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Why is social media like a second job?

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>quits his job and spends hundreds of dollars (if not thousands) on art instruction, including mentorships with professional concept artists, yet can't draw for shit.

how is he even remotely qualified to give learning advice?

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construction is for realistic art.
anime is not realistic.

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>Modern liberalism has never existed in this world, it is a completely modern invention that only appeared around the 1960s.
of course it hasn't, sherlock. the problems that we face today did not exist back in the times when the people were dying from the common cold, millions of kids were working at farms and factories, and the average person didn't live past 50. everything that is happening now is a manifestation of modern technology outpacing and clashing with societal attitudes, economic principles, and religions that have barely evolved in comparison since early times.

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tfw alternative stylization thread becomes a thread for advertisement thread for realism instead of stylization

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>check her twitter
>obese feminist who has been drawing since 1999

what the fuck

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