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Yes you idiot, the body was not designed for you to sit on your ass all day go out and get some sun you subhuman.

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>years attempting to draw the loli form from imagination
>realize you cannot post your figures anywhere because of the pedo hysteria and witchhunts
>you now realize spending the last two years turning 3dpigs into cute and petite figures and learning to draw from imagination was not viable
Should of just stuck with drawing traps and cute dfc fuccbois desu

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>I hope gets to draw Miku someday
Been waiting for over five years for this faggot to do so.

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The last time I bought you faggots something way back when I actually had someone threatening me because he was so upset I was giving studying material to such an undeserving and ungrateful bunch and now I know what he meant years later today.

Hell I didn't even get so much as a post let alone a thread commemorating that little token of good will, instead there was that one Anon hoping I'd die in my sleep yes I still remember that, ya'll are a bunch of faggots you know that?

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