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I just moved to Chrome because Firefox doesn't support Progressive Web Apps.

>> No.82782547

don't care. didn't ask.

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>not using elinks

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>Thanks, but I'm still stuck with Firefox.

>> No.82783601

>Thanks, but i will stick to be a retarded faggot.
that's like your decision man. but it's nothing to brag about

>> No.82784132

use LibreWolf

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>not using Edge

let me guess you need more ?

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>presumably white
>not using the white man's browser

>> No.82784296

Edge didn't exist when I started using firefox and I had no reason to switch.

>> No.82784335

>>not using Edge

>> No.82784430

What makes this extension good?
Unless you use Icecat or something extreme like that, you have no say in this Chrome-shitter!

>> No.82784533

>phones home
phones home to whom ? Mozilla ? Their business model is not centered around spying on me so I don't give a fuck
>Plus ads served from the internet right on your new tab page out of the box
Never seen them. What is even the snippets feature ?

>> No.82784543

How complicated is it to transfer my bookmarks from firefox to ungoogled chromium?

>> No.82784599

nice, I'll try it now

>> No.82784851

kiwi browser

>> No.82785204

lol dude at my FAANG company some intern made a GitHub bot that shits up your PR every time it sees the word "master". Thousands of posts per day rofl.

>> No.82785326

>POC programmers
Asians generally don't care about that daggy shit

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>trannies literally trying to deny a "feature" which Pozilla proudly advertises

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>Breaking news: company tries to force another app they own down its users throats
This is nothing new. They even give you instructions on how to turn it off. Nobody cares

>> No.82785692

Ultra botnet

>> No.82786101

name me a browser that doesn't have those problems. The only ones you'll find are firefox forks like LibreWolf or icecat. And firefox can be just as good as LibreWolf with a simple user.js tweak that takes seconds to install.

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>> No.82786503

>firefox can be just as good as LibreWolf with a simple user.js tweak
oh you removed the proprietary blobs with a user.js tweak?

>> No.82787074

google botnet.
Only proprietary element is WVCDM which is not included with firefox unto itself but rather a component that is installed *with user permission* when accessing DRM-protected pages (eg spotify web client) All i have to do is say no. or i can completely block Widevine CDM prompts with user.js

>> No.82787449

Being able to select multiple tabs and tab ranges in chrome has reduced the need for this, but it's still nice

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based, I'll stick with it to death
fuck shills

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Fuck off with this image and kill yourself

>> No.82789220

No reason not to in the current browser era

>> No.82792101

Slower, less secure, less compatible, not even private, more and more customisability is stripped out with every update. Use Ungoogled Chromium and Bromite

>> No.82792937

>Have to manually disable all telemetry
>Have to manually disable all hidden telemetry in about:config
>Have to manually disable pocket in about:config
>Have to manually edit mouse scrolling behavior in about:config because Firefox completely disregards your OS settings
>Have to manually edit about:config so that Firefox doesn't use shitty fonts
>Have to manually edit about:config so that bookmarks open in background tabs when middle clicked
>Bookmark folders still open in the foreground regardless of the previous setting. This hasn't been fixed in ~13 years
>Have to manually edit about:config so that it shows the full URL in the address bar
>Have to manually edit about:config so that page find properly highlights matches with a visible color
>Have to manually edit about:config to disable the annoying seconds-long full screen video messages that no other browser has
>Have to manually edit about:config to enable webrender
>Have to manually edit about:config to stop Firefox from opening a new decoding GPU thread for each video playback, causing the GPU to switch to a high-performance p-state all the time
>Have to manually edit about:config to enable dark mode, because Firefox disregards your OS settings
>Have to add these other 50 about:config tweaks to counter annoying behaviors

>> No.82793314

what is the tasklist for Edge or Chrome with the same amount of autism ?

>> No.82794797

>what is the tasklist for Edge or Chrome with the same amount of autism ?
That's the thing, there isn't. A couple of ://flags options to enable features (not disable, like in Trannyfox) and some settings here and there. The browsers don't fight against you at every update.

>> No.82795000

Is youtube completely disabled on ungoogled chromium?

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>> No.82797790

Not a tree, not collapsible

>> No.82797915

>How so?
Collapse the 4chan branch on your tree.

>> No.82797927

I can’t morally justify it

>> No.82800635

nice blog post. the rest of us have moved on to librewolf or brave.

>> No.82801865

edge is actually pretty good. Nothing wrong with it and it runs pretty fast. Can run chrome extensions since it's based on chromium

>> No.82801875

>You will always get prompts and reminders from Firefox
it can't even disable the most basic stuff, lmao what a cuck browser

>> No.82802368

I'm sick of firefox slowly sinking into the mud, but isn't it funny how threads around here only ever shit on FF and never on Chrome.
I can't recall a single thread around here that specifically shit on Chrome in quite a while.

>> No.82802429

Firefox is a shit browser.
Firefox is also the least shit browser of them all...

>> No.82802487

essentially OP isn't shitting on firefox. /g/ is full of zoomies and gaymers who enjoy the botnet getting crammed in their ass. They literally think anything without money crammed into it and that doesn't have a good marketshare is trash. Name the last windows hate thread you've seen in a while?
any sane /g/entooman would use icecat, firefox (about:config'd), or palememe.

>> No.82802504

Firefox for some irrelevant features and muh anti-Google philosophy
Chrome for security and peace of mind

>> No.82802536

Fucking kids on /g/ sucking Chrome's dick will come crying when Google gets to dictate all of what happens on the internet.
I'll stick with Firefox till the end, fuck you, shills.

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Based. There's no question that Firefox is a sinking ship, but I'll be going down with it. Death to Chrome, long live the Fox.

>> No.82803002

yeah sure dude, it takes thousands of dollars to do a find & replace

>> No.82803322

Brave has its own built in adblocker so it won't be a problem

>> No.82805506

If firefox becomes too marginalized we'll end up with google dictating what the web is.

My gray hairs remember when one browser (IE) ruled the internet and many websites where straight up broken on other browsers. My browser (Opera) had to make fixes to fix the websites with broken code that happened to work in IE.

>> No.82805532

>If firefox becomes too marginalized we'll end up with google dictating what the web is.
Wake up retard, that is already happening for quite a while.

>> No.82805990

keep seething while i enjoy my Edge™ experience

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