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what are some affordable online art school where i can learn to draw

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Drawing Database on youtube is free

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you have tons of material on the internet for free

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i need structure

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Try out schoolism

These are really just videos, so not much in the sense of structure. But they're from professionals no less. If you're into industrial design check out Feng Zhu's free tutorials on youtube, very inspirational stuff.

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What you need anon is set a time to draw everyday and a lot of discipline, and a goal every week.

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it's called youtube, for free. dumb nigger

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Receiving critique from a teacher/master is very important to the learning process.

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The merit of going to school is that you are to be forced. It is more effective to be forced to do assignments. Along with compete with peers and receive advice from teachers. The same reason why there is gym while you can train yourself at your place.

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CGMA DOW-SIDE very expensive

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Svslearn, you can do free trial

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New masters academy

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All you need to make it.

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Cool, I hear this quite often.
What should it look like? Give me adjectives, things that sites like Ctrl+paint or Drawabox lack.

My current life goal is to create an online art school with most of the content being free, kinda like Drawabox except structured and less shit.

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SVS Learn has a curriculum page. It's decently solid.

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Learn basic drawing, fundamentals and trad painting from new masters academy or watts atelier. Then learn from industry professionals on schoolism like color and light by nathan fowkes and digital painting with craig mullins. (Though watts has some good master classes like composition from based robert watts)
All of these can be pirated or paid for, your choice. NMA and Watts comes with reference if you pay and Schoolism has tons of feedback videos from other students where the teacher goes into more detailed learning and advice that I found really helpful even though they werent talking about my work specifically.

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yeah but i need friends

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I got you bros

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Not them but thank you kind anon.

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do yourself a favor and register for cgpeers today

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These are terrible.

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Thanks man!

Some of them are a bunch of 'uuuh's and 'aaah's but digital painting with Marco Bucci and character design with Jake Parker are absolute gems

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rather than ask "what art program should i take" you should ask "what kind of training do i need to develop the skills i need?" if you post your work some anons may help you narrow down your weaknesses, and from there we can narrow down exactly which direction you should take in terms of learning.

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You can download a simple drawing guide, such as the Famous Artists Course and set a month for each topic.
You won't master them on that timeframe, but I feel like art schools are good for showing the path to students, rather than teaching them. Actual learning is a personal and continuous process.
For critiques you could try and have a more experienced artist friend

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>digital painting with Marco Bucci and character design with Jake Parker are absolute gems
I didnt know which ones were any good so this will help me with which ones to start.

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