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My boi Volen is getting so good, he's definitely gmi

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He's truly getting real good.

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not good, but he'll get there eventually

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>painting of a 3/4 profile view of some old hag with a frowning face looking at a random corner in a grey background
Might as well be painting fruit bowls and then watching the paint dry.

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That's really good

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it's actually worse than the stuff he painted 3 years ago. he's regressing.

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looks like it was made by ai

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Looks like shit.

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nah, that's just a direct sight size copy, theres no knowledge there, just patience

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op's pic is also a photocopy
Volen doesn't do imagination work. only photocopies, paintovers and photobash.

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Forgot pic
He copies most of his people from the NMA gallery

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Still no soul

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When's he going to move on from being a photocopier?

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Are you mocking him? I can't tell if you are of you just have shit taste

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Ugly. He will never make it woth poor taste like this

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>How does chainmail work?
>IDK just draw some random loops of wire, linked together somehow
>good enough!

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probably never, he doesn't have the imagination or the artistic sense to create something

>> No.4065622

so is every old master

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lol where do you think you are
Photocopying is what /ic/ aspires to

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Why are you guys obsessed with volen? Why is he any different than any other youtuber trying to get good

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You can't "sight size" a 2d image on a screen

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Because calling hard working artists shitty helps anons feel better about their own lack of success

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the old masters created their own compositions and used models as reference. they didn't just reach into their supply of pre-arranged photographs or 3d models they downloaded from NMA, grab something to sloppily paint over, and call it original as volen does. the both of you fucking brainlets.

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Sight size isn't exclusive to live models. If you have a large pen display then you can definitely scale your reference photo the same size as your canvas and place it next to your drawing for easy comparison.

What gave the old masters the knowledge to draw so well from imagination is the question we should be asking. Probably the thousands of hours they spent solely on drawing from life and making 1:1 copies of other master artwork. I don't think Volen is practicing smart enough but its not as simple as COPY BAD

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>What gave the old masters the knowledge to draw so well from imagination is the question we should be asking
Kids are able to depict made up shit all the time without direct references. Developed motor skills and cognition is what allows adults to draw better than kids. Some kids do catch on faster and are able to create more realistic drawings at an early age, Frank Frazetta is an example. Point is you don't need thousands of hours drawing from life or master studies to use your imagination.

>I don't think Volen is smart enough
Copying is bad if you won't use your brain to store, re-arrange, and utilise the references you copied. A visit to Volen's artstation shows the average kid in a kindergarten art class has more imagination than that retard.

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