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How does one regain the spark /ic/?

It seems like a few years ago I was churning out at least one full color, intricately rendered image per week, with several sketches and flat color images in between. I had an autistic level of dedication to my favorite subjects and could always fill page after page with doodles of them. I was always coming up with ideas for stuff to draw and if someone gave me a suggestion I could competently pop it out in about an hour. Looking back I feel like my work used to be so colorful and full of energy and enthusiasm.
Now it's hard for me to even get started on a drawing, and when I do it's usually garbage, like I've forgotten how to draw. I feel like all my work from the last two years is uninspired and lazy.

Can anyone here relate? If you've been in this position, what would you recommend?
Inb4 post your work. Left is from 2015, right is from May of this year.

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