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Low-key the best product of 2021

>> No.81697240

M1 is great but I still believe the mac mini m1 is the absolute best you can get. I can live without the pretty screen.

>> No.81697241

It's pretty good. If you don't care about gayming or muh privacy blah blah it's really nice solid machine.

Also it has a good front camera which will be good if you need to turn your camera on on a zoom or teams call.

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Apple products usually end up having some dumb shit fail in them.

Whats going to be the problem with these iMacs?

>> No.81697259

Soldered SSD

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>every Mac setup looks the same

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ARM is the future guis! This cocksucker ceo said so!

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granted I wish there was a better equivalent of the magic keyboard for other operating systems. i find it really cozy when i use it at friend's houses. anyone know of one?

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This is before there was a native M1 app, shill harder Intel fan boy

>> No.81698272

how do you people just have nothing on your desk?

i have three docking stations, meds, notebooks, textbooks, a game controller, and a fuck ton of mail on mine

>> No.81698292

Ironically if you do care about privacy Apple is one of the best vendors out there. They have been locking down collected data from apps in a big way. They aren’t an ad company so they have no use for it.

>> No.81698324

It does what it is designed to do very well, but it is useless for anything else.

>> No.81699315

How much they paying you?

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Take your meds

>> No.81700469

>Just works

>> No.81701710

And every mac is the same now that they have the same exact processor in every one

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>makes apple hate general
>wonders why /g/ loves these threads
>99% of the thread is just shitting on applel

>> No.81702088

Now tell me, why should anyone care?

>> No.81702165

Because you can't predict what exactly is going to be done with the surveillance data.
Are they going to sell the data for advertisers? Probably yes.
Are they going to crucify you in 20 years for writing that women can't have a penis? Not likely, but possible.
Is your health insurance going to be more costly or you're going to be rejected the credit because of your inappropriate browsing history? I think it's likely.

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>> No.81702216

i wonder if it can drive that huawei 3:2 display

>> No.81702219

>if you do care about privacy Apple is one of the best vendors out there
>why should anyone care?

>> No.81702224

>Are they going to crucify you in 20 years for writing that women can't have a penis? Not likely, but possible.
>/pol/tard is a coward as usual
Have you tried not being a piece of shit? Based apple btfoing chuds

>> No.81702250

big corps are probably selling user data to twitter to make convincing bots, mimicking human behavior.

>> No.81702253

I wouldn't do the same set up but that shit looks comfy. Especially the screen holder. But if this looks like the 6k screen. I wish I would now how to handle 2 27'' 4k screens efficiently with my macbook.
I would use it if I didn't already have a macbook and a tower pc.

>> No.81702274

They put everything behind then when they take those reddit pictures
Or they really have no life

>> No.81702469

i hate those fucking couches. why do retards put them in their homes?? They are designed to look good, not good to sit on.


>> No.81702516

>his computer needs to be specifically built for to make performance non-gimped
Funny, because mine is fast with any program made in the last 20 years with zero optimization.

>> No.81702935

Privacy aspects aside, the design is ass-backwards. When the central server went down in an unexpected a few months back, users literally could not open any programs because the connection just hung instead of failing.

>> No.81702953

That plant bothers me.

>> No.81702998

This was debunked

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