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Sakimichan has been suspended from DeviantArt, wtf?

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We did it reddit!

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Sakimi's DeviantArt died for this thread

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needs more lumish

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>needs more of the $683 ultimate Proko bundle

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Loomis is trash, just draw from real life.

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Isnt loomis simpifying drawing from real life

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No, he just teach how to draw ugly potatoes.

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Sai has been acting like a real piece of shit the past several months

I'm going to switch

What is the best drawing application for 2020?

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csp is nowhere near sai's natural/true pen pressure and feel.
when it comes to this stuff nothing really beats sai

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I'm surprised nobody has said pen and paper yet

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>not using stone cave walls and a sharp rock

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Really NGMI

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for real this time though use firealpaca

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I want to draw a bird but i've gotten to the point where i have to draw the feet, and it's making me go insane. Right now i wanted to put down the basic skeleton lines, before drawing thw full claws around the lines. No matter where i put the lines, they never look right. I can tell i'm messing up something with perspective. Could someone help me?

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actual ngmi

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Noice m8. Now just give them volume.
Are you doing this from a reference photo?

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No reference all from scratch

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Easy step by step. Helped me learn to draw birds easily. Feet down past the head section.

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There's not enough resources on animal anatomy. Someone can post mega links of animal anatomy guides?

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why is it so hard to do smooth gradations in digital? this is so annoying and I feel like a retard for having trouble with something that is so effortless with traditional

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Not him but it seems pretty simple. Digital doesn't blend the same way traditional does.

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what program?

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I think is actually more easy, just stop using MS Paint.

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>what is ctrl+paint
>what is the sticky

a thread was aborted for this

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C-Can you guys give some tips for someone who wants begin commissions? I want to start this month yet, but to be honest I'm a little terrified...

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First and foremost, you cant expect to have commissions if you dont already have some fucking work. Some gallery or something. people will look through your shit and see what youre capable of. You cant just say i can draw this or this, and then later down the line you dont deliver it.

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post your work

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didn't make it anon? maybe someday you will. you can stick with your honest job.

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I don't like to scam people, that's all.

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Actually I'm more scared of earning money, I never earned money on my on before

I do have, and some chibis that I did for friends so that people can see how it will be like

I rather not, I just want to listen experiences of peoples here

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Here you go /ic/ some valuable advice you can actually use. Actual, tangible, useful stuff from a good professional artist. Aren't you happy now?

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Yeah the basic stuff that you can find fucking everywere.
A thread died for this

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thanks op, will check out

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>1 hour 27 mins

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100% usless.

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oh that mother fucker doen't start talking unless its 45 mins long, he did a 40 part darksouls 1 play through with 1:30 mins of him staring at bricks

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How can people be bad at drawing if they have drawn for years?

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How can people be stupid if they go through school for years?

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Got into digital art recently. This is the best I can do so far. Point out my mistakes so I won't repeat them

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>Point out my mistakes so I won't repeat them
Thinking this garbage needs a thread. Lurk more.

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How do you interact with followers without ending up stalked?

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How to do that while earning an income?
>register business
now they know everything
>don't register business, but use paypal
now they know enough

There's no anonymity if you aren't a business magnate who hides behind an intricate net of plausible deniability.

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I don't know why I'm afraid of doing this. I wish I was stalked.

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I've always wondered this too

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dont post opinions about any political or social issues, especially on twitter, you trigger some tumblrina or an incel and they will do everything to dox you

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Constatnly insult them and tell how much you despise every single one of them.

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How do I pick a name that doesn't sound retarded. I'm looking for an actual artsy name, not like XxDrawManxX or BluePattyCake or anything like that.

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Pen Is Broken

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Pen Is Power

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Christ, you lazy fucking retard. Here.


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How do i pick a name for a furry art account?

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Here you go bro

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I have fun with a pencil but god I have to draw 1 billion potatoes. Can anyone recommend a more fun book?

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Steve Huston’s figure drawing book

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The scott robertson books are good but they are way too advanced and in depth for way you need to get drawing and having fun. Just read the norling book as suggested. Read the watson book if still stuck. Then watch the meyers videos from a torrent if still stuck. One of them will get through to you.

Perspective Made Easy by Ernest Norling
Creative Perspective for Artists and Illustrators by Ernest W. Watson
Gary Meyers Perspective New Masters Academy or Gnomon
Marshall Vandruff perspective (think theres a torrent in the video thread)

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no book is funny. You are supposed to have fun because you like drawing and draw things you like, dont you?

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I have fun when it works. I get frustrated when It doesnt.

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what are some secrets to grayscale painting and how do you make lines blend together with the shapes when coloring

or is this a nip only thing

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what's up with these artincels who treat ic like their home or something, kinda weird

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Someone mentioned something about duplicating lineart layer and blurring one of them/ layer mode.. or something along those lines idk

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In this case there is no layer for the lineart
In the video you can clearly see that this guy merged the sketch with the gray values and "painted" directly on it

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>then I'll just think he's gud or bad with trash ideas anyways :^)
so wtf would he post his work for nigger? who cares about your opinion?

yep i feel like its 2010 and le 4chan anonymous army is here again, just this time instead of saying "never forget never forgive" they say "pyw" and "ngmi"
theres literally a group of like 6-8 dudes that sit here 24/7 and make this board absolutely unbearable, there are more helpful art threads on other boards atm lol

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pyw crab

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Hello anons.

My primary hard drive just up and died, along most of my drawings, saved art I liked, references and all that other stuff. Got a couple of good books lying around, still, but so far most of my data is gone.
Would you mind posting some nice paintings, references, books or anything else that would help refill my art folder?

I'd appreciate that a lot, thanks.

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Saved. Thanks, anon.

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Have you tried recovering your files? Had this happen to me but was able to get back most of my files using data recovery software.

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this book was so nice

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Not really, but I intend to give it a try shortly.
Only just got my hands on a drive tray, a big enough hard drive and a bit of software that might help, wanna make an IMG of it in a more or less secure place, then dig around there.

Sure was. Love his work.

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How do you deal with having shit memory? I just can't remember things anymore.
I keep trying to recall certain things and I just can't; like if I look away from a reference or pose I almost instantly forget it, or constantly forgetting anatomical bits (their shape and name) when I thought I had it memorized.

That, amongst other cognitive issues... Pic shows a relateable train of thought.

Not talking about visualizing btw, I'm actually decent at that.

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You're not studying effectively.
Some people can memorize visuals easily with little effort, but it's not usually helpful on its own for drawing at different angles/situations and etc.

You shouldn't be trying to look at references to memorise how they look. Analyze the actual structure itself so you're able to draw it from imagination (A term I'm not a fan of, because it's more like building from imagination).

For example, I'll start with something extremely simple. If you analyze a brick wall, it's very clearly made of stacked rectangles, with a thick outline between them. A row of equal length rectangles begins at the bottom. The next row, though, is offset by exactly half a brick length so each vertical line matches up with the middle of surrounding row's bricks. This goes on for the rest of the wall, so at this point you can accurately re-build a wall in your mind. It's basically construction, but applied to your memory instead of just drawing.

If you want to memorize something more complex like anatomy, I'd suggest starting at a part of the body with less to remember and work your way across the rest. The neck is a relatively easy place to start, so you can move down to shoulder/collarbones to chest/torso and so on. Personally, I don't find remembering muscle/bone names too important, but it is a valid memorization tool for some people. I think after a while of drawing something specific you'll start to learn the names. If not and you still want to learn them, you can just draw your own diagrams so it's easier to remember than looking at foreign ones.

That being said, if you actually have severe cognitive issues, memory exercises might be more helpful than this.

TLDR: use construction on your memory.

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wait there's a lain manga?

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The Nightmare of Fabrication
It's short but a great read

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The best way that I've found for memorizing any kind of information indefenetly is to studio every day for a week the same concept. Repass every morning and every night for a whole week the certains ideas that you want to remember, for example the incertions and names of the muscles. The important thing is to be very consistent. I also have shit memory, I can't remember what the fuck I did yesterday, but in this way I have memorized whole paragrafs of books without too much problem and toons of other things for university. you just have to be consistent.

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you need to read this op

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thoughts on this artstyle?

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Lack of structure compensated by abundant texture
Git gud

>> No.4315355

In your /beg/ tier eyes maybe.

>> No.4315357

it's not very consistent so its hard to call it a style
also there is no identifiable justification for the poor human anatomy.

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Anon, can you show me some god tier linework done with cg? Or is cg to stiff and soulless for this task?

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What would make fairly simple character design and outfits appealing for a realistically designed character?

>> No.4314741

define these words

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>> No.4315385

Your understanding of design theory I'd assume. Y'know, the symbolsim of general shapes in the clothing and body type, color theory etc etc.
Most important I think is a distinct shilouette and face. People always look at those first, and they'll do the same with fictional characters. If you have for example that cowboy character there in your pic, the next cowboy could always wear dark shirts and a differently shaped hat, maybe he's bald. Maybe his shoulders are a bit wider but he's a lanky fuck.

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How close to a ref is the minimum closeness before you can claim its an original drawing?

sketch related. Can I say I made it? (just added rough colors for the pallet)

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just stop drawing bro

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>its anime. there is no real life equivalent.
Stop right fucking now. Do not draw until you've dispelled this absolutely retarded idea.
ALL stylization is born from reality. Anime has no basis in reality? Look at "cute" things and understand what makes them cute. Big eyes, round cheeks, small noses, soft pale skin. The main thing that looks anime look bad, or any stylization, is when the artist has a poor understanding of what the style is trying to portray. This applies to everything in art, by the way, so the mindset that "oh this has no basis in reality so I guess I'll just copy" can and will cripple your progress. You NEED to think critically about your and other's art, or you will hit a wall and won't be able to move past it until you start to think critically.

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>> No.4315315

he's got a point
it really does need to be something other than an umbrella. it would greatly improve the point trying to be made. otherwise, it's perfect.

>> No.4315319

likeness isn't the same as a still frame painting.
the composition, lighting, coloring, everything has been copied from the original photographer

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Hi All! This painting is done using Aluminium foil technique. Please critique how I could have improved on this. Thanks. :)

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Post work

>> No.4314811

Thank you so much guys. Really appreciate the honest reviews. Keep them coming. It'll help me a lot.

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the generic '' black silhouette of a wulf howling at the moon " is an uninteresting theme that has been done to death already, im not disgusted by the /beg tier brushwork as much as I am by the subject matter

>> No.4314926

It's kitsch and /beg/ tier.

>> No.4314931

Nice joke smartass, everything in the painting is understandable unless you cognitive proble- oh...

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