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>M1 is literal trash filled with simple 90's timeframe bugs
>lets release 'M2'

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Apple-chads just can't stop winning

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>yeah bro my core2duo thinkpad totally beats that shitty fagbook
>bro I even have an sd card slot
>bro check my distro it destroys macos ez

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Of course not. Apple still supports 2013 macbooks. This isn’t some freetard shit where a 30 day old Android stops receiving updates lmao.

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You can’t afford Apple. Just post what you mean anon

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Can it be used to mine bitcoin?

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Is screaming "POORFAG!!!!!!!!!" literally the only argument of applefags?

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In fairness devices 10 years ago are fucking underpowered compared to now, especially when it comes to ram. I feel like the gap won't be as wide now.

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Well that and all successful people use macs.

Also ur poor lmao

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Yeah, i don't want to pay $10k for a hardware that i can buy with $2k just because it has an apple.

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I suggest you figure out how to connect your freetard shit to wifi and then actually go to the Apple website to see how much a M1 laptop costs before making anymore stupid posts, poorfag.

— posted from my iPhone 12.

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What website is that?

>> No.81347275

we dont use that word anymore anon

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Based apple has brought about a never ending era of s e e t h i n g and c o p i n g on this board. We love to see it.

>> No.81347305

seem like there is no semiconductor shortage for apple eh?

almonds; true

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repressed and under represented mac book airs when?

>> No.81347331

macbooks hold their value well, especially M1 ones will for sure, just wait until the announcement and reviews imo. if you had an intel macbook that would be another story, people are going to start shedding those like crazy soon.

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Anon I'm seriously considering buying a thinkpad x1 nano. Am I retarded? I mostly do data science and sometimes need to do video conference. I've never used MacOS before so I don't know which laptop to choose.

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this but unironically

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sir, this isn't india

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took me a while but I laughed. I just want a air with the iMac colours to upgrade from my 2017 air the alumium colours are so boring time for a new design trend.

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m-mods delete this now!!!

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I'm from Australia. Not a bong innit.

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Am I a retard for wanting to get an M1 iMac?

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Is it going to be 2x the speed or are they going to play with the charts like last time?

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>Am I a retard for wanting to get an M1 iMac?
Why do you want an even more locked down device then the one before it (x86)?

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No, everyone on here 4-5 years ago use to shit on Macs for having subpar hardware with decent software, now the hardware is the best bang for your buck you can buy people are starting to shit on the software.

freefags will always seethe.

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>Am I a retard
>for wanting to get an M1 iMac?
why would you want a desktop that is not constrained by power efficiency, heat output or space to run a mobile chip?
especially considering the fact that a m1 mba is cheaper and more practical

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>Does it run windows? No?
Actually it does, only in VM for now though.
The funniest thing about this is the fact that Windows running on x86 emulation on a M1 Macbook Air outperforms the Microsoft Surface X tablet, which costs more than a Macbook air.

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>The funniest thing about this is the fact that Windows running on x86 emulation on a M1 Macbook Air outperforms the Microsoft Surface X tablet, which costs more than a Macbook air.
>t. Lie-nus tech tips

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I tried Win10ARM in UTM and it installed then immediately corrupted itself on reboot twice before I gave up. Looks promising but I don’t think it’s there quite yet.

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>What would be the point, out of curiosity?
storage mostly, these things are not big enough for anything else and if they ever make mac pro computer out of Mx chips then I guess they would add many pcie lanes and all the stuff we can usually find in workstations
the m1-based mc mini or book don't even have m2 connectors which is a shame

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My ThinkPad has an i7, keep coping

>> No.81347833

not sure who's coping here

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>an i7
About good enough as a core2duo.

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If you've used linux you'll like macOS. They're very similar.

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based copy image url into upload box poster

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Honestly this board is terrible more often than not.
But to answer your question, if your programs work on MacOS with the M1 chips, it's technically the best bang for buck. And I hate Apple.
If you take the ThinkPad route you could always install Linux later if you want.

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Yeah but that's like basically saying nothing.

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The m1 has been scientifically proven to destroy the Threadripper 3990X in all use cases. Amddogs, freetards and other deviants btfo

>> No.81347973

What do you mean ?
Honestly you never tried MacOS before.
The safe bet is going with the ThinkPad.
If you however try out MacOS on someone's machine and you like it, just get the M1.
Seriously Anon, I'm not here to choose for you. In the end it's your experience that matters.

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What? That anon gave you a perfectly reasonable answer. We don't know what software you use and if it's available on macOS or if it can be run in a VM or by using CrossOver.

If you can't google "does ____ work on macOS/CrossOver/in VM" then maybe you are retarded.

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it's a very strange move, and so soon in M1's life, but just goes to show how incapable the M1 was when competing against high-end laptops in the market, which outsell apple every day. I think apple are hedging their bets to see if they can actually sell more macs this time, because they're not exactly flying out the door of apple stores at lightspeed as things stand.

> ~7% of the entire computing market

>Will the M1 early adopters get screwed with early end of support?
probably not. doubt the M2 will be vastly different from the current architecture of the M1 so it'll just be business as usual. might have more cores, improved video, memory bandwidth.. won't be a lot except for a performance boost.

>> No.81348078

>>no pcie slots
>What would be the point, out of curiosity?
For me:
>fast local network
>more storage
>newer USB if I want it
>nice audio card (doesn't matter that much now but at least I can rely on it in every build)
>network card that doesn't suck ass (it costs 10$ standalone compared to paying +30$ for one integrated into motherboard)
>more USB ports to avoid getting cucked by motherboard manufacturers by paying +30$ for 2 fucking USB ports fuck these cunts
Mostly it lets you avoid getting cucked but I guess it doesn't matter when you're buying Apple anyway.

>> No.81348114

> ~ 7% of the entire computing market
> he's comparing slow as fuck computers to a supercar
imagine being this retarded? amazing. what apple and lambo do have in common: they all make terrible and shoddy products, I haven't seen any recent macs burst into flames for no reason but seen plenty reports of lambos burning into puddles of composites and metal. great comparison there, genius.

>> No.81348170

All stuff you mentioned is probably relevant to only 1% of users at best. How can you claim
>unusable garbage computers
when these computers are more than enough for 99% of people

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> 30min battery life
you can tell you only own an i5 desktop from 10 years ago. possibly rocking with an android phone running version 2.

>> No.81348272

Have you used an intel laptop before? I have a dell with a 97 watt hour battery and the second the processor does anything it gets loud as shit and lasts 4-4:30 tops

>> No.81348363

> Have you used an intel laptop before?
got several.
> dell
well, there's your first mistake. what a garbage company. you deserve everything you get.

>> No.81348369

>All stuff you mentioned is probably relevant to only 1% of users at best
and that's the issue with these machines.
apple is leveraging knowledge, in the past people learned to use tools, including repairing them when possible, nowadays manufacturers do everything possible to make us give up on trying to repair our stuff.
basically anyone can unscrew the back and change storage, there are thousands of tutorials online and there is always a designated tech support in a family to help.
conveniency is literally eating their brains.
if 8yo me in the 90s could disassemble and reassemble pc without internet then what's the deal with grown ups brainfarting in front of a few screws? where are the mechano-dads who can literally build a car from scratch but freak out in front of a computer? if you don't realize that there is an issue then you should wake up.
how can you justify throwing and entire computer away just because the storage or ram is dead when in a normal world it could be swapped by literally anyone with arms and fingers?
not having basic conveniencies like this is a massive fuck you to customers, it does not matter if they don't ever have to open a macbook, it's not a reason to remove the ability from everyone else.

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>> No.81348402

> buys a garbage computer
> from a company known to make trash
so yeah, anons were right. you don't own anything of the sort. i'm convinced you're using internet access found in your local library.

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It is, even Qualcomm's garbage chips beat intel hard in every battery life benchmark

>> No.81348579

> some no-name spec pulled from absolutely nowhere with no sources
oh my sides. this keeps getting better and better.

itoddler pajeets - the world's most spectacular of failures.

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>flexing on applefagchads with his i7-2999XQX

>> No.81348783

The chip is good stop coping fucking apes.

I still won't buy it. Fuck Apple.

>> No.81348889

Apparently , yes.

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>The chip is good stop coping fucking apes.

>I still won't buy it. Fuck Apple

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Take your meds and go back to sleep , iretard.

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Apple can't stop winning

>> No.81348988

There aren't even 2 billion Indians and you're talking about billions using Windows? Does your mom count as 1 billion indians?

>> No.81349019

I never owned a Apple product in my life and I find the freetards x86 coping hilarious.
M2 will absolutely destroy everything on the market right now and no one even has a competitor for the M1 yet.
Apple is going to fucking rape everyone.

>> No.81349032

It's actually real cherry picking. The insides of a more high end think pad like the X1 series is actually clean. The reason why the Macs still look better is black PCB, and plastic covering everything. Some of the X1s don't even have a heat pipe. They moved the CPU to the rear right under the fans.

>> No.81349086

>It's actually real cherry picking
It's actually not. It's new X1 nano vs M1 MBP. Almost same price and product category. Both 13" slim and light laptops.

>> No.81349093

>So is it worth making laptops repairable when we're only talking about 5-10%?
yes because even if people never break their computers it's infinitely easier to recycle and/or reuse parts taht aren't soldered
also it's not about money, abviously it costs more to make things repairable but it's the price to pay respect end users, they acan't always cut corners and fuck with people

>> No.81349123

What RISC-V chip performs at the same level than a M1 chip with the same wattage and temps?

>> No.81349220

have sex

>> No.81349295

Anyone who thinks x86=open is a fucking idiot and doesn’t speak for the rest of us.

>> No.81349304

I remember the early CoreDuo macs eventually got shafted due to being 32-bit only

>> No.81349381

They don't care as long as it runs Linux, the only reason they hate the M1 (which is literally the biggest leap in performance on CPUs in 3 decades) is because Apple made it.
Wait until Samsung or some chink company release a M1 competitor and you will see how they will claim its the second coming of jesus christ even if it performs worse.

>> No.81349471

They shafted the early c2d ones too because merom cores don’t do sse 4.1.

I just want a Catalina patched BlackBook is that so hard

>> No.81349474

its about time all manufacturers started going to ARM

also, fuck intel

>> No.81349478

I think you're confused. Right to repair doesn't mean things are easy to repair, just that they're repairable. So for the new M1 MacBooks, that would mean making parts available and providing at least some documentation on how to conduct repairs. That doesn't mean anyone with a screwdriver will be able to fix their laptop. That's not what right to repair means. Whether or not parts are soldered is irrelevant. At issue is whether or not I can bring a machine to a shop that does BGA soldering and have a chip replaced, or if I'm particularly industrious and have the necessary equipment, do it myself. It's already been demonstrated that the RAM and SSD on the M1 MacBooks can be replaced if you are able to do BGA soldering.

>> No.81349519

Open bootloader matters more than performance because without it, it's a dead weight.

>> No.81349551

guess what, my 2012 lenovo runs windows 10 and is fully supported, turns on faster than my 16" inch macbook pro (about 1/3 of time), runs generally as fast or faster, whereas a macbook from 2012 is a literal assfuck slow piece of shit.

im not tryna cope, M1 is a beast for sure and will rule the world, just saying their support is shit for these currently older devices. tbf maybe to all intel devices, i genuinely hate my mbp

>> No.81349809

>>network card that doesn't suck ass (it costs 10$ standalone compared to paying +30$ for one integrated into motherboard)
Apple networking is some of the best in it's class. Granted it's not gonna be up to snuff compared to enterprise shit.

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>> No.81350157

Because x86 is backwards compatible as fuck. So backwards compatible that you could go as far as installing DOS 6 on a brand new PC. Or if you look at it in a less extreme way, x86 allows you to run all the old software. Natively, without some shitty software emulation layer.
Meanwhile Apple continues to be a ISA whore. 68k, power pc, then x86 and now arm. I'd be pissed if I was still using Apple products.

>> No.81350217

is it really? I got one from work and its confusing. There's like 3 "modifier" key: the CTRL, FN, square thingy
all i need
1. tabbing (dont group same type of program together)
2. open a new terminal
3. close tab, close window

>> No.81350237

I have a 10th gen i5 and that thing suck the 40Wh battery in 4-5 hours even with my extreme powersaving. (Lowest brightness, PSR, undervolt, disabled turbo and high speedshift value, disabled wifi and only doing bare minimum when viewing documents.)

>> No.81350301

No Vidya, no Shekels

>> No.81350339

> ~7% of the entire computing market
>7% of x86 marketshare evaporates over night

>> No.81350389

Coming from a windows keyboard:
- Ctrl is now Command in GUI, 99% of key combos translate directly
- Ignore Control, except in the terminal where it’s used as you’d expect
- Option is sort of like alt, you’ll know when you need it.
- fn is to use your F keys as F keys and not media keys but this is basic knowledge and you should know this. One caveat, if for example I’m trying to close htop with F10 I have to press fn+command+F10. Don’t know why I’m sure it’s a macs being stupid thing but it doesn’t really bother me.

>> No.81350445

>macfags still exist
Please Lord Almighty, end it all

>> No.81350628

stop being poor

>> No.81350904

>improving an a design is a bad idea
this is what psychosis looks like

>> No.81350917

much, much worse.

>> No.81350942

So you admit the M1 was flawed.

>> No.81351021

AMD is doing great. If they make an APU with tablet-like power consumption and at least one OEM is somewhat smart about using it then they could have Sandy Bridge 2.0

>> No.81351089

If the NVIDIA-ARM deal goes through, AMD is going to need to start making its own ARM APUs to compete with NVIDIA anyway

>> No.81352167

my PowerPC G4 already survived 2 apple transitions and still works great I don't think you need to worry

>> No.81352231

>Windows running on x86 emulation on a M1 Macbook Air outperforms the Microsoft Surface X tablet, which costs more than a Macbook air.
Lmao do microcυcks really?

>> No.81352303

Open architecture matters even more, cause with a license duopoly like in x86, open bootloaders are just 2 signatures away from getting banned.

>> No.81352748

free healthcare is pretty great

>> No.81352837

arent ryzen lapops easily BTFO'ing everyone else right now?

>> No.81352882


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x1 nano if you want worse performance with half the battery life lmao

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it says here there are 25 different laptop SKU above the m1?
im not saying there arent other benchmarks out there but thats what first gen ryzen complained about whern they werent topping the charts either

>> No.81352945

and what are the wattages of basically every CPU there?

>> No.81352980

probably double the apple
thats what it takes to be the fastest, why

>> No.81352999

>not understanding perf-per-watt

>> No.81353013

AMD beats intel in ppw and no one cared

>> No.81353099

that's because it only beat intel in multi-core which is a niche workload outside of gaming. there's a reason why no one is buying intel gaming laptops anymore

>> No.81353159
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>> No.81353181

yes i too spend all my time compiling chromium

>> No.81353608

2016-2019 was Jony Ive UNLEASHED

>> No.81353632

Yeah, when he left I thought Apple was the problem - now I truly see that Jony was the fucking problem.

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>> No.81353892 [DELETED] 

Take your meds lmao.

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>muh gaymes

>> No.81354409

>almost 17%
>used to be less than 5%
>Apple has literally tripled its market share
How the fuck are people this stupid?

>> No.81354724

It makes sense if it's HDMI 2.1. You're not getting that much bandwidth in non-Thunderbolt USB-C

>> No.81354766

This, plus it's not actually a competition. The M1 is not a general purpose architecture. Its only design purpose is to run Big Sir and walled garden apps. It's like comparing a fridge microcontroller to a CPU. If you can hack it to run your code, cool, but you're working against the manufacturer. I don't care how fast a chip is if I need a company's permission to run code on it.

>> No.81354769

>You're not getting that much bandwidth in non-Thunderbolt USB-C
Yeah, but Macbooks already had Thunderbolt USB-C for 5 years now.

>> No.81354811

>ARM chip
>ARM is owned by Nvidia
Try again, OP.

>> No.81354878

Don't care OP, as long as it makes neets, trannies and freetards on /g/ seethe; I'm ok with it.

>> No.81355789 [DELETED] 


>> No.81355835

but unironically

>> No.81356398

>ARM is owned by Nvidia
Except it isn't

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my thinkpad invalidates your entire argument

>> No.81356993

> 14nm Intel Core i Shit
> 2600MHz slow shit RAM
> Full HShit display
> Winshit 10 Poo
> No-video Quadro TP00 (Leshit)
> Inshit 476GB (98GB free) SSD (poo)

>> No.81357018

>lol poo poo funny farts
not an argument

>> No.81357203
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How are these for gaming? It's all I care about fuck you server dataframe nerds
>Apple is sobering up right now
>Apple is sobering up right now
>Apple is sobering up right now
>Apple is sobering up right now
Apple hasn't been sober in a long time and they are not going to start now
Best thing they did was ditch intel

>> No.81357494

wtf happened in November 2020?

>> No.81357546

it will be delicious. Especially because you can't even find GPUs. I bought a mac mini and it runs 144hz without hesitation.

kek, intels new strategy is to beg apple to make their chips.

>> No.81357607

>If they ever fix the read/write issues, I will probably get one

>> No.81357619

>They are already the norm on mobile devices.
this isn't the argument you think it is

>> No.81357666

>Because x86 is backwards compatible as fuck
Actually how on Earth is that a deal breaker for you? Who the fuck would install "DOS 6" on bare metal? What software could you possibly require that would need such backwards compatibility?

>> No.81357685

>it's okay if your engine throws a rod at 30,000 miles because your tires are only good for 25,000 miles

>> No.81357704

I regularly purchase products that limit my future options in order to increase the amount of shiny things in my pod

>> No.81357724

I really don't think Nvidia cares about Apple going ARM.
In fact, if they buy ARM, they'll be overjoyed about it.

>> No.81357767

>This, and it gets worse. I find computers in the dumpster often enough to make it worth my while. Everytime it's heatsinks and fans choked with dust bunnies. Blow out and vacuum dust bunnies. Free computers,

>> No.81357822

Ah yes when I purchase a computer, I want to make sure I can run software released 39 years ago with no practical benefit.

>> No.81357841

Good! With Apple, you're looking at maybe a decade. It doesn't matter to you if it's just a Discord and VS Code machine, but business and industry need things to last. It's clear Apple doesn't want to be involved with enterprise.

>> No.81357847

>it's more wasteful to make a totally new laptop than just a new ssd

>> No.81357875

>just solder on a new one bro
If Louis Rossmann can't buy the chips, why do you think you can? Even if you could buy it, Apple serial-locks its components now so that only they can replace anything. You're either lying on purpose or are woefully uninformed. If you need a manufacturers permission to maintain your hardware you don't own it.

>> No.81357963

Commie retard

>> No.81358143

>now the hardware is the best bang for your buck
until it corrodes with less than dry air... 8 months and it will be dead

>> No.81358162

>especially considering the fact that a m1 mba is cheaper and more practical
Because other laptops don't corrode and get fucked as fast as Apple ones would be a good reason...

Ah yeah, and it isn't a fuckin locked SoC.

>> No.81358174

>when these computers are more than enough for 99% of people
instagram and plebbit crap... oh yeah.
but sure it will matter for them when their expensive trash starts corroding and they can't repair it at all.

8 months.

>> No.81358208

>tfw bought an intel mac mini right when the M1s came out
I always buy shit at exactly the wrong time, god fucking damnit. Is my computer about to be obsolete? I suspect they'll stop providing OS updates to intel Macs soon

>> No.81358356

>I suspect they'll stop providing OS updates to intel Macs soon

i think they'll wait until 2025
but i've been wrong before
how long did they maintain powerpc when they moved to intel?

>> No.81358365

From iToddlers who early adopted M1 shit like sheep? Same.

>> No.81358398

>will never be available outside of Macshit
>will never run anything properly other than macOS
Why do shills think Intel or AMD give a fuck about this again? Who's actually going to compete with them, fucking Qualcomm? Kek.

>> No.81359757

> 'FREE'

also enjoy dying of whatever disease because you are on X position of the queue to see a specialist

>> No.81360721

im asking myself wtf happend there...

>> No.81361074

They're not keeping the node advantage forever

>> No.81362606

They will for as long as it’s going to matter, i.e. while ARM takes over the laptop and server markets over the next 10 years

>> No.81362711

>the razer 13
>fastest SKU is Core i7-1165G7
why did you post this when i was adamant about ryzen BTFO'ing intel and the m1

>> No.81362722

>with Gamers ruining everything as usual and having mediocre video cards cost as much as a brand new 4.5K iMac and you start to rethink your hobby
this. if there will be no drastic decrease in prices many will stop PC gaming and just buy a console and a Mac.

>> No.81362761
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i dont know where he got his nuimbers but they are old
mac os has fallen, ios went up a little
windows and android duke it out far above them

>> No.81362767

As far back as 2012, it was already over 7%. Impressive 2.5x growth in just 8 years but if you think there's any danger that Apple is going to overtake Microsoft in Marketshare any time soon, you're delusional. Backwards compatibility is still one of the most important things to many people and even more so to companies. Apple doesn't give 2 shits about it, because they're not looking into taking the majority market share.

>> No.81363945

I sold my 2060 for a profit, bought a series x for gayming (i really only play halo anyways) and sold the rest of my components for a mac mini for school and light photography work. my series x runs games at 4k 60hz min. for a casual like me thats fine. Ive built four systems and im fucking over it. and with gpus this high its just not worth it.

>> No.81364046

Exactly what I’m doing except with a PS5. PC gaming made sense like 15 years ago when I first got into it, but now it’s just a meme. I barely play any more anyway.

>> No.81364500

>GPU Kernel panics
>Cable breaks
>Keyboard Breaks
>Screen breaks because you cleaned it
>Components desoldering themselves
>Gets bricked cause you plugged a USB Hub in

Amazing engineering. Mabye if they had spent more money on the actual components rather than black paint they wouldn't have some laptop breaking flaw every 6 months.

>> No.81364908

> August 5, 2009, 10.5.8 OS X
> Unsupported as of about June 23, 2011, Safari support and iTunes support terminated as of 2012 as well.
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Itunes can still log in btw, just tried it a couple months ago

>> No.81365236


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