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Do not redeem
Firefox has never been better, unironically

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What do you like about it? What improvements have been made?

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None of the other major browsers allow you to compile them from source.

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As soon as browsing online through your cellphone became popular.

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spellchecking its fucking useless in general, specially if you speak multiple languages otherwise its pretty good

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it has a really good PDF viewer

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>no smooth scrolling

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when Scrapbook stopped working for it. I think its at v57 or 58, main reason i configured mine to be at v56 only
The thing that pisses me off is its auto update which forces an update whenever you check its version.

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checked again, mine's on v54. fucking hell it still pisses me off thinking back when Firefox suddenly updated when i was checking its version

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Literally this. No other browser has this level of customization

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When I couldn't use it anymore for dialpad conference calls because the fucking shit browser keeps using the wrong microphone. Fucking firefox.

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When they redesigned their ui to look more like chrome

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right click the URL...
works for most sites that i set as a search engine. If it doesnt set a bookmark with "4chan.org/%s" for example with a keyword you like. Lets say you use "4c".
The %s will be filled with what you write after. So if you type "4c g" and press enter you will get sent to /g/ directly.

Maybe this helps, but most sites just let you add a search engine with a right click on the URL as i said.

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and failed

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I still have a copy of Mozilla Browser 1.5 on a floppy. I suppose when they released that Firefox 3.0 bullshit. But isn't everything shit now? Chrome-shit Opera-shit Firefox-shit Waterfox- borderline shit Brave- i suppose half decent? what does /g/ use these days?

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It regressed on the UI front.
Have you considered using a non pozzed OS

Shit I just noticed this, why just why! who code this shit!?

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There's no single point, but the slide downhill started when they switched to nonsensical versioning system.

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Why is everyone using the weird-ponzi-scheme browser i.e. Brave? Isn't it just Chromium with some crypto stuff baked in?

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why wouldn't it be noteworthy if you use it?

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>What you want to do is bad, so something that lets you do it is not better than something that doesn't

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>in your web browser
do """"people"""" seriously do this?

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>Programs that add bloat for worthless features are better than programs that don't

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Does Chrome even allow addons?

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A web browser should not have to add bloat to accomodate your inablity to concentrate on one screen. Maybe you should take some adderall for your ADHD instead.

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I never felt Firefox faster than chrome. but somehow love firefox for it's extension features.

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>muh fast
xul browsers (kmeleon, seamonkey, palemoon) are faster and lighter still,
yet recently, even fail-moon intentionally broke compatibility with classic firefox addons.

mozilla may rationalize getting rid of old (lightweight and frugal) features as "minimalism" helping to "speed up the browser" or "speed up development"
but it rings hollow when they add 10x the "bloat" of the old thing with the new features.

sadly more and more you have to return to old tech (e.g. slackware, trinity de, konqueror) to get the barest semblance of something sensible.

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like 2018

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Maybe a couple of years ago. Still better than botnet browsers though.

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I don't know about kmeleon or the others since I never tried them. I do know that right before switching to Quantum or whatever they called it, Firefox would take a long time to start, some pages loaded slowly, activity in one tab would cause others to stutter, video streaming was occasionally dodgy and so on. After Quantum came out all those problems went away on the very same hardware and OS install, no other changes.

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When they dropped Gecko

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What's wrong with Firefox?

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it is kind of funny that freetards' and leftists' favorite browser is objectively bad, piece of crap software

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>>picture in picture
The worst addition to the web since the blink tag.
Every one of those floating videos stuck on the screen over the page text reminds me of how much I hate the greasy till the web has melted down into.

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>3% market share
This is propaganda and lies from Google that counts the fucking tons of applications and other things that use the Chromium engine as a "browser" (they're not). It's typical modern dishonest, spiteful corporate bullshit trying to kill off superior technology with their own stolen half-assed technology (remember, Chromium came from KDE/Qt browser code, but this fact is basically erased from Chrome/Chromium history now because they want people to believe they invented it by themselves).

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Even Vivaldi lets you do this and it has the same proprietary restrictions Firefox does around brand images.
Ask Debian about it.

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MS Edge has that too now. Firefox has many other little features like that though that still sets it apart from other browsers.

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It isn't. It's just braindead boomers and their godforsaken zoomer sprog using Chrome trash because they're so tech illiterate they don't even know how to install firefox on a gayming laptop or cellphone. I switched from IE like 13 years ago and I am NEVER going to use pure congealed fucking trash like chrome.

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>I am NEVER going to use pure congealed fucking trash like chrome.
What are you going to do when Mozilla inevitably either goes under and stop maintaining it, or drops gecko for Chrome like every other vendor already has? They can't have many years left in them.

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and now you are using an "app" for every website, right?

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>Have to manually disable all telemetry
>Have to manually disable all hidden telemetry in about:config
>Have to manually disable pocket in about:config
>Have to manually edit mouse scrolling behavior in about:config because Firefox completely disregards your OS settings
>Have to manually edit about:config so that Firefox doesn't use shitty fonts
>Have to manually edit about:config so that bookmarks open in background tabs when middle clicked
>Bookmark folders still open in the foreground regardless of the previous setting. This hasn't been fixed in ~13 years
>Have to manually edit about:config so that it shows the full URL in the address bar
>Have to manually edit about:config so that page find properly highlights matches with a visible color
>Have to manually edit about:config to disable the annoying seconds-long full screen video messages that no other browser has
>Have to manually edit about:config to enable webrender
>Have to manually edit about:config to stop Firefox from opening a new decoding GPU thread for each video playback, causing the GPU to switch to a high-performance p-state all the time
>Have to manually edit about:config to enable dark mode, because Firefox disregards your OS settings
>Have to add these other 50 about:config tweaks to counter annoying behaviors

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and you don't even use the internet, right?

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so then who was post?

>> No.82743575

Edge's is far better

>> No.82743759

About five minutes ago.

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What's phenomenal about it? I used Firefox since the beginning and like most of the users >>82736311 I'm upset over its death.
Why wouldn't I or the rest of them be? Why are you acting like it's some surprise that so many people to be hurt over Firefox when it used to be the titan and now there's no good alternatives.

>> No.82744511

>It regressed on the UI front
The loss of accessibility icons ans 10px on the tab bar are probably the only things, other wise its pretty much neutral

>> No.82744548

Palemoon and seamonkey are noticeably slower than modern firefox, they use less memory , but they are definitely not faster.

>> No.82744559

several years ago when faggots overtook it and started spending all resources on copying chrome and internet explorer spending all the time on icons and zero time listening to community

>> No.82744576

and nobody fucking cares

>> No.82744630

way way back. Firefox 2 was where it started to go wrong. When it started drawing its own style of tabs and trying to look special and unique.

>> No.82744796

>Could you describe what you mean by 'shitty fonts'? Font rendering? Or the font usage? What did you modify?

Firefox renders certain fonts in their bitmap form (instead of vector) when the font size is small. You can disable this default behavior by modifying gfx.font_rendering.cleartype_params.force_gdi_classic_for_familiesconfig. Just remove the font that you don't want see them as bitmap ones.

Why would anything use bitmaps for fonts in today's age is beyond me.

>> No.82747035

Bloated, I used to meme about how Chrome consumed all your CPU and used all your RAM, when Quantum happened it did exactly that and I then discovered my 10 years old opinion on chrome was severly inaccurate and it was, in fact, miles ahead of FF

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The day they followed the google version sheme.

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this. I solved captcha for this

>> No.82747408

>at what point did firefox get so shitty?

When it switched increasing the version number as rapidly as it could.

>> No.82749098

australis and killing extensions was the beginning of the end
what actually killed the browser for me was the shitty new url bar that you couldn't even turn off

>> No.82749415

Pick your poison
>1. When chrome arrived with a big marketing push and (at the time) faster speeds
>2. The australius redesign and death of legacy extensions
>3. The introduction of the mega url bar and pocket
>4. Kicking Brendan out
For me it was number 3 that url bar was so fugly it made me switch to vivaldi

>> No.82749475

>picture in picture
Edge and vivaldi both had this ootb before firefox
>easier customization
Not necessarily a good thing. From what I can geather firefox's new customization is theme colors when it used to have a full user.chrome community. You can still user user.chrome but it probably will be gone in the not so far future.
>containers + letterboxing
Sadly the only good argument left for using firefox

>> No.82749615

>the maintainers of the packages tend to weaken exploit mitigations such as Control-Flow Integrity by opting to use system libraries or build with unsupported toolchains
no thanks

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>On pc I don't think there is any serious problem with firefox.

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These, Eich was a based conservative keeping the sjws and trannies at bay. It's literally just a shopping mall at this point and a fake way to launder money to fake/gay companies that the higher ups made to pretend to need to "pay" millions for and they'll pocket the cash after firefox goes under and the heat is off

>> No.82752065

eich is a christfaggot who invented the plague of the modern web with javascript,
and who presided over the rapid release cycles of 4.0-on (braindead mimicking of chrome)
who permitted further braindead waste of resources on firefox os (to "compete" with android)
and who permitted the v29 australis shite to get going.

autralis was the gnome3 of firefox - an abhorrent and unusable combination of massive bloat, lag, and bugs coupled with braindead ripping out of useful features in the name of pseudo-minimalism to appeal to some marketing boardroom's fantasy of a non-existing base of retarded users who would supposedly jump at the chance to use software as retarded as them.

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Why do Pale Moon shills keep blatantly lying about this? It has absolutely garbage performance which not so coincidentally resembles the performance that cratered Firefox's user share before it finally moved to Quantum.

>> No.82752340

this was around 5 or 7 years ago and even with no forced updating checked it'll still update when you check your version the next time you open it. you have to poison the dns in the about config to completely stop it from updating

>> No.82754022

>tfw I can't watch Olympic beach volleyball during work hours because anon thinks picture in picture is bloat

>> No.82755021

I use it daily. It's nice.

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There's no sauce because its bullshit. Chrome is a webkit fork

>> No.82755792


after 3.6

>> No.82756479

I ditched it for ungoogled chromium. Never been happier. When that goes to shit, I'll use seamonkey, when that goes to shit, I'll use gnome web or whatever

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Firefox PDF viewer is crap, it randomly jumps around.

>> No.82757639

>I still remember the feeling of pressing that bookmark section in the toolbar
Spooky, desu.

>> No.82757655

For some time I have been using one of the better chromium forks, yandex, and from time to time find some aggravating annoyances. Firefox is still nicer to use even if shittier than before.

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Does anyone vastly prefer Chrome's history tab? Seems way easier to reopen a closed tab and just parse through history.

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when they changed its name from firebird

>> No.82758406

>Does anyone vastly prefer Chrome's history tab? Seems way easier to reopen a closed tab and just parse through history.
Yes, because Firefox hasn't updated their history tab in over 9 years, despite the 3~4 UI changes that happened in this time frame. Even the latest crap Proton hasn't changed the history tab at all, being confined to a sidebar which not only barely shows you information, it also has an ongoing ancient bug that causes any entry you click on the history to be moved to the top of your history.

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Hide Brave shill threads
Ignore Brave shill threads
Do not respond to Brave shills

>> No.82759610

Why is it better than the other two?

>> No.82759632

>90% of funds go to CEO salary and black tranny outreach programs so they can write hello world
I'm surprised it's still limping along

>> No.82759635

Pale Moon had a huge insecurity issue once, could happen again. I don't know anything about Waterfox. LibreWolf is current Firefox with proper privacy settings.

>> No.82759854

>LibreWolf is current Firefox
Never mind then, it's shit.

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niggers tongue my anus

>> No.82760006

off by 5, shit>>82759999

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