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I'm just dumping the artwork I was able to scrounge up from a dead website, and a few links from its users, from 2006, it's a real shame I could only find this much, as the entire site use to be for artists. Any of those interested in diving themselves, here's the site name. ( http://www.oddlotsirregulars.com/ )
You'll need the way back machine, have fun.

>None of this is mine.

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And this is it, aside from 64x64 profile pics that could be from anywhere, I took any pic on the site I could find, plus posted links that the users claim are their art, you could make the assumption that friends on deviant art pages may be other users, but I didn't take any art following that logic, only direct material from the site and claimed art posted by link. Internet history is fun.

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Interesting looking back at things for sure.

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There seems to be this dumb form of /ic/ logic that believes that women are prudish creatures that couldn’t possibly enjoy sex. But the moment women have any semblance of a sex drive it’s shunned or mocked. Not just by men but some women too.

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Rarely anyone actually believes this, and even then what /ic/ thinks is irrelevant and there's no point in being bothered by what they think. Take everything from this board with a grain of salt
Is it just one anon shitting up this board or are there more retards from /r9k/?

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I hate women who force other women to act like them. Its so disingeneous and corrupt.

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eh it depends. some people like female coom artists more than male coom artists because they think a girl drawing coom is hot. i remember seeing some feminists say they thought men drawing porn was “creepy” and “objectifying” but when women do it it was “empowering” and “taking control of their sexuality”

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I always pity those anons because it must be sad being too short/skinny to be a chad and too ugly to be a twink. I am glad i can just fuck any men i want even though i am barely a 7/10, men are so easy.

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God I hate libfems.

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Apparently Will Weston instagram is no longer there for some reason. I dont know what happened, but that Instagram was full of helpful reference I've been using to learn constructionism.
Does anyone collect his IG willing to share the references, I'm begging you.

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> i feel uncomfortable.
And what? Every second /pol/tard feels uncomfortable around Jews or afros. If they exist /pol/tard feels himself uncomfortable.

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Get outta here

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never trust or interact with women at all,
future proof yourself yourselves anons

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this seems pretty... tame? are there other accounts that are more telling?

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Why are american comics artists absolute shit when It comes to making appealing art in general?

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blame /co/ fags invading this board.

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She should have just made the pooch her boyfriend.

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americucks care more about trite political messaging and “muh representation” then art.

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western artists make a retarded point to never consume any medium they work on. Game developers don't play games, comic artists don't read comics, writers don't read writing, directors don't watch movies. Everyone is just networked in by sucking copius amounts of cock and their resume is essentially the equivalent of tenure for professors. Like attracts like, so if you're ultra left wing degenerate libtarf you are labeled a "good fit" and can get along with all the other fags in the industry.

Inversely people with soul are never supported and many of them insist on never doing things like fanart, 3d, porn etc. which means they are at a major disadvantage in the market, no one knows who they are and no one ever will unless they pull a kentaro miura-level autism that everyone will scroll past regardless in an over-saturated market.

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pyw, fucking weeb

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What are some examples of proko kangaroo tier fucks ups from skilled/professional artists?

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wtf is she doing with that lightsaber

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the whole Cars franchise

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You know how lightsabers are powered with stupid magic crystals? Hers is powered with cum

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is that Sycra?

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pre WWI art styles to study from

what have you got

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I love it these come straight from the mind very powerful

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El Greco definetly fits the bill, dude was a 19th century painter before the 19th century.

Also was a big inspiration to many artists like Manet and others who pioneered turn of the century art.

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forgot pic

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Art doesn't come intuitively to me. I can't focus on anything productive for long enough to make real progress. My 1 year's improvement looks like most people's one months worth. Should I just give up?
I want to keep going, but at this point I have no reason to believe I'll ever make it to where I want to be.

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Idk if I'm ADHD or whatever, but there's a few things that help me. It all basically boils down to distracting the "bored" side of my brain. If I just sit down and draw I want to immediately do something else.
>Listen to an audiobook
>Listen/Watch Youtube videos on second/split screen that don't need a lot of visual attention
>Listen/Watch to shows that don't need a lot of visual attention
>rarely music
For me, I also seem to have some auditory processing issues, where I need to focus on speech to process it or else my brain dumps out the info like it's just animal noises. So I have highly specific needs, like stuff I've watched before, books I've read before, etc. But at the same time it can't be something that I've watched/read recently or else I'd get bored quickly.
The idea is basically, half of my brain is focusing on the words, letting the other half work alone in peace without being constantly pestered for stimulus.
There's always option 2 as a procrastinator but it's not healthy. If you find something more important to do, you'll procrastinate that and draw instead, doing a cycle of progressing the "wrong thing".
If you don't have attention issues, then I don't know. Do some focused practice where you're trying to get better at something specific and just try to improve one thing every day.
Hope that helps.

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Everything you wrote completely describes me, and those things you listed are what I do too whenever I get the most stuff done.
Still, I'm only getting 40 mins-2 hours each day and clearly it isn't enough (or I'm just retarded and can't learn to draw)

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I'm sort of struggling too. I'm trying to draw every day but I can barely complete pictures because I keep getting up to do stuff, or take a break from being an introvert. I've been thinking of putting on movies or a whole anime series in the background so I'm more inclined to sit down and do it for larger spans of time.

I think you should have improved more with roughly an hour a day, if it's actually each day. You might need to read some art books on fundamentals or some kind of structured guide to point you forward. If you draw what you're comfortable with every day you won't improve.

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I've been learning to draw for ~2 or 3 years but it's been on and off and I'm not sure how much of that is seriously attempting this but I think it's close to a year. It's not like I only do anime either, mostly it's studies of bodies and faces (which look worse than this). Still can't in the slightest draw from imagination, even a basic face or something. I've done a few books, but they're hard to get through too.
I guess I'm just not as passionate as I'd like to be, or I just can't grasp this at all.

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Oh also I've been reading about ADHD for a while and wondering if I have it and those all sound like symptoms.
Even if I do have it though it's not that, cause tons of people with ADHD become good artists anyway and hyperfocus on drawing.

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Can't enjoy the fireworks but still want in on the celebratory get-togethers?
Lets migrate /ic/ to flockmod for our own 4th doodle party (100% open draw) for a couple hours:

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4th's over, midnight's struck across the globe.
The party's finished, but feel free to use this board to doodle.

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Hey artists,
does anyone want to get together and do some drawpiles on the regular? I want a group of goofy doodlermen to hang with.

Drawpile is a cool program thank u that is all

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Have fun :-D

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No, i rather grind and learn how to actually draw, you know, make a good use of my time.

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First day!

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Projection you are giving this guy shit just because he learned soemthing from share time in elementary school and you didnt take a walk fag

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No your literal thumbnail, I think you cut it too short

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begone cumfarti

>> No.4699947

godspeed op. here’s to today and the countless days after.

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absolutely retarded

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I'm having a lot of trouble with pose balancing, /ic/.
I have no trouble drawing the upper body, but the lower body feels uncanny no matter how much I draw them. Especially because of the feet position, and I can never get them right unless I redraw for 3rd for 5th time.
Is there a more concrete way to understand pose balancing? Most of the book I have read never really go indepth in them.

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try drawing the sole of the feet first and connect the waist to the soles.

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It's really all about what looks right. It's not too hard to get right, with a little bit of practice and logical thinking

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Just draw from real life, idiot.

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At the risk of spending energy uselessly by writing this post and having you ignore it, I will do so regardless in the hopes that it might help you.

In a spiritual/esoterical sense, the lower part of the body is what connects to the first chakra, which is the earth chakra, and deals with the physical/material realm. This means matter, force, and how you interact with the physical world around you and, ultimately, how you treat and move your very own physical body.

My recommendation is that you engage in any sort of physical activity and master it. Juggling, dancing, martial arts, weight lifting, anything physical will do, as long as you enjoy it. What I want for you is to feel the joy and happiness that comes with physical prowess. Learn how to balance your own body. Before you can learn how to FEEL your drawings, you need to FEEL your own body moving, how it balances, how it corrects naturally. Identify where it is not correcting naturally, and fix it, with effort, within.

I don’t know if that makes any sense to you, but either way I hope it helps you. Godspeed, anon.

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Is tracing wrong?

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Tracing isn’t wrong but this pozzed art is

>> No.4699743

imagine thinking u enjoy "art" but the moment the subject matter transcends a cube you have to resort to tracing to give urself a dopamine hit for doing something "impressive" when in reality you didn't do shit

tracing is for brainlets. it won't teach you anything. it is not an accomplishment. at best it is larping as an artist because you're too lazy to put the work into actually doing art

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Nope, but you're a pathetic fuck for liking muscular females.

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>not wanting a snu snu mommy to amazon fuck your brains out

Not a good look, sweaty

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>can't stand the sound/sensation of scraping the paper with fountain pen
>constantly thinking about eating most types of paint, varnish or clay because they smell good
Should I just stick to digital forever?

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OP, I never ask these questions, but do you legitimately have autism or pica?

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Do I need to eat anything to have it? Cause I just get stimulated, I don't act upon it.
The pen, on the other hand, is like listening to nails on a board, so I can't get over it.

Also I am borderline Asperger according to highly reliable Internet quizes.

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>Wanting to eat art supplies
What the fuck?

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Why do weebs point to horribly boring examples of stylization to claim that anime is good when everyone can tell what they're doing? If anime is so much better than western animation, then give me an example that surpasses pic related stylistically. I'll wait.

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Why do I absolutely despise this even though it's technically well done?

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I simply prefer the more gentle and relaxing type of stylizations that can be found in anime, 99% of western animated series have pretty wacky art styles

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Dumb Sataniaposter.

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Because it makes no sense. At all

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did they died?

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Basic Pencil Shading Techniques for hyper realistic drawing


Does anyone have this course

>> No.4699597

yeah its right up my ass around the corner, come and reach for it big boy.

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>tfw fell for the "just draw" meme

My progress has been delayed by years because of this fucking lie.

Studies and grinding non-stop are the only way. Fuck every scumbag who tells you anything else.

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>use your brain
Well there's the problem.

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It took him
> years
to realize that when people say "just draw" they mean "get off the internet and draw" not "draw the same thing over and over without learning anything from your mistakes".

Oh lord, my sides.

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>Watch Feng Zhu
>Video Title: Just Draw
>Feng tells you to do studies in that video
>Anon doesn't do studies.

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Stop bumping troll threads

>> No.4699973

I bet you're the kind of person who wants to improve at art, but doesn't know exactly why. Look jackass, first you need to know what you wanna do and then you're start studing and shit. Grinding for the sake of grinding is a fucking waste of time.

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I did this edition from a friend's photo and I happy with the result, just sharing with you all

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The dude isn't in proper perspective. Go read more Loomis

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Ok /beg/

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Art is subjective, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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and OP is a faggot.

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Sure, you can say this to your workers when they will ask portfolio

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QUICK! What is your daily drawing // practice routine! (you did draw today...right..anon)

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draw whatever shit comes to my mind whenever it pleases me

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I did villpu's timed gestures, then I beat myself up because it looked like it was done by someone who never held a pencil, then I searched "1 year drawing progress" on google images to make me feel like I should definitely give up

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Just draw lol, desu Sycra might unironically have the best view on approaching art, he schizoed his way into the truth

>> No.4699426

>enter /ic/
>see shitty threads like this
>close 4chan
>start drawing

>> No.4699429

My daily drawing routine is
>wake up
>make coffee
>log into Apex Legends for 8 hours
>go to sleep

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Do you agree?

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Faggot detected

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Either that or a seething f*moid. You can never tell with this board anymore.

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It depends entirely on the tone/setting of each character, if you're going for gritty realism probably have some variety, if it's not then you can get more fantasy with it. 2B would look out of place in cod, but her design is fine for nier. But of course you can draw hot girls if you want.

>> No.4700059

I agree that variety in female characters is lacking.
Not as a statement. As a missed opportunity.

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Noah Bradley is kind of cringe, you are peak god cringe. I love how virtue signaling losers are lower than dirt in your opinion but you constantly virtue signal for conservative talking points.

anti-SJW cliché

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