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Let's have a hopefully comfy thread about a topic I've never seen discussed here. Were any of your parents artists themselves, did they teach you their skills? Or are you a parent yourself, has your child started taking an interest in art and do you teach them?

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No, but when I was 7 I had a teacher that filled the board with little drawings as he explained things, obviously he wasn't really good, but I was fascinated as a kid at how he drew simple houses, animals, grass, trees and faces. I still remember some of his drawings.

He didn't teach me shit, but I owe him very much

Thanks for trying to make a nice post anon, remembering him made me smile

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My mom's been a graphic designer for most of her working life, but making a decent living off of art has been her dream. She started getting mural commissions from United Way on a yearly basis since 2013, and has painted others for public and private clients. I've been helping her with most projects, learning at least as much as she was along the way, and gave her ideas for the design of her highest-paying project to date. I got a bunch of advice on drawing from her before this.
Other than that, my paternal great-grandfather was a prolific abstract sculptor in Europe after WWII. Some of his works and a bunch of the scaled-down bronze casts are part of our family's heirloom.

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My dad is a painter. He used to do stuff like restoring art too. As a kid it was pretty fascinating and once he let me draw with a marker on one of his paintings. I think if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t like traditional art so much.

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Neither of my parents nor grandparents were artists, and they're not supportive of my interest in art either, fun times.

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To be fair this is yet another stealth demoralizer thread. OP just wanted to convey the feel that if you don't have artists parents you are NGMI. Don't fall for his shitty ruse, we all gonna make it.

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My mom used to do alright landscape paintings.
Kinda like pic related.
My nan did a shit tonne of croche designs as well.
My brother and dad haven't got an artistic bone in their body.

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my dad is a tattooist/fine artist, a lot of people say got my skill from him but he just helped me foster my passion for art. i remember once he helped me print out a huge “art binder” full of references and such when I was 10 or so, it was fun. he didn’t teach me but moreso pushed me in the right direction to get where I am today. my mom is very supportive of me despite not even being able to draw a stick figure lol. i really like my family, since I’ve always been the “weird kid” in school and such but they encouraged my niche interests.

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i dont speak to my family anymore, they didnt even know I was drawing when I was neeting for a year

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I had a distant uncle who got in on the ground floor at Marvel and DC in the 1960's. I think he did an alt cover for Amazing Spider-Man #6, whichever one has the Sinister Six. He went on to become one of the most successful self-publishers in north america, he also jobbed for Marvel in newspapers for 30 years. My aunt also did some hobbyist painting.

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When I was very young my parents they weren't the most supportive, but at least they didn't condemn my passion for art. (I stopped talking to my mother in middle school.) My dad was the one who encouraged it the most. When I got older it became to "get a job that will make you money and do art on the side." Then I stopped drawing for years and went into the it field only to have no passion for it and ended up in a wage job. Now that I am visibly depressed 24/7 and had a few incidents. My father is slowly encouraging art again, but its hard now because it feels like depression has killed that part of my soul.

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Underaged. Get out 6 year old

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