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I feel that all porn should be free actually. I know that sounds like the lowest of the low on this site but porn isn't exactly legit. It's not real art. Art, is the freedom of expression. This can range from things like happiness to anger. It can be of a busy street, or it can be of a person doing something they like. In other words, it needs to be something you can put in a museum or proudly hang on your wall. You can't do that with porn. Even if you may be proud of the picture, all you'll get from potential visitors is looks of disgust. And don't even bother arguing that museums already have porn in them, in the form of renaissance. I don't even know how people get away with that. Additionally, from what I can tell and because I have a small penis, creating porn is part of the service industry, the service being making porn for people. However, porn only lasts you probably a good 5-30 minutes at best. I know once I'm done with it, I delete it from off my phone out of shame and embarrassment. It probably only lasted me a good 30-40 minutes at best.

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