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>> No.81284555

The muh cores crowd won't do shit to them. The ARM conquests on the other hand are surely troublesome for low-end and even mainstream sections of x86's playground.

>> No.81284571

The world with intlel : 4 core 8 threads MAXIMUM
The world withOUT intlel : 65536 scalar cores, 1000mhz with 7-8 ghz single core boost, gddr7 memory

>> No.81284624

no this is just their hubris and lack of action against ryzen biting them in the ass because it takes like four years for any of these business decisions to ripple out into their lineup

>> No.81284728

>hubris and lack of action against ryzen
I don't think that's something they did. 7th gen was the only one where they didn't react to ryzen and they were still well ahead there, the 7600k was way faster in any game compared to the 1600 back then. Once games started shifting to a more parallelized CPU usage, they slowly started bumping up the number of cores. i3s became 4c/4t, then 4c/8t, i5 became 6c/6t then 6c/12t, i7 became 6c/12t, then 8c/8t then 8c/16t and i9 was introduced first with 8c/16t then 10c/20t and then brought back down to 8c/16t because intel is retarded. They did try to react, their real problem was being stuck on 14nm. According to their roadmap, they wanted 10nm, by 2017/18 with 8th gen and 7 or 5nm with 10th gen. If they had managed to stick to their plan, they wouldn't have had the problems we saw with massive TDPs and lack of cores and CPU competition might've been actually interesting but instead of putting their massive capital to good use by investing in their fabs, they just kept refreshing 14nm because it was still economical. Fucking beancounter CEO, man I swear.

>> No.81284782

They kept refreshing 14nm so that they'd have a product to release, not by choice. Their yields on 10nm weren't good enough to use for mass production, regardless of CEO.

>> No.81284830

>Their yields on 10nm weren't good enough to use for mass production, regardless of CEO.
If you can't do something your competitors are successful at, there's definitely more you can do. Allocating more funds to research and development so they can employ competent people to solve the problems you are facing is what a good CEO does. There's nothing magically problematic about intel's 10nm, they just had to pump more money and man hours into development, but they chose not to.

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This but unironically, intel dying is the best thing that could happen in the world.

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Apple alone has enough shekels to keep intel out of the CPU business forever.

>> No.81284874

>competition dying is the best thing that could happen
Yes, because AMD is so pro consumer, they raised prices by 50% when they got the gaming crown.

>> No.81284875

Dropping a dead end tech is expensive and cost a lot of time.

>> No.81284879

>They did try to react, their real problem was being stuck on 14nm.
anon AMD went from being completely non-competetive to having competetive products in the span of like three years and intel went from every single processor they sold being a market leader in its market segment to no longer maintaining market relevancy in a short enough period of time that basically nothing they could have done would have turned the ship around

they completely failed to respond to ryzen beyond 'eh just make the i7 a hex core now" and didn't realize how dumb that was until ryzen 3000 so pointing at that failure and going 'yeah but intel didn't even try to compete so therefore its not a competition" is kind of a retarded mischaracterization of the entire situation

>> No.81284916

True, but it's still a calculation and the server market is worth more then beating AMD on the desktop, overall it's still a loosing position but it's the only logical move they can make today.

>> No.81284951

Nigger I just want good products at a fair price. I don't give a fuck if the box is blue or orange. If you can't criticize the company who's products you're using, you're a fanboy and your opinion is irrelevant.

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Intel doesn't deserve death. They deserve to be kept alive as a clown joke company while AMD and ARM/Apple dominate everything.


>> No.81284962

Throw Intel in the GARBAGE

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keep coping with your discounter hardware, walmart shart

>> No.81285082

It makes zero difference whether AMD or TSMC are successful at fab production. If a competitor is able to do it, the only reason you're not able is because you don't invest enough money in R&D.

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Keep streetshitting with your pozzed cpus inteljeet

>> No.81285091

>corruption and kikery
>implying that's not every company

>> No.81285132

>i have amd system therefore i can't be a retarded intel fanboy
Well guess what, I have a sandy bridge cpu. But keep coping.

>> No.81285188

you are retarded as shit and don't know what the fuck you are talking about, ameroid zoomer
intel invests more into r&d than ayymd and chinkmc combined
they just weren't lucky with getting a new tech working, happens to everybody, glofo had it too
without tsmc, there wouldn't be a comptetive amdifa at all
every other company could outbid ayymd for wafers and it would be it

>> No.81285219

5600X is on par with 11900k and 10900k so AMD still has the best value.

>> No.81285223

AMD will be completely dead by 2025 screencap this post

>> No.81285234

5600X is $800 while 10900K is $200

>> No.81285266

too bad amdifa discounter hardware is poozed with chink backdoors and crashes with old software
keep coping buyers remorse plebbit nigger

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We're not shilling hard enough intelbros








>> No.81285310

This is the absolute pozzed state of inteljeet brains

>> No.81285329

>Intel gross revenue 77billion dollars
>TSMC gross revenue 38billion dollars

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why are you ayymd fanboys so rabid and delusional?
tsmc isn't even part of ayymd

>> No.81285360

Delid dilate and defecate, inteljeet

>> No.81285419

>errrrrmm akschuallyy they had 34 billion gross in 2019 NOT 33 billion mmmpphhhh
is this autism?

>> No.81285437

Kek calm down inteljeet, you don't have to cope so hard, TSMC fabs are simply bigger than intel's.

>> No.81285473

thats really cool that AMD is the favorite ho of the pimp. Should Intel decide to close down their own fabs all over the world and stand in line behind AMD to suck cock then we can make this thread.
As of today Intel can't "lose" to anyone since Intel the only one producing its shit themselves

>> No.81285514

kek literal toddler mentality

>> No.81285541

stop trying to use logic with the malding AMPajeet, all they know is screeching and crying that it's all unfair

>> No.81285558

>This chart doesn't even include intel though
Yes it does, look harder. It's just that they're too irrelevant
Cry more inteljeet

>> No.81285579

God I love the absolute seething of the rabid pozztel fanboy defending his pozzed trash company like a rabid fanboy with stockholm syndrome.

>> No.81285588

this board has really gone to shit since the plebbit and discord amdifa trannies started to spam 24/7

>> No.81285639

I know severe autism makes it harde to relate to "normal" standards but you need to shitpost with less buzzwords and in lower quantity. you shoot your entire repertoire in a single post

>> No.81285640

Intel is losing. They're losing to AMD's chips and to TSMC's and even Samsung's foundries.

>> No.81285684

Intel did MASSIVE diversity hiring about 8years ago and were seeing the effects of it in a way they cant cover up. That is all

>> No.81285695 [DELETED] 
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intel will always be dirtpoor swiss cheese housefire junk for third worlders.

>> No.81285713

>amd still wins despite having no chips
Man intel really is fucking irredeemable shit.

>> No.81285724

They deserve to be kept like Nokia, in a semi-catatonic state

>> No.81285741

>as long as a company is filled with corruption and kikery they lost my support and will never touch their shit products again
Then post speccy of your VIA CPU or fuck off

>> No.81285743

Or maybe you should just learn to read properly.

>> No.81285762

Still mad intelaviv shill? >>81284980

>> No.81285778

>AMD is corrupt too
lmao no, I'm just amused at the blatant fanboyism on display here

>> No.81285779

Where's your "AMD is evil and corrupt" video, brah? :^)

>> No.81285795

And we're back here >>81285110

>> No.81285807

Literally nobody said to "get intel". It's quite literally something you imagined because your fanboyism only lets you see things in black and white. Get help, unironically.

>> No.81285832

>ivy bridge ram hot
>pentium 4 was a housefire
>first intel dual cores were pentium 3s glued together
>floating point pentium flaw
>Haswell chipset bug
>Skylake computation bug
>Skylake freeze bug
>Conroe bug causes corruption

>> No.81285881

Cores aren't everything even in multithreading performance, the quad-core Core 2 Extreme Q6850 is as fast the newer dual-core Pentium G3258 at multiple threads.


>> No.81285884

Stop replying to yourself inteljeet
>inb4 inspect element

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>It's a "my giant corp is different than your giant corp" episode

>> No.81285903

>Imagining arguments that were never presented
That's just sad bro. I hope you get better.

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Try harder schlomo.

>> No.81285955

What is a "shizo", my inspect element intelbro?

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Stop with this brand loyalty you stupid go- I mean boy.

>> No.81286027

Sloppy job Mossad.
See >>81285974

>> No.81286038

>error 404 error 404 error 404
okee dokee

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>mental asylum escapist pretending to not know
take your meds
seek help mega faggot

>> No.81286045

Same old tired schlomo argument.

>> No.81286056

>Seriously both companies make good overall products.
You're not wrong, but intel's have clear deficits over AMD's offerings. Intel's 11th gen even has clear deficits over their previous generation, which is just laughable.

>> No.81286071

The schlomo argument, when cornered call everyone else a jew too. Whataboutism at its finest.

>> No.81286093

>more inspect element
Nice try chaim

>> No.81286109

faggot so fucked in the head he doesn't even know what he posted there

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>stop bulli intel

>> No.81286161

>The ARM conquests on the other hand are surely troublesome for low-end and even mainstream sections of x86's playground.
lol only because of the silicon shortage, ARM will go back to irrelevancy as soon as the world is back to normal.

>> No.81286248

The purging of intel grows stronger with every passing year. Rest in pieces, you won't be missed.

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>>81286202 i still have my foreskin you seething amdifa mutt
imagine letting jews cut your foreskin and eat it
absolute state of mutts

>> No.81286294

Nvidia can't even make good gpus.

>> No.81286308

>no foreskin mutt seething
calm it faggot

>> No.81286322

>I can agree with anyone though, that there's no sensible use case for the 11900k or 11700k.
Correction, unless you can get them for cheaper than a 10700kf, which you clearly won't be able to.

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literal shizo

>> No.81286388

>not open source

>> No.81286429

Inteljeet fears the amazon post.

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>> No.81286547

Keep seething and samefagging

>> No.81286631

What's so bad about this? Now you can power Intel CPUs even further beyond thermonuclear.

>> No.81286741

Something I will say is both AMD and Intel are dogshit. Intel has fucked the market and have been digging their own temporary grave while doing so. AMD on the other hand is cool, but Zen CPU's are super inefficient with memory and have quite little overclocking capability compared to Intel.

>> No.81286830

intel is curently better than amd since they provide cheaper cpus

>> No.81286835

intel in 2025: cpu don't matter

>> No.81286836

>he doesn't understand how benchmarking CPUs works

>> No.81286869

>AMPAJEETs cried when CPU tests were done in 720p and 1080p
>called it fake and asked for 4k Benchmarks on a CPU
now they backpadel

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Oh goodies! Time for my daily Intel & nvidia bashing video from AYYYYYYMDUnboxed!

>> No.81287166

Not gonna give Amdunboxed a view
If the i3-10100 4-core gets positive reception, how does the same core config with new arch coupled with a laptop GPU not get the same positive reception?

>> No.81287196

The TDP on the 11th gen laptop CPU's are 35 watts, the norm is usually 45, so having a lower TDP screws performance.

>> No.81287222

they do
it's just amd shilling their shitty agenda through their subhuman media channels

>> No.81287333

Shut up goy

>> No.81287356

not enough ipc can't clock any higher
unironically goldmont paves the way forward with its weird dual decoder design

>> No.81287362

Yea or what? You are going to smell me?

>> No.81287389

imagine buying jewtel LMAO

>> No.81287624


>> No.81287707

I'm surprised that AIO makers have not created a variant that uses liquid nitrogen with proprietary liquid nitrogen tanks you can swap out like Keurig pods.

>> No.81287816

> Back to normal

This is the new normal.

>> No.81287827

>liquid nitrogen

>> No.81288278


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>Oh goodies! Time for my daily Intel & nvidia bashing video from AYYYYYYMDUnboxed!

>> No.81288622

They are having problems with their process and don't make a portable architecture they can take to another fab. Simple as that.
Once they have 10nm on desktop they will probably be fine, even if amd goes to 5nm finfet shortly after.
Applel is a very very small subsect of Intel's mobile consumer business. ARM isn't going in data centres(to serious degrees, the Amazon ARM chips and Qualcomm servers serve a niche, but aren't exactly high performance) or workstations. Qualcomm desktop chips suck ass and windows on arm is going to continue being shit.
their biggest competition is AMD x86 by a wide margin.

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Seems like Intel decided to hire based on identity politics instead of skill and now they're getting surpassed by Chang

>> No.81289137


>> No.81289374

doesn't matter though because you don't have even half the iq of the intel trannies

>> No.81289570

>muh quad cores
now based devs can write even worse code since you have 8 core

>> No.81289654

Optimizing software for multicore actually requires more coding skills than your single core pajeet shit code retarded faggot

>> No.81289716

>it's cheaper therefore better

>> No.81289839

>thats really cool that AMD is the favorite ho of the pimp
Nigga right now Tim Cook has his ten inch cock jammed straight down Intel's throat while Lisa Su works the ass with a horse dildo strapon.

>> No.81289889

only retards cry about the non-existent
concept of "whataboutism"
just like retards who say "uhurr durr you cant answer with anudda question"
braindead brainlets

>> No.81289891

>intel gets DP'd by strapon Lisa and Apple's monster cock

>> No.81289906

>w-whataboutism doesn't exist!!
Cope harder

>> No.81289950

define "whataboutism" fren

>> No.81290094

Not him. Whataboutism is a technique where upon being asked a difficult question that would require admittance of something damning from you, you instead bring up whatever problems your adversary has. The example in question isn't whataboutism though. If AMD had a monopoly in the x86 market, they'd make full use of it showing their price increases upon getting a leg up on Intel is a valid argument.

>> No.81290132
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>> No.81290200

Yeah, temporary, it will only last for like 10 years before shortage will get even worse.

>> No.81290237
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The two week lockdown to flatten the curve hasn't ended after 52 weeks, they only got stricter.

>> No.81290255


>> No.81290268

>they only got stricter.
Well I guess the new normal keeps changing so it's not temporary, the issues is that the changes are for the worse

>> No.81290281

$1000 RX580 when?

>> No.81290349


pretty much. intel is fucking awful.

backdoors, bribes and cheating on benchmarks, holding back the progress of tech because they don't have competition... AMD has yet to show any of this

>> No.81290402
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Bottom line: Chinese/Tiawanese industry has more expertise, talent, and capital for creating integrated circuits at every level.
The tired remnants of America's outsourced economy (Intel) can no longer compete at this level.

The dole queues are filled with indispensable engineers.

>> No.81290484

yes all of the biillion and trillion dollar corporations are going to let shortages get worse so they can make less money, are you retarded? Every fab is dumping billions into production, even if demand stays the same production is guaranteed to go way up.

>> No.81290533
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Fuck intelaviv.

>> No.81290551

Keep waiting bro, any day now...

>> No.81290589

People already don't give a shit about it here. It's only a matter of time before everyone tells the govt to fuck off.

>> No.81290693

This post is very antisemitic.

>> No.81290709
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>> No.81290712

Bro the digital world is being pushed by zoomers who play league on their phones which run on ARM. What do you think the future will look like? The average person doesn't really buy desktops anymore

>> No.81290725

if you haven't been paying attention the desktop computer space has been exploding. rest assured, it's not going anywhere anytime soon

>> No.81290803


>> No.81290921

ARM gets stronger and stronger

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>Is it over for them?
They did this the day before the last Apple broadcast. Intel's cunt is bleeding out.

>> No.81291016


>> No.81291025

currently on Chrome OS, kek.

Sorry if I'm too based for you nerds.

>> No.81291096

>There is no tampon big enough for Intel at this point.
That hole is reserved for Lisa su's horsecock sized strapon to destroy.

>> No.81291163

Sorry Herschel

>> No.81291181

cope worthless retard

>> No.81291245

Just googled that name and I still don't get it

>> No.81291302

>but in the PC landscape it will always be viewed as a subset of functionality
I have a $90 Debian box capturing camwhore streamer feeds to a $50 2TB external HDD with a full desktop via screen sharing. Gaming is for consoles and retards.

>> No.81291313
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Impressive honestly

>> No.81291374

Defend AYYMD prices then faggot.
Corps are not your friend.

>> No.81291376

gaming > cooming
you might actually improve some skills with gaming.

>> No.81291423
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>> No.81291525

>gaming > cooming
>you might actually improve some skills with gaming.
Guy sets up a sbc rig to catch and store online streams, probably writes his own scripts too. But no, somehow gaymen is a skill... Go seethe more NEET cuck.

>> No.81291533

It's been took over by communist who wouldn't hire the people who founded Intel & made it a powerhouse because the new people are ideologues.

>> No.81291621

He probably just imported a library to do it all for him while a blog held his hand. Scraping web content is fucking trivial.

>> No.81291687
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>a sbc rig to catch and store online streams, probably writes his own scripts too
That sounds hard! Scripts, wow!
>somehow gaymen is a skill...

>> No.81292124


>> No.81292150

That's disastrous. Is that on sales or overrall? Did ALL new purchases go to AMD or what?

>> No.81292156

>imported a library to do it all for him
Python grabs the URL content for my niche, BeautifulSoup parses the HTML for the streams more or less the way I'd do it in JS, then passes them to youtube-dl with some custom parameters while logging the pid for each stream.
The next piece of the puzzle is a remote interface for killing frozen processes and previewing/deleting what's been saved which is just grunt work. I never claimed it was a complex piece of work or I'm a god tier scripter, I just wanted to teach myself a little more Python in an area I don't normally use it.
If you think this kind of task merits writing assembly or even C go for it. My goal was to make a $90 Pi 4 do something more useful to me than tell me the temperature or control light switches. I already have enough gadgets for media playback in the house. VSCode lets me SSH into it from anywhere without clogging up Terminal.app's bash history.

>> No.81292182
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By why the change though

>> No.81292248

>I'm a god tier scripter

>> No.81292303

ESL detected

ARM has its uses. The one in this particular toy is never going to be capable of creating GAN datasets even if I switched from Raspbian (32 bit code running on 64 bit CPU) to FreeBSD (64 bit across the board), but I'm not trying to create sentient AI here.

>> No.81292590

no they mostly have white jews

>> No.81292591

>Intel is set for a very challenging 2-3 years in terms of share loss, margin pressure, and heightened execution risk by juggling many more balls in the air than ever before,” wrote Rosenblatt Securities analyst Hans Mosesmann, an Intel bear with a sell rating and $40 price target.

>> No.81292620

>Intel used to control 98% of servers, they know only have 68%.

>> No.81292647

*smacks lips*

>> No.81292670

Remember all corps will jew you when they don't have another corp trying to jew them. The best case scenario is x86's patent disappears and more companies can jump in and compete

>> No.81292737

>how g shit in nvidia

>> No.81292947

>they won't do shit about

>> No.81292960

>>how g shit in nvidia
Raja poo in gpu

>> No.81293037
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>Intel Xe super shitter

>> No.81293209

kike cuck

>> No.81293358
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>Advanced Mommy Devices
Nice dual digits

>> No.81293375

Too fat..

>> No.81293410

>intel dying is the best thing that could happen
>thinks AMD would have gone past Bulldozer tier chips if Intel hadn't been stomping their ass for 10 years
Ryzen was a result of them being the bargain chips and not releasing a chip worth buying since the Phenom II 6 cores. They couldn't outdo a 4core i7 from 3 generations prior and still struggle to beat Intel on a £300 processor compared to the Intel £200 10600K, at least in gaming terms.
If AMD was touching the price points of the 2600 with the 5600X then I'd agree with your dick waving but when you can buy a 10 core intel chip thats way better in every non-TDP metric, you are just trying the same retarded arguments that Intelfags were doing when Aymad chips were the underperforming housefires except the last 2 gens of Intel chips are still better than the previous 3 gens of Ryzen at every price point until you get to professional loads with the 3900X, which then means you are STILL paying more.
AMD are literally jewing harder than intel atm and have lower price performance in every metric below the 12/16 core range where intel doesn't play ball.

>> No.81293473

Intel is shit bro

>> No.81293638

>doing that would basically be a declaration of war on the US
Lel are you insane?
That ship has sailed, US neither recognises nor guarantees Taiwan's sovereignty anymore.
US explicitly recognised the "One China" policy.
This is like news from the 80's or something.

>> No.81294302


Where's the big list of "don't matters"?

>> No.81295102

Shaming them makes them better. Sucking them off for decades got them where they are now.

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