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Does the internet suit artists that don't make conventional artwork and have no desire to speak English?
I've been living in an English speaking environment all my life but I really detest having to connect with people that only speak it online. Everywhere I hang out online seems to be swamped with Anglos and the idea of sharing my life stories and photos with these kinds of people irks me since I have a hard time caring about their cultures and irritating trends. I don't know how to get away from it.

Is Instagram the way to go? I don't particularly like it either since its anglo centric as well and I have a hard time really settling in it knowing its own by Zuckerberg himself and is swamped with artists that are only in it for attention.

Where do I go for an environment where I can connect with people and share my life and artwork in peace, while making friends at the same time? Is there specific places where non-English speaking artists hang out or am I asking the wrong place?

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