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noone cares you fanboy shill niggerfaggot

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It seems I'll dust up my Jewtube account to give one sub to these guys. Thanks OP

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>I don't believe amd 5000 series exists

I have a 5900x in my PC right now anon

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>Should Intel sue these shills into oblivion for a smear campaign? I don't believe amd 5000 series exists, yet these people claim how Intel is in trouble because of 6000 amd series, as if ALDER LAKE isn't on it's fucking way. This is becoming frustrating.

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I don't have any hopes for ADL being even 10% better than 10th gen, damn AMD truly won.

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ah yes, our honest company friend, Intel

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Nice buyer's remorve inteljeet. You fell for intel pozzed housefire garbage and no amount of cope will change this fact.

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>I just got an i7 11700K
sunk cost fallacy

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>forum for people making chips who have access to engineering samples

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Trust the plan
2 more weeks

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Where are all the women?

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Ian Cutress knew alder lake will have serious problems on Windows because of shitty scheduler.

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In the kitchen.

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>Ian Cutress knew
>past tense
The thing isn't even out yet. That's speculation, but I agree, it'll probably have huge problems on Windows. I don't even wanna know how bad it'll be on Linux. They'll just not bother with Intel.

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this is top notch journalism at work here. CNN should take notes

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You're looking at them. Only women would take photos of themselves like that.

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do you also have the middle finger from gamers nexus steve?

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Imagine being slower than even a phone cpu from Applel. Intel truly is finished.

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Even if the M1 was 1000% faster than intel or amd, what are you going to do with it, browse facebook faster? Fuck off ipajeet

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This one?

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Zen3 alone outsells all the intel cpus combined. Zen2 is just a bonus.

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Sounds really unlucky, but you do realize that's fallacious reasoning for why you don't trust AMD. That shit can happen on both and it doesn't happen in the vast majority of cases with either manufacturer.

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At least the Pentium 4 will still work even if it runs like a hotplate.
Meanwhile AMD is selling you CPUs made with a phone focused 7nm process with 1.5V pumped through them at stock. I've never seen cpus fail so often until ryzen came out.

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Nice FUD inteljeet

>> No.81430900

>amd paid media
See >>81429959

These shit reviewers and publications don't have consumer interests in mind, they only care about getting the views from reddit.
Similar to how msm all backed biden and got him an illegitimate win.

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So bad it's not even funny anymore. It's downright pathetic.

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The videos intelaviv doesn't want you to know about.


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jesus christ AMD must be paying shills a LOT if there's so many of them even here on /g/

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AMD is literally bribing the entire planet, it's all a great antisemitic conspiracy to take down G-d's chosen people, amd are evil nazis and must be stopped.

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>Meanwhile AMD is selling you CPUs made with a phone focused 7nm process with 1.5V pumped through them at stock. I've never seen cpus fail so often until ryzen came out.
Fucking kek try to be less obvious. You don't even know how computers work

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Someone post the jew vocaroo pls

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could bad thermal compound application the cause of non video signal?

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AMD has yet to learn to be multicultural. It is a big change for AMD to make but without that change AMD will not survive

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do you think i'm supposed to seethe about this?.
Why do /v/tards always talk about muh cores and muh vidya perfomance 4K 60fps.

>b-but m-mine can perfom better than yours faggot
>a-and y-you're too p-poor to b-build a gaming r-rig
i am poor dumbfuck, and i'm doing it for a special reason
>i-is it b-because y-you can't buy a g-gaming rig?
no, it's for another reason, and that reason is called EARNING
>inb4 cope more inteljeet, etc

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>Nice buyer's remorse inteljeet.

What do I have to be remorseful about? It's the best CPU in that price range and it has a stable platform with drivers that work.

I'd have remorse if I paid more for the equivalent Ryzen, which despite being 7 nm, uses roughly the same amount of power, produces the same TDP under load, and is only marginally faster in certain benchmarks.

Seems like AMD cucks are the ones in denial, mad that their precious ryzen still fails to outperform Intel's decades old Core architecture. LOL

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>goes full "no U"
Don't give a shit about your cope, go justify your pozzed housefire purchase somewhere else.

>> No.81433123

>Don't give a shit about your cope, go justify your pozzed housefire purchase somewhere else.

If I were coping I'd probably be dropping bitter one-liners in an effort to make myself feel better about bad decisions.

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>alder lake
Why the fuck should I care about atom cores being stapled to a desktop die? The fuck?

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single-handedly deprecated whole amd cpu lineup

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And here I was thinking dubs wouldn't be given out to retards. I was wrong.

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If this were a k series processor and I didn't have to play the motherboard/bios lottery I might have actually shilled for it.

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ayy lmao

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>bottom right
Goyim BTFO

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Why was Userbenchmark normal for Zen and Zen+ but then insane over Zen 2?

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>cpu is $99 cheaper
>mb is $100 more expensive

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Because amd will do the same with the next next gen.

>> No.81436269

As much as tech pundits bitch and moan Intel will still make up the vast majority of desktop and mobile CPUs for a good long while, they still have market control and the capacity to actually deliver to suppliers unlike AMD's poor record in that regard - which spooks off OEMs.
Why make a thousand chassis for this model when AMD can only deliver 50 chips.
Unfortunately the lack of pressure in this regard is obviously hurting Intel in terms of chip development.

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Why do you faggots care so much?
They are virtually identical, pricepoint is so marginal you'd have to live on something below welfare to care.
Imagine dedicating your time to shill for corporations for free, that's a special type of cuck.

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AMD Ryzen 7000 (Raphael)
>Raphael is a name of Hebrew origin, from rāp̄ā (רָפָא "he has healed") and ēl (אֵל "God").
OHONONONONONO we got too cocky IntelAviv spammers


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5800X uses 385 Watt
11700k uses 376 Watt.

If it doesn't melt with a Zen3 why would it melt with 11th gen Intel

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>gamer meld

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>you'd have to live on something below welfare to care.
Most of /g/ is children who don't work and don't have their own income so they constantly and autistically look for the best value.

>> No.81438743

More power usage doesn't mean more heat emission since those 2 are different products.
AMD has a 105W TDP while Intel has 125W. Plus, Intel often underestimated it's TDP compared to AMD. This would lead you to believe Intel would heat up significantly more.

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>AMD has sealed israel
holy BASED

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Same here OP BTFO.

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>I just got an 11700K
I hope you're just trolling, no one is that stupid.

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>11700k uses 376 Watt.
Yeah, and it's a lot slower than a 5800X.

>> No.81439652

I've never understood how it can get this bad. I thought my 3900x going up to 160+w without any profiles was bad but after applying manual voltages it drops to about 100 on load. That makes it a quarter of the power use wtf

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>damn plebs just don't understand the true beauty and genius of performance regressions over your own last gen products

>> No.81440389

batshit insane and delusional

>> No.81441369

You can't get a hold of AMD CPUs because they sold them all. They made millions upon millions of CPUs and sold every single last one. The reason you can get Intel CPUs is because they have sold none.

>> No.81441791

AMD has plenty of processors on hand for customers bwho actually matter bros.

Oh? 100k Epic cores for your supercomputer? Coming right up boss!


>> No.81441810

Get a life, retard.

>> No.81441926

Also here, comfy AF with my 6800xt too.

OP is a massive faggot, dont be a company shill, get the best price/performance out there, the rest dont matter.

>> No.81441989

>im retarded and a massive Intol cocksucking faggot
Yes, we get it anon

>> No.81442037

does any of this matter?

>> No.81442098

Keep coping in 14nm.

>> No.81442113

Don't care about your sunk cost fallacy either.

>> No.81442132

And I don't care about you at all. Cheers.

>> No.81442215

Keep seething inteljeet.

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>Suck a dick amdfaggots. Hope you get run down by an Intel bus.

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Intel fanboys are pozzed in the head just like their diseased trash company and their pozzed housefire trash products.

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