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(Not) You

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Yours is a bit average but it is still miles ahead of everyone else on here.

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You could be a good painter, if you didn't treat your edges like you are drawing with a poop crayon.

Maybe one day you can finesse them

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Thats not bad anon.
Not good either, but it could be if you continue to develop on it.

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probably me, most likely

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It’s aseop rock

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Thx I guess

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illastrat do you think I should illegally change my name to bear serker?

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Wtf is that

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you do drugs when you're painting?

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Use to. I am sober now

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I think I'm working my way towards doing a sober meme. Most everything I do is done drunk and on drugs. Spent a few months microdosing lsd every other day while painting. Pretty good experience tbphwyf highly recommended. 9/11.

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If I do lsd Ima do a ten strip. Maybe drugs are your problem.

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cause and solution to most problems

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I actually like that one, if you keep this quality I migth not dislike you that much
Also, sage

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This is my style

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>if you keep this quality I migth not dislike you that much
didn't realize you were so emotional lol

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I was being nice, it was a fucking compliment you mongus

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i know im just goofing. thanks bud

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I really like this

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deleting ic later guuys

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don't use mono black for the mouth. Kinda throws it off

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fuckin loser

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Kyle needs to do some vagina studies

Better than the two painters

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feet look fucking amazing but what the ffuck is that vagina

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You couldn’t pay me to buy your work.

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Not you

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Illastrat, of course

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Vagina is too far away from ANGUS.

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what? no its not

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I look at a fuck load of naked woman for art and I own a vagina, youre just retarded

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own a vagina ?

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Slavery is prevalent in many parts of the world

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why does ic gather so many narcisistic namefags?

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because its easy. and it does alot of damage

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your color pallet is hideous

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Have to agree on this one.

OP the only place I can imagine art like this present is in hell.

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Me? :3

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