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Hi. I've posted about this before but figured more of you out there might enjoy having it.

It's a pastime of mine to collect and organize reference materials on Pinterest specifically for illustrations and storytelling. It includes everything from tutorial materials, anatomy grafts, artist work, photography, etc all organized as best as I know how. The amount (30,000 + selections) is less important to me than the quality of the selections.

I try to find and add material that aids artists with options in angle, lighting, mood, style all of that. I have my biases, the Object / Tech library will show it, but despite some gross duplicates and personal tastes the rest is very clean, open ended and open minded.

My goal was not to have a place to find a specific thing, but to open up a subcategory and get washed over with ideas.

Anyway. This is for you guys. I do it for fun
Don't follow me, I don't give a ratshit about that. Don't even share my stuff unless you want to help someone else too. I update it constantly and try to keep selections diverse and interesting.

>On Pinterest my username is sepiasquid.

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