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What defines it?

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thread died etc

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Ugly faces with noticeable, redish noses (often big/long/fat/crooked/pudgy)

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a lot of the tumblr vibe would be fixed by drawing the features smaller
I don't think OP is tumblr but just giving an example

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Neither is this tumbler

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I think you made it a tad too small . maybe make the nose a tad bigger and move it up a bit.>>4110489

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yeah I just grabbed the whole bottom half and resized it
this shit tho >>4110489
this can't be saved, you can only kill it with fire

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Why does /ic/ get offended by anything that dares stick out of this perceived idea of animu same face. Don't get me wrong, I see why this is ugly but I perfer my characters to look unique and interesting than thinking.."will this make someone's peepee hard"

And the irony to all this is I draw anime and pretty shit but that's because I don't like drawing unappealing ugly shit. There's appealing ugly and then there's jsut downright ugly.

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>kill it with fire
haha epic

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>I perfer my characters to look unique and interesting
Is it weird that I can't relate to these conversations, like style is a deliberate choice? I never thought about it, it just came out by itself. My art isn't great but I think I'm easily recognizable.

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>What defines it?
Your autism.

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Are you sugoi or someone posting her work?

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Ugly can be charming but people posting these >>4110489 type of ugly are something else

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it's just how westerner nu's draw

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the nose knows

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It wasn't worth keeping. I always check before posting.

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the aforementioned image is offensive not because /ic/ hates interesting character design, but because the artist made established characters(the main cast of Kill La Kill, in case it's hard to tell) deliberately ugly as a way of saying something about 'muh unrealistic beauty standards', and the typical d/ic/k does not think that kind of message is at all worth ruining the aesthetics of a perfectly good design over.

Yes it's possible to make a cast of characters that are all both unique and attractive, but that's not the point of 'Tumblr Face'. Tumblr Face is about incorporating features that are traditionally considered 'ugly'(prominent noses, large hands and feet, body hair, etc) in order to Stick It To The Man and reassure their young-female demographic that They Are Beautiful Just The Way They Are.

The goal is to be neither interesting nor deliberately ugly. Tumblr Face artists rebuke the notion of idealism in character design altogether. In an era where 'Representation Matters', idealism is harmful to those that consume media, and thus they seek to make art that better Represents real life. Real life, while diverse, is also ugly and boring, which is why Tumblr Face art always feels so unappealing. It's kind of the whole point.

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>Real life, while diverse, is also ugly and boring
Dunno man, I hardly see anyone as ugly as those Tumblr drawings.

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Honestly this looks more unnappealing to me, the original is kinda derpy but the new one looks even more completely generic

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>slightly resizing one element of a drawing suddenly makes the drawing generic
>the proportions are commonly found in more competent drawings, this makes the drawing unappealing to me

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big nose, vague anime inspiration (the eyes made of separate lines, detaild hair shape), gigantic mouth that often goes up to the cheek in 3/4 view. The artist tries to be woke and draw black women once or twice but their true interest is tall, lanky white guys.

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>Nose is triangular and an entirely different color from the face.
>A circle and a line is an eye.

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there you go

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Apart from the facial features being too big there's also a tendency to draw the eyes above where the brow line should be (the midline of the ball) instead of below.
I don't know if they do this because they don't know better, or due to a twisted thought process like "anime puts the eyes way low but I don't want to draw anime even though I'm totally into anime, so I'll draw the eyes all the way to the top of the cranium"

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>Tumblr Face artists rebuke the notion of idealism in character design altogether
no, they don't, it's the opposite. their "ideal" is even more unrealistically represented than the generic appealing design
>Real life, while diverse, is also ugly and boring
where the fuck do you live? because in my country anything near as ugly as what anon posted is way rarer than good/bland looking people. those would be equivalent to tranny crackhead street prostitutes. ugliness doesn't always represent reality

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All the way to the top of the cranium would be cool and freaky.

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>ugliness doesn't always represent reality
unless you're a fat, ugly, annoying american girl whose notion of beauty comes from looking yourself in the mirror and hating what you see.

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I pretty much agree. The norm is bland, not ugly.

What bother me with the >>4110489 style is not that it's ugly, it's that it goes out of it's way to be extra ugly.

on the other hand, is unconventional with weird proportions as stated by someone else, but it's not ugly.

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not him but fiction usually depicts sexy busty or youthful petite women, mostly white skinned or asian, which westerners can't really accept because muh diversity and fat acceptance

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That cranium thing is a big part of the style, it's like they want the characters to look like they have an underdeveloped brain condition.

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You see, that's a point I don't get.
The industry standard is cute or beautiful white girls (and asians but let's be honest, mangas don't make a difference between asian and white characters)

The logical answer should be "let's draw beautiful girls of other ethnicities", not "let's make everyone ugly".

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Okay, you got a laugh out of me.
Well played, anon. Well played.

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>The logical answer should be "let's draw beautiful girls of other ethnicities"

Not necessarily. That's more representation, yes, but still conforming to unrealistic beauty standards. I kinda see where the people who draw this stuff are coming from – in their mostly bad artwork is the seed of the good idea that imperfections lead to charm and personality, and that beauty need not be an absolute.

Though I also have to say that I don't understand people getting upset about a non-porn/pin-up cartoon character being 'ugly'. If titilation is the goal of the piece, then sure, I prefer traditional beauty as well, but if not, what's the fuss about?

This anon nailed it: >>4110573

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>All the way to the top of the cranium would be cool and freaky.

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/ic/ can't handle the idea of other people liking art they don't like.

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yeah but isn't that based? like, look around dude; i have way more interest in the average looking guy -- kinda weird and incongruous -- than I do looking at yet another idealised character.
look at mugshots online. it's easy to find. these people are way cooler than most character designs. So you know, go tumblr.

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I think ugly characters are a form of titillation though. Not in a sexual way, but in a "I feel good looking at things that are uglier than me" way.

I'm currently on my phine, in a very densely populated area, and... people aren't ugly. There's genuinely no one I could point to and say "this person is ugly"

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Now we're talking!

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>I think ugly characters are a form of titillation though. Not in a sexual way, but in a "I feel good looking at things that are uglier than me" way.
I think you're stretching the definition of 'titillation' a bit, but I get what you mean, yeah. I'm not sure if anyone *actually* does that, but ok yeah, maybe, conceivably? Do you?

>I'm currently on my phine, in a very densely populated area, and... people aren't ugly. There's genuinely no one I could point to and say "this person is ugly"
That's true. I barely ever think a person I meet is ugly (not never, but barely). We're not in disagreement, I think.


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This. I like drawing pretty characters myself but I feel like a lot of artists can't see in any value in any character than isn't designed to be as attractive as possible. People with features other than the idealized ones are interesting looking.

I like the character design on the left better than the right because it doesn't just look like some generic cartoon pretty boy. he's got a big gawky nose and has some wrinkles, which makes him look hard-working or a little on the older side. He looks like a very specific kind of person, which the "fixed" version is more bland and samey.

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Most people who draw in this style hate caricature, they want idealized beauty to be ugly. I see the guy in the mugshot is a perfect caricature type, because he's ugly. If you drew a colorful cast of characters where ugly people are caricatures, they'd jump at your throat.

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Well if we agree that people aren't ugly... what's the point of having an art style devoted to make them ugly? Surely it is appealing to someone, either the artist or it's audience.

I'll liken it to the crab mentality. "If I'm not beautiful, no one is".

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>he's got a big gawky nose and has some wrinkles, which makes him look hard-working or a little on the older side. He looks like a very specific kind of person
He does not, there is no personality or attempt at caricature coming off of that drawing. He just looks like a bad attempt at drawing a pretty boy with a big nose. That's why people perceive it as bad and want to fix it.

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it's not really about caricature. you don't need to exaggerate features if you're going for a semi-realistic look.
I don't like how anybody who isn't a supermodel is pushed off into the sidelines.
like this thread: >>4110104.. these people have pretty interesting faces. They're not ugly, they're not beautiful. and it's nice.

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You perceive the guy in the mugshot as ugly? He's painfuly average to me.

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>what's the point of having an art style devoted to make them ugly?
It's creative expression, dude. What's the point of having any art style? It can be done for humour, for characterization, for social commentary, for whatever. You don't have to like it but that doesn't make it an illegitimate stylistic choice. I agree with this poster: >>4110795. Idealized shit 24/7 gets old and can lack personality.

That said, I also have to add that the whole idea of 'ugliness' when it comes to cartoon characters is foreign to me. I don't look at >>4110489 or >>4110665 and think those characters are ugly. And, to be clear, I also don't think it was the artists' intent to make them look ugly. If anything, they seem to be drawn to look cute - clean and minimal linework, big Disney/animu eyes, inoffensive facial expressions.

So I think we might just be thinking about this in a fundamentally different way and be at a bit of an impasse as a result.

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Exactly. You can still have a big nose and chin and look endearing. The artist just sucks at it.

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But the media and manga does depict dark skinned women. It's just that most of the time it's still either sexy or petite with cute button noses. Large sausagey limbs, jew nose and tumor lips are usually considered unappealing

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Milt Kahl was a mistake.

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y r ppl still posting u nailed it

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These don't feel tumblr, they feel more western weeb memer style. They don't feel faggy and emasculated enough.

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Learn from the masters.

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Out of the 6 people quoting this picture, only 1 replied to it directly instead of using it in the middle of their post.

I'm autistic.

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You are delusional.
Stop drawing pretty people and practice what you preach, you tasteless cunt.

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I don't have to draw everything I like looking at. I can enjoy something like this, even though it's not what I want to make. I can see value in drawing unidealized cartoon characters as well.

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Fine, but don't use deliberate monsters to justify people drawing ugly people for free.

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There's a big fucking difference between drawing ugly characters beautifully and drawing characters in an ugly way. At a certain point you have to have respect for other people's eyes.

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I used to really like this artist's style back when she was a rip-off of Milt Kahl, but now she's gone full SJW calarts trash. Her character designs got gayer and she won't stop shilling 'muh powerful black wymen' and 'muh bisexuality'. Despite clearly favoring gay yaoi shit and never having a girlfriend (pretty sure she even fucked Alex Hirsch to get a spot on Gravity Falls). The modern western cartoon industrial-complex disgusts me so much. Look what it did to rcdarts.

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Another example of her pre-Calarts stuff. Amazing how becoming an industryfag sucks the soul right out of your work.

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why do you confuse legit criticism with being offended?

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>It's kind of the whole point.
everything was true in this post but this. Once you point out the ugly they get defensive and reject such a notion that it is unattractive.

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Anyone who doesn't find this repulsive is either lying or messed up.

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The malconception of stylisation as the elimination of reality rather than its precise, selective retention.
Big eyes, big nose, big teeth, big eyelashes; more blood under the skin, more melanin in the skin, more hair on the skin - more skin on the skin where that body once had - more fat.
Everything is made excessive without balance or relation or meaning - the features of the face become too big for the skull they're foisted upon; eyes stretch into the forehead and threaten to collide with each other in the middle of the face.

If I had to surmise why: Restraint and adherence to laws creates beauty. Cultures that value them create beautiful art and cultures that don't tell you they are making the 'new' beautiful art. It's generally an East-West divide in the world today - funnily enough, around where the communist revolutionaries and the actual communists split.

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looks more laika inspired. What a jump, going from Laika to calarts.

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nothing wrong with criticism but there's a fine line of something isn't working to "this isn't my cup of tea and i want every single artist bend to my whims".

and when it comes to female characters, i see this critique tactic often on here. when an artist dares try to step out the pasty white pretty thin white girl art meme, they get shunned for it because apparently it doesn't make cumbrain's peepee hard. not every peice of art needs to appeal to everyone and no amount of whining is gonna change that.

now don't get me wrong, there's some ugly things i don't wanna see or avert our eyes from...and some shit i don't wanna draw period but there's gonna be a point in my life where i have no choice to draw something cuz the narrative calls for it.

the reasons behind why i wanted to become a porn artist is because i want to see shit i'm into in the drawn porn market and i thought filling in that niche might help. no point in insist porn artist draw art featuring porn between normal dark skin people (latinos and blacks)..and hell there's plenty of porn artist who do just that.

if your not into it fine by me, just cover your eyes and ignore it.

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>all this preaching from a pornshitter
kindly fuck off

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guess your fun in parties

>> No.4112588

you talk about your internet hooker career at parties?

>> No.4112589

anon you don't go to parties

>> No.4112593

this isn't the room, i barely mention porn as i want my real life and internet life separate.

i don't parties especially during college.

>> No.4112602

then kindly fuck off with the preaching

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They didnt practice enough and they use the easy path.

>> No.4112677

sounds like your average anon who wants to draw anime

>> No.4112913

Feature creep

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>The power of memes compels you!

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Cursed image

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Reminder that Frankenstein's '''monster''' was a superhuman both in terms of physical strength and durability and in terms of philosophical understanding and conscious perception, and deserved to father a master race to inherit the Earth

>> No.4113831

>Reminder that Frankenstein's '''monster''' was a superhuman both in terms of physical strength and durability and in terms of philosophical understanding and conscious perception
He also had an enormous schwanzstucker

>> No.4114004

>and when it comes to female characters, i see this critique tactic often on here. when an artist dares try to step out the pasty white pretty thin white girl art meme, they get shunned for it because apparently it doesn't make cumbrain's peepee hard. not every peice of art needs to appeal to everyone and no amount of whining is gonna change that.
This has literally never happened here. Nobody has ever complained that a female drawing isn't 'hot enough'.
In fact, people here bitch more often about anime and porn than anything else.

>> No.4114089

that anon is a tranny but
>Nobody has ever complained that a female drawing isn't 'hot enough'.
is a huge fat lie, most of the anons here draw with their dick and look at drawings with their dick, you can see what kind of work gets the most attention
if anything a minority complaining about porn getting mixed up with art only means the board is getting too horny for its own good

>> No.4114113

absolutely based.

>> No.4114281

>you can only kill it with fire
Here's your gold, sir.

>> No.4114299

I've been occasionally saying kill it with fire since before the internet and I have no clue about what's fashionable on reddit. I'm not going to act self-conscious about this shit.

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Right looks cool, who is OP? (if you, what's blog)

>> No.4118324

I still want that sauce so bump

>> No.4118327

I was never a Tumblr guy but I think the site is kinda dead now isn't it?

>> No.4118411

What you're doing here is kind of a cargo-culty idea. Where you take the superficial elements of what's good and apply it to your art thinking it'll look good, without actually understanding what made the art good in the first place.

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Not all tumblrfaces are necessarily bad but that pic in the post you replied to is objectively ugly. And when I say "objectively ugly" I am not trying to act like the kind of asshole who presents opinions as facts.

That thing is not ugly because it's creator lacked skill or vision. It is ugly by design. It's author very openly perceives modern norms and standards of beauty not as something that is to a large degree inherent to us as species but as something that was created and upheld for the sole purpose of oppression. Which is why they go out of their way to draw mannish faces, giant crooked noses, hairy shapeless legs etc. It by definition not good looking because the person who made it is on a crusade to destroy the very definition of "good looking" by creating an intentionally ugly piece and putting and act on, pretending that it's beautiful, hoping that it will just magically stick.

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>It not good looking

>> No.4118475

>t. Ugly and not proud of it

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t. dyslexic.

>> No.4119751

Dead, sharp sanpaku eyes, thin mouths, skewed proportions on too-long faces, etc.
Noses can vary, but often look elongated and pointy in a half-assed attempt to replicate the anime look without understanding why its appealing.
Ambiguously brown skin and retarded pastel colours everywhere else.

>> No.4120802

You still ugly

>> No.4121998

>brown skin

prefer that shit as long as the colors play well with it. not wrong with cute brown girls.

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It's ProfessorSugoi

>> No.4125331

The :p always gets me.

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>> No.4125413

and this is supposed to be Kill la Kill...

>> No.4125531

this is the only dobson comic to make me chuckle

>> No.4125537

go draw, ngmi circlejerking crab

>> No.4125587

Post the koala one

>> No.4126371

what happened to this chick? she used to post here

>> No.4126422

she got married

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Is hearstopper an example of unappealing tumblr art style?

>> No.4129421

Of course they do. You're not meant to notice the subversion, just believe it.

>> No.4129422

Let it burn in hellfire

>> No.4129434


>> No.4129439

I mean they're popular enough for you to know them, so clearly there's a lot of people who find the style appealing

>> No.4129499

>I like you, I really like-like you!
I saw the same thing here >>4126830 is this tumblrshit cynically crafted to target 14 year olds or are people today permanently stuck in their early teens? You stop thinking this way past your first couple crushes and your thoughts get way more nuanced. I hate this shit.

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>> No.4131630

>I told you about Tumblr bro. I TOLD YOU DOG!!!

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Jesus christ.

>> No.4131683

Reminder that this is so awful that even the trannies got upset

>> No.4132132

>implying 41%ers aren't mad 24/7

>> No.4132294

left: soul

>> No.4133366

RCDArt was a weirdo who went too far even for tumblr. I think they pretty much epitomize "shitty unpopular art style".

>> No.4133447

Now they'll have an excuse to kill themselves
Oh wait...

>> No.4133493

A lot of tumblr face is designed by women to include things they think they have and that make them ugly.
A lot of women think they have an over sized nose, are too hairy, etc. In reality they have perfectly normal noses, and aren't that hairy. It is the opposite of shitty filters that blur out and overexpose details while giving googly eyes and tiny noses.

>> No.4133500
File: 88 KB, 800x1043, 1548737281996.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that style

>> No.4134604

>this is your nose on BRRRRAAAAAP

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File: 98 KB, 495x1200, Dfj_1ZZXkAAkVWi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The tumblr ecosystem selects for this shit, resulting in your standard run of the mill tumblrface

>> No.4134639

Anime-inspired with westernized/disney-fied faces. Often larger features, more incongruity, to the point of diminishing attractiveness because Tumblr hates beauty standards and fetishizes ugly.

>> No.4134660

I feel like this thread img is also showing innocent 2016 to corrupted 2018

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