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Thought I'd would be nice to have a thread dedicated to sharing and discussing ways to grow your follower base on Instagram and Twitter since so many people seem to want to grow but struggle with it.

I can't share much about twitter because fuck if I know how to grow on there, but I'll start with what I know about Instagram (for reference, I have about 6.2k followers there, not a crazy amount but enough to have learnt a few things).

- post consistently. I posted daily for a month, after a while my posts started getting a ton more attention and my my daily new followers went from 3-5 to 30-50

- a consistent style/subject matter also helps. I started getting a lot more likes and followers once I started focusing on environments rather than trying to paint everything and anything. People want to follow accounts that they know what to expect from, don't try to please everyone, just focus on one thing and stick with it, people will instantly know what kind of content you post and will be more likely to follow because of that.

- use hashtags, but do your research. If you're a small account, tagging your post with #art won't do shit because your post will be drowned by hundreds more within minutes. Your goal is to get in the "Top Posts" section of as many hashtags as possible, but how do you do that? You target smaller, less popular hashtags that don't require as many likes to get in those top spots. Look at your average like count, then look at the like count for the top 9-15 posts of any given hashtag. If there's at least a couple with as many likes as your average post gets, use that hashtag. As you grow you can target bigger and bigger hashtags.

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