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This is bound to be a dumb question but, how exactly do you "use" gesture? I get that its used to stop your drawings from being stiff. However, every tutorial/etc I've seen, once gesture is taught, they don't really "build" on it once you are taught overlapping/mannequinizing. Are you basically supposed to draw over the gesture or just "think" about it as you draw the mannequin/whatever? I'm just not fully grasping it.

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Each time I try to draw gesture, doing sessions from say, CroquisCafe, they just look like a horrible mess of lines that hardly resemble a figure/show anything, what the hell can I do?

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drawing gestures

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Alright let's get something straight, you want to learn to draw fluidly? Start gesture drawing then.

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you need to loosen stuff up more. spend less time drawing the body and more time capturing movement and lines in your figure

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I have extreme issues with gesture. I know I should be capturing movement, but I have major problems maintaining any semblance of form or proportions while doing so. Starting from scratch, what should I be doing?

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Why are you trying to draw a skeleton before you're comfortable with the knowledge of how line of action and quick gesture works?

Start with like 5 lines to show what's going on, move on from there. You're overthinking this whole thing due to not having a foundation. 5 years of drawing isn't shit if you're not learning right.

Do a battery of :

on one minute or under and if your gesture doesn't look like left, you're doing it wrong. Once you're really comfortable, then add whatever volume or shit on top of it.

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You never move on from practicing gesture. You just lay your construction/forms on top of it. Eventually you won't have to draw the action line but you will still use it as a basis for drawing the figure, it will just be your natural first step in your procedure for figure drawing (and everything else you can see a line of action in).
Gesture is really like the current frame of animation that the pose is in. You could take the gestures of your father's walk cycle and apply it to bugs bunny or a stick figure and still subtly recognise it as your father's walk.
When we draw from a model we are 1. Adding a new frame of animation to our visual library and 2. trying to improve or idealize what we see to make an appealing drawing. We don't really want to capture an exact likeness of the model, otherwise why not just take a photograph.
We want to analyse the model, use our knowledge of what makes an appealing drawing and discard anything that might be realistically correct but results in an unappealing or mediocre drawing.
So for gesture we would exaggerate the line of action, push the curves, really show the squash and stretch of the ribcage or arms or legs or neck or spine. We are improving upon the model, we are creating, we are idealizing and we are filtering what we see through our knowledge and taste into something more than a photograph, into art.

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Am I the only one who finds gesture...useless?

It just sounds like psuedo-zen bullshit.


Whenever I see Proko do "gesture". He says to push the gesture even further, even if it looks extremely unrealistic.

I'm trying to learn anatomy/how to draw people/etc. But theres just so much bullshit that it's a headache.

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What's a good resource that shows a process for taking a gesture drawing to a finished drawing?

I haven't finished Glen Vilppu's figure drawing video course yet but that would be my first guess, can anyone confirm/deny it being covered there?

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You want to be able to show your gesture in just a few lines. Look at the picture. The stick figure on the left is already the gesture. It shows you exactly what the pose is. There is weight to the figure and the feet are planted. The outline then is drawn to flow with the lines of the stick figure.

Your gestures do have the stick figure pose in there, but your outlines work against the flow of those lines. Also you need more practice in getting that flow of the stick figure.

That's why I recommended doing 30 second gestures. So you can focus only on capturing the movement. Try to find the large sweeping line in each pose. Then when you get that down, you can draw the outline that flows with the gesture.

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He's right you know. He might've been vauge but you should try to practice gesture and anatomy. I suggest looking at Michael Hampton Figure Drawing Invention as it gives a guide to gesture. Try draw a gesture with lots of curving lines to start off your figures before you start adding 3d shapes or proportions on top. You're on the right track anon, you just need to study a bit more

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>Learn how to do gestures from Vilppu
>Can feel the pressure and imagine myself in the pose of the model/act it out
>Realize I don't really know what I'm looking for
>Feels like I have just been drawing seemingly random pressure points for almost no real reason
>Will probably do the pose I want a character to pull before I resort to pure gesture from imagination

Should I just go learn anatomy?

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