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>my sister

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well, it didn't take 10-12 weeks.

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Thoughts on the DX3 Pro+?

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I have Elears, I like them, no complaints, but I don't really listen to them much so I was thinking of selling them and getting something cheaper for like $250.

Anything with flat bass to 20hz and reasonable treble? Last time I checked most things in that price range had pretty bad bass roll off or ear raping treble peaks but maybe things have changed or I missed something.

Bonus points for
>leather/pleather pads
>round pads

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No one answered my question and instead went into a nostalgic trance, here it's again >>84315068

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Things have gotten a lot better since 2012 (especially with the rise of good chi-fi) so there is more competition at most price points which makes them less of a stand out.

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Not as much as you think - with younger people getting into hi-fi the buzzword bullshit works less as turns out millennials with less money want proofs something is good or buy the knock off.

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You suggest that yet you don't link to the said power calculator.

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It is to avoid autism. Any one of them will do.

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looking for closedback, general use, any kind of music.
thinking about the beyer dt177x go's, thoughts?

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This image is extremely problematic, please delete it

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The issue is that Koss are pretty much endgame on-ears, no one else worth paying attention to bothers with it(Grado is shit, don't evens start). The new KPH40 might as well be the best you're ever going to get.

If you want some tactile experience from headphones get something that has good slam, there are lists in few places. Otherwise just invest in a decent pair of speakers, subwoofer, and a measurement mic, should be able to get a decent setup under $1k.

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Get Skullcandy Crushers if you want something with bass that literally shakes your head

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best headphones to play the new GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition?

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Beats by a huge margin.
>can't see shit
>can't hear shit

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should I get the dt 700 pro x or just get the 770?

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>Open or closed
open if possible
>Over-ear or on-ear
over ear
>Preferred sound characteristics/intended use
to watch movies
>Anything else
must be wireless, 2,4ghz if possible with at least 20h of battery life, micro not required. I have a ATH-G1WL, it doesn't hold battery charge after a year of use and controls are falling apart fucking waste of money.

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stopped reading right there
go fuck a goat, mohammed

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>open if possible
>must be wireless
Hifiman deva.

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What's the latest recommendation for earbuds? I do mean earbuds and not IEMs as I need to be able hear what is going on around me. The pair I've had since 2013 have died.

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Idk if same thing but if i wear blutac'd eq'd stax and move my head up the bass vibrates my ears. Im guessing the imperfect seal that i create from looking up causes some type of extreme hump in the bass. This should occur on any headphone with sealed front volume (so many planars are like this too). At least for me.

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Best closed backs at or around $500?
Bass-heavy is fine, impedance doesn’t matter, wide variety of genres and uses

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My hearing doesn't cut off until the mid 15000s

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i can hear up to 46khz

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for 6xx i dont have problems with its imaging but could be better i guess. its soundstage is barely above iems IMO. i actually like its soundstage size tho.

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My hearing unironically caps at 14k, probably why I can deal with beyers

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I see DT 990 with 32 Ohm and DT 990 Pro with 250 ohm. Is the "pro" version just the higher ohm one or is it a newer model with multiple improvements?

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Sadly double earpro doesn't actually double the protection.
You only get 5 additional db and that's before you have to cut it in half to account for irl vs lab conditions.

Also earpro doesn't defend equally across the spectrum, engine noises are going to sneak in via the lower frequencies that most earpro doesn't block well.

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I never liked soniku, she looks really ugly, her design is trash.
She doesn't look busty, she just looks fat.

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Pro version is a little more user servicable, Premium version is a little prettier.
250ohm is available in both Pro and Premium.

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I want that "Waifu" sticker for my phone :3

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For some reason it just says "990 Edition". They are roughly 25€ more expensive than the 990 pro, but I wouldn't have to buy an amp I think?

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i have a wallet with a large image of nico yazawa from love live printed on it, nobody gives a shit because almost everyone under the age of 30 is a weeb where i live

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can't comment personally but the 32 is generally considered somewhat less good than the 250 and 600.

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>Pro version is a little more user servicable
>Premium version is a little prettier
That is not the difference, both are just as serviceable.
Pro version has higher clamping force
The 'edition' version has different headband design that is slightly more comfortable.

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>You would normally expect a pro version to be better.
Not really. I would expect the pro version to be aimed at 'professional' users, i.e. studio environment, where you want higher clamping force. The headphones for at home you'd expect to be more aimed at comfort, makes a lot of sense to me.

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>I'm coming from gaming headsets. I'm not even sure if my ears could detect a small difference between Ohms, unless it's actually huge.
Also no, you wouldn't be able to notice.
If you are considering DT770s you should be aware that here there is a significant difference between impedance, as the 80 ohm drivers are significantly different to the 32 and 250 ohm drivers. I (and I think most others) prefer the 80 ohms.

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I never really considered benefits of clamp force, but you make sense there. Maybe my view on headphones is wrong, since I was considering 130€-150€ premium, but now amazon recommends me 1000+€ headphones.

The difference between 770 and 990 is that the prior are closed and the latter open, right? My doorbell is incredibly quiet and I play games for a prolonged period of time, so I was thinking open would be better.

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what should I clean my pleather earcups with?

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Thanks, it might be scummy but I will probably order both from amazon test them out. I think you can return them in 30 days or something.

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Ain't nothing wrong with carrying an image of your girl, it's the ironic post ironic weeb bullshit I have a problem with.

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Get the 990s, they are nice. But beware of the cable: it might stiffen up after a few years of contact with your skin and cause trouble. Look into cable mods.

Don't use alcohol, that's for sure.

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what's wrong with Grado? are you seriously suggesting that there are no improvements in sound quality and comfort over Koss? I've never tried KPH40, but it seems to be essentially identical to their other headphones plus a detachable cable. I get that /hpg/ and headphone users in general don't like on-ears, but the shilling of koss doesn't make sense when they literally don't make any on-ears more expensive than $40. Clearly some improvements can be made over $40 headphones.
I never understood why on-ears was in the OP template given that seemingly in these threads is hostile to on-ears. or at least, every on-ears headphones besides whatever 3-4 Koss headphones are currently being sold.

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>are you seriously suggesting that there are no improvements in sound quality and comfort over Koss?
Absolutely. Comfort maybe but Koss are so cheap you can mod them easily. Sound quality Koss punches way above it's price range.

Grados are quintessential audiophile bullshit, selling on "tradition" and "it's expensive so it must be good" while sounding worse than not just Koss, but pretty much everything on the market. And you're drinking up the coolaid like a retard.

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>But beware of the cable: it might stiffen up after a few years of contact with your skin and cause trouble. Look into cable mod
I never understood this. I have had my DT770s for over 12 years now, and even took them traveling, but still no damage at all to the wire.

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do headphones cause baldness?

>> No.84323863

no but they cause tinnitus

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I accidentally wore a headphone once and now I've got a shiny chrome dome like a Roman Catholic monk

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based and truth pilled

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the Superlux HD-668B has better mids and treble, with worse bass roll off depending on what you value more, honestly the difference technicalities between that and the koss isn't as big as i originally thought.

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yeah harman sucks but is good example of how far these can be eq'd. as you can see the superflux was way further from the target but still managed to eq to harman better than the koss.
main diff post eq is the subbass. koss just cant seem to reach it in the subbass but superflux already had an excess so it was just a matter of cutting most of it.

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Rope soon, pedo

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does anyone know if you have to apply a preamp setting with wavelet? because there isn't a way to in wavelet, will using an eq like wavelet without negative preamp gain introduce clipping?

>> No.84325939

but can the superflux driver keep up with boosting the subbass areas that high without distorting like crazy?

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the koss have more subbass even without eq, the reason the graph doesn't show it is because on ears just graph differently. it's like comparing an iem to an open-back.

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Sundara is more comfortable and has far better tuning on the 2020 models.

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just bought a pair of DT770's. What am I in for bros?
T. HD 6XX owner

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me on the left

>> No.84327434

Why? because they aren't the stealth.

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Are the Open X's better or the Closed X's?
I see the Closed ones on sale for 20 bucks less

>> No.84328023

get an Elex

>> No.84328469

Should be fine if volume get loud enough.

>> No.84328489

My HE400se just arrived, I hope it lasts long.

>> No.84328936

just buy sundara when they break tomorrow.

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worst case is prob the type of hair loss caused by strain. like wearing a tight pony tail can cause some. shouldnt be permanent tho. if u losing hair for real get on finasteride

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Huh, what happened?
But it just has a bit of a fleece over the driver and a slightly thicker cotton disk at the back?

>> No.84330446

You'll know for sure within a month or two.

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i don't buy massdrop reddit shit. the aeon 2 closed is significantly better than the open.

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Is Thieaudio Monarch worse than HD600?

>> No.84331189

Is the hd280 good enough or should i look for other circumaural closed backs?

>> No.84331579

sorry anon but if you need help deciding between three models you actually own and can readily compare you're beyond salvation and should just neck yourself.

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get sennheiser hd 300 pro for sound isolation

>> No.84332906

music (subjective):
HD600 > HD660S > HD650 > HD560S
HD560S > HD660S > HD600 = HD650
HD560S > HD600 > HD650 > HD660S

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Best cheap good earphones/headphones.
Want as backup pair.
Location not important, can import.
Usage: sport( specifically Running)

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Also, wireless preferred.

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Help me out here guys.
Got no idea about this audiophile hobby but want to get into it.
You guys seem like you know your shit.
What will you bet on?

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I'd like to not strech beyond 80 usd.
All my money went into buying second pair of airpods pro. I lost my previous pair.

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HD 599 for $130?
t. my 3rd world shit hole over taxes everything. $40 is tax

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I did it bros
I bought LCD-2C
Time to start inhaling financial copium

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Any luck hooking me up with any product?.
A quick Google search suggested me JVC Truly Wireless Earbud Headphones. Within my budget and good reviews.
Thoughts? Any alternatives you wanna add?.

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>Buys M1060c for 1/3 the cost
>Get 95% of the experience
Your copium will do us proud.

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Tienamen square june 4

>> No.84334170

Koss KPH40

>> No.84334260

no it better imo. has nice bass rumble due to the shelf being located in 100 hz and below. the nozzle is just a bit too big for my ears to use for long periods of time so i didn't stick with it.

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okay okay you can get an LCD2 but it needs eq

>> No.84334507

560s = $230
599 right now = $130
599 normal price = $190~

>> No.84334559

yeah i'd say it's worth it for that price, when you get it try oraory1990's eq


>> No.84334625

i can buy hd 600 for 139
i only really listen to music but ive heard it sounds very closed in for open headphones

>> No.84334705

oh yeah, and ignore the BW/s thing.

>> No.84335303

same shit.

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Good reviews, nicely priced but ...
Look flimsy,
Probably would break
Any wireless options ?
Maybe even earpods or neck bracelet type earphones?

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Why is everyone shilling this? Does anyone here actually have it?

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What's a good amp+dac combo. seperate units, unless it has analog inputs. Headphones are audeze LCD-2

>> No.84336701

JDS atom amp+ and atom DAC+. The LCD-2 doesn't require much in the way of current or power.

>> No.84336823

>JDS atom amp+ and atom DAC+
yeah nah, I'm upgrading from a schiit stack, not side grading. Should have specified that. Thinking topping or something.

>> No.84336956

more ports, more features, better sound, idk man, sounds like an upgrade to me.

>> No.84336977

>more ports, more features,
> better sound

>> No.84336985

>more ports, more features,
Fair enough if you need 'em
>better sound,
Not that you'll notice

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>> No.84337079

so, is it?

>> No.84337088

doesn't seem to me.

>> No.84337092

have you heard the 600s or sundaras?

>> No.84337111

"grain" is a meme, it's not real.

>> No.84337175

why do you like the 58x more than the 600s?

>> No.84337276

yes, and the 650 (because it's more neutral)

>> No.84337462

Should I hunt for the Soviet TDS-16?

>> No.84337633

those superluxes look like they'd induce an awful headache/earache within 30 minutes
i can wear portapros all damn day
dont know what your idea of comfy is

>> No.84337654

>bloated midbass
>5.3khz 10db peak

>> No.84337673

i can get tds-5 for 50€
a bit steep for a soviet meme but maybe they're good what do i know
ad says they're orthodynamic

>> No.84337713

All headphones sound in your head (even gimmick headphones like HD800S), so I wouldn't put too much priority on soundstage size (especially for music, most music can't really use a headphone soundstage properly which is why I use the HD800S mostly with live concerts). I'd favor what you want from the natural tuning first (HD600 forward mids for example, or the HD560S brightness/bass extension), though with an HD600 this cheap it feels like it's worth getting one and eventually getting a larger soundstage headphone (like akg k712) to complement if you feel the need.

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File: 362 KB, 2952x1440, Screenshot 2021-11-16 at 15-47-24 Headphones - 1 5 - Graph.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>6XX and 650 are the same headphone dude trust me

>> No.84337928

I understand the allure of planars, but hd600 have long been regarded as The God'd Choice
I'd go for them even though I'm myself very curious about planars

>> No.84337959

whats that?

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File: 273 KB, 800x377, F6587B24-1DD9-4054-8D14-5713DC3CA976.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

vs clean hd600

>> No.84338006

those graphs are from diyaudioheaven linked in the OP, read up on both headphones and what csd plots are there
tl;dr the longer the decay in ms and the more sharp peaks there especially, the worse

>> No.84338048

but is this shit actually audible? it seems like if the sundara was that bad it wouldn't be praised so much, even that page reccomends the sundara despite the csd plot.

>> No.84338121

sharp ridges are definitely audible
one of the reasons why Grado headphones are disliked by most except their most loyal fans, they tend to have a huge ringing edge at 2k
millisecond differences are felt across other senses, why would sound be different

>> No.84338156

grados are disliked for their huge treble peaks.

>> No.84338271

peaks + ringing

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>> No.84338389

>ad says they're orthodynamic
Yeah, they are. From what I gather, TDS-5 copied Yamaha HP-1 in design but actually used German Dual DK-something drivers (sourced? copied?). Then their development continued, TDS-16 "Ekho" or "Spektr" (16 Ohm) is supposed to be the peak meme. Then Soviet Union fell apart, and smaller and worse Ekho N-16-40S (40 Ohm) flooded the market, often sold as "unopened" "TDS-16" these days.

>> No.84338473

only retards think they can hear this.

>> No.84338478

csd graph just shows up on frequency response graphs as the peaks. it is absolutely useless desu

diyaudio also reviewed the older sundara which does have higher peaks in the treble. the current sundara is more aligned with like the hd600.

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File: 682 KB, 900x900, 0d3e65862d7b2a60167f3d4c403de275c4ec4484ededd1852c80d1f9b6144c96.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Open or closed
Not sure
>Over-ear or on-ear
Not sure
>Favorite music (artist or albums, not just genre)
Weebshit, cringe edgy music like Linkin Park, the offspring, etc
>Preferred sound characteristics/intended use
Gayming (something with surround sound pls), casual music enjoyment, anime
>Anything else
Wireless. Just looking for a better alternative to shitty gayming headsets that I can pair with a better dedicated mic

>> No.84340709

AKG K612 or 702

>> No.84340911
File: 101 KB, 754x987, RP-HTX7-C1_ALT03.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do these Panasonic wired retro-styled headphones sound any good?

>> No.84340929

did any of u get the razer barracuda? thoughts?

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Is there anything for same money as topping d10 balanced but with a volume knob?

>> No.84342643

treble masking mid range. so it gives you illusion of "detail"
tinnitus is behind next corner, I'd recommend to eq treble(5khz+) down by at least 5db if you want to keep your ears in 10 years.

>> No.84342651

>Would buying a HD600 be an overkill?
that's the end game for sane people.

>> No.84342713

Hmm thanks for the info. Any recommendation on other cans that would better utilize the E10K? Probably something lesser than the HD600.

>> No.84342810

for a short balanced cable with a 2.5 mm right-angle connector for sundaras (or other hifimans, i suppose), i like the faaeal cable a lot better than the earmax one. the faaeal insulation is much softer and more flexible than the stiff earmax insulation, so it's quieter and drapes more comfortably and conveniently. the faaeal connectors and split are also a bit nicer. the metal cinch slider is small enough to stay out of the way if you don't want to use it, but it's also easy to slide, and stays put pretty well.

>> No.84342871

if i wait maybe they have the hd 560 again for €30

>> No.84343435
File: 325 KB, 900x900, forgot where black clamps are.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I use a detachable mic from a cheap gaming headset and an extension cord. Strain relief fits inside of a paper clamp nicely. I've been looking for a better gooseneck mic that has USB to replace it, but had no luck so far aside from the Modmic.

If you plan to do a cable mod, there are cables with mics like Beyerdynamic Custom One or V-Moda BoomPro but they all plug into a minijack on headphones.

>> No.84343561

akg 702 I guess, could be your end game too, a lot of people love them as much as 600s

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