: 278 KB, 1415x1000, my-style-your-style.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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No, fuck you.

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I'll not spend more time with this sketch
I like short hair, so... that's it.

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Wait a sec.

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I use /i/ p often. I just like some of the prompts.

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best post in the thread

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It's true, she has such a kind face in the original and that's lost in the render. Lots of these renders have a resting bitch face for some reason.

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The art is okay but I don't see how it relates to the reference.

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May i ask why?

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I like your short hair idea i might do one later if i have time

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there was just one design flow to fix, really

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I'm not a fan of the piece (too much is lost in my opinion) but he did attempt a Tifa "remake", not just a "my style"

There's a lot of things going into Tifa's design, and they self-contradict a lot:
-first, she's a hot teen. Cute face, very long hair, big boobs, great body that she's not shy to show off.
-But, she's violent. Melee fighter wuth a street brawler feel.
-she's also a "simple" countryside girl, hence her rather plain outfit, yet she must fit in Midgard's concrete punk setting at first, hence all the tiny details.

Contrast with Aerith, and Yuffie. Girlie girl mage in pink dress with fluffy personality. Tomboy ninja with an immature personality. They are very straightforward.

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So if I had to "remake" Tifa, here's how I'd do it. Excuse the /beg/ level drawing but I am /beg/ level so I can't help it.

I'd keep the gentle face and shorten the ridiculously long hair a bit, as well as untie it.
The tank top would be gone, going for a short-sleeved opened shirt over sport bra, while keeping the XXL boobs. Keep the midriff exposed if possible.

The skirt is impractical for kicking, so I'd give her a black denim pants. With one leg expsed for fanservice and to keep her design asymmetrical. Of course, ranger boots to deliver kicks.

When she'sbintroduced she's supposed to be bartending, hence why I gave her the shirt. with that outfit she's supposed to be handling drinks, so biker halfgloves, to keep her finger open to manipulate glasses.
Elbow and knees pads are pretty much the only place left to offer design opportunities so that's where I'd put metalic parts as protection.

And that's pretty much it, but she looks more like a biker girl now, I missed something at some point...

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I dont know, I've always found the wale tail on her hair as the most iconic shit ever...

>> No.4113549

That's the one part of her design I find totaly useless.
I mean it could make sense if she was connected to fishes in any other way, but she's not.

>> No.4113556

I feel like not everything has to be 100% rational in a design. Like 80%. To me the wale tail is just cool.

>> No.4113560

Her level 3 limit break is a dolphin blow, maybe it’s related to that?

>> No.4113567

Maybe. It wouldbbe coherent then.

You'll also notice that her Advent Children design go with the shorter untied hair idea (probably due to CGI limitations) and her classic look in Dissidia doesn't really have such a distinctive "whale tail". It really wasn't supposed to be an iconic part of her design.

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Fuck you are righr, now I feel stupid. I just really like that detail, it gives an extremely fun touch to the design and its even funnier to draw

>> No.4113578

But you're not stupid for liking it, anon.

The fact that it was an unintentional or forgotten part of her initial design, doesn't invalidate the fact that you can find it endearing or likeable. It just proves that different people have different opinions, and both can be right.

I ditched it in my design because such long hair makes no sense for a melee figher, and the whale tail wouldn't work as well with shorter hair in my opinion

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It's too flat but I like it, has potential.

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It's shit but it's cute. Practice more, you can be good.

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Best fundies so far

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While not a fan of the style, I'm loving how fluid the motion looks. Blog?

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So I tried, I wanted to just add more gear on her and and make her more buff.

Fucking ace man, totally loving it! Especially the Infinity Gauntlet.

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Very nice art, but I hate this, she looks like a dwarf. I like Tifa more athletic than buff.

>> No.4113677

Damn Tifas got some serious varicose veins there

>> No.4113679

I love asymmetric pants but I still have to see them pulled off nicely. If you dont mind I'm gonna try to draw your redesign.

>> No.4113680

Really? Graph paper?
Come back when you get literally any other paper

>> No.4113682

You should check out literally any FF game after FFVII or kingdom hearts

Idk what the fuck you can do to fix asymmetrical pants when theyve been done a million times and even Squeenix cant pull it off.

>> No.4113685

They are cool when they're skinny imo.

>> No.4113687

I'd be curious to see what it's like done by a competent artist so by all mean, play with it if you want.

Sorry, I doodled this during a boring meeting at work and it's all I had to draw on.
Though technicaly, it means that I was paid to draw it, since I did it on paid worktime. So yay.

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i am beginner :(
pls help me get better

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while I appreciate the compliment, I would like to disagree

>> No.4113824

I approve of this

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Kek - way too excited

Short hair makes more sense, draw her again in a year, it’ll be a cool progress pic

I like the new gear and some meat on her bones

Sports bra makes sense - did your coworkers see your drawing?

Is that red xiiis baby?

Approved - The suspenders are pointless anyways, I guess they hold her ridiculous tube skirt up

Agreed - Long hair is bogus if you are bouncing around and fighting, She should have buns like chun Li

Nice - She looks younger now

She doesn’t have anything memorable like SF characters, but she’s still a winner

Left is better, but pants are impractical

I like the tweaks to the outfit, it annoys me that her belt never fit and was always dangling

Dfc makes more sense, but I couldn’t draw it

Love it, first is best

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Blog here >>4098874

Im going to regret asking this, but what do you dislike about the style?

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Gentlemen BEHOLD!

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Nah, my coworkers don't see me drawing since I put myself in the back and no one cares about me, as long as I'm able to answer any questions that involve the stuff I'm in charge of.

Sometimes I draw them, though, it's good life drawing practice. And I'm actualy not too bad with portraits from life, so I've handed some of my best pieces over to them, so they are aware that I'm drawing, at least.

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You got a kek out of me. Here, have an internetz.

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I've tried something.

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Great style. I'd say work on the face but I admit I have a bias for anime.

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best post

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holy shite i love your style

>> No.4115297

I'd get rid of the dumb fucking elbow pad and that's about it

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Pls anons gib blog

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Post Battle Tifa.

Did this awhile ago might do another one for topic.

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howd i do?

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Regular size monster on instagram.

>> No.4115744

Its strange
I like her leggy concept art design but in the more realistic, 3d model version of Tifa, I am disgusted by how thin her legs are. I guess 2d truly is superior.

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with my new design the game would turn even more enjoyable. what do u think

>> No.4115811

no. tifts gonna tifts

>> No.4115821

Looks comfy

>> No.4115901

So cute

>> No.4115904

No words.

>> No.4116337

Reminds me a bit of Sycra's style, as in many hard edges on the body. Just a preference, but I like the body lines to be more soft.

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I went for the edgy/tsundere look.
Dig the smugness. Her left arm is a bit too short tho.
Good job on bringing out her 13-year, indulged in cutesy-disney shows, self

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Last is meant for

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Post battle

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Different style plus tits

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>Here, have an internetz.

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gay steven universe shit

>> No.4117404

I actually really like this.
It's got a lot of character

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The original design was perfect so it was hard to add changes, but this looked like fun so I wanted to try <3 just accessorised her more and gave shorts+turtleneck instead of skirt+tank top

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Still /beg/ tier but tried something different

>> No.4117674

I like the way you avoided drawing the feet despite her wearing shoes. It shows that you still don't have a grasp on three dimensional forms if you cannot plant a figure firmly on a ground plane. Redeem yourself by drawing 20 different feet in various angles.

>> No.4117697

... the paper cut off and I’d already started drawing the face, but I’ll draw feet in multiple angles anyway. Thank you anon!

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I love this! Blog?

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milk good

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Maybe like a cool hipster chick

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File: 1.39 MB, 1560x2080, Image2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

maybe like a cool hipster chick

>> No.4118457

>big tights
>huge gut
>skinny arm

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>> No.4118578

Huh, got an indian style goin on, pretty cool.

>> No.4118745

It's @moisocore on Instagram, but I haven't posted anything in a while.
I'll probably start posting again next month, though - I'm currently on a "social media detox".

>> No.4118861

Thank you

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It’s shit nobody goes there

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Remake her as Aerith

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File: 2.34 MB, 4160x3120, 20190916_232533.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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severely underrated. kek'd

>> No.4119302


>> No.4119307

It looks like you drew Rinoa

>> No.4119499

it's better to just cut the figure off rather than forcing the pose to accommodate the limits of the paper. This has less to do with competency with drawing the feet and more to do with planning the size of the drawing to fit the medium.
but honestly, in an impromptu drawthead it's pretty small potatoes.

>> No.4119505


This is definitely Rinoa
Who, now that I think about it, really is a cross between Aeris and Tifa
And an absolutely shit character

>> No.4119523

>Who, now that I think about it, really is a cross between Aeris and Tifa
Secret fusion plotline revealed

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File: 276 KB, 1415x1000, tifa7686.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rough, but had fun nonetheless.

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How about spreading this poster around Sector 7?

>> No.4119631

Is Barret's daughter the one who made it?

>> No.4119636

Yes. Marlene here, I'm gonna tell daddy to whoop yo ass nigga

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File: 1.39 MB, 2357x3666, IMG_20190917_135410.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Flat chest is best chest

>> No.4119745

Something that always bugged me as a kid is the terrible taste in girls that got forced upon you in FF. You always got stuck with the most bland, generic and boring waifu instead of Freya. Though Garnet wasn't nearly as bad as Rinoa or the one from FFX

>> No.4119771

Freya was great conceptually. I also agree Rinoa and Yuna sucked major ass. Tifa and Aeris were average as individual characters but being in the story of FFVII made them great.

>> No.4119783

Tifa was nice and she had an actual personality. Aeris wasn't so bad considering her role in the story. I liked Garnet too.
I think FFVIII doomed the series, it was the most washed out and of course it turned out to be what people loved the most.

>> No.4119786
File: 17 KB, 480x360, barrett date.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Best waifu ITT

>> No.4119795

I never got FF8's appeal. 7, 9 and 10 had much better characters in my opinion.

I don't even know why I think that thought. All those games have pretty muchthe same character stereotypes when it comes to waifus: the pure one (Aerith, Rinoa, Garnet, Yuna), the composed one (Tifa, Quistis, Freya, Lulu), and the tomboyish one (Yuffie, Selphie, Eiko, Rikku). And out of those, the only ones I can't stand are the FF8 ones for some unexplainable reason...

>> No.4119810

Because FF8 characters have no real personality. The only one with some character progression was Quistis, but it's a shitty arc entirely devoted to sinking the ship.
Tifa in FF7 has a decent arc where you understand how attached she is to Cloud and all that jazz. Garnet has a typical princess arc but it's decently done. I can't even remember the plot in FF8.

>> No.4119919

getting there boxman

>> No.4120189

Based insights

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I'm late to the party , but here is my attempt.

>> No.4122286

I'd give her spiked kneepads to match her elbows desu.

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File: 170 KB, 1415x1000, tifasjwedition.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tifa in a tracksuit because ugh drink your respect girls juice.

God gave me these hands because Squaresoft doesn't know how to use theirs.

>> No.4122555

>all these short hair/dfc edits

Is /ic/ low test?

>> No.4122613

if FF took place in the UK or RUS
good one anon

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