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Do you still follow the ball loomis method?
Or have you found the light and started the construction from the eyes like the nihon masters of yore?

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as a kid I’d always start with the eyes. sometimes I still do if I’m particularly comfortable with the face I’m drawing, but usually I just use a bastardized loomis method

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just fucking draw

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I start with the brow and nose

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Dun' matter

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Drawing the head shape then a simple Mickey Mouse style hairline is the best method I came up with for quick sketching. When you draw the hairline, it becomes really easy to place the rest of the face.

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>step 1 draw some lines
>step 2 draw the rest of the fucking woman

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You just don't have the spark, go do 1,000 gesture drawings and don't come back until you learn how to draw from the abstract form.

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Yeah okay retard

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the one that works for you
i still do ovals with a circumference line at the eyes height, but i've seen plenty artists that do great work without using that

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constructing is a crutch.

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He means you don't like dicked girls.

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That's a man baby.

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what the fuck happened to her breasts between 3 and 4 ...?

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why even draw 1? also, you forgot to draw her dick.

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They acquired consciousness

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Why you gotta be disingenuous man, there is an image where he shows construction starting with a ball, why you gotta mislead them like that. Not cool.

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