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Post best books for understanding perspective and construction. Also books for anatomical perspective.

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Is this accurate to the average 4channer

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Fixed it newfag

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better than 90% of /ic/

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are those pic jugs under the other desk?They're quite inconvenient cause he'll have to move his chair to take a piss.He should keep them next to him.

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Are there real human beings with memes on their wall? Like, not for the express purpose of taking a dumb picture for the internet to laugh at your pathetic staged irony

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who keeps spamming this forced meme
don't do this, you know how easily the userbase takes to these things

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does anyone know where I can get the ImagineFX magazines? they are full of gold nuggets but I cant find much of them o the internet but a few copies.

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The Ron Lemen anatomy sections are some of the best.

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You know what, you're right. I'll eat my words. SOME of those books actually have worthwhile information, but a vast majority is just glorified process work by popular artists to lure people in.

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If you've actually red his book you would know that you may still construct a figure despite not being 100% accurate on demonstrating the ellipses on a sphere. His blook balls purposely show you that you can still construct a face despite being out of round.

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Hey 4chan, i'm making this (very amateur) drawing of a 4channer's battlestation, and i want you guys to give me the best and most famous 4chan memes and images to fill out the green spaces on the drawing, thank you in advance.

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But hey im an improving artist and do take cartooning classes, but i actually do think egoraptor's style is pretty good, if that makes me a shithead so be it

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jesus fuck, it's a carbon copy of zachfag

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Go to another board, this one is for people learning to draw, not for people asking for memes, you're not even asking critique, and honestly people here treat artwork like yours as trash and will insult you deeply, so yeah, take care and if you want ask for memes somewhere your art would be more appreciated.

If anything, this drawing reminds me about 2008 flash animations

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and also, good luck on your way to be a cartooning master or whatever you want to be, all it takes is practice and quality resources

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Previous thread: >>4157572

Disclaimer: Please [-] the thread if you don't want your mom seeing this thread.

Share your pornographic drawings that you're working on and receive feedback, "blog ?" comments, and critiques. Please contain your autism.

>How do I get started drawing porn?
6 Steps to Improve
Read Loomis - /loomis/ link

References -
1. Google is your best friend. So is the Artbook Thread (ctrl+F artbook in Catalog)

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Why do the OPs keep getting worse and worse? If you keep doing this I'm going to start making the threads myself again.

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Also the other one isn't even at bump limit.

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Why is the OP just a photo of farming equipment?

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Honestly that took me a good 45 seconds to get.

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A hoe

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Shes the peak of western character design?

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Hey OP, the place for pathetic “waifu”wars is further down the block >>>/a/

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We the Slavs aren't you cucks

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What do you think of this art hack?

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No 3d render can be not copying then

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when you draw over a sketch you made you're not changing the perspective.

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You didn't really draw it unless you pulled it out of your ass. Drawing isn't about producing a good image, it's a kind of masochistic performance art. The means justify the ends.

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This debate can only end in one way. OP post their work

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Oh that is not happening

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Go ahead; tell me I suck, but tell me why. Trying to go for a classic comic style with flat colors. Inspired by the dot halftone layering available in CS. I just wish I could use anti-aliasing with the dots. I realize there is no background; this was intended as a demonstration of technique and worm's-eye-view perspective. Any feedback is welcome. (I cheated on the pink eyes, using multiple pink hues and white highlights. I simply could not get them to pop at all with the flat+halftone method.)

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Wow. I never thought of the simple shapes in the background like that. I have no idea what perlin noise is or how to do such an overlay, but I have some terms to search for now.


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If youre going to thank me then at least reply to my post you retard

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perlin noise is in filter > render
you set that layer to "overlay" as blending mode
this idiot is not me >>4169552

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Just saw the beginner thread. Didn't catch it when perusing before. Gonna post it up there. Thanks for the help thus far.

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Why doesn't posemaniacs have poses like these?
I have a limited amount of free time and for the last few months I spent much of it on posemaniacs, and while I guess I possibly improved at drawing 30 second figures I still can't draw poses like these for shit. What the hell should I be studying? Bridgman? Yoshinari?
there's no worse feeling than seeing others improve while you stagnate

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where do you learn about those lines that connect the edge the character?

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where do I learn about those lines that connect the edge the character?

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>30 second figures
You fell for the crab advice. This is dumb and doesn't help you learn anything. Isn't it a little too good to be true that you could improve at drawing by mindlessly shitting out a bunch of rapid-fire drawings without actually putting effort into them or analyzing your mistakes?
>What the hell should I be studying?
Have you tried just fucking drawing the poses you want?
You have arms and hands and legs, take pictures of them and use them as references. It's easy to approximate the parts of the body with cylinders and boxes, just arrange the boxes in the right way. You don't need any knowledge beyond the absolute basics you probably know anyway, just start drawing and experiment.

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i think its just similar to what kim jung gi would do, fitting a pose into a shape. take your ref superheroes, look for the shape. look at the negative shapes too, curve on the right and straight on the left of spidey for example.
foreshortening and perspective as well.

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"Dynamic foreshortened pose" on Bing images (Google images is ass). First of all, understand why it even looks that way: Spiderman is basically about to slap you in the face, he's very close to the viewer. So his left arm looks elongated relative to his body. On most of those timed pose-drawing websites, you don't get super dynamic, foreshortened poses like that. You might get dynamic but not extremely foreshortened. Poses like this are harder to find in general because most people want a selfie or group photo, they don't want their hand all up in the camera.

So you have to learn how to find images like this. DeviantArt is saturated with years of stock images, many of them intentionally dynamic to meet artist demand. Also search engines as mentioned. Shutterstock and other stock image sites have lots of goofy distorted photos (key words "fisheye" or "foreshortened." Other key words: dynamic, fisheye, distorted, coming toward/pointed at camera. Also check out Hyper Angle.

And take the time to break down and understand a difficult or new pose. 30 seconds is "feel it out" territory and is not enough to make careful observations. Art growth is all about observation and memorization. So try doing it from imagination afterward.

A warning though, these are some of the toughest poses to do convincingly. It's going to be frustrating without a solid base of anatomy and perspective knowledge. Go ahead and try a tough pose, but don't forget about the simpler fundamental stuff too.

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>I wish I had *wheeze* spent more time grinding the fundamentals

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>*wheeze* *hack* *hack* I guess we all join Loomis at the end, huh *hack*

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Trannoid detected

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>*based wheeze*

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This is great. Unquestionably. Anyone disagreeing is a crustacean.

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Guys, remember: you choose your own limits. Stop telling yourself you're too tired. Don't believe in your negative thoughts. Desire with all your strength that you're GMI. Every time a negative or limiting thought comes to the forefront of your mind, shut it down immediately. Use them in your favor only. Godspeed, brothers and sisters.

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thanks anon, appreciated

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top post

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Post your work

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>Ilya was doing this at age 15
You have to be able to achieve this standard of art before you can draw whatever he's drawing now.

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yeah his painterly attempt a couple years ago looked really good right? haha


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>draw whatever he's drawing now
Good thing I don't want to draw 10,000 generic animu girl faceshots

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>it's real

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/ic/ but every time there is a shit nora/ilya thread it gets bass boosted

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Trying to get better at painting, any C&C are welcome

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paint the whole thing in one mid tone, then build value and color from that.

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Helo 4chan i´m a newfag in this board so i´m not sure if i should post this here.

Basically i am looking for a painting for years now so this is pretty much my last chance.
The painting is like this:
>White balcony with blue background
>On top of the baclcony there is a greek bust
>Still in the balcony there is blood, a knife or a flower

I am not sure but i think the title of the painting had something to do with "missing someone".
Pic unrelated.

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Can someone help me find it?

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not much to go off of. where did you see it, did it look old or new, was it realistic or abstracted, what art movment?

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It looked like it was made in the 20th century and it was a very simple and abstract painting. Thanks for the help anon.

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I think that painting was titled "Boku no Piku"

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>Mom look I made that joke again!

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Post that funny fucking kangaroo meme. Please I need it.

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Guys shitting on Proko is fun, but we don't need 10 of these threads a day. Laughing at the failure of others feels good, but it doesn't actually help you draw better.

>> No.4169835

>but it doesn't actually help you draw better.
The best way to keep a nigger motivated is to show him the worst timeline

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Almost anyone other than absolute /beg/s can draw a better kangaroo from imagination than that. Proko's kangaroo is hilarious, but you shouldn't let it give you some false sense of superiority. Being able to make stuff better than this absolute failure doesn't mean you're any good either.

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t. Onions Prokopenko

>> No.4169870

Let me put it this way.
You show someone what could happen if you only focus on 1 thing and slack off on everything else so they won't make that mistake.
Did that clear up what i meant?

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Hey, I've got a question. If I'm doing a drawing set in an urban environment, and want to use a brick wall as the background for my character, it would be unacceptable to trace an already existing image of a brick wall, right?

I'm opposed to tracing on principle, so I wouldn't do it myself, but I'm just wondering out of curiosity, would you ever accept or tolerate the tracing of a brick wall? Pic related.

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Do whatever you want, nobody will find out anyway.
If it's a full paper of background, i would trace it, as nothing of value would be gained if you didn't trace it.
If it's just a wall amongst other stuff, and you can see other buildings and stuff around, then i wouldn't trace it because it's part of a bigger picture.

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And you're against tracing because...?
Just do it

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is the stupid questions thread down?

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can /ic/ recommend any books/magazines that elaborate on 'making it' like pic related? bonus if there's technique tips as well.

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Robot inspiration
Please post interesting depictions of robots, cyborgs, or androids.

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I like this design

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love it, really stand-out color scheme

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Hey folks, i wanna practice art and recieve critiques, so i am looking for some requests.
>yes, the art in post is just a colored rough

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Nice, you're not afraid of trying complex stuff.
Exaggerate that punch beyond your wildest dreams, though. Everytime you go from rough to sketch to line, it will get stiffer and stiffer, so being very expressive in the beginning is a good measure.

>> No.4169701

honestly i was hesitant, but should at least attempt it, and yeah its best to exaggerate first so you wont lose the initial Expression in final

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second rough

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draw annie with rubbers from league

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