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>>It's not real art. Art, is the freedom of expression
Porn is expression. I can ONLY express that I want to fuck slime girls and how badly I want to put my hands through slime people in porn. Slime girls and monster girls (heck, even anime girls in general) don't exist.

>it can be of a person doing something they like. In other words, it needs to be something you can put in a museum or proudly hang on your wall.
People like sex. Sex is a natural desire everyone has and a necessary part of sustaining life. There is nothing disgusting about having sexual urges.
I would love it to be in a museum because it might evoke a feeling in some people that they have never felt before or show someone something they have never considered before.
If sexy monster girl paintings were in a museum I would be very happy and moved that something so close to me and my sexuality was opening up to the eyes of more people. Even normal porn should be considered art, it evokes strong emotion and is not something to be looked down upon, it is something that should be completely fine to explore and to see.
The fact that is is so controversial to show that people want it shielded from the public or to not talk about it at all arguably makes it *more* artistic.

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