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ITT: music you like to draw shit to https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=sV9InRxTgqE

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Absolutely full of soul

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A channel I found helpful was 'MartyMcflies v2' on Youtube.
Their channel archives high quality rips of lost media and rare vinyls imported from japan.

Anyway, here are some of my favorites.







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For when I'm studying muscles

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I always listen to the Stardew Valley soundtrack. Say what you want about it but the soundtrack is kino

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Great, can someone accessory pill me on what to get alongside the iPad & pencil? What case or keyboard, or what screen protectors for drawing?


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>You are just too poor
kys, you pathetic cuck

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I literally said i would rather spend 2k on a companion you brainlet

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>1.nope lol
>2.cope my dude
>3.that's not how it works
>4.no you didn't
>5.you literally don't even know what a cinitiq is lmao

anyway waste of a thread, go to the tablets thread.

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Isn't the ipad cheaper than good cintiqs?
Who's the one who can't afford things?

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I spent two grand on a mobilestudio pro, used it for a year, and use the iPad now. Where do I begin with the mobilestudio pro's strong points?
>provides constant warmth during winter
>battery cuts off at 3.5 hours to encourage taking a break from the computer
>impressively high price for the value
>equally impressive weight and thickness

ipad weaknesses
>smartphone level battery life can cause you to stay on screen too long for health
>screen is cold and lifeless to the touch
>feels too light and slim like it's no trouble to carry around

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How the fuck do I study? I keep reading and following these books but nothing's clicking. It's all just confusing and I still suck ass.

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Exactly this OP. Make sure to watch speedpaints on Youtube as well. But for fuck sake, never touch that pen. Don't even think about buying print paper

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Shut up and feel the form.

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Just gotta take your time absorbing a concept, trying it out, before gorging yourself on the rest of the material. Most of the time, art books teach you stuff that you're meant to practice over a long period of time. You don't just read it and then know it. You gotta try what they're saying and fuck up at it.

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>on an anime website
>on a board designed to learn to draw anime
>complaining about weebshit

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I have nothing against real anime, i hate weebshit

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I'm currently writing a little story and I felt like visualizing a character from it; the current design I'm going with is the one that has a full body, but then I felt it was too basic, so I started drawing a bunch of extra heads to determine his look.
Which one looks the best to you?

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If you just drew it- wait a few days, then take another look at it. You'll see it yourself with fresh eyes

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Theodore is

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horrid. a thread was beheaded for this

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Their all shit.

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We all know that most comic artist cant paint or render that well, because the spend most of their pencling and inking.
My ques is can painters and illustrators do comic? And make stuff look 3d and intersting without relying on colors? and is it true that pencling and inking is harder than painting?

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Came here just to post this.

It's impossible, OP. Just accept your born condition as a painter and stick to your brushes and silly fruits.

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Comic making is less about not relying on colors and more about using the language and format of comics to tell a story. And if you're not practiced in doing that it's going to come off awkward. Oh and also you need work incredibly fast and efficient.

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Does storytelling for comics transition well to storyboarding, like for a movie or animation?

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Do the skills needed for storytelling in comics also work for storyboarding ( like the ones used in movies, tv shows, and animation)?

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What you're actually asking about is Line vs Form.
Comic artist use line to illustrate the outline of objects
form is full on illusion of 3d by using shading.
Comics and cartoons dont have time to shade everything, so they never practice form, so their paintings off.

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I'm the depressed NEET meme guy that wants to become an artist.
I've never posted here, but I'm pretty much a stereotype of /ic/.

I've been doing ok: after 6 years of NEETdom, I've started drawing seriously 3 months ago. 2 weeks ago I also started an expensive drawing course after moving out (not in the US, so it's legit for what I'm paying), with no requirements, and now I have to hard force myself to ignore how good everyone else is in the course (except 3-4 people out of 16), because they've all been drawing for decades.

After moving out I've found myself living in an apartment at the 4th floor, and well...
The thought just hit me: "I've never been able to actually kill myself because I've never had the chance to do it quickly in one action -(I've always lived in a shitty countryside town with nothing in it)-. But now if I want I can just quit the game anytime I want: the window is right there."

I've never felt scared at the thought of death; is this what finding a purpose in life feels like? Because I don't want to die, I want to get better at drawing and I'm scared falling back into depression for petty reasons like "sucking dicks" because I'm still learning might get the best of me and push me to the edge.

Sorry for killing a thread for this, it's 5am here and I had no one to talk to.

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I wasn't looking for sympathy, I just wanted some practical advices, but it really feels like most people here just want to troll others or vent for unknown reasons while spouting bullshit.

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Yeah, but pure instinct is going to make you put your feet and legs first, breaking them and putting you in agony. No matter how determined you are to end it, pure instinct is going to fuck you up here.

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Don't worry neetbro, didn't you watch joker?
with that song that goes riding high in April shot down in May and back on top in june?
depression is pretty much irrelevant once you understand that it's just your brain meming, those time will pass too
focus on getting good and godspeed

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You gotta take everything with a grain of salt in here. There's a few gem posts here and there but mostly people don't post their work here and mostly just shitposting and don't really draw much

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>i am so sick and tired of people who have no real passion for art
Passion is not something one is born with it is something that is cultivated over a long time after discovering the interest, everyone has to start it somewhere and /ic/ is where they are SUPPOSED TO start.

I rather think it is you that needs to fuck off, go and find yourself forum or whatever community where everyone is "passionate about art" and already "good at it." That way you no longer have to be sick and tired of people that think differently from you and people here at /ic/ will no longer have to suffer your awful company anymore.

How about that it Anon? It is a win-win situation.

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Share interesting aesthetics that you like, talk about them and share your thoughts.
They can be conventional or unconventional popular or scarce.
This isn't a dump thread, please try to dissect what makes you like the aesthetic and discuss it with others rather than just drop your folders in here.

>Sketch with rough color pencil shading
>The rough colored pencils occupying the shaded and specified areas in a rough manner give just the right amount of detail to let the imagination run loose and give the drawing life, while the simple and set in stone pallet of colors helps it feel just as grounded as black and white.

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>can play 12 hours of videogames 7 days in a row without any wrist pain
>only manage drawing for around half an hour before starting to ache

who else here /pain/?

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Different method of gripping that your hands and wrists aren't accustomed to, if you'd been drawing every day since you were a child like you played videogames things would be different, plenty of artists can draw for hours straight like you can play videogames without pains.

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The wrist pain's a recent development after using the same grip for writing and drawing regularly for 15+ years but sure, ok.

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Draw with ur ARM. non meme answer. Wrist should not be involved in figured eight movements. Buy some charcoal sticks and practice BIG with your arm. That's the easiest way to start and what would I have you do if you were in my class.

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the tendons in your wrist connect to muscles
massage them

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Then you're just being retarded, stop playing videogames.

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Is smoothing / line-averaging a crux?

I like my lines with smoothing on but I can't help but feeling like its a cheat. But so is undo and I'm more than happy to use that so... yeah. What do you think?

pic unrelated

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It's not so much that it's "cheating" as it is that smoothed linework looks rather artificial and cheap. Cheap in a tacky way, not cheap in a "cheating the system without earning it" way.

Perfectly smoothed linework gives very little room for you as the artist to inject your personality and quirks. It just ends up looking like a production rather than an artistic expression.

You should focus on line confidence rather than line accuracy. A little nervous scribbling is a lot more interesting than meticulously accurate, clean linework.

But to answer your question: No, it's not really cheating. It is a crutch, however if you use it to make up for your lack of line confidence.

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After being in an strict pencil/charcoal plein air diet I decided to clean my old tablet and try jumping to digital again. I looked up some youtube videos to see which brushes to use and the general workflow in landscape painting in ps. I was shocked to see that every fucking landscape artist is just some shitty lifeless copypasting photo bashing """concept""" artist, like, what the fuck??? Why do they have thousands of followers when their shit paintings literally consist of photo collages and fucking zero talent??? I'm so fucking mad at everything right now why can't fantasy art gain its soul back it is literally either soulless plastic landscapes or anime cancerous art

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When you have to work on video games or movies with tight deadlines, you don't waste time to make each technical drawing a piece of art. You have to do the job, get money and that's it. Also don't forget that most of those productions are not even showed to public. They are guidelines for a team.

That being said, know that you can draw, paint, take photos, record things, play music, or whatever else you want without it being "art". Different meaning for "art" exist but nowadays when someone talks about it, it is likely to be about the industry field.

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Do you even know what a concept artist's job is

Your job is to generate ideas visually as fast as possible for a studio, not to craft a fine piece of art that someone would hang on their wall

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12 years ago (I was 22 then) concept artists were already photobashing their work.

This isn't a "current" thing.

If you want to draw landscapes, either look up what painters are doing or what disney-type artists are doing.

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extreme conformity led to everyone doing anything slightly different to be berated and an arbitrary standard to take over expression
you will see that even the most degenerate pornography is becoming conformist, it's always the same
if anything, extreme fetishes might be a sign of people trying to grab onto some form of individuality before it's all gone

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Found the cuck.
Cucks like you would work for more than what you're paid like a good beta cuck.

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Biggest tips for someone who is a complete beginner. I have a shitty amazon drawing tablet that I am somewhat comfort able with, I use paint tool sai, only because I like how simple it is

I like drawing for fun and dont plan to make any sort of career out of it. I just want my drawing to be better. General tips are what I am looking for.

Here is a doodle I did last night.

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did you read the fucking sticky you attention-span-lacking retard

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Read the sticky and just draw. That is, draw 1-2 hours a day, and try to identify issues in your own work, and work to rectify them. Post your work in a general, such as /Beg/ or /Alt/, and take any criticisms you can get.

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>Drawing digital before traditional

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So I go out a lot, but I still like to get my practice in for digital art. I usually find the ergonomics of using a tablet without a table very weird, so I was going to ask if you guys have any opinions on how to place it for a more comfortable experience.

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You mean a tablet screen or a tablet attached to a computer?

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Wouldn't it be smarter to practice traditionally? I mean, the difference between a few bucks for a pencil/pen and a sketchbook and a few hundred for a tablet is quite big if you lose or someone steals it.

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My line quality sucks ass. I'm telling my hand to draw X and it draws Y
WTF am I suppose to do?
please help

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Are those your lines?
Wobbly as shit m8, plan out where you want to go and go a bit faster

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try drawing with your shoulder. Start off with small lines and move up to longer ones and don't exactly do it slow or else they'll be wobbly like that regardless

>> No.4219404

Line quality improves with experience and confidence.
If you need chicken scratch or make short strokes for now. You'll get to good lines someday.

>> No.4219409

Ink lineart. Do it over until you get it right. That's it.

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Let’s see it

>> No.4219194

It's middle of the night in Bongland. I'll take photos tomorrow.

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>> No.4219713

I won't bother then.

>> No.4219738

Wow! Its great Illistrat, I really think you captured the likeness perfectly. Thank you for sharing this with us.

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who needs to pay for commisions when you can replicate the art style based on the art they already posted

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Oh no the 0.001% of people who are good enough to draw like me can just make their own art instead of paying me I'm out of business

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>> No.4219064

Kek, this anon is right.
Even if you are telling the truth it's irrelevant for the market.

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why buy food at a resturant when you can make it yourself at home

>> No.4219616

To support other artist and give each other exposure lol

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Where can I find references for every day people? I can't go out with my sketchbook because i am mentally ill and I am being held against my will. But I can access internet photos and draw from that, I just don't know where I can find good ones, something from real life. Pic rel is something I'd like to achieve by myself

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The closest is probably interviews, but not stuff like letterman because there are lots of quick cuts. Try documentaries. Movies where there's a lot of talking are good too but you're gonna have to pause

>> No.4218981

uh googling ‘people in coffeeshop’ seems to work

>> No.4219001

Nice image of an everyday Australian Buddhist monk

>> No.4219003

Probably trying to get the dog to donate 50 bucks to his temple for "good fortune"

>> No.4219012

If it's not necessarily the coffee shop atmosphere you want and you are just content with average looking people you could just look at interviews with politicians or other people who aren't selected for their looks, something like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHebnMsPasQ&t=2m46s

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sloppy art thread

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File: 3.25 MB, 2440x3186, got.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 859 KB, 1642x2046, ilus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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/ic/: The Post

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**Don’t aimlessly study the fundamentals or anime. Learn the fundamentals (form, value, color, composition, etc.) through properly copying anime.**

General anime style discussion:
>Questions about achieving certain styles/techniques/compositions etc.
>Drawing methods, study habits, resources, tutorials, tools, software, etc
>Be specific and try to post a sample of your study attempts before asking for help.

**Keep most of your personal works for /alt/ or the other critique threads. Here we should be drawing copies from good anime styled references (illustrations, screenshots, anime figures, 3D models, etc.) to mindfully up our mileage, internalize appealing aesthetics, and learn from each other’s processes and knowledge.**

Effective Art Study Guide:

General Art Overview:

Japanese Book Collection:

Recommended Resources:


Previous Thread:

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Way too many. But then again I'm just doing this for fun and I don't really care

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kill yourself, you soulless money-grubbing hack.

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How do I learn good anatomy are there any good youtube videos?
Learning the muscles and bones are really hard.

>> No.4219796

Download Vilppu's Anatomy Studio. Really helped me a ton in understanding what muscles go where.

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How on earth am i mean to remember all this?
Am i using the book wrong?

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I like this, does anyone know who made it?

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>> No.4219392

A little bit.

>> No.4219393

you could at least post the full image

>> No.4219398

I can't be the only one who thought this guy was wearing a hoodie all these years and was surprised to find out it was his hair.

The rain tricked my perception

>> No.4219426 [DELETED] 

Duhhh of course it's a faggot crying why is everyone so fucking miserable

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who still /photoshopcs6/ here?

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>> No.4219300

I never want to go back...

>> No.4219549

Medibang FTW, Photoshop will always just be a photo-editing tool.

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16GB here, CS6 feels heavy when compared to, say, SAI, but CSP is way worse. What a bloated piece of shit.

>> No.4219566

I have started to use PS 2019 for lineart recently. Very impressed with how smooth and responsive it has become. The magic wand selection capabilities are still shit though, and no blurring brush tools.

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>why yes, I only work in Clip Studio Paint, how could you tell?

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