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How can I make drawing fun? I always have an endgoal in my mind and it stresses me out.

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You don't have to, just focus on your end goal.

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be a child

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Try to get into flow and get lost in what you're doing, make fun challenges for yourself, think about what excites you and what do you want to draw atm and do it because you'll feel more motivated to learn through what interests you

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you have to be having fun

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draw your darkest fantasies.
use watercolor with a minimal palette to make your favourite drawings stand out.

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The problem is that if you're not having fun doing it... Then do it. You have to find something that will catch your attention and make you wanna keep at it until the end. Also keep in mind that not every drawing has to be a finished polished piece. I sketch constantly and I don't stress about the visuals much but just about putting the ideas to paper

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Not really https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xdwZG3EImo

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Drawing stresses me out when I'm thinking about it or I listen to people on here; it's really easy to take what people say to heart or doubt yourself with hypotheticals. When I'm actually drawing, it's fun as hell.

Maybe you should just draw and just practice whatever it is you want to draw next.

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Thx guys

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have no end goal
have fun with the lines

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I think kids have fun drawing because they're constantly amazing themselves. Just try to push your boundaries on drawing and painting constantly. Draw new things. Learn new things. Nobody has fun doing anything repetitively.

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The act in itself should always be fun. NGMI man.

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