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Me trying to draw was like the MC trying doing basketball in early Slam Dunk manga, with Hanamichi representing me and Rukawa representing those successful coomer artists on Twitter.

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Holly fuck go outside

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Based Slam Dunk poster.

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How do you make money? (hard mode : no porn)
This is a very generic question but I love so many aspects of drawing and animation, I have to chose one (online, for reasons). And I'm not sure what fields are not too crowded when you're only, and probably will ever be, only average (I don't even aspire to superb technique, I myself like simpler stuff and perosnality rather than awesome technique even if I can appreciate it).

Webcomics? (Webtoon? How do they even pay?)
Animation? (is 2D still valid? Or is it just my childhood and you have to do 3D now to get work)
And what niches are good to look into?

Also, use this thread to talk about any related stuff and business in general if you want, might as well.

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>(hard mode : no porn)

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Animation is definitely a standout on twitter, but personally I'm not too sure if it's worth the effort to turn into a business as opposed to plain 2D art. I will say though, animation is a REALLY useful tool for improving your 2D in general. As for 3D, not too knowledgeable about it besides it being easier in some ways I think? I dunno.

>And what niches are good to look into?
Honestly anything you're interested in would make a good niche to specialize in. It helps if it's something really specific (such as art for an obscure game or something) as it's easier to be a big fish in a small pond. But in general, please, for your own sake, only specialize in something if you enjoy it.

In general for business, consistent output and goodwill are key. Think of McDonalds or Burger King what you will, but when you walk into those establishments, you know exactly what to expect when you order something.

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Now do you have the "you need to draw realism before you can draw anime" meme?

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in the last 6 months I have done

-Album release artworks
-Logo for small business
-Typography and other designs for a clothing label
-Tattoo Design

the best advice I ever got was to strengthen connections to communities and niches that you are already interested in or have some kind of connection to (aside from art related stuff)
That can be as general as science or as specific as competetive yoyoing - those people that share your passions are your potential clients maybe they have projects that you would never have even thought of but if youre known in those circles then people will come to you because personal reccomendation always trumps anonymous online portfolios.

Expand your social circles, hell maybe take up a new hobby but always, always introduce yourself as someone who does creative stuff even if it isnt your main income.

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my gf makes $800+ a week doing tattoos and shes been at that studio less than a year.

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I lost the megaupload link for the massive library of art courses. Does anyone have it? Please.

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here anon

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wtf this is dolphin porn

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this link is taking forever to load so i'm going to assume it's some shady shit. just tested out another mega link and it loaded quickly.

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It's a massive library anon. Don't be impatient.

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What the fuck why would you post that shit here

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I managed to understand how to draw the torso pretty adequately, but the limbs are a problem. The muscles are hard to understand, and every book just has a bunch of ball forms attached to the bones that don't look like how it looks in real life even for bodybuilders. Also Proko just throws a fuckton of medical terms like nigga what the fuck are you teaching?

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not him but i thought you were talking about how far to the sides he draws them
you're talking about sag you are just brainlet

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you do realize she is meant to have massive tits so you arent seeing the full breast there no, also nipples are generally around the middle area of the ribcage which would make the placement of those breasts within range

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>This place is artwork/critique, not artwork/circlejerk
good one

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Nope, just luck. I'll get luck in some form, doesn't have to be with art.

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lateltily this place has become artcoom/memecritic

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If I am going to do a comic using Clip Studio Paint, would you recommend me to do the panelling myself instead of using the default ones that come with the software?

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Are these books memes or are they actually good?

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I completely forgot deltora quest was a thing, I actually think I have a copy of this book lying around somewhere.

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Skimmed through it, it has basic shape block-ins for each of the creatures, and progressively adds on details + whatnot. It has a couple sentences of description for each step. That's about it.

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I have them, they aren't even memes.
Only really good for entertaining children by getting to recreate an image in the book.

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That book? Or "how to draw (x)" books in general?
Some of the how to draw (x) books are good, but theyre better described as "how I render (x)".
The most valuable ones tell you how to generate ideas for your chosen topic or how to use a specific medium to achieve certain effects. I just got a book about how to draw ghosts and vampires and its pretty decent for what it is. Had a some trad tutorials on how to handle smoke, transparent objects and paint gore.

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is this any better than before? I think it is but I am biased and don't know for sure. you guys were giving me tips on metals, are these metals decent? please ignore the female form I haven't studied anatomy in 4 years since I started so I know it is off. Textures OK? Critique? Thanks

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Lol is this bait?

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no. seriously I have no freaking clue if my work is good or bad and need a third party to tell me. not even kidding lmao

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plus 4chan is honest I don't want my dad telling me oh it's great I could draw a stick figure and my family would say it's great. my friends know nothing about art and the only other people that can help are christians from church and they are uber nice, not too critical. 4chan over plebbit I can't stand them so here I am

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Cloud at the front looks less cloud-y than the others.

Think you ability to paint forms is promising. As the other anon said it looks like the drawing skills need more work compared. Like the proportions are way off, not sure if its intentional though.

Honestly on a personal note I quite like this painting, just because I'm big into more surreal stuff and this fits the bill. Think you should grind the fundamentals more though.

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you're amazing anon! 100% talent

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I want to be an illustrator or mangaka.
What schools in NSW Australia can I attend to get good?
Should i go to a TAFE course or uni?
Are there other options?
I know the basics of art and people here consider me high /beg/.

I don't really want to spend too much money unless it's covered by the government through HECs. I have a software development bachelors already but I'm not sure if I want to do this all my life plus i can't find any jobs for it and have been searching for a year.

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>wanting to be a mangaka in the west

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Give up.

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I need to send a payment to an artist, but he doesnt accept PayPal, so far we were working with amazon cards that friends bought for me because amazon freeze my accounts, but now I cant find anyone to buy the card for me
What other way of anonymous payment is out there?
Im dying to pay because I want more art
Pls no cryptos

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Does it work outisde USA? he wont scam me he is a legit person

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Sending money is not Artwork/Critique related.
Try /g/ or /biz/.

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shut up

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Actually Crypto, though. This is actually your solution

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>but he doesnt accept PayPal
So what payment method did he used before this?

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Do you like Moku?

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Anyone took this guys course

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Online classes for a year. Gotta identify as a girl and apply.

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Dignity is why society turned out this way. Evil people use your own moral integrity against you. I say hit them where it hurts.

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That’s already step one to identifying as a woman.

>> No.5253144

>just identify as a trans woman and then be back to normal
What if I get in too deep, like an undercover cop, and all of a sudden I become trans.

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One second you're taking online classes, the next you're cutting your dick off.

I've seen it happen. This thread is a psyop by trannies to turn us to their side

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i guess you just 41% then

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I tried to look for it in google images, saucenao and even tineye, but I dont find anything. Does anyboy knows who this artist would be?

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>i want to become a concept artist
>i want to become an illustrator
>"no i cant draw from observation"
/ic/, you all crack me up

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that is a very old meme, buddy
i mean that is one STINKIN old meme
I mean, a meme like that. i wouldnt know the first thing about doing something with a meme like that

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ngmi thread

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why cant you accept that someone genuinely has something nice to say without being insincere. do you perhaps lack that capacity in yourself?

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niggers just go back to facebook/leddit/twitter.

because you can get that literally anywhere else, go back.

don't spread your disease here. we already have an alarmingly high number of trannies, underage and libtards here compared to other boards. i think i came across maybe like 3 posts defending trans rights and it made me fucking sick. i'm a returning oldfag and i can't believe the state of deterioration on this board.

i'm also willing to bet that the jelly crabs that you speak of are actually the retarded trannies you guys love to defend. anyways, reported thread for low quality and saged

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And /beg/ called me crazy when I said that some people post shit specifically to demotivate other users.

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Actual mental illness

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Why You Should Copy Anime:

**Strive for quantity AND quality.**

Anime Studying:
>Copy anime references exactly and draw them from memory. Use illustrations, screenshots, anime figures, 3D models, etc.
>Don’t copy recklessly. Use construction, color theory, and other fundamental concepts to rehearse a drawing process that you can later easily manipulate for original artwork.
>Post all of your anime studies. Post even when you’re told not to. Create an art community that actually draws and improves together instead of just talking about it.
>Number your attempts and link to your previous posts.
>Critiquers should lead by example by posting their studies.

General Anime Style Discussion:
>Questions about achieving certain styles/techniques/compositions etc.
>Drawing methods, study habits, resources, tutorials, tools, software, etc
>Be specific and try to post a sample of your study attempts before asking for help.

**Draw copies from good anime styled references to mindfully up our mileage, internalize appealing aesthetics, and learn from each other’s processes and knowledge.**

Japanese Book Collection:

Recommended Resources:

/mmg/ - Manga Making General:

Previous Thread:

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are you the same guy that always asks for blog or are you different people?

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here I drew this skirt, I kinda like it
it has mistakes though

very good

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Alright /asg/, explain where the German cosplayer derives her artistry from. I doubt she's the type to read books for this.

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No, I followed every single one of them

>> No.5253920

>big into fandoms
>likes drawing fanart
>self-taught, like everyone else here

Kusotori could do with some anatomy practice if she really wanted to elevate to Priestess levels but she has a good grasp on how she wants it to look aesthetically and probably drew a fair bit on her own time. Probably too busy now, though. Wish Sui-chan still had time to draw again.

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>Talent isn't re-

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People live till 80 in Japan

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Jumpin on this tag real quick

>> No.5253780

unless they were 1 7 year old in 2015, thats very reasonable
i hope i can get that good in 7 years

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definition of SOUL vs SOULLESS

>> No.5253854

actual regression damn

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how do you paint? like genuinely how? my lineart is reasonably good but the instant i try to slap in some color and light, my work turns to shit. any suggestions on books or courses that will teach me painting/rendering?

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The answer is simple just

?̵̩͙͓́̆́̓͛̎̚͜͠?̡̢̧̘̱͚͈̻̹̓͗́̀̎̚͞ ?̗̭̦͖̯̑̔̄̊̚?̵̨̜̟̰̖̝̥̃̀̎̾̉͝?̢̯͓̩͓͒̈̆̋̆̿̌̆͆͞?̜͖̤̠͚͔̩̀̀̑̂̇̕͠͡ ?̶̡̥̪̺̹̝̘̏̀̄̓͌̑͠͡?̵̡͓̱̭̼̜̯͉̠͛͆̏̔̏̂̀͢ ?̴̡̹͍̣̺̔͌͋́̍̆̕̚͘͢?̺̤̱͕̣̟̱͕̫̎̃͆̉̈͋̂͘̕ͅ?̖̤̖̱͍͈̈́̀͐̃͛̚͘͘͟͝͡

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post your lineart

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yes, now how do i paint this?

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youre too bad to try to paint right now. get better at drawing

>> No.5252607

i see

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This have alot of creativity in it can anyone tell me about some art cheats and hacks.

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what an ugly language jeez

>> No.5252789

and practice i said

>> No.5253034

Who is the artist?

>> No.5253061

Ruruwanaku Tsurudake

>> No.5253507


i google it but dont can find him

thanks anyway

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>"Just keep drawing, that's the secret I promise!"

Why do artists with clout lie /ic/?

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okay, thanks for the elaboration

>> No.5253631

>But it’s also obvious to me that there are effective and ineffective ways of practicing.

Fucking this.
There are things that can take you months to figure out on your own that can be taught to you in a few minutes. Knowledge of techniques, tools, and your own weaknesses can be gained with practice but the fastest results will always come from instruction. There are people incapable of seeing their own mistakes so they will endlessly go in circles if left on their own.

>> No.5253684

>There’s people who have practiced for years and never made it out of /beg/.
>I’m not some doomer who thinks only a few people blessed with talent can draw. But it’s also obvious to me that there are effective and ineffective ways of practicing.
It's worth remembering there are people who never learn anything. Some are just born incapable of developing empathy, self-reflection, self-control, motor skills, patience, an interest in the world, imagination, or all of those combined. They're the people who end up as handicapped children or criminals at worst, profoundly unremarkable drones at best.

Thanks to modern wonders like nutrient-depleted soil, chemicals, artificial hormones, drugs, dystopian cities, lack of nature, and especially the lack of evolutionary culling (all women get to breed at will thanks to fuck culture and artificial insemination, all kids get to live no matter how unsuited for life), you can expect more and more of these types and more whining and moaning when they turn out to be incapable of even the most basic actions that the strong, normal people of the past performed easily.

And in before "people in the past died at 40". No they didn't. Plenty of people lived to 100 with no pharmaceuticals or surgery. The average life expectancy of ~40 comes about because half of kids died either in childbirth or before adulthood. Before agriculture, there were periods when people were significantly taller than now, with larger brains.

I'm not. You can have modern comforts while avoiding most of the trash.

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The answer is simple:
their advice worked for them. They practiced art regularly, and they improved at enough of a rate to do it for a living.

But something tells me many of the people here who claim to be stuck are either being impatient, or they just don't spend much time practicing.

If you are one of those people who draws for 10 years and is still total crap, either you really didn't draw consistently, or you're just autistic and nothing will help you.

>> No.5253700

I think this is why most people can't draw despite practicing for a long time.

Most people probably just draw randomly, never structure their own practice, will not draw for weeks at a time, and even worse, they will draw something kinda ok or cute, and go "this is my style" and never practice anything else besides their own little doodles.

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