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Where do you get a reference for something like this (assuming you don't have a gf to pose for you)?

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Use yourself.

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Get a sex doll.

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>needing “reference” for a pose of all things

Might as well just trace if you’re that cripplingly incapable of drawing

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10 seconds of google. Of course you need at least some figure drawing and anatomy knowledge to customize a reference to your liking. But beginners will never have any kind of freedom no matter how good the reference is.

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For a non jackass answer: 3d models. You can pose them however you want for nonstandard poses

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Second. Use daz studio

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How anyone finds that semi realistic body with that alien simple head is beyond me.

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>t. roastie

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roastie can't compete

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The hips and torso seem off here.

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Seriously though? You could put an emoji in place of a head and people would still be creaming themselves. Or literally nothing. Dullahan girls are hot.

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Install instagram

Done deal

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u mad flat roastie?

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cumbrains kek

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why so flat roastie?

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>t. Trannie

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^ Thread destroyed beyond this point.

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>implying your gf would have this sort of body

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Alot of the popular "artists" like sakimichan or CSR will just look up JAV covers and then roughly copy (trace) the body and then add a disgusting guitar pick shaped head with a flat face and giant googly eyes. Then just add absolutely massive tits and ass in the case of CSR to distract from the horrid anatomy.

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What is the best 3D posing software?

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Psst hey. I don't know if you know this yet but japanese artist use gravure models, cosplayers, etc. for poses you should find some they're everywhere. Even on twitter.

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Maya, if you know what you're doing.

Other than that, Daz3d

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definitely not that garbage
use koikatsu if you're into anime

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use a mirror

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Given that you're able to count your fingers without looking at or touching them, and that you're able to replicate a hand motion shown to you by another person, you should have an innate understanding of basic human anatomy.
And given that you can tell what you find attractive without anyone ever telling you to, you should also have great intuition when it comes to the anatomy of humans you find attractive.
If there's blanks in your knowledge I'd recommend you have more sex. That will certainly teach you how breasts deform and how the hip bone tilts.

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There’s so many Japanese gravure shots out there that I’d be surprised if that exact pose wasn’t done by someone out there.

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based and correct, but the trannies here who cant stop cooming over their anime will be seething hard

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only one redpilled itt

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