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Each time I open PS my brush settings get messed, for example the shape dynamics box get unchecked, or the transfer, sometimes both, I don't know why that happens but for customs brushes is annoying as heck to be checking on them each time, could it be because I have a pirated version?

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Not him but I do find amusing thoose kind of stories from time to time, i'm a messed up individual as well, and I do commission messed up shit, so I perfectly know how good of a scape valve art is, even if I don't care I listen, they eventually stop after getting that shit out of their chest, myself I don't share that kind of info but anyways, and professionally sperg clients can be either really patient, kind and generous people, like I have a client and now is a friend and he helped me once in need, like "here dude, heres some 500 bucks you may find helpful" and I didnt even asked for them, they Indeed where helpful, and in the other side of spectrum are the scummy, cheap annoying fucks who looks at artist like lesser beings.

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