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How I can support an artist I love?
I been commissioning a guy andnI just felt in love with they work, but I don't know how to express it, I already pledged him on patreon and so on, but I don't wanna offend him by giving away money, I tan out of ideas for commission anyways.

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send him weird messages at 3am

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where can one meet people like you who just randomly want to support someone's beg doodles

Then again that artist is female, right?

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shill them

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No, is a dude for what I know, i'm not some kind of weirdo who wants to stalk people, is just have been so long since I found art that made my heart complete.

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I know that feel, as I've fallen quite in love with an artist's style in an /aco/ commission thread.

I make a point to commission him every time he's free and I have a bit of money to spare, and I even made a small game with its art that I posted in /aco/'s game thread. The net benefit for him was the gain of a big fat 0 new followers on his twitter page but hey... I tried to help.

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Ask him to sell you originals or prints, tell him which of his works are your favorite and commission him to do something similar while giving him freedom

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>tfw your followers will never fall in love with you nor with your art
Please Anon - tell me what's the secret. Why do you care about him so much? Is his art really that beautiful? Is he telling interesting stories through his art - is he a comic artist perhaps? Does he have a comfy personality, that makes you want to spend time around him? Does his style makes you feel nostalgic?

I just don't understand.

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post their work then

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The problem is you draw anime, anime has no soul and only brainlets with no money like it.

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Marry them. Free them from finances with your high pay labor job.

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pretty sure you mean western animu faggot

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No, I meant weebanese anime, nobody that draws that shit will ever succed.

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Nice projecting, faggot.

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>i'm rubber you're glue

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