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check out the newest cock on the block, Asslime on Twitter
much is planned
at the beginning activity won't be that rampant
artist is still getting accustomed to digital drawing, also he usually draws dudes so he's almost entirely unfamiliar with the female form

I don't care if you like it or hate it, I just want the fact that he exists to be known to the world.

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Are there any modern artists that draw in an art style like this?

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What is the go-to grayscale to color technique these days? Do people still use this grasycale>overlay>multiply one nowadays, or we've moved out to other methods?

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True best way is to paint in color while continually checking your values in B&W

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>What is the go-to grayscale to color technique these days
>we've moved out to other methods?
There's no one standardized way to do this.

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But there must be a best one, right?

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The absolute state of digilets

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Pic related is just a meme but it introduces a larger question, which is why it's pic related.
What causes the difference between Randy Stair style crisis art and Hideaki Anno crisis art?

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Good question. My guess is it's because Randy was a closeted trannie schizophrenic who drew ghost girls to cope with his shit life while Anno was a relatively normal guy who had interesting ideas.

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Remember: No buttholes.

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East vs West

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>shit life
Randy had a great life. He had loving, affluent parents that bought him everything he wanted and his dad was a Target franchisee.

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randy didn't know how to draw
hideaki anno had been a professional animator and director for many years

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This site has become unbearable to navigate after the new site layout. Instead of showing me what is popular or new, it will only show me "topics for you" which is just a small selection of what the botnet thinks I will click on, instead of showing me everything I want to see. I hate this so much. Fuck modern web design.

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NEWGROUNDS >>> shitantart

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pixiv is decent but japanese

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im ignored on everything regardless, so i dont really care

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Do you prefer the gold one or the pink one?

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Pink, looks less messy

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Because of the lack of giant stars? Pink is objectively more messy because there's 3 extra elements in it.

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imo it looks more cohesive because everything is relatively close in colour. I think the gold one looks more messy because the troll face stands out so much

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How good do you have to get for drawing to start being fun?

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What is this bullshit? You can't call yourself untalented and do bullshit like this. Where are the actual artists of /ic/? Please stand up.

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what if u love it but have no fun doing it

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then you don't love it, genius

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why are you even drawing then?

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when you can feel the form more often then not, you will start having fun drawing and stop snapping your leads scribbling in rage.

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Tracing is good. Everyone post some art and do some tracing.

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Tracing is good

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>wow anon that's so coo! would you mind sharing a video of your process?

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cute toy

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A good artist is trying to make good paintings. A bad artist is trying to become a good artist.

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you get better at making good paintings by making good paintings

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If a good artist makes good paintings and a bad artist is trying to be a good artist then isn't the bad artist also a good artist because he wants to become a good artist so that he can make good paintings?

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every artist tries to become a good artist
what is this fake deep shit you're spouting

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really makes you think

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What is the best job to support yourself until your art takes off that doesn't take time away from art and pays well enough to keep a roof over your head?

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being a low ranked nobleman

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>work from home
>flex hours, finish 1 week of work in 1 day
>RSUs, easily break 500k a yr
>left brained activity creates thirst for drawing
>You will be the best artist amongst your work friends

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are there any artist who put their dreams/nightmare in their work?

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yeah of course. and I think it was Picasso or something that painted that too. pretty common

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if you count wet dreams, every coomer artist

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how do I coo- I mean render like pic related?
is it mostly layers or raw rendering skillz?

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>flat cartoon shading
>raw rendering skills
l o l

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har dournd brush

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lasso tool

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what even is the point of using a two inch bikini, might as well be naked

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girls that are just barely covered up are often seen as hotter than a fully naked girl

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Is this how you properly "feel the form" guys?

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Yes, cum on them to feel even better

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This thread is for people who are self aware enough to know that they are NGMI, no matter how hard they try.

Pic related, the level of skill I would be happy with, but still can't reach.

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Is that what you told the judge before you got registered as a sex offender?

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go draw you stupid youngsters

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Don't make me cough on you, old fart.

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>It's the BOOMERS fault I'm a lazy cunt

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/ic/ - coping and whining

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how to achieve this level of pencil skills its looks really smooth

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>what is smooth paper?
hot pressed paper
>what do you mean by hardline?
pure rendering

read my post >>4958676

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hard round pencil

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>what is smooth paper?
He's talking about smooth paper. Like copy paper is really smooth, right? There are rough and smooth papers, you know.

By the way, thats really bad advice for graphite, for the same reason it would be shit advice for charcoal. When youre laying down that much graphite on the paper, you actually do NOT want smooth paper for this because it will not hold the graphite and it will all fall off or blow away with the wind, or be easily wiped away. You need a slightly rough paper, like bristol. The roughness of the paper holds more graphite, and will not tear up easily with careful erasing. This is why I mentioned you will need to fill in the holes that are left behind by the softer pencils going over a rough surface, but forgot to mention the paper, whoops.

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Here's a list of blending tools. Just remember that you should figure out lightning by blocking the shapes first. Here's an example. https://youtu.be/jczrAB1_M6s
Your work should good look before blending. Blending is just to enhance it.

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Kind of looks like a anime version of Miles Johnston's pencil drawings. Look him up, he has written some stuff about how he works and has a gumroad iirc

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Post art with good dynamic/flow/gesture/line of action.

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This board is basically an incel forum, except it revolves around art skills instead of getting pussy. It's fucking sad.

>threads left and right about being sad/frustrated/whatever to the point of needing a containment thread for these losers
>people claiming that them being losers is because of genetics and not because they chose to be this way (see: ligameme, asian jeans, etc.)
>NGMI faggots who basically just come here to vent out their frustration, by shitting on people who are better than them and trying to bring them down to their level

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>"just draw" is the same thing as "just be yourself"

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stupid ngmi thread

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if anythng this board revolves around drawing pussy instead of getting any, but I would agree that most of /ic/ has serious selfesteem issues.
if this were reddit more niggers would actually be posting work, /beg/ scribbles and all. Stop projecting like a little faggot because you feel outed.
Making it about women misses the point, /ic/ has a lack of self worth issue. Too many people want to use art to make up for their deep rooted inadequacies instread enjoying the process of creating art. Look at the amount of anons that talk in great lenght about how to gain popularity and making it when they won't even post work if requested. Art is terrible way to get attention and a even worst way to earn money unsless you're in the upper 10% of artist of your field, and whenever some hapless fuck realizes that they can't get by on just copying loomis head and tracing anime the coping, projection, and angst comes out full stop.

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OK manlet dicklet

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be the change you want to see anon. this board is so slow that one person can make a huge difference

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How long have you been drawing how good are you post exapmle.

I don't draw.

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Already did the same thing, can't stop me.

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Your work without a doubt has a lot of soul, effort and detail is clear that you have love for your work I think what you need is more practice with the body proportions and anatomy
But still very good bro keep enjoying your journey and what you do your love and effort will be rewarded

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already doing amazing bro keep it up

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ever since kindergarten cutiepie

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3~ years

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>ask anon his favorite artist
>only names ic memes
>WOW I LOVE gurney vilpuu huston marco bucci fowkes loomis ruan jia kjg krenz weston vilpuu

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>ask anon his favorite artist
>only names hentai mangaka

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