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How do I learn to get this kind of work flow? Is it all just doing construction and anatomy studies until I can do it mostly mentally?

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This is how you draw anime

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I know those feels OP. Here are some thoughts.

Not all art takes the same time. Some concept art paintings must look finished in an hour. Others require a week of daily painting to be presentable. That depends on the client and on how much you're getting paid.

For anime art, some artists like born-to-die complete their colored pieces in like 2 hours, but it looks kind of generic. Other artists take 6 hours just doing the lineart. This guy here completes a figure in 10 minutes. He doesn't even bothers sketching or constructing. He jumps to the conclusion.

One important part of production is to have all the variables scripted. Let me explain. If you want to pump out art you don't have the freedom to figure out the color palette or the perspective, or what type of pen to use or what colors to choose, what resolution to use, finding the textures. Everything is already chosen beforehand and you cannot change it when you're in production.

Think of it like McDonalds. Everything is built to follow a pipeline so that even retarded teenagers can complete the task.


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Seeing how much this artist tinkers with the drawing got me thinking.

How well can you see the image in your head before you draw /ic/?

I can't picture anything in my head so I have to draw nonsense in the paper until I see images....

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