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It's time to try something new! Upon many polls made, This is the new resulting template.

THEME: Comfy Home


1. Request a tile before you draw.

2. You can only request a tile that:
is adjacent to a completed tile or on one of the 4 corners;
is NOT adjacent to a another tile drawn by you.
also, if it is adjacent to a tile in progress, you must first let them finish before starting yours.

3. No copying and pasting any other images. the content in your tile must be drawn by you.

4. Your drawing must align with the tiles adjacent to yours.

5. Keep the map SFW, or atleast nothing past mildly NSFW. This is a desktop wallpaper.

6. Try to keep your drawing congruent with the theme and palette; these are both only suggestive.

Have Fun!

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