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What sacrifices did you have to make in life to pursue your dream of being an artist?

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I was earning >500k at my job, but i had traded my soul. So I quit so that I could draw all day

Time is more valuable than money

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nothing. art made me cope better with the demonic world we live in

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My virginity.

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OP sacrificed yet another thread to remake his shitty fucking buzzfeed post

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what a stupid bitch. Completely missing the point of liking Lain if you cosplay as her. God damn it

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What did you do?

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The irony of it all.

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Playing vidya all day
>inb4 that is not a sacrifice
So far I'm enjoying it more than playing games so who cares

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software, then engineering manager for a few years

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Fuck yeah bro. I did something similar but finance. bd

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Explain, I've never seen it before

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For awhile, it was a social life but I was living quite far away from my support network.

When we moved closer, I learned to balance out social time against working on art.

Nowadays, I’m playing a balancing act between personal interests, work, social time, exercise and art. It isn’t easy but when you accept you can’t do everything in a day, you manage to do what you can without sacrifice.

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video games.

>writing on your walls

dumb thot

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I'm just finishing my degree in CS, but I fear this will happen in my future, altho I'll just earn barely enough to make a living ;___;

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Everything I can think of.

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No wonder you're a virgen

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im a virgin because i stopped playing video games?

begone brainlet

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na, seems like you didnt get it

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Making a livable wage.

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Read that as "also" with a lisp. Hella gay!

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I don't feel like I've sacrificed anything. Drawing has defined me all the way from preschool to this day. I would feel hollow without it in my life.

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oh so its because i thinking writing on your walls is trashy and stupid?

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dropped out of college to grind 3-4 years and make it. 4 years later and now i work at a gas station lo

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it's because you called her a thot only because she wrote stuff on her walls, like Jesus dude lmao

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There is a whiteboard built into the back of the desk. I am posting from a similar desk now.

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Nice larp fag. Post your tax return as proof with a time stamp.

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>tfw last year in software engineer
>just want to draw all day instead of cucking back to do homework and researching.
it hurts bros...

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>tfw write or scribble on my walls
only when i get mad though

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do you want my SSN as well?

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>already an engineer in computer shit.
>living for a pocket money.
at least i enjoy it more than when i was a wage slave

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bro how many software devs in this jawn? lol

funny enough, I switched from software engineering to digital art in college. Nothing like nearly failing Calculus to make you realize actually ud rather be drawing.

on subject tho, mostly time with friends and video games. Art is fun but so is Borderlands yk?

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this is a WHOLESOME COMMUNITY and this is a WARNING you will be BANNED if you continue to say DEROGATORY and HATEFUL things to our users!

Press "I understand and agree" to continue

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if you didnt get my sarcasm go fuck yourself you fucking faggot nigger bitch have a bad day retard

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Very nice anon, I always respect people that pursue their dreams, good luck!

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that's spurdo/a gondola dude look at the head

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You can blur the ID inform you fag. The fact that you don't have a real one to show is obvious. Go larp back on r9k as a girl.

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>Have all the money in the world.
>Can lob it at whatever QT artist girl you like.
>Reject it.

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>blur the ID inform
They use your adjusted gross income as a hash key to look up your tax return

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Yes, but to spend your time without worry, you need money. Balance is the key.

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Good wisdom - but I will say that my favorite things are cheap and time consuming
>pen, paper, markers
>bicycling to the store

When you want expensive things in your daily life, then you have to keep working to pay for it.

That’s not a good investment

Calculus is a horrible prereq for SWE

Power through it

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I felt that hard

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why do all artists have black rings under their eyes?

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it's makeup

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I didn't have to sacrifice anything cause I never pursued anything else in the first place.

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>dropped school
>quit jobs
>no social
>no money
>got cucked
>parents hate me
That's pretty much it

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Apparently future

I'm only 1 month in. Good thing I didn't really have anything worthwhile in my life in the first place, or I'd really regret making all these boxes.

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Same. Except I can't find a job and I will kill myself.

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how did all that happen in just a month?

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lmao you sound like a little bitch

if you don't enjoy drawing then just quit and do something else

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nigga just go apply at subway or some shit
it's literally just "are you a US citizen" and "are you a felon" and if you answer yes and no you basically get the job.

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No friends(actually said "no i have to go home"). Virgin. Physical health. Mental health. Social skills. I was sooooooo into illustration for so long.

Yeah what a massive waste of time. From 19 to 28. Huge chunk of time devoted to art.lmao i dont enjoy it anymore. Maybe do a painting every month. Fuck art fuck disney, oixar, warner bros, fuck video games fuck concept art.

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I've just quit med school yesterday.
I am/was finishing the 3rd year

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Anon this isnt tech board lel

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Good relationship with my parents.

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I bet you somewhat of a thot yourself

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They weren't good to begin with. Never.

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I had a running battle with my father from the time when I started looking at art seriously (freshman in high school - drew and painted my whole life, but I was hobby only till then), and had to do all of the work and effort for college, and pay for a lot of it myself, because he was trying to live vicariously through me, and expected me to join the football team and be in frats and study business or engineering. He paid every cent for my sister for doing exactly what he dictated, paid for school, housing, extra cash, a car - I had to pay for everything except tuition, and he told me I had no business dating or going to a movie when I was in college, because I had to be studying, or working. But offered to pay for a frat. We had a literal shouting match because i asked to borrow $20 for art supplies for a class.
Told him to go fuck himself after the first year of that, paid for it myself after that. Then found out he was bragging to everyone when I actually got something published, and started my career. Yeah, fuck you, dad.
Still, I made it. Been living on my own since, saw his miserable ass once a year until he finally died. I made it, on my own terms. Worth it, because if I'd given in, I'd be miserable, like my sister, who hates her job, hates her husband, hates her kids, and is just bitter and fucked up. But she got a car. Riiiight. You won. Sure.
I hate my family, lol. I love art. It never fucked with me like they do.

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Nicely written.
Was pleasure reading this pure emotion

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I literally made a contract that would sell my soul then tried it with every ritual or whatever to see if it would help in my endeavors

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Serial experiments lain?
explain this everyone wants to know

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>i had to pay for everything except tuition

>complaining you had to pay for your own living expenses
>your dad paid your tuition
>tuition for one year = 8,000 to 20,000 dollars
>living expenses = fuck if I know but know but not THAT much

what the fuck kind of white privilege is this
god what a little baby you are
I can't believe your on here acting triumphant about this

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I basically gave up my 20s. It backfired and now I'm 29 with a solid decade of arrested development behind me.

>> No.4113248

so are u making it at art now?

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How the fuck do you make 500k doing that? I want in on that.

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spending too much time alone basically destroys your personality too. it feels impossible to make friends at all now.

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You'll have to watch it. At least twice, not joking.
It's an incredibly and famously dense cyberpunk show from the late 90's early 00's.
It has an overarching theme of semantic reality, and every episode is a wrinkle in the core of that theme.
It's popular with tech nerds because of how accurate it is; it basically predicted the now truth of an internet
that people take as reality over what is outside of their computer screen. Essentially, it was ahead of it's time by criticizing
how people absorbed information and accepted that information as truth.

Cosplaying is an internet phenomenon in which you pretend to be a fictional character,
defeating the whole theme of lain in one image, by pretending to be something that doesn't exist in reality,
but instead as something unanimously agreed as "real" by a large majority.

It spits in the face of the entirety of lain's themes by saying:
"look at me, I look like something that doesn't exist,
so make me feel like I exist by noticing me and confirming to me that;
I know that you know that I know that I exist."

Just remeber to watch it at LEAST twice. It's absolutley neccesary if you decide to watch it.

Well, fuck me man.

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Wut? Where I live, just my RENT alone costs me 8 grand a year - that's not going to cover my food, phone or car payments. And I scored a really, really cheap place. Prior to that, I was paying my mom 10 grand a year to live with her while I went to school. My university tuition (premed, fat lot of good it did me because I dropped out, but nevermind) cost me maybe 6 grand a year. Where the fuck are you living vs. going to school?

>white privilege
Did you wander in from Tumblr?

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was it worth it? 1st year here

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Some freedom/money cause I stopped making some types of jobs that paid some money but took time;

Sex/Women. Some annoying ex gfs think they got a golden pussy valuable enough for me to draw less and give them attention cause they're too lazy and uninterested to learn how to do something useful while I'm busy drawing. Some gfs broke up with me because of how I see the world and how I "manipulate" people. They were attracted to me but I'd make them afraid of my words at the same time. I don't know how to explain exactly cause I don't think I've ever heard about something like this. Making a hypothetical and very simple example, it's like the girl was afraid of wearing a choker cause I said it expresses pleasure of vulnerability in public. The way I wanna get to the bottom of reasons and meaning make girls uncomfortable, like they're mentally naked, and It's just a habit of mine that is connected to art making through knowledge of semiotics. It's like talking to me makes feminism and other ideological beliefs fall short very quickly. Usually "naive" people try to argue with me and I make them look very ignorant with little effort.

Social life; Stopped going out every weekend when I realized there's not much to talk about with people that aren't studying art seriously, and paying to go to places exposing art by "low lvl" people became annoying.

I know I sound cocky but I'm just trying to be honest and I think it's nice for other artists to know it's ok to feel these things.

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Forgot to mention I also stopped playing videogames. I got into art because of games and now if I ever wanna make my own art I gotta stop consuming. Sad.

>> No.4113427

Been through it, you gotta get better so you can work drawing. It's hard but it's possible.

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the tranny who constantly makes desk threads is back, and as always, is trying to show off that it
>is a fag
>has a gun (cool, a lot of us do, its not an artwork)
> has too much equipment
>wants to post shit story about quitting big job to pursue art
>never posts art

your eyes show how degraded you are. go to r9k if you arent going to P Y W

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BTW this habit of trying to "see reality" I mentioned might kill you if you're trans or something and try to run from it, that's why these kind of people avoid me or are sexually attracted by me (if they're kind of masochistic and want to be used as an object). What I mean is that understanding anatomy and semiotics hurts a lot some people, you gotta be brave and face the truth.

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The world had nothing to offer me anyway.

>> No.4113924

>29 with a solid decade of arrested development behind me
what exactly did you do during those years?

>> No.4113933

>'Thinking Transition' book on shelf
Anon I don't think that's a girl

>> No.4113966

bitch can be used either way, bitch boy.

>> No.4114088

either a roatie or some beta orbiter, either way pathetic

>> No.4114115

i mean for fucks sake there even the part where a bunch of people started to imitate her internet persona and it resulted in a bunch of bullshit and nonsense where everyone became lain irl because of her power to merge reality with the internet into one.

>> No.4114143

None that I can think of. It was more an enrichment than anything, really.

>> No.4114486

This is surprisingly the very first time I've ever see anyone actually talk about Lain's plot or what it's about at all instead of just posting meme images. Literally years have gone by.

>> No.4114517

Nice shitpost, but you're gonna have to try harder to trigger me.

>> No.4114525

Eh, it's shitposting, it's 4chan. You have to expect it. I paid for housing for two years of school working as an RA in the dorms, that was 8k alone each year, that I saved, for room and food. Off campus housing would have been way more. Tuition was easy, it was a state school that was $2.5k a year, I could make that over the summer working full time, and did.
But the money wasn't really the point, it was that because i chose art I had to go it alone, when my cunt sister was showered in money for not having a backbone and standing up for what she wanted. I'm happy now. I made my choices, and made it. No regrets. That's the point. I sacrificed an easy, comfortable time in college, for pursuing what I wanted, not what my asshole father wanted. Shithead anons can shitpost all they want, that's my story. Don't like it? I give a fuck.

>> No.4114889

from your bitter tone it's evident that you're not content and probably aren't much better off than your sister

>> No.4114918

its just from not sleeping well or enough. if you start to get more sleep it goes away. but you know fuck that when i could be doing something instead

>> No.4114919

this right here hurts me. my main passion for art is games and the like. but its the main thing dragging my drawing time.

im afraid to throw it away since it has been there with me from the beginning and has helped me forget and ignore the sadness around.

>> No.4115315

i guarantee you more than half the people lainposting have no fucking clue of what the anime is about.

>> No.4115323

I'm truly happy and i have no regrets (yet). That's all i can say, only YOU can make that call for you.

>> No.4115462


Nope. I'm working an entry level job in a warehouse. But at work I am making connections and learning equipment that can lead to a career in art.


Mooched off Mom, lived the NEET life. Periods of intense study followed by long mental breakdowns. Very minimal socializing, most of the time I just wanted to die.

>> No.4116960

QT kiss kiss

>> No.4118403

Unironically, you seems like a very interesting person to talk to.
Are people with little ego immunised to your "mindbreak" ?

>> No.4118424

This is still the best answer.

>> No.4118463

I wouldn't exactly call it people with "little ego", I think it's more like people who have a solid reality or people who truly believe I'm irrelevant. These people don't bother me for a single moment, actually I think they're my favorite people of all, cause they don't need to "take anything" from me. I give free stuff for people like that.

>> No.4118470

As in you kept it or lost it?

>> No.4118476

If you count the hours you'll realize the sad truth that good games eat giant pieces of your life. Metal Gear Solid games for instance were made to be more than just played.

I remember being a little kid, looking at the adults wondering how can they not be as excited as me about the games. I used to tell myself I'd never stop playing. Realizing that time is a luxury was something very painful when I became an adult.

>> No.4118483

You sound like an unbearable faggot. I can hear the dorito flakes falling from your neckbeard.

>> No.4118493

Turns out this guy is Chris chan

>> No.4119651

>What sacrifices did you have to make in life to pursue your dream of being an artist?
Nothing, I'm already at the bottom of the barrel, no friends, no social life whatsoever, no close family members, school dropout. I started drawing because I had nothing better to do other than watching anime. Art gave me a clearly defined goal, if that wasn't for it I'd have end up crazy.

>> No.4119707

I hate instant noodles so much. The cheapest possible food so that paying bills become easier is just pure madness. The weight deficiency, the same taste, the lack of nutrition, seeing those 20 packs that I got for cheap, I hate it all.

>> No.4119826

Holy shit, this sounds fun only 13 episodes too

>> No.4119874

and the opening theme is pretty bitchin

>> No.4119880

roflmaoooo how many fucking times can you talk to yourself

>> No.4122827

I wanna sniff her socks

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>the only site with a /ck/ archive is Warosu
No wait found one
>TL;DR bags of lentils are cheap, make lentil soup

... Also locally cans of peas are like 63 cents. They're fine if you only eat them every second day with some seasoned salt. Cans of beans are in the same boat and I find they're filling, 80-ish cents. No preparation.

>> No.4122984

Dropper out of IT, disappointed lots of family members.

Not really a sacrifice though, I was pretty sure I'd an hero myself before the next finals. Shit was making me miserable. Now I'm still miserable but at least I can draw

>> No.4123079

I never had a "dream of being an artist". I just simply liked art and doing it myself.

>> No.4123413

Zero. I never had any friends anyways, and when I'm not doing some kind of work like drawing, I'm just fucking off looking for ways to waste time.

>> No.4124349

Please don't encourage the autists.

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>> No.4124558

Based as fuck

>> No.4124601

it's OK to be the smartest guy in the room anon, never be ashamed of yourself

>> No.4126327

Fuck off cunt. Anon made it. With this "muh white privilege!" attitude, you won't Not even with all the free gibs in the world. Coz ironically, you're the one that will likely want society to foot the bill for your dreams and ambitions where anon at least relied on family. Y'know, like nature intended. Imagine being mad on the internet coz someone else had the basic semblance of a financial support network but managed to shrug it off out of principle and do for self. It's very telling about who you probably are as a person.

>> No.4126336

For me it's been the other way around. I sacrificed art and got NOTHING in return.
In high school in the late 90's I was just starting to get okay at realistic anatomy by taking books home from the library to study and practice. But a few times my Dad would walk past and look over my shoulder and see me drawing edgy action pictures of my favourite comicbook characters (Wolverine with claws out, Deadpool with guns/katanas, Gambit with glowing eyes throwing or holding playing cards etc) and he would freak out.
"Why are you drawing horrible shit like that!"?
Fucker basically shamed me out of drawing, like made me think I was gonna become a school shooter or something lol.
I've only recently started drawing as a habit again literally since Friday of last week and man am I rusty and struggling with basic construction of anime heads and figures.
I'm gonna keep doing it for fun though, it would realistically take years from this point before anyone would give me money for my trash.

My Dad was kinda similar. He was a construction draughtsman/architect (mostly causeways/brigdes/highway culverts etc) and probably wanted me to do something similar. But I think he was really negative without even realising it. Like I took technical drawing in high school coz I did enjoy it. You'd think he'd be pleased that I was kinda following his footsteps. Instead he'd see my pencil drawn work and he'd be like "There's almost no point learning in pencil these days. Everything will be done on computers soon".
... well fuck, he was right but that didn't exactly enthuse me to keep going lol. It almost made me feel like it was my fault for coming of age on the cusp between pencil drawing phasing out and CAD being implemented.
Parents can be fucking dicks, so lost in their own bullshit they can't even see what they're doing to their kids. My gf and I are about to have our first early next year. I'll probably fuck it up too lol.

>> No.4128012

Dropped out, estranged from parents, surrounded myself with filth for years, and was left by my girlfriend and best friend of nine years. But there's no turning back now, so I have to make something if it.

>> No.4128696

Fuck all of you sad retards, I wanna know who that cutie in the OP pic is.
I might do some design some characters based off of her lol

>> No.4128731

that's Basic Bitchella, an anime watching thot found at your local community college living off of her parents money

>> No.4128843

>falling for the interesting personality meme
Honestly, most people you think that are basic usually have something interesting about them if you dig far enough. Unless the chick is insufferable or down right retarded, all I care about if she's into me and looks beautiful

>> No.4128846

she looks like her head is a hollow bucket full of depression memes and selfies get some taste and miss me with that "actually everyone is a beautiful flower inside" faggot shit

>> No.4128849

lel, imagine being this triggered that some chick is 6/10 chick was cute on 4chan. Her face is all right, but unless I can see that bod she's not going any higher than that. you must be an ugly chick or some thing

>> No.4128853

>you must be an ugly chick

everything about you disgusts me zoomer

>> No.4129656

>been unemployed for almost a year now
>quit my job to pressue art and become a webcomic artist
>have not drawn for 6 months
>life itself feels like a chore now
How do I motivate myself?

>> No.4129904

>not drawn for 6 months
This is a serious problem and if you don't fix it you're fucking done

>> No.4130146

You aren't happy doing art, at least the way you were doing it. If you were you'd have done art for the last 6 months.
It's a good time ask yourself the big questions, and if you keep drawing blanks on that, get a job. When you realise that you don't want the job any more, the answer will come to you.

>> No.4133449
File: 209 KB, 500x716, main-qimg-5454d63d42756b8eb95a8417517f8b8f.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the option to take the medical practice path ez money
>2 years of uni
>every single friendship I had built along the years
>my first serious relationship
>my health
I don't regret one single thing, I will fucking make it even if I die right after.

>> No.4133450

Getting sick and tired of seeing this roastie cunt constantly on the front page, there's nothing more obnoxious than an e-thot who attention whores by pretending to be an animay girl.

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Hours of meaningless 4chan browsing
I began spending more time on 4chan than actually playing games and watching anime
I only draw when I want to and the only monetary amount that art has cost me is the wacom intuos I bought. Shitty little thing has no room to draw. Went back to paper a year ago in order to try getting good and now I regret buying a tablet so soon. That paper napkin size drawing space is no good for begs. All I do with it is use it to digitally line and color my traditional sketches to save on money and effort.
I honestly sacrifice more by being on 4chan 24/ 7 because I'm essentially mindlessly browsing material I don't give much of a fuck about besides specific topics that aren't always available.to be discussed. I rarely leave 4chan in a good mood and sometimes I even leave upset about something that doesn't realistically matter. I need to limit my 4chan time even more and address the threads I live in to minimize worthless idling.

>> No.4133467

Everything about my childhood and most of my teenage years. around age 10 I became depressed, stopped talking to all my friends, and lived like a shut-in neet, although those things weren't entirely my choice. That period was what led me to art. It could have been spent doing something else...

>> No.4133519

i've been drawing since i was really young and i've filled requests on 4chan and occasionally other boards for years. a number of years ago i got really self conscious and upset about how i had spent my life and in particular a certain forum that i spent my entire adolescence on up to that point, where i had shared a fair bit of my art. i basically wanted to escape my identity and was so distraught and ashamed that i abandoned projects that were precious to me. it killed me and i cried many times.
i came up with other ideas to replace the older ones, but up until now i've pissed away all that time just being indecisive about whether i want to develop an actual story with meaning or just draw porn and maybe get really good at doing that like some other artists. instead i burned away what remained of my youth agonizing over it, remained withdrawn and took myself in no particular direction, preoccupying myself more with how my friends and family perceived what i was doing than simply focusing on what i wanted for myself. and while my skills did improve modestly, my obsession over what i now realize was not worth the regret it would be causing today caused me to hesitate ended up taking from me the biggest source of pride in my life, which is my ability to express myself with a unique style and point of view using a craft i've devoted my life to, and forgone a great deal of what life had to offer me in favor of cultivating. i'm 26 now sitting on years of unreleased work and a twitter account with a handful of posts.
tl;dr i'm a failure who let regret turn into worse regret and wasted potential

>> No.4133571

I think maybe art and rage are coming together hand in hand and he hasn't forgiven his father for what he did.
Now his father is dead so it must be a hard mess to sort out in his head.
Armchair psychologist btw

>> No.4133643

Is this your piece? Its really good, love the idea

>> No.4133660

KEEP IT UP ANON. If you give up ill find you and give you a good spanking ! >:) . Good luck on your endeavours

>> No.4133661

Ok edgy blue balled virgin man

>> No.4133666

If it really is effecting you that much but you still want to visit 4chan then Limit yourself to only coming here on two days of the week for maybe 3 hours on each time.
Actually time it and set and alarm clock.
Spend the rest of the week focusing on what you need to get done!

>> No.4133669

You made a mistake, now change course
If you dont steer yourself out of this mindset then in another 5 years you will look back and be upset over another mistake.
Take the initiative, you still have your youth.
Picasso didn't start painting until he was 27.
You're 26, pick yourself up, you can do it!

>> No.4133722

that means a lot, anon, i mean it really does. this was my main board years ago and i learned so much from here when i first started taking drawing seriously. i just dropped here on a whim and saw this thread and thought i needed to get it off my chest, I was expecting to just get shit on but youve understood me when i'm vulnerable and needed encouragement.
i haven't given up yet, just coping with regret and it's taken its toll. but i know i'm capable. thank you for believing in me.

>> No.4133763

I think that's from Berserk

>> No.4134309
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I'm glad to hear it helps.
You will doubt yourself many times,
Get stressed and frustrated, not just for art but in all things, but I ask you to find me a human being who doesn't feel such things.
Its all part of being alive and living.
I have faith in you

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