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How I can support an artist I love?
I been commissioning a guy andnI just felt in love with they work, but I don't know how to express it, I already pledged him on patreon and so on, but I don't wanna offend him by giving away money, I tan out of ideas for commission anyways.

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Unless you are a modern fines artist like C├ęsar Santos or a crazy good character designer/enviroment artist you are not fit for the artist tag either, you dum dum, the fact people like your shitty drawings doesnt mean you are an artist, LMAO this retarded weebs always drinking the retard juice for breakfast.

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>hehehe yeah better keep your prices at the verge of begging

Go fuck yourself, cunt, if a drawing takes me 2 hours I Will charge what my time is worth, and everyone who does commissions should el the same, otherwise retarded niggers and poorfags like you would come and ask for a work saying they Will not pay higher than "15,", y preffer yo flip burguers, drawing takes time, if you don't wanna pay a fair price then draw it yourlsef...oh right, you fucking can't!

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