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>want to draw
>hate drawing

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don't you mean
>want attention

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Those two things don’t mean you can’t still draw.

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It's just not for you then. Find another passion, I don't know.
Don't force yourself to learn what you hate if it's not required for your survival.

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>has been drawing for 30 years
>is still beg level
>keeps on giving up and coming back to drawing because it's the only thing that would make you worthwile as a human being and not die without accomplishing anything


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there's a billion other ways to get attention that i dont give a fuck about
i onl care about drawing

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You only care about drawing but you hate it? WhAt?!

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not caring = being indifferent

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Become an art critic faggot

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lurk moar dipshit

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Being indifferent != hating something.

If it affects you, if it has effects on you, you are not indifferent. You care.
If you hate someone, say "whatever,I don't care about this dude" but he's endlessly in your murder scenarios all day long, you are not indifferent.

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This sounds like a motivation issue. People here are misinterpreting it as an attention issue.

I will say that I like this piece tho. Got a blog?

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>I will say that I like this piece tho. Got a blog?
thats not mine

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For me it's that I've always loved drawing but I hate the process of it because the methods Im used to are such slog to get through and I've grown sick of my own habits, I but I still feel really happy when I make something actually good and inspired when I see others' amazing work.

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this is cute

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because drawing is a curse
once you start seriously you can never stop forever

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why would you do something you hate if dont need to

find other hobby anon

or find happines in drawing

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Not OP here
I wanted to draw to be able to design characters for my small game projects and things like that
I never thought I'd hate it that much
Should I just take the ZUNpill and call it a day?

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you have to be like a child, keep drawing even though your work sucks. kids get good because they don't mind pumping out tons of terrible drawings. it's fun anyway. low and behold, some years later, they have a little bit of skill.

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