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what do you do when you no longer like your style? how do you change your style?

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You take note of the elements of styles you do like and combine them into an amalgamation consistenting of things you like.

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He just didn't try so hard like i said

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If you're so fucking /beg/ that you have to call something A STYLE
then the solution is to learn how to fucking draw

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girls' faces are really cute, but the whole thing seems kinda static and boring
not really sure, but probably would blame relying to heavy on reference for the sake of realism

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probably took less than an hour

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What do I need to get a job as a background artist?

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The hard round brush.

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Convince someone they should pay money for a job they could do by running stock photos through a filter.

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Speed, values, mood.

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A portfolio of backgrounds you idiot

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I can see all the mistakes I know about, I know the theory, it's not hard to grasp but the practice, the execution, I can see all the mistakes but I can never fix them or improve

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yes thats what theyre for, you got caught in a beg trap

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5 months...

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Go read Mastery by George Leonard. Until then fuck off. Get off this board. You are so laughably immature, self-centered and incapable of seeing your how your mindset is holding you back from progress that it’s almost entertaining. But at this point, it’s just pathetic. You’re even self-aware enough to understand that your inability to tolerate failure prevents you from making any significant progress, yet you continue to make the same mistake. You know that failure is the only way forward, but you’re so emotionally weak that you can’t take it. You compare yourself to tragic heroes, as if you are some divine chosen being bound to eternal suffering. You’re not special. Everyone goes through this. Every master only got where they are because they withstood the disappointment of failure and tried again thousands of time, believing in the process of minute improvement.

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I'm being serious. Art is merely a state of mind, if your life is shit and you're depressed, first you need to be happy. Get therapy, fix your head, then go back to art. There is no other way around it.

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This is the true answer OP. If you’re wondering what talent is, it’s a clear mind capable of critical thinking.
Your mental illness is like iron shackles holding you back. Like art improvement, fixing it will be slow. This is the only way. Start by taking walks in nature. Surely you can’t fail at walking?

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Why do artists draw thigh highs so high up on the leg?

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Nigger, do they call them thigh lows? No? Well there’s your answer.

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But in real life they don’t reach that high

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Some do, some don't

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Genuine question. I feel like i'm always having an artblock after rubbing one out. I might consider stopping if theres a science behind it.

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uhhh best girl alert?

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the trick is to draw what you want to jerk off to

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Really? It fires me up.

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They might have a point

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How can I get this good?

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Her art exudes so much smugness.

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Not even op, time for meds

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Why are there so many, trannies and porn addicts in the art "community"

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i think because it's furry porn which is banned outside of /b/

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Basically my grandpappy is a landscape painter, and i thought it would be neat to ask him to paint me these allegorical landscape paintings, because landscapes is all he does, dude can copy a landscape from a picture pretty darn well.

I was amazed with these honestly, even though my brother is going to own them, I was just wondering if there's any cool landscapes you guys could recommend to him?

He hasn't been the same since my grandmother died 1 year ago, all he does is paint these days.

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There are lots of sadness in those 4 drawings; as if someone is trapped and seeking a way out yet at the same time knowing that the exit is almost impossible. Did he drew those for a theme or after your granma died?

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Why do so many proffesional artists draw the classic 'eight pack'? It's just flat out anatomically incorrect.

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>Wtf bros why do people draw idealized figures with appeal

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nobody tell him

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Comedy gold
Your impression of someone consumed by the Dunning Kruger effect is oustanding. Keep it up.

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Damn, humans have so very little meat.

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You mean with the arch of the ribcage showing? I think it's a convention that comes from cape comics back when classical bodybuilding stressed the vacuum.

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Was I pranked? I felt like I learned nothing...

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you might be an idiot

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I mean, maybe the feedback is worth it? I won't lie there are a few things I liked as far as how he sketched and peter has skill but I just don't think this is worth $800

lol, dude he basically tells you to go out and draw from ref. no wonder the draw a box seems so fucking empty and soulless, his inspiration is already watered down to begin with.

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It's just basic perspective

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>he basically tells you to go out and draw from ref
whats wrong with that?

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Why haven't you made it yet?

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I’m one of the smarter and more capable users here. I’m the most developed as a human being, but I started art somewhat late (18 and a 3/4, just recently turned 20). I’m confident I’ll make it within 1-2 years especially since I unironically like drawing coom and other fucked up shit, but that’ll do nothing for my other problems that run deeper.

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Because Garth brooks is a fag like you and Garth Brooks is a looser commie fag.

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I nutted so hard to this animation

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I have, the world just hasn't realized it yet

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I only draw maybe a few hours a week when I could be drawing much more

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I don’t know if this is the right thread for this but can anyone ID this painting for me? I found it on a conspiracy theory site about the rapture (no source of course) and Image searching just seems to lead me to more Christian webpages (with no source). I’d love to buy from the artist if they have anything similar. Sorry if this isn’t the right thread

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Board* fuck my brain

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Is there a big market for this? I sometimes got odd request to paint certain epic scenes from the bible.

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In the right scenes, yeah. There’s a reason a huge chunk of western historical art is biblical imagery, patronage. Nowadays religious art tends to be its own niche but they’re definitely people willing to support Christian artists, including myself. I really would like to find this artist and see if they have anything similar for sale right now, but apparently no one knows how to credit anything

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>add noisy/grainy texture
>art instantly looks better
why does no one talk about this one simple trick?

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Noise, blur, sharpen, vignette, chromatic aberration, it's all cheap makeup, it stands out too much.
Only the people enjoying the details in your drawing should notice them.

I apply a film grain filter and scale the image down to 60%.
Just to add color variation and dithering to the image.

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>scaling an image down
yeah kys

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How do you implement this?

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Hello Mr. Keigi!

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Draw this in your style.

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Here ya go

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>not posting your own work first
Fuck off idiot.

And stop giving this moron OP free requests.

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Shill your blogs so I can steal an idea for a name for mine

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big tits with penis

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How do you go about delevop your signature as an artist? I dont want something to informal, but still look good on a autograph

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make sure you make it big and right in the middle of your drawing

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Bro just used the same one you use for your disability cheques

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I use a logo and hide it somewhere on the background

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It's like 13 year old girls dreaming about what their wedding dress is going to look like. Fucking sad.

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>developing your signature
I just use my regular one, and sometimes I mess with it for fun to make it look like a neon sign, who gives a shit. I think some guy at work recognised it the other day but no one really cares.

It's all about the twitter or patreon link these days, anyway

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Finished my 90 day grind. My main focus was on drawing figures. Anatomy and form. Obviously faces/head is trash. But I haven't drawn faces at all, that's to be expected. That is my next thing I'm going to hyper focus on.
Tips and feedback?

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Sure. here it is.
Yeah those are all areas I know i'm weak in, It just takes time to practice each one. But i'm gonna to keep going!
I've been drawing the figure in various poses like this, But I'll try breaking it down to just the basic forms like this.

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There is something wrong in your brain.

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Studying two anime artists might make you improve faster and you're not stuck in one style like everyone who want to shortcut through learning cartoons and anime.

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Why two?

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Where do you see art in 20 years from now?

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Where do i go to get corrections for this kind of stuff, /d/ or /ic/?

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So anime times 500. Have you seen Chinese anime? Crazy talent but shitty stories and awkward camera panning that doesn’t feel authentic.

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dies out because vr art is the new hot shit, aka porn

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Probably on the internet still, unless BCIs/communication technology change the internet so drastically that we don't call it the internet anymore.

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Could you guys recommend any guides on how to paint backgrounds? In theory it seems like the easiest part since it's mostly just loose brush strokes without much detail but I'm still not sure where to start.

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Hypothetically if I paid an animator 75,000 for two or three years of work do you think that's reasonable?

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but can't you offer anything else besides a lower price?

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Same quality as others for a lower price its a big catch, I already tried charging normal rates nobody gives a fuck because usually aniamtors are buttpals of the director or simply their wifes/husbands brothers whatever, no sense in try to compete against nepotism
and the jobs they do give to thirdwolrders are a joke, and the payment is a joke too, so basically if you are not american or anglo, and you want to get into the industry you are screwed and out of luck

>> No.5148037

you’d think these retards would organize into a studio, charge like 10% less, establish themselves as the quality option and live like kings instead of gypsies

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>Three years:
Just above the poverty pay and commitment would sound amazing to an animator stuck in a poor country that resists anyone climbing the social ladder, or a very young animator, it is kind of alright that is mostly it.
>two years:
37.5k a year is pretty significant, you could maybe even get somebody pretty damn good with that.

By the way, I personally discourage trying to make an animation alone through all sorts of shortcuts if you are not the animator. Most people don't understand the process and in the good cases it adds another year or two to the project, that would be the good cases. It is a case sensitive situation, but generally the best process is
>doing all the preproduction you need to do on your own
>then contact a group or a studio to do anything from layouts to finished piece.

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Pic rel is generated from the words “ a lonely house in the woods” by an AI.

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The difference between self driving trucks and AI art is that once the tech for AI art comes out it will be instantly adopted by consumers.

It’s a different program entirely.

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"Almost here" looks absolutely awful.

I do think that when this becomes a thing though, it will basically create a tiered perception of art. "Did you do that, or did you use AI?" is going to be a question people ask. You guys are seriously underestimating how magic normies think drawing is.

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glad i'll be dead before this becomes an actual thing

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Things move fast in the AI world. Just give it 5 years and it will be unrecognizable.

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nowadays it's like every month there is some crazy advance on ai in the arts field
at this rate the market for illustration will be very different in less than a decade

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