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that phone is gay

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i grew up in a poor family

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you must be 18 or older to post here

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i really have no clue what make or model it was, but i had a digital organiser similar to pic related
a product category which doesn't even exist anymore, it's used for things like calendar, phonebook, reminders/notes, etc, some of the functions of a pda, just much cheaper

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OK then
>Someone born after GTA:SA was released can post here in 8 months

Let that sink in.

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>let that sink in
how about you go back to twitter, retard

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The drive used 720KB disks, and with games clocking at 16-32KB, that's a lot of games per disk.

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I've never been on twitter or reddit once in my life. Let that sink in, faggot.

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when dad got a newer on he gave me picrel.
shit was so cash.
used it until touchscreen phones joined the wider market in like 2003 or so.
interestingly, got my first smartphone in 2012, because they all seemed shit in comparison to what I had 10+ years ago.

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it is not a phone

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it is not a phone

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I actually did this when I was a little poorfag, we'd make paper phones and laptops with my friends and then pretend we're spies or whatever

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You arent

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i had something very similar to this
haven't thought about it once in like 20 years until seeing that picture

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I still have it and think it's a pretty neat novelty, especially for the time.

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ex-USSR, actually, but good guess

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Poorfag gaymeboi

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Virgin pocket jap

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notice me, sin π

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Had this for years. Really comfy. You could just pick it up anytime and play for hours.

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>Cool technology you had as a kid
buttplugs and an inflatable sex doll

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>watch video about this thing
>Go to goodwill
>Woah they have one here ill grab ot for $2
>Full of some kid's info who is probably 30 now about his whole family
I dont like having this info

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Knoppix was one of the first Linux "live CDs / DVDs" around that was usable. We think nothing today of being able to boot from a removable drive, but back in the day it was unusual and Knoppix was one of the first that came with a good suite of desktop tools.

Pic is a Brother word processor. While we had a family computer early on, the word processor - this integrated behemoth with printer, screen, keyboard, floppy disk storage etc... was more or less my first kinda sorta PC of my own. Ours wasn't this model I don't think but close. It had hard coded word processing support and fancier ones even had something akin to a spreadsheet or database option, bujt I never used those features. I used it for elementary school work and for writing little stories about my pets and stuff.

Remember that back in the day even these were expensive and PCs were a fuckload more so, but word processors like these were the step between a typewriter and a full on computer.

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Shit they go for high prices? Really wish my father would have kept our old 486 DX/66 then - it kicked ass at the time and the PC itself cost a ton.

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>that one friend who showed you how to put porn on your psp
Thanks for the cooms, Trad.

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you used the binwalk entropy measuremnent function as a kid?

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Somehow I only remember the racing game

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parker brothers merlin

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I remember it like it was yesterday

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holy shit i did it too. With 2 brothers that were my neighbours. Their dad found the hentai and told them he would fucking smash their PSPs with a hammer. He was furious!!! They ratted on me and told him I was the one who put the hentai in their psps. In the end, nothing happened after the situation cooled down. Wonder what their dad thinks about me top kek, that wasn't the last time something like that happened.

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I thought this was the coolest shit ever, because it had a memo function that let you write freeform notes on like a 20x8 display. That was unheard of at the time, and I'd just write little stories and shit as a kid in the back of our 1988 Volvo 240DL.

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I had a class in Freshman year where we'd pick one of these from a cabinet and walk around the school grounds for 30 minutes, taking pictures of whatever. We'd then edit them on like Photoshop 3.0. Comfy as fuck.

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My dad bought a Sony Clie T615C from Costco for $199 (it was one of those clearance impulse buys). He could never figure out how to use Graffiti, so he didn't really use it. Rather than return it, he gave it to me. It came in that early 2000s Sony blueish-purple. I was so enthralled by it. Sure, there were more impressive devices (Palm had the Tungsten T3 and the PSP was just around the corner), but I thought it was really neat to have a pocket-sized touchscreen computer. In retrospect it was a little bit limited; while it had a memory stick expansion slot, it could only handle a maximum of 128 MB (I had a 64MB card that worked, but it would not recognize the 1 GB card I used in my PSP) and could not play MP3s. Eventually I bought a Palm T|X, but my Clie is still in a drawer at my parents' house.

I remember getting the Gameboy Advance for my 12th birthday in 2002 and feeling nothing but disappointment. It spent most of its time in a drawer. The major drawback was the shit screen and lack of backlighting. I recently bought one of those IPS conversion kits for the GBA, soldered the screen in, and now I quite like it. It really needed some kind of lighting right from the get-go.

The PSP was absolutely mind-blowing in 2004. I didn't get one until the hard mods had come out and were somewhat useful. I think I bought maybe two UMD-based games, the experience of playing both games and movies off the memory stick was so superior (load times easily cut in half, battery life increased by about 20-25%)

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what is this thing called? i def had something like this a long time ago, but never found it after a family trip.

>> No.81164725

based. I always wanted a set of these

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Holy shit, OP. I had one of these and knew nobody else who did. I won it by selling a shit load of cookie dough or something.
It was kind of ass, but had a few neat things on it. I think there was a chat function, but that would require being near anyone else who had one.
I still remmeber the alarm clock going off on it in a forgotten drawer and waking me up every morning for months.

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I used to love going through the shelves at Office Depot or Staples, to see all the cool gadgets. When I was in 7th grade my parents eventually got me one, this badboy with a backlight screen and everything.

Among other creative writing or taking down notes for maps I wanted to make in Duke3d, my friend and I would pass it to one another and write stories about shooting up the school and murdering our friends, which was endlessly entertaining and hilarious to us. This was after Columbine too. It's nothing short of serendipity that we were never caught, or the one time it was confiscated the teacher didn't read the stories.

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Yeah, Handspring was started by a group of engineers who worked at Palm (or 3Com at the time I suppose). I remember they had quite the following for a while, quite an innovative company. You remember the Treo? That was Handspring's idea. Having a combo cellular phone / PDA with a touchscreen in 2002 was alien level technology at the time (my dad eventually warmed up to Palm devices after trying a Treo 650, after which he bought a Treo 700p). Even as a kid, I got the impression that Palm sort of made flaky, unreliable, overpriced hardware that was bested by Sony and Handspring. But by the time I bought my T|X, Palm was the only game in town. Overall the T|X was fine, but a lot of the novelty had worn off by that point, and there were other devices that were better (although I teased my early adopting iPhone friends that my simple handheld with a 1990s operating system could still copy and paste)

Ah yes, the "play Tetris in class" calculator

Yeah, it was quite a different feeling seeing store shelves back then. There was a lot more innovation. Now, we've sort of settled into a pattern, and more or less all the devices do the same thing.

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looks like a label printer

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Had one of those with weather included
It was almost never right

>> No.81165523

They're mostly known as "Brick Game", but they were probably sold under thousands of names.

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remember when technology was so new and exciting that the most basic shit could entertain you?

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>no P-P-P-Powerbook!

>> No.81165603

I saw an add for this as a kid and noticed it had the function to connect to the internet and we had dial up connection at the time. Begged my parents for it as a birthday gift. Opened it up and tried to use it to later figure out it didn't work with dial up connection . I shoved it in a box and never used it again .

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Those are sweet, I definitely had one of those, and much earlier versions of similar things.

But how about the GBAMP? This bad boy took a Compact Flash card, and could be used for homebrew on the GBA and was one of the earliest ways to do homebrew on the DS, via the GBA slot.

>> No.81165936

>being honest on /g/

>> No.81165940

TalkBoy was better.

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This one is almost 30 years old. Still works, but screen is super dim and you have to look at it from an angle

>> No.81166209

reading the wikipedia entry for this after all these years warmed my damn heart

>> No.81166401

I the dimming of LCDs common?

>> No.81166517

Kids today have only smartphone.

>> No.81166540

I may be showing my zoom, but what is this?

>> No.81166567

Full color and wifi when it came out, and phones weren't really in vogue yet, so it was the best way to jerk off on the go.

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>> No.81166597

Don't worry, I'm in my mid-30s and also have no idea what that is.

>> No.81166706

I think so, probably not getting enough power, I think cleaning the contacts or something should be good enough.

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Cybikos were pretty based, albeit a bit large. I remember the mascot were these little lemming looking things that loved to fuck.

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i feel bad when my mom bought that cybiko thing for me because she spent like 100 bucks on it and i know she didnt have a lot of money and it turns out i never took off and nobody else had one so I couldnt take advantage of all the features. I eventually just stopped playing it forever.

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found one of picrel in my dad's office closet ages ago, but it was probably given away. I never used it but from what I've seen it was pretty cool for its time.

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this was a dinosaur when it was given to me in the early 1990s. But it taught me enough to earn 6 figures my entire adult life.

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>better than MP3 quality
>smaller than CD
>peak aesthetics

>> No.81167850

i think i had one of these too, they used some weird proprietary disc format so you needed to rely on there being a release of whatever show you wanted to watch existing for that platform.

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Smh, where are my Skannerz bros at?
I know you're out there!

>> No.81168170

my contribution to this thread is adding on dot nimp dot org to the end of urls

>> No.81168353

Nice, I had the exact same player. Loved the media and the hardware, but I fucking hated NetMD. I wish I had one of the MD players with an audio input.

I should dig mine out sometime. A cursory look at eBay and Kijiji tells me that the nostalgia bug has hit these things hard. Which is ironic, since I think I paid $70 for mine on clearance (they're now selling for more than that).

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I liked it.

>> No.81168503

same. was just happy to access a PC with internet once at week at a relative's house

>> No.81169027

Based. They featured a decent tetris, while the racing game and arkanoid were reserved for "higher tier" models

>> No.81169138

I recorded the 25c coin tone from a pay phone and used mine as an improvised red box

>> No.81169246

I had one of these, the skateboarding game was pretty fun, but it was depressing that nobody had one. In retrospect the feature of letting you download apps and games over the internet was somewhat ahead of the curve for handheld devices.

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I had the JuiceBox a portable music/video player that uses cartrages.
It went missing not sure what happened to it, I think my trashy mom hocked it for cash.

>> No.81169261

My first "pen drive" was 8mb

This when the other journos were still using 1.44mb floppies

People used to stare at it like it was alien technology

>> No.81169304

What OS did that run?

>> No.81169315

I used to do this


download teenkasia.mp4

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I had pic rel

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zoomer reporting in

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>found my Juice Box recently
>had Edd Ed n Eddy and Yu-Gi-Oh cartridges for it
>the outer rubber had "melted" and gone all sticky
>this is apparently a common issue
>had to throw it out
still a bit sad about it to be honest

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mfw thinking about all the cool shit that's been ruined by rubber reversion

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I thought a friend link would help me make friends

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>> No.81170074

mine was 512Mb advertisement piece that showed as two drives- one was for data and the other as virtual CD with flash animation of company logo on autorun.

>> No.81170102

The ones I got were visually the same, but also had snake and a sorta-shmup ala Space Invaders.

>> No.81171020

she was selling her pussy too.

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>> No.81171760

Cool toaster.

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I had a seiko pocket translator very similar to this one, if I find it I'll take a pic

>> No.81172161

Yeah same thing happened to my old nokia 5300, it sucks

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>> No.81172242

it's a finger box.

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kek this nigga is so new.
he doesn’t know about the fingerbox

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Zoomer, coming through make way

>> No.81172572

Damn thanks for the reminder. I spent days playing with my fingerbox as a kid. I think my parents though I was jacking off but I was just playing with my fingerbox.

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its tech
it has magnets!

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you're thinking of Windows Mobile 2003, i think it was the first really popular windows phone os, may have been the first version with phone support from the beginning, actually, the previous one was a special phone edition
i believe it's windows ce-based
ce has been around since 1996, in non-phone handheld pcs and other kinds of embedded things like industrial human-machine interface devices, nowadays embedded windows is just regular windows with minor differences in included applications, i don't think ce even still exists (outside of chink shit, which you can still find wince5 on)

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>> No.81172732

This but it was see-through purple

>> No.81172756

>gen 2
The best gen

>> No.81172778

I never had an etch a sketch, but I did have that board with iron shavings and a magnetic pen nib that would make an image on the surface and you can wipe it later like an etch a sketch.

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first computer ever
it had tape recorder (usual), but also floppy disc drive (rare af where I lived)

it's newer version, classic ones had black keys and more curves (guts were the same afaik)

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toy pda with touchscreen
probably the coolest feature was it's led/ldr data transmission method, you could for example, make up your phonebook on your computer with their software, then transfer it to the device wirelessly by means of it flashing a box on the screen while you hold the device to your screen (or alternatively the scroll lock keyboard led)

>> No.81173405

This makes me remember my grandpa, we used to go out and eat pastel at sunday mornings, and he bought me one of these once. I already had a ps1 at the time but handheld vidya, no matter how low quality it is, always facinated me. He died back in 2013.

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>> No.81173893

Pencil Case. If you wanted to look cool for 15 minutes and completely ruin the class by focusing the attention of everyone on this and not the teacher, you only had to bring it with you.

Of course, they never lasted long. They either banned them, got stolen, or the cheap plastic broke fast inside the backpack. And back then school backpacks weren't exctly shockproof.

>> No.81173915

>let that sink in
go back

>> No.81174181

Nice digits

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for those who don't know: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojatBoMZubk

>> No.81174542

Someone should make something like this for kids now a days probably only having the messaging feature at a min maybe you can sneak in other features too so it’s not a worthless brick if the kids friends don’t have one. Only way to make it become a big thing would be making it extremely cheap sub 20$. Not sure if this is possible though.

>> No.81174656

>he doesn't know what's inside the box

>> No.81174668

I don't know what happened to my fingerbox but it always felt slimy when I stuck my finger in

>> No.81174736

That just means it's well seasoned

>> No.81175933

I was going to post this if it hadn't been posted. I'm glad to see I wasn't the only one here who had them. Me and a couple of friends had all of them. Fun times. I wish I still had mine, I wonder how the general public would react to taking those around stores now days and scanning everything.

>> No.81176794

I still have one. It's a casio

>> No.81176880

I had a SCDS2 but I managed to brick it somehow.

>> No.81176894

what was the range on that anyways? back then, I always thought it would be rad to own one because I'd be able to text message friends back before we had phones. Now I readily have the ability to text friends and basically never do.

>> No.81179364

just picked one of these up from a value village

>> No.81179409

It was Windows CE

>> No.81179578

Oh God!!! did we all make a cardboard laptop as a kid?

>> No.81179646

I made mine out of a pizza box, but I fucked up by not making the keyboard QWERTY.

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I only had 20 songs I listened to. It's weird looking back since now I have access to every song ever recorded.

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My mom gave it to me on my 11th birthday. Minecraft PE was comfy back then

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>> No.81180735

What's that?
When I got my first phone I got the LG P350 instead of a Xperia mini pro. Could've made a better choice.

>> No.81180776

sansa clip zip is peak mp3 player. perfect design

>> No.81180827
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>> No.81180898

fuck i lost

>> No.81180918

Is happiness tech?

>> No.81180946

There used to be a game about moving boxes around to indicated places. I could get lost playing that thing for ages.

>> No.81180951

kek i thought it was one of those of old style credit card carbon copiers, but a toy version

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does this count?

>> No.81181224

I had one with 9999 games, but they were the same 5 games repeated 200 times

>> No.81181319


>> No.81181543

Bro, don't go to online class tomorrow. I like you.

>> No.81182735

This desu. My most valuable tech related possession as a kid was a dvd player.

>> No.81182766
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God these were awful.
Shit screen even for the time, crappy sound, and very few good releases which came out in a trickle. The commercials promised so much. Zoomers don't know how good they have it.
Nostalga'd hard. I used to make these all the time. We even used to cut out a mouse if we wanted to get fancy.
Also totally forgot about these. I remember winning one in a school raffle, the games were actually quite fun.
They were garbage then as now. The prints were so bad you could barely distinguish between faces. I much preferred pic related.

>> No.81182846
File: 177 KB, 1024x602, lite-brite.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.81183025

I was so mad that my brother tossed ours in a cross country move. We even had the expansion box with like 48k of ram and dual floppies.

>> No.81183160

You guys grew so fast. Feeling old

>> No.81183311

We really need to let /pol/ have this one. Just to meme and fuck around with the mentally ill pedo-trannies.

>> No.81183388

Man i saw nazi set of 12 finger boxes in a crate with swastika symbol on it, shit was gold, if i had spare 2k to burn would outbid entire auction

>> No.81183405
File: 29 KB, 300x400, caveman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can't believe none of you faggots remember these absolute fucking gems from back in the day...

>> No.81184184

they're so shit.
you couldn't do crap with them that wasn't like a cube or pyramid like picrel.

>> No.81184192

this needs a rerelease bad

>> No.81184261


>> No.81184321

N95 is goat. I installed Quake and played it at work

>> No.81184653
File: 132 KB, 800x800, 7637297381362530297.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.81184724
File: 74 KB, 243x514, monster.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

aw shit videonow what a fucking scam

I remember getting one of those because hasbro had to recall the monster rocket for safety concerns or something like pieces falling off. Still so mad because a big fucking rocket the blasted off was way cooler than some shitty dvd player
pic related

>> No.81185244
File: 94 KB, 714x600, iu[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.81185398
File: 210 KB, 1280x720, external-content.duckduckgo.com.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i had this one (yak bak 2k)

>> No.81185431

thanks doc

>> No.81185440

i'm 30, i thought all of those portable video players were cool, i wanted to get a gba homebrew cart, but had no idea at the time how to get one
i got my wish in 2005 when i got a psp, now i could download and transcode any video i wanted and play it on the go, what a luxury
>hey check this out
>*plays "over 9000" meme on psp*
hell yea

>> No.81185791

oh wow haha. i never did that but my brother and i had some old broken(?) ps2 controllers we would sit around and pretend we were playing games with.

>> No.81185798

We were too poor growing up to afford electronics until this exact GBA was the first gaming console I ever owned.
So many great games and so many bad games i thought were great at the time

>> No.81185889

Thats fucking cool

>> No.81185982

My friends and I all had either an M3 or Cyclone.
Awesome picking up any weird game you could think of
And the range was huge on the DS lite You could play multiplayer games with anyone anywhere in the school

>> No.81186053
File: 43 KB, 598x574, 1618510121833.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>so many pyramids

>> No.81186158

WOW nice
This was so amazing at the time

>> No.81186209

Posts like this keep me going

>> No.81186289
File: 36 KB, 405x450, 51tFcyprQkL._AC_SY450_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My brother got one of these for his birthday so when shared it. It was a weird time and so was the device. Other than that I had a Red GBA SP and a PSP 3000. The UMD was cool with all the movies and games you could play with it.

>> No.81186365
File: 49 KB, 400x277, ExtendedBasic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That was the first computer I ever owned; got it as a high school graduation present. It was incomplete without (see image)

>> No.81186401
File: 1.72 MB, 320x240, 47-1XW.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This you?

>> No.81186434
File: 59 KB, 1363x1239, 1594008963961.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.81186614


BASED. I'm convinced mine was broken. I scanned every barcode I could get my hands on but never caught anything.

>> No.81186989

I would make paper flip phones as a kid lol. I miss having an imagination

>> No.81187035
File: 53 KB, 412x500, JurassicParkScanCommand_PCBOX.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I had this bad boy

>> No.81187101

yea it always surprised me how many things it knew

>> No.81187118

oh yes, a potato gun, classic
totally forgot about those

>> No.81187194

>afraid of IR
now that's a new one

>> No.81187327

Mine never worked....

>> No.81187492

Never heard of this one before
Worse quality than VHS and probably more expensive at the time

>> No.81188236

>Should have left the DC freak show right then and there
I require stories. Anything will do.

>> No.81189303

i was in during the 1.50 days as well
yea, could do some dns poisoning to get to any website from inside wipeout pure
the built in browser came with 2.00

>> No.81190600

this thread reminded me that i got a breadbox C64 in it's box given to me by someone my parents knew since they knew i was into computers
unfortunately, this was in 2004 and i was 14, so things older than about 386 dos pcs were outside my knowledge, i threw it out
in my defense, i had only the c64 and box, not even a psu, so i couldn't use it as it was
it just looked so useless, and none of the ports were familiar

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