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Robot inspiration
Please post interesting depictions of robots, cyborgs, or androids.

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I like this design

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love it, really stand-out color scheme

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Hey folks, i wanna practice art and recieve critiques, so i am looking for some requests.
>yes, the art in post is just a colored rough

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second rough

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draw annie with rubbers from league

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ima redo the temple, its too flat

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this helpful guide to what i do and don't do

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All my drawing experience is with a mouse.

How do I abandon this, the bad habits learned from it and start drawing properly?

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just doodle shit with pen and paper

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I wonder what bad habits you would pick up from drawing with a mouse.
As long as you concentrating on fundamentals, aren't cutting corners with construction, so on and so forth, the only detriment is that you're working with a medium that's a fucking pain in the ass and takes 5 times longer than using a pen.

Just use a pen and enjoy not having to spam undo.

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Well for one thing you could never do anything like this with a mouse, and this is as solid as fundamentals can get

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did anyone archive the old conceptart sketchbooks, not just the photos but the text in the posts as well? i know there are photo collections floating around.

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That’s so brutal.

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texts are gone but algenpfleger uploaded all his progress on his deviantart

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what happened

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Why did it disappear?

Anyway, I am glad it did. I used to get in petty arguments all the time with the bitchfest that was the user base there. It didn't help that I posted some revealing shit about myself that made me doxxable, and when I dropped off that website I stayed low while picking up a new identity. I was hoping that the website disappears one day so I become untraceable, and I am glad it did.

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I'm definitely going to miss the Hall of Shame.

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What sort of progress landmarks do you look for or imagine in your work? Milestones, i guess? There was that one ‘tiers of mastery’ thing but after tiers 3 everything looked the same or worse. For you persnally in your own work what are major milestones youre trying to meet?
After all, you do have intermediate goals and sight of where you’re headed, right anon?

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>be porn artist
>have fear each time a better artist starts drawing your niche characters
>that artist also charges less than you

I think i'm going to flip burguers, stress is killing me slowly.

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Then work your way up until you're a brand.

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>Draw porn of only your oc
>Your oc gets popular
>People draw porn of your oc, which gives you further exposure
>Eventually people pay you to draw porn of your oc
It's only happens a few times for me, and it's always with the commissioner's OC. But it's the ideal life desu

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>be porn artist
Well there's your problem

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I know it’s the genre fiction of artists, but there’s money to be made, there.
Just no respect.

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Is it possible to emulate the these sort of textured brush strokes digitally?

I'm a retard that knows nothing about art btw, this very image could have been done digitally for all I know

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I remember Corel Painter having that fake texture to it's brushes last I used it some years ago.

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That is digital painting and we can all agree it's very, very good imitation of oils on canvas.
But what is mure more impresive than that canvas texture are brush strokes, brush economy (like he would literally think of every stroke and delicately put it down) and color theory.
Just brush strokes and colors tell you there is someone with expirience behind that painting.
So if anyone knows the author i would love to check his work.
And if anyone else love this kind of color work, i suggest to check (for those who dont know him) Nathan Fowkes

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Ps. i ASSUME he used Corel Painter. Zoom in and those who are familiar with that software will recognize the brush.

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This is a digital painting. Most likely done in ArtRage or Corel Paint.

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people back in the conceptart days got good from nothing in a year or two, back when attention spans and dedication still existed.

what would you put in a year to get good? if you had one year to grind, and come out employable, what would you focus on? how would you do it?

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Look at Artstation and Instagram. There's young people that are getting good all the time because of all the resources available now than 10 years ago. The average skill level is way higher than it used to be. You just don't tend to recognize specific people anymore because a lot of people are getting good all at once that it's hard to keep track.

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Is there anything like old sketchbook threads where people show their progression and work through their improvement publically? It was such a good resource, it’s really sad that it is gone

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Nothing replaced conceptart.org so I don't think so and people keep purging their Instagrams. You can look up currently attending art students from like Brainstorm School or similar design schools though. The only real replacement for ca.org is the Massive Black forums but who knows when that'll open up.

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Pick up that pencil, memorize some proportions and anatomy, then start drawing you lazy fuck.

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One of the Street Fighter artists.

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why is it so soulless and generic

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Any tips on how to improve this?

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Pixel loomis

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Kill yourself you fucking smoothbrain, people told you what to do in the fifteen other threads you made and instead of actually doing what they said you just made another thread

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either stop being a retarded shitter or just fucking quit already.

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Art shouldn't be hidden from the public view because it may be controversial. I think people need to grow some balls and especially places like Twitter, Google and Youtube.

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ok faggot

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No, thats just racial discrimination. Have you been to Korea? I have. There is a reason why they behave that way and its not due to racism. It’s a cultural thing due to centuries of war with other outsiders. Koreans tend to have very tight knit groups and communities and its very difficult for someone from the outside to integrate. It’s not racial.

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>There is a reason why they behave that way and its not due to racism
yeah, it's just self preservation

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>making a commie say that
should be centrist.

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less play a bit on this good game that makes you draw and have social interactions anons

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Looking for some feedback. painting is 40x50cm, painted in oil. Have only followed referance loosely. Seeking some ways to improve the painting. I know there is some issues with the mouth as well with the body being too dark. Also feel free to post your own work.
Thanks in advance

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You are right, I forgot that Rembrandt pulled out his iphone and took a photo of the whole city watch to then help with his painting at his studio. Sorry, got my facts mixed up.

Now, personally, I also use help photos but just as a reminder of positions I left things but I never draw or paint from them. The people I see using photographs the most often bring out out the soulless works. They use the eye of the camera as a crutch to their own untrained perception.

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I've seen the opposite enough times that I don't see photographs as the problem.

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Thanks for the feedback. This is my first time ever painting a portrait, let alone drawing a face, so i still have much to learn. The person in the portrait has sadly passed away, so i don't have the option of painting from live.

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>Thanks for the feedback. This is my first time ever painting a portrait, let alone drawing a face, so i still have much to learn.
If this is indeed true, then your portrait is very, very good. Keep it up.

>The person in the portrait has sadly passed away, so i don't have the option of painting from live.
Sorry to hear that

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Hello Brian.
There is a reason portraits are so hard to get right, and why portrait painters were once so highly paid.
I spent over a year painting still lives from set ups to get really used to colour mixing, and to not rely on photographs to make decisions about grouping values and hues. But then you get to faces, with all the bones & muscles etc to take into account, all the tiny colour shifts and value changes across the skin, and the problem of putting down paint is so much harder.
Well done on this first effort, it will take you hundreds of portraits before you will satisfy yourself or /ic/, but don't worry about pleasing /ic/.
/end of blog post.

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Guys it's important
I need a YouTube video speedpaint of the chrome minigame with heavy gay vibes, with a Korean name and song iirc.
I can't find it no matter how hard I try, please I'm at the brink of madness

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>YouTube video speedpaint of the chrome minigame
sure ok sounds fine
>with heavy gay vibes
fucking how?

>> No.4168927

Gay vibes that are heavy or vibes that are heavy gay?

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Art with this vibe

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Not exactly sure, it gives me feelings of pensive sadness.

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That's Nicola Samori. All his artwork is like that.

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LOL! I guess he never learned his Loomis heads.

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File: 1.25 MB, 1080x1080, 20191020_151156.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 1.19 MB, 1080x1080, 20191020_151128.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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this was unironically more useful than any book

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It's an older pic

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lol Loomis is barebones as shit, that's the problem, that there really isn't any instruction to bridge Loomis' baby steps to Vilppu and Bridgman.

>> No.4169065

yeah no lmao

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1)go fuck yourself
2)what do i need text for when i have an image what else do i need that will be in that text

>> No.4169182

It's interesting that you can tell just by a quick glance that he's an animator.

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Why the cintiq 12wx has so bad fame? It is really that crap of a tool?

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because it isnt really portable and youre better off buying it's brother the 21ux

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We're talking about a 2008-2009 product.
I have the same sitting here on my desk, I had to tape all the air gaps around the glass to make sure no dust got inside, because Wacom made it so well that the screen lifts up and let thes dust in. Dust that will never get out and forever taunt me from beneath the glass.
The backlight is CCFL and takes some time to light up.
You have to expertly overshoot the calibration to achieve good pen to cursor offset. And thanks god we have 4 points calibration now, unlike the two from the olden days.
When it gets hot the pointer tends to shake a little.
The colors are bad compared real monitors to but they are similar to what gets printed I guess.

I personally use the screen only for linework, then I disable the output and use it as a intuos when I want to color.
All the problems go away once the screen is off, no more wobbles or weird effects caused by radio interference.
It becomes literally an intuos.

Despite all the drawbacks it's still a workable tablet. These are all issues that old pros had to face, and yet they still managed to crank out good art.
If you want better color and less parallax get newer models.
Only people who are acquainted with older cintiq's quirks should get these products, otherwise they're in for disappointment.

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Should one included realism to the point no normal person would care? Example is the fact when your palm is downward your bicep isn't flexed, but when it's upward it is. Keeping not of that detail is anatomically accurate, but no one really cares. Another example is how windows have reflections, but they are rarely drawn in.

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Depends on what sort of economy of detail you want you retard.

>> No.4169034

I don't even notice that shit when I watch movies or see irl people, so I doubt it would matter much if an artist didn't include it. Although that could just be my autism showing.

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You’re not even worth fixing the caps lock

>> No.4169189

People don't consciously see this kind of detail but it adds to a subconscious perception of quality. This doesn't even have to do with realism, what gives character to your art is a all the little things you like about what you're representing or you think are important enough to include.

>> No.4169943

When it comes to these "peak" type things, the amount of change you see is very dependent on the person in question. People with really long muscle bellies don't exhibit such pronounced changes.

I wouldn't focus on that because it's too negligible. It's better to focus on say, the appropriate placement of scapula when the arm is rotated in a particular way, and how that affects the rest of the back.

Just my 2c.

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I want to start selling my art of video game and anime characters online. How should I go about doing this? Is there a certain site I should use? Should I start my own site to show off my work?

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sell it here

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Is it porn at least?

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