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>be yesterday, thanksgiving family get together
>think about bringing my art supplies so I'm not doing nothing the entire time
>decide not to to sacrifice being family clown again
>haven't seen any of them in 2 years due to psychosis
>little baby cousins barely recognise me
>everyone is kind of quiet around me
>they made brandy slush, the exact drink I got into when I was 4 years old
>"well good opportunity to guarantee getting drinks"
>end up getting decently drunk and everyone opens up to me and vice versa
>turns out teenage cousin is trying to be an artist
>we talk the entire day
>end up talking to aunt about my schizo and how she can relate and don't give up trying for disability, she the one who brought it up
>for the first time in a family get together, I'm taking to people the entire time
>nobody is laughing at me this time, we are conversing as equals, people seem to care, everyone is respectful, the only one who was rude was my own mother making fun of my illness, which my aunt shuts down

I'm kind of scared and I feel empowered, it was nice and all but this seems so out of place for most of them
maybe they were ruder but I was drunk?
it was just as lively as all other family get togethers

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>I spent 5 hours on it

What are you drawing with? A hammer and chisel?
I dont want to deter you from drawing but thats really surreal. Are you more comfortable using paper?

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