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>> No.81658009

GIMP is not a document editing tool, and it has a learning curve.

>Now I have to install all of creative cloud and pay $14.00 a month just to fill out a fucking forum.

Isn't Adobe Reader free?

>> No.81658022

Mac doesnt have this problem
Preview.app lets me fill in all the forms I need, even writing a signature.

>> No.81658025

Can't foxit reader edit pdfs?

>> No.81658034

but just think of how happy you'll be when you own nothing

>> No.81658096

>not filling out forms with okular

>> No.81658135

Just use Inkscape you faggot

>> No.81658182

>print pdf
>write on it
>scan it

>> No.81658385

What is
>Edge browser
>Samsung shit
>Apple shit

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>> No.81658704

You have edge browser

>> No.81658732

Doesn't always work unfortunately. Dont know which retards made some of the forms i've filled out in the past, but some of them wont work in edge.

>> No.81658737

Get a samsung tablet on sale so that you have a tab plus pen combo to sign paperwork.

>> No.81658762

>buy this shit tablet and add another eWaste-tier device to your collection just to sign documents.

i hope youre joking, but i already use third party software OR sign documents on my laptop(a Macbook)

>> No.81658785

Edge works just fine.

>> No.81659102

I use a website called Xodo which is free and works well for basic stuff

>> No.81659218

There's a lot of options
But for me the Tab S7 gets the job done no fuss

>> No.81659486

>Remember when you could edit PDF's for free
still can
you can't because you're a tech illiterare retard


>> No.81659598

Libreoffice Draw

>> No.81659613

based mac chad. You can even sign a piece of paper and use the webcam to scan it in too. Luv apple :)

>> No.81659673

>Using a fucking dedicated PDF viewer in 2021
What the fuck are you doing? Just use any browser. Firefox and edge do a pretty good job already.

>> No.81660000

Foxit you idiot

>> No.81660077

libreoffice draw, fuck off shills

>> No.81660217

adobe reader can fill out forms

for free,

>> No.81660324

yeah and easy as fuck editing / note taking options

>> No.81660430

it breaks hyper links and other parts of PDF's when you edit them

Guys s

>> No.81660496

Neither is PDF meant to be edited. Get the source msword file if you're so finnicky.

>> No.81660564

Literally just pirate the old PDF editor

>> No.81660582

Adobe added functionality for entering text into forms inside PDF documents. The IRS uses it in the tax form PDFs on their site.


>> No.81660852

>Run in in a Windows XP or seven virtual box with network disabled.


or just get a fuckin pirated or cracked copy and not deal with that bullshit

>> No.81660874

So you mean form fillable PDFs? Evince works fine and Sumatra PDF reader probably works.

>> No.81661100

>ever paying for a string of 0s and 1s

>> No.81661163

As safe as entering any password anywhere. I have my files encrypted, and a signature is not a very secure thing to begin with.

>> No.81661167
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Just use paper.

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Google foxit pdf editor portable edition. No need to thank me

>> No.81661578

Make sure you count the pictures

>> No.81661628

Just buy (pirate) affinity designer. Best design tool. Easy mock ups. Best way to create svgs, logos and icons.
And you can edit pdfs with it.

>> No.81661638

I recently had a landlord submit a lease to court with clearly forged signatures

I submitted a few previous documents with my hand written signatures and was charged with perjury, had his case dismissed, and I won a rent abatement over 1 year. If he had my digital signature it might have been a different story in court.

>> No.81661808

Just use After Effects my guy

>> No.81662185

>paying for
>muh proprietary software

>> No.81663039
File: 288 KB, 1280x720, 1560085650721.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pirate you casual

>> No.81663196

Pirate PDF Wondershare

>> No.81664388

>using an app store on a PC
kill yourself
I tried that a decade ago and it was crippleware trying to sell some premium horseshit.

>> No.81664410

Maybe you should try not being a retarded cunt? qpdfview, PDF.js, Okular, Evince

>> No.81664453

>Yet you chose the one
that is easiest for whoever needs to ask for a pdf editor you fucking faggot
if you're not a tech illiterate autistic low IQ retard, you don't need me spoon feeding you a link

>> No.81664543

welcome to /g/ay
where it's just tech illiterate autistic faggots whining and not knowing basic shit
like the retard who gets triggered by UWP without knowing of the alternatives

>> No.81666039

ITT: tards arguing over filling in and/or editing a fucking pdf file.

the state of /g/ folks.

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