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no we won't

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unused ram is wasted ram

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imagine coping this hard for being a ramlet
>8gb in 2020+1
mother of cringe...

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at that price, 16 gb is a must nowdays

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>8gbs of ram
>256gbs of storage
the absolute state of itoddlers

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just because you can put extra strain on your SSD doesnt mean you have to.

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> and it's enough
itoddler isn't fooling anyone when they have a swap disk using over 2gb. what is this form of delusion called? it's not a great advertisement.

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>disposable computer
honestly you have to pick one of these, aplel

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Defend what?
Also, it's running three OSs in VMs, but is he doing anything in those OSs?

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>no ram
>os starts swapping to disk
>ssd suffers for heavy swapping
>computer reaches EOL earlier
>sell more Apple computers!
See? It's a win-win for both Apple and SSDs manufactures

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You shouldn't need more than 4 gb and I refuse to use a computer with more on principle

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True. And it is always used by the Linux kernel for caches. I've got 24 GB of physical RAM and swap is always 0 with Docker, Android Emulator etc running.

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Oh yeah.
Some madmen attempted to upgrade as a proof of concept and there are clickbait headlines all over the place about how the M1's RAM and SSD are indeed upgradeable.. I'm sure everyone and their grandma will be desoldering metal from metal, doing BGA reballing and having their machines function correctly if at all afterwards.. https://9to5mac.com/2021/04/06/m1-mac-ssd-and-ram-upgrade/

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to be fair most articles highlight that it is only possible by people with skills in these regards already. I haven't really seen any that says anyone can do it.

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I still remember when 1 gig of ram was enough to run XP

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my (family's) first PC had 64Mb of RAM and it was enough for the games I wanted to play on it.
Things move on.

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I was using 512MB till 2013

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Well, we're over half a year on from release – how are these machines holding up? Has there been a mass recall?

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>how are these machines holding up?
No one is really talking about them so in Apple terms it is not going great.

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It was a fix to some memory access in Rosetta that skewed the results, the system was not actually using this much swap, it was just misreported.

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>mass recall
Mactoddlers just go buy a new one and blame themselves for breaking it.

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Imagine being a ramlet
my computer is from the early 2000s

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Is this on-disk swap or RAM swap like every Linux distro worth its salt and Windows does?

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/vr/ here

I feel the same way whenever I see some retard playing a 4:3 game at 16:9 over a composite connection on his HDTV. Some people have no idea how badly they are fucking up.

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Ok nigger, post your ram specs

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That's what I THOUGHT

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>32gb of ram
my addbrain can have so much open at once

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Unironically this
Too bad /g/ is too tech illiterate to understand this simple fact.

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when i first moved to xp i had 128M ram
soon after i upgraded to 256M, since 128 was really a bare minimum for xp and not really that comfortable
used 256M for a couple years, then upgraded to 512M for a few more years
i don't think i even upgraded past that before 7 came out, and by that point i want already starting to upgrade to linux

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i upgraded to 32G ram in 2012, 9 fucking years ago, and that wasn't even very expensive to do at the time
you can find second hand machines with more than 8G ram nowadays

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this doesn't make sense, how can you be using 5.6gb of ram but only have 4.6gb of ram

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im on win10 with 16gb and i've never seen that message in my life

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he has 46,523MiB ram... as in 48GiB

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swap disabled, yes

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>they're built to be replaced long before the ssd wears out even with the most extensive swapping
The ssd is burning itself out 10 times faster than a normal one. So instead of lasting 100 years, apple m1 ssds would last 10.

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Why isn't blatant planned obsolescence like this legal?

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>oh you say this shit is shit huh well I'll have you know this other shit is also shit haha how about that gotem loool :)

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If it works without shitting itself its good. Still would have been better if you could upgrade ram on the macbook but that not how apple got to be a 2 trillion dollar company.
I would like to see a comparison to other linux notebooks with similar specs and if they can deliver something similar. I highly doubt it.

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Until Apple starts locking motherboards to specific RAM/SSD serial numbers.

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Kek my phone has 8 gigs of ram this is advanced cope

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then why is there no m1 iphone?

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weird question. i never tried it but can i use an old ssd as ram? i yeah i know a ssd is much slower than s-ram.

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...did this shill think that he was arguing with a m$ shill?

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Ok, technically it's possible, but it makes no sense. What does windows/Linux report back if you use a 256GB SSD as ram? Does it tell you, you have 256GB ram?

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What is love?
Oh baby, don't hurt me
Don't hurt me
No more
Baby, don't hurt me, don't hurt me
No more

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>swap usage 2,6GB
holy shit this is truly shit

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Planned obsolescence, apple is 2 steps ahead of the competition like always. Of course their braindead sheep will lap it up like always because god forbid you buy something without an apple logo and have people think you're "poor".

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look at >>82533999 again, notice anything about the swap usage?

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Why are x86 shills so blatant?

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Why are you shilling for the x86 triopoly so hard?

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>when you try to get work done with them you'll run into the problem that 90% of all useful software has been written for intel/AMD CPUs
This is a falsehood.
Now drop dead you braindead piece of shit.

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It amazes me when people say this unironically.
Disk cashing has been a thing in the consumer space since like DOS 3.
It amazes me how many people don't realize that no RAM goes unutilized, especially in "modern" systems.

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this, op's pic is literally using 9.71GiB/8GiB, he's already over-provisioned and will be swapping when switching between those tasks

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why do macs love to swap so damn much

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and itoddlers are buying a new laptop in 2 years, 10 years is good enough for them

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The dialog is triggered by something like 75% RAM usage, but you can change it in the registry to any value you want. Honestly, this is one case in which Windows can't really be criticised. You have as much control as you can reasonably expect over how it uses virtual memory. Not as much as Linux but enough.

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Recognizing that something merely "is", is not approval or otherwise you absolute retard

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Not necessarily. Windows and Linux will sometimes swap even when there's plenty of free RAM.

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>You would think since pic related is using an iPhone processor and all it wouldn't cost more than $1,000.
Have you seen what they charge for iphones these days?

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I still remember when any application could install itself as a kernel module in windows XP.

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Simplest way to do it would be via SWAP. You would still need some dedicated RAM to run BIOS

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I would agree that 8GB is enough for 90% of computer users. Anyone suggesting otherwise if talking shit. 90% of computer users don't run 2 operating systems as virtual machines, on top of their default OS.

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Hi Tim!

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all that and he still took a picture of his display with his cellphone. sad!

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Loading a screencap into ram would just damage it more!

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I refuse to contribute to the death of x86-64
I refuse to help to the bloatarization of apps programmed in garbage like Electron
I refuse to give money to a trillion dollar multinational that wants to take away my freedom as a customer
I refuse to give money to a trillion dollar multinational that wants to eliminate ownership
>private property for me not for thee

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cache is used ram

>> No.82539924

compiled for x86*
FOSS doesn't have this problem

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>The Genius Bar is told to blame the problems on the customers instead of apple iirc
That's hilarious.

>> No.82539996

>tfw my Genius picks up my MacBook and smashes it over his knee, holds it up to me and says "See that? You did that. Fuck off."

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>comparing DDR3-1333 to LPDDR4X-4266

keep coping with your poorfag brick

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You say it’s shit because they have a phone chip on a laptop.
I on the other hand, as a tablet enjoyer, say it’s based i have a laptop chip on a tablet.
Apple better fucking pull the trigger arleady, and kill off the most niggered form of the computer. Ushering in a new age of very powerful, small, elegant tablets with tons of peripherals to customize them. Fuck laptops

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Yes. The sur is too big to fit in a mere 8 GB. You don't realize just how Big the Sur is.

>> No.82541398

nice dicks
mojave is the best any>>82541390

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>apple cares about the environment
>throw your old devices in the trash every two years
>they go to a landfill and all of the carcinogenic waste and slavery required to make them were for nothing

>> No.82541517

>apple cares about the environment
If that was the case, they wouldn't buy back devices people would otherwise sell used, and instead shred and dump them.

>> No.82541544

That's what I'm saying. They'll run their offices on solar energy "for the environment" but they'll still keep demand for their slave products high at all costs.

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I honestly dont even know why exactly every little shit now eats ups so much memory all the time

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excuse me sweaty

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is there any way to filter this ( >>82541163 ) retard out?

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>Is currently using two and a half gigs of swap

>8 gigs is more than enough

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Have fun having a bricked laptop in a year when your soldered on SSD shits itself due to the constant pagefile writes :^)

Hope you paid extra for that Applecare warranty :^))))))))))))))

>> No.82543921

people just put their faith in the company blindly and when it finally dies a death that was forecasted for years due to incompetence and firmware mismanagement they're just going to shrug it off as normal wear and tear or something equally retarded

macs are nice to use superficially and if that's all you care about by all means buy a mac but to people who have some level of enthusiasm for computers beyond watching shiny pixels apple is pretty much not an option and never has been

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Welcome to the club. Please remember to close browser tabs before launch.

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> he doesn't know

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this is how i fell for the 8gb is a enough meme

>> No.82544169

They already do this by soldering the SSD to the board and encrypting it.

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Obviously it's enough for him if his workloads are within the capabilities of the system. WTF, how retarded of an anti-fanboy do you have to be to tell him otherwise, when he's perfectly happy with the performance? Besides, swapping to a SSD that pushes a few GB/s isn't like swapping to a slow HDD at all. 2GB of swap is nothing, especially when it's just swapping out shit that aren't used frequently.
I regularly peak over 4-5GB swapped out on my 16GB machine when I run a VM and have a big compile job running in the background. I don't give a shit if most of the VM gets swapped out when I don't use it. Same as I don't give a shit if Firefox is swapped out when I'm using the VM. Switching tasks is barely affected when you stream in memory at 3GB/s.
Combine that fact with something like zram/zswap and you can easily get by with 8GB for more than you think.

BTW, you can't turn off swap completely on Windows without making half your RAM useless. Windows has no over-commiting, so if something allocates 4GB of memory, but never uses it there will still have to be somewhere to put those 4GB somewhere in the worst case. If you have swap it will just reserve from there, but if you don't have swap it will claim that 4GB from RAM, even if it's not actually used. So you end up getting OOM errors even though your RAM is only half full. This is actually really fucking retarded.

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Isn't that the same person who broke byuu's death?

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BTW, this is after a year of heavy usage as root, swap and bcache on my daily driver.
Cry moar and have fun swapping to a slow HDD.

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Not sure who that is, I saved that screenshot from someone here and I only use Twitter for looking at nudes.

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Pour one out for that niggas SSD

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It’s people from third world countries

>> No.82547200

is this true?
I'm currently using 2.8GB out of 8GB of memory, but using 0.98GB out of 8GB of swap.
Since my laptop has 5.2GB of unused memory, why would it be using swap?

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