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Hi. I've posted about this before but figured more of you out there might enjoy having it.

It's a pastime of mine to collect and organize reference materials on Pinterest specifically for illustrations and storytelling. It includes everything from tutorial materials, anatomy grafts, artist work, photography, etc all organized as best as I know how. The amount (30,000 + selections) is less important to me than the quality of the selections.

I try to find and add material that aids artists with options in angle, lighting, mood, style all of that. I have my biases, the Object / Tech library will show it, but despite some gross duplicates and personal tastes the rest is very clean, open ended and open minded.

My goal was not to have a place to find a specific thing, but to open up a subcategory and get washed over with ideas.

Anyway. This is for you guys. I do it for fun
Don't follow me, I don't give a ratshit about that. Don't even share my stuff unless you want to help someone else too. I update it constantly and try to keep selections diverse and interesting.

>On Pinterest my username is sepiasquid.

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thanks OP I've been looking for some good pinterest boards.

I only wish pinterest used tags though. Some things could fit into a lot if different boards ya know?

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Yes I agree with you. I pathetically wrote an entire email to their feedback department about proper tagging and bulk editing. Maybe in 2027 they'll catch up to 2009.

Side note, I don't always take images literally and post them in the technically right spots. Most of the time I do, but if I see how the image can help me better as a ref for something else than what it is - than I probably will shift it.

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hey, it's not pathetic. I emailed them too.

>but if I see how the image can help me better as a ref for something else than what it is - than I probably will shift it.


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Really nice stuff man, just followed! I do the same with my Pinterest but don't have nearly as many pins as your boards have, glad someone else is out there doing this too

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Awesome get some use out of it. Tell me if you notice I'm missing a theme or category and I'll begin a new hunt for those.

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With Pinterest, it is pathetic. I might of just as well of shouted at the moon for all the difference it'd make. Pinterest is great at the ONE thing as shit at all the rest.

Can't organize by color, size, published date, location. Can't metatag, can't bulk edit, can barely even find landscape images for some reason! I don't get it but it sucks.

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I found a website (or was it an extension?) that allowed me to rip my entire Pinterest galleries, and nowadays I just save things directly to my computer.

Fuck this unusable piece of shit loitering the Internet.

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It's not unusable, I use it just fine but it is cumbersome and lacking. I def wouldn't mind getting all this shit backed up though.

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Please consider the redlinings of the Teal from the manga topic.

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There are a lot of underdrawings in there. Many in Drawing Help > Composition

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I have some art boards on pinterest too if its ok to link them here?

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Sure why not?

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I'm def on the side of the Pinterest haters - slow, tedious and unfocused site that throws a wrench in the works of image search/open internet. Having to log in is also a faff. I keep all my reference on my hard drive. But it is nice to browse through somebody else's archive sometimes and pick up some new reference or ideas. Thanks for sharing, anon.

When it comes to saving images from Pinterest, I use whatever image hover extension I have installed in my browser and hit T to open the desired images in a new tab. Does the trick if I only want to save a handful, I need to tone it down a bit with the endless reference downloading anyway.

That said, I would not say no to a consolidated MEGA archive.

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You're welcome, hopefully it helps you in some way. Right now my go-to method is to drag and drop images from pinterest right into PureRef and cobble together mood boards for my scene or project. Those collages are what I save to my desktop for ongoing reference. I don't like Pinterest either and the moment some one shows me a faster and better option I'm out. In the meantime, enjoy

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Awesome collection anon, thanks for sharing.

I've noticed recently Pinterest got a bit better when it comes to navigation, its not sluggish as fuck like it was a year ago, so theyre movingi n the right direction it seems.

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One of my biggest gripes with Pinterest, and really all of the normie internet is how "safe" it is. They make you sign up and give out details but never give you options for mature content to be available. Shying away from nudity, absurdity and violence hinder an artist greatly and using these apps limits their availability to you as references.

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but those extensions don't rip the comment, so you just have a bunch of art with no sources.

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Most are dead or badly referenced any way, I'd rather cut my losses.

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Also, you should all check out sketchfab.com. Don't worry about downloading or buying any 3D models but they have a 3D viewer on the site that allows you turn all their shit around in 3D space in real time. Great for establishing angles and lighting. Highly recommend it as part of your reference arsenal.

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yeah really grinds my fucking gears. One of these dys I need to make a better pinterest. Like a booru but for everything.

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Artists need a very specific library tool and system app. Something that catalogs and filters using smart meta tagging with options to locate fed imagines based on search criterion but also have sorting options based not just on name or topic, but size, format, color, dates, and artists. And it has adapt easily to big and small changes to the library and provide ways to view multiple images of your choosing at once, with sizing and cropping abilities.

It needs to be Image Searching + PureRef ÷ Lightboard

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Speaking of, is there a way to roll the models left or right? That's the only feature I would need some time.

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Thanks OP, much appreciated
I started saving stuff I like similarly a while ago, but your collection is in a whole different level
I am at awe of your effort

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Been thinking about developing one for a year now. Saas version of Hydrus Network.
In the meantime I’ve made http://quickdraw.artdump.io

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Hey thank you! Please make good use of it. Like I said the way I use it is not to look for anything specific, instead general direction and let ideas come at me. If I need specifics, I go to Bing image search (which then end up in my pinterest library). I take all of my selects and turn then into collages for reference. That is the reason I have so much stuff and why it is organized the way it is.

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Whoa you MADE this? Wow thank you for posting. I'll use this for certain.

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No problem, enjoy. I’ve been using it to practice body parts.

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I'm taking CS courses rn, so if it doesn't exist i will try to make something like this.

amazing. and lol "type crab"
good humor anon

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