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How does this make you feel?

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that girl's gonna get aiiiiiiiiids
nice art though

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god i wish that were me

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Extremely jealous of that dude

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Cute asmr loli

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His forehead is giant and his hairline is disappearing. Looks weird as fuck.

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The artist likes big foreheads and old men

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His hairline and forehead looks fine, no different from my own.
This shit however, lmao. Her smug fucking face just makes it even funnier.

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Jesus her fucking face

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>His hairline and forehead looks fine, no different from my own.
read that again

>This shit however, lmao. Her smug fucking face just makes it even funnier.
that's not even remotely an animu smug face. Symbol drawing made you all delusional

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>His hairline and forehead looks fine, no different from my own.
Sorry about that, anon

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Nothing wrong with sixheads

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Fuck off, you're just memeing
He just has a mature hairline is all

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thom yorke goin' crazi

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i feel like this was drawn by a pedophile ngl

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"You think your pathetic bullets can penetrate my telekinetic force-field?"

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What makes you think that?

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That's so adorable.

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I know this artist,
wonder whatever happened to her twitter

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It’s still up https://twitter.com/nnmnnji

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Damn, look at her latest work. Isn't it so cute?

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makes me hard

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I always feel so weird about female loli artists. It's obvious that she self-inserts as the lolis and/or likes the aesthetic of a small, helpless girl and someone more mature but it still toes that uncomfortable pedo line.

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ayo fuck outta here

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It was.

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best laugh i had in a while, thanks anon

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I know, realizing women can be pedos too is disturbing.

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It's beautiful

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fucking KEK

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Sometimes /ic/ can be alright.

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holy kek

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Extremely jealous of that girl. I will never a hot daddy whos bleeding kissing me before his death bed.

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im gonna need a source for this my dude

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Its Perfect

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At least read the tread faggot is up there

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Holy shit, fucking saved.

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Until you realize it's drawn to be tantalizing

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what the fuck would this guy be doing if he didnt have art

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Bet he would be raping fucking kids omg

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or collecting/sharing underage pornography, or snuff movies. it doesnt have to be as bad as the physical act to be bad.

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Yeah wtf what if...

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fucks sake anons

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Fucking pedos, get out of my board.

This looks disgusting.

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My sides holy shit

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of the universe

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i'll make sure to avoid drawing big heads

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Something really cute and endearing about this.

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>hates loli
>"my board"
Yeah nah you'll always just be a tourist on this site if you're a moralnigger

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>my board
fuck off back to r*ddit and fagbook already, you clearly don't belong if you think moralfagging has ever been an acceptable practice on this site.

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I hope you don't mind, I hope you don't mind, that I put down in words, how wonderful life is while you're in the world.

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he's an alien afterall

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Your mum should have swallowed you.

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what the hell, at least make her eyes verticaly centered on the face.

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>"beating your meat to the thought of a child is bad and you should seek help"
>"how dare you tell me to not be a bad human being"

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>dont masturbate to what im not into

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more like
>Don't masturbate to children
seriously anon, is that simple.

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You're evading saying it straight aren't you. What you're saying is...
You're into children. That's a problem.

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im not even into loli. i just find it retarded to ask people to stop fapping to whatever.
so they jack it to children, not really my thing, nor is it yours it seems. but, as crazy as that sounds, anyone could be attracted to children, just like anyone could be into traps or feet, you guys browse 4chan, you should know. it's like telling rapefags to stop jacking it to rape because next thing you know they'll go molest someone in a back alley, or telling incestfags to stop cultivating their leek in front of incest doujins because then they'll go make babies with their cousin or some shit. there's nothing wrong with having perverse fantasies (everyone has some) as long as they remain fantasies.

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That side profile on the girl is a little wacky, specifically the lower chin/upper neck, like the rest of it though. Might have just been a stylistic choice idk.

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Making out after spilling a jar of strawberry jam will leave them sticky...and not in a good way

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kek this board still has its moments

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nice burg maids

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the burgers

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that's such a retarded arguement and there are plenty of Loli fags like MadThad who liked loli's and raped anyway
This argument just makes you look worse
Just enjoy what you enjoy and stop trying to justify it through trying to get the moral high ground

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then tell them to stop posting their shitty loli porn here

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You ever notice how pedo artists always draw the males as tortured or tormented and the little girl as aloof and mystical? Maybe that’s a subconscious acknowledgement of the true nature of your attraction. You type away with your little fingeez with “arguments” to rationalize your attractions but deep down you understand that’s it’s a dysfunction and disorder. That’s why you draw or identify with those kind of representations. I say this out of love OP, get help.

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What if I like loli because of the chibi aesthetic but I have no interest whatsoever on kids irl?

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This post is going to make /ic/ great again

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How many loli artists are female tho? I heard it’s actually the majority

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If they're japanese half of them are mothers too.

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If you think women and moms can't be pedophiles then I got some sad, sad news for you.

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maybe I worded it badly anon but that's pretty much what I said. there's a clear difference between what you daw/imagine/jack it to and what you do for real.

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big head don't go

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She will live on forever

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>pedo artists always draw the males as tortured or tormented
literally name one other than this artist, you just pulled this out of your ass
i have never seen any other loli artist do this and every one i have seen its a generic hentai protagonist or a faceless old man

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based and redpilled

>> No.3669416

Not him, but there's only one other artists I can think of, which is muk. But yeah majority of loli hentai just have generic protag.

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Yeah I was implying that, genius.

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So this is what Limmy's up to after Homemade Show bombed

>> No.3669466

Annoyed by this pathetic freak's existence and his lack of basic anatomy knowledge

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But chibi have child-like proportions so it’s not unrealistic to make that jump

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I agree, I think it's the majority of Loli fans, most lolis look soft and cuddly while IRL children look bony and frail. I personally despise the gross bony look
Most children aren't plump like chibis though, unless you purposefully go for fat children or something, but even then it would never ever be close to the idealized lolis

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>being aroused by children is the same as liking traps or feet
am i fucking hallucinating

>> No.3669688

How could he literally even LITERALLY say such a thing? Smh -.-

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Best thread on the entire fucking board holy shit.

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Congrats, you're normal. Real kids are digusting piece of meats.
2D loli are the shit.

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yes, it's the same. people can't control their fetishes (can you?), that's how it is whether you like it or not. not all lolifags are into real children either.
who are you to judge if beating your meat to rape scenes is any better than beating it to children? to anything else? as long as real children aren't involved there's absolutely no problem as being into loli remains what it should remain, a fetish, just like footfaggotry, or trapfaggotry, or whatever twisted shit people are into.

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and ever

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Does this artist just draw part of the face first and then the hair or something? I can’t imagine someone constructing the head and not realizing it looks like an alien with a head tumor.

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is that bad to do?

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fucking based

>> No.3673535

Not really, I just imagine it’s a way someone could mess up head proportions if they don’t pay enough attention.

>> No.3674062

i try to pay attention

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>How does this make you feel?

Not good because I don't get unfinished arts like that.
Is it supposed to look good when you can clearly see it isnt finished? I dont get why some artists do that.

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Now that you mention it, I just noticed the guy’s right arm is completely gone except for a floating hand, the fuck? Anyway I guess the appeal of unfinished-looking art is how rough and unrefined it is, at least that’s the best I can describe it.

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call me sixhead again i swear

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>The lolicon’s posts got deleted
Based mods

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kek, that tiny hand

>> No.3674437

Six head-chan A CUTE! A CUTE!

>> No.3674487

what happened to the cute skill test thread with bunch of daughterposters in it?

>> No.3674526

the girl forehead killed them

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Someone make her look smug

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mods killed it

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There are mods on /ic/? How come the millions of threads against the rules stay up then?

>> No.3677079

they are not very clever, please understand

>> No.3677109

>please understand
I'm a 25 year old high functioning autistic male

>> No.3677113

They come once every full moon to kill a bunch of threads. They killed my Firez thread too.

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>post gets deleted in some other thread for going off topic
>my posts in every /ic/ thread get deleted too

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Who drew that?

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