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please stop... embarrasing...

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>not using stone cave walls and a sharp rock

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Who the fuck is this newfag?

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You don't need to defend yourself.
It's obvious you are trying to do damage control now that you've been called out on your ironic shit.
Stand down, anon. Nobody really gives a fuck.

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I can only see out of one eye and I'm left handed. I can't draw. Where do I start?

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How to hell i get my ass to grind fundamentals? I always go back to drawing random shit because i lose my motivation and then i curse because my fundamentals suck ass.

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That was said after I called him out, even then I've never directly responded to it because it's clearly bait and I'm not that dumb, but ok. You're imagination is vivid. You should try drawing even.
I bet you imagine everyone being offended by your comments when you post them to make yourself feel better.

I love when people assume them and their opinions mean much more to me than they do. I don't see why I would take offense to a comment from someone I don't know or care about. It's kind of depressing, but funny at the same time. Your self-importance so high on your pedestal that you assume someone must have given your comment a second thought and if they reply in any way, shape or form against what you did, they're clearly angry and offended.

The human mind is something else. You don't have as big of an impact as you think you do on people. Get that out of your mind and get over yourself

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The manchild is having a fit.

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>They want free porn
And taking initiative to learn how to make that is a bad thing how? I like how you manage to make it out to be a bad thing by phrasing it as if that goal is somehow not as valid as any other.

Why are you so worked up over other people's goals? If someone is fueled purely by money just let them fail. I really don't understand. No one cares what percentage of art school students 'make it' because most of us aren't art school students. It's irrelevant to the goals of most here.
I never see as many talking about making it in the industry as others seem to claim. I saw it a few times and the rest is just shitposting and talking about how they want to be porn artists because it's a much more attainable goal.

If your sole purpose is to come here and brag about how you're an 'artist' while implying none of us will 'make it' because rich kids who decided they want to go to art school without any ambition didn't get the job they wanted with minimal effort then you're just an insufferable cringy cunt who is attempting to appear superior to anonymous people who, despite it being a handful, may be even working harder than you ever will with goals you consider to be not fit. That or either they're doing it as a hobby and you check the board and come across one or two posts talking about how an anon might want to get into the industry and you apply that to everyone to fuel your useless rant.

It's not that I disagree with your fundamental argument, it's just that your approach is cringy and comes off as 'holier than thou'. Just stop, you narcissistic dunning kruger.

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>time to use different coloured pencils to create the illusion of a new colour

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American animation was a mistake

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>Hipster glasses
>Tumblr nose

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>oh god they're actually posting their work

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U guys like gouache

What is diff in applications from acrylic

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>>>crabs really believe this

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