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Fuck this shit. Literally nothing makes a difference. Understanding something conceptually has no implication on how well you can execute it. I have no control over the marks I make on canvas and it always looks like shit no matter what. This may be my last painting ever. Fuck every one who made me believe anyone can make it.
How do I get access to barbiturates? I'm fucking sick of this shit

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uhhh pyw please

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You need good eye to hand coordination to draw well. This can be achieved only by practicing a lot.

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this is bullshit. once you hit your hard cap it's only misery.

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post post post
post your work

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Unless you love the process or compulsively partake just don't do it. Life is short, don't "give up" just find something you love doing and cannot live without, if that's not drawing so be it.

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>hard cap

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Boo hoo, not everyone can become KJG. Guess we should all just drink bleach now and get it over with since life isn't worth it if you can't be a literal god at everything

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I don't know how this is not common sense to a lot of people

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When they will put some effort into the truth they will find out that talent is much more important than the peddlers want you to believe. This is all about selling you shit and turning you into a consumer. There is a huge market around the hopes and delusions of wannabes, who then realize that talent is what really matters do make it and are not prepared to deal with it.
Whoever spread this notion that hard work trumps everything has blood on his hands. People kill themselves over this.

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Great. I don't care about your nihilism pity party. I'm not going to quit a hobby just because I can't become the all-mighty godking patron saint of art throughout all time and space. You propose no alternative either, and I'm not just gonna sit around until the world explodes or the thing I'm "talented" at walks over and bonks me.
It's unfortunate that we can't all be winners but I don't care that people don't know how the game works

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What if you have ambitions? How do you deal with the awareness you'll never make it?

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The biggest factor in staying an eternal ngmi is being a little bitch and keep telling yourself you'll never be good because you don't have "talent". You're defeating yourself before you even really try.

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taking advantage of this thread as /beg/ is over bump limit rn

trying to learn to construct female body
most confusing area are the pelvis+leg bones
they bend in weird directions
any shortcuts here?

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the problem is that you can't know that you'll "never make it".

I've seen people stagnate for years, then suddenly have a breakthrough and progress by leaps and bonds over a really short time. And not only in drawing, but also in music and languages. Something finally clicks and it works, and noone can explain it, or predict it.

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My ambitions aren't unrealistic bullshit. I don't dream of being the next KJG, I don't plan on becoming a gajillionaire, and I don't intend to revolutionize drawing. I have simply goals and lofty aspirations of making some pocket change.
Stop shooting for the stars and maybe you won't want to shoot yourself in the head.

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>"stop shooting for the stars"
literally the worst advice i've ever read

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Not everyone is a winner, champ.

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no one who was ever great did the bare minimum. stay ngmi

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Who says I do minimum? There's a difference between output and expectations dude

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hahahahaha what the fuck why her vagina lookin like a wet hotdog bun between two logs hahahahaha

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that poster is a pornfag drawing tits and ass, they always have this self-made man mentality, hurr I never worried about gittin gud, hurr I never compare myself to others why would I, hurr lol what are standards I get by with none, I make money with 0 effort garbage lol, hurr hurr why do you worry so much

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Nice strawman guy. Didn't know you had internet x-ray vision and could see into my studies of...
Landscapes and rocks!?!?!?!?
Wtf I thought I was a pornfag??????!?!?

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>My ambitions aren't unrealistic bullshit.
>I have simply goals and lofty aspirations of making some pocket change.
>Landscapes and rocks
Anon, I don't know how to tell you this, but...

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painting mother nature in her raw beauty is the biggest sin.

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Nice blog.
Painting is really hard in the beginning but after nearing the triple digit mark it will start to get easy, just draw and paint and enjoy and do fundies to keep your head above water, literally mileage and studying win over anything, even the so called talent you fags use as an excuse for giving up.

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The more appealing woman's pelvis will have a downward tilt, there's generally more space between the illiac crest and the ribcage on females rather than males. Keep in mind when drawing a woman or even a man what is most attractive to you. For me when drawing a woman I like to emphasize birthing hips, and slightly exagerated thighs, and for men I like to exagerate the dip where the leg meets the hip. Legs are pretty hard look into Bridgman's Life Drawing book and go to the leg section

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If this is true, then Bob Ross was the antechrist or something

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Oh ya also, vaginas don't look like that, the opening is on the bottom, move the vagina down and in more. If you want to draw erotic stuff go to the adult cartoon board, they have a drawing thread

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It does. Refer to >>4110527

There is no such thing as a hard cap. You can always improve, though you have to know where you need to grow.

Practice does make perfect. Practice shouldn't be mindless. Don't be Liquid Snake and think you are some mudrace that cannot do shit. Everyone here is equally as capaple as the other, and even physically handicapped people can make good shit.

The only people that are fooled are the ones who want to take shortcuts. Talent does not exist. Even Liszt had to practice. Even fuking Paganini practiced. DaVinci? Da Parctice. see >>4110613.

This guy gets it. He practices intelligently. He may even be the next KJG. He's opened that pathway by admitting he can improve, and actuvley trying to instead of whining.

Shoot for the stars, then.

Get a water bucket and pour over every Cave painting and Realist peice, then. This is the same argument dogmatic catholics used when they genocided most of the americas. Now they look like total pricks for attacking people that did nothing to them. that's how you look, pal.

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I think what anon meant was "aim for the stars but dont expect to hit them." You'll be more satisfied thinking that way.

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>that's how you look, pal.
>thinking i was in any way serious
thats enough forchaner for you tonight, off to bed, or youll be grumpy in school.

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> So guys, learning stuff is imposible, don't ask how on earth would it be imposible to learn to be mediocre at something, it just is, okay? I put in the work, trust me.

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If you have "no control over the marks you make on the paper" that means you lack dexterity, something you learn automatically in the earliest stages of learning to draw, by pure practice, and with the most basic exercises.

Which means that either you have parkinsons and don't have any control over your hand, or you haven't actually drawn for shit, like everyone else that makes these types of claims.

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It's okay. I didn't think you were actually sincere. Pic related

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That's still not expecting to hit your goals. Weak mindset that's conducive to failure.

Don't expect to fail. Don't be crushed and quit if you do. Get back up and chase the dream.

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good job, you won an internet award. thatll teach those meanies who like to trick people with jokes. (shakes fist)

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