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drawings are not cp

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They are actually, in certain shitholes

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yeeaaah.... that's what I thought as well for the longest time, turns out 98% of the worlds population agrees otherwise.

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what the fuck

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Regardless, you will never be a woman.

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>It will depend on society and era
No. The same retards that argue your brain vomit also argue games cause violence and porn causes rape. Society demanding more retarded things doesn't make it true

>> No.81150806

You're the one seething about cartoons, retard.

>> No.81150826

>lua triggered the UOOOHHH alarm

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Try explaining that to polite society. There is no way to explain this to a normalfag.

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You’re the one jacking off thinking about children.

>> No.81150837

Pixels are not children. Get it through your estrogen-poisoned skull.

>> No.81150857

basically thought crimes lmao. where to inspiration for drawings come from?

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If you fap to loli, chances are that you are a pedophile. Just like if you fap to Yaoi, then chances are that you are a faggot. As it stands now, you are both a pedophile and a faggot.

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Women are gay males? What?

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>spies on you while also making your ISP think you're visiting loli hentai sites

>> No.81151051

>is incapable of rational thought
>calls others NPCs
What a fascinating specimen.

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There are no women on the internet, and you are deflecting from the main point. Loli is for pedos. People don't care if you've never molested or never will molest a child. They hate the fact that you are attracted to children.

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Masturbating to kids isn’t rational thought.

>> No.81151090

>Truth doesn't matter
Did it ever matter?

>> No.81151112

I think its possible to force develop a fetish because by masturbating to it (even if you did so while already almost at climax from other stimuli) and thus building a brain association between sex and whatever type of porn, I don't think someone would seek out loli/scat/furry porn unless they already found it appealing

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Japan will continue to draw them, and I will continue to read them.
You dumb baizuo can go get fucked.

>> No.81151134

>kids in dimension different than your own
keep seething you faggot, because it is extremely based

>> No.81151155

We all know you’ll continue to be a pedophile. The fact remains that the noblest action you could take would be suicide. You are simply too pathetic to pull it off (I guess you are a bit of a woman in that way, congrats).

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>98% of the worlds population agrees otherwise
The majority of the world's population supports child brides.

>> No.81151171

I'm not the one telling you that you're bad for reading this shit. I think it's okay as long as you don't touch kids. I'm saying normalfags will never understand that, and your failure to recognize yourself as a pedophile only puts you in more danger of getting outed for this shit. I'm just telling you to face your actual circumstances and act accordingly.

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I also like tentacle porn, should real life tentacles be scared?
Maybe you shoul kill yourself, instead.

>> No.81151269

I would want you preparing my calamari, that’s for damn sure. I’m not at all surprised you are mentally deranged in multiple ways. By the way, wanting to fuck kids and squids is much more faggy than being into women.

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Humans evolved to be disgusted by pedophiles and having sex with children. Morals were obviously not a factor (evolution doesn't care), but a child cannot produce an offspring. This also applies to other "banned topics" like incest.

>> No.81151327

I also like milf hentai, schoolgirl hentai, monstergirl hentai, trap hentai, etcetera.
It has LITERALLY NOTHING to do with 3dpd.
You just are dumb faggots.

>> No.81151338

>Oh man drawings of preschoolers and octopi? I’m gonna splatooooooooooooon

>> No.81151352

The chad lolicon

>> No.81151380

Telling everyone how degenerate and alone you are is not a defense for your pedophilia. It just confirms what we already know about you.

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I'm going to impregnate 50 demon lolis tonight, and there's absolutely NOTHING you can do to stop me.

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I'd post the image about the dude from sneedville that married a girl around ten something like half a century ago, but you'd just move the goalpost.

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when I wake up, I will breed 100 dragon lolis and there will be absolutely utterly NOTHING you can do to stop me.

>> No.81151450

Ask of me, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and for thy possession, the ends of the earth. Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron. Thou shalt dash them in pieces, like a potters vessel. Be wise now therefore, ye kings. Be admonished, ye judges of the earth. Serve the Lord with fear, and rejoice with trembling. Kiss the son lest he be angry, and ye perish in the way, though his wrath be kindled but a little.

>> No.81151531

Mentally ill people have always existed.

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>can't tell the difference between fiction and reality
all I know is that it makes you a schizo, take your meds

>> No.81151538

CP is also 1s and 0s when stored on a computer. Does that mean you have some of that too?

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Violent games are okay because violence is a logical extreme of aggression. Everyone feels aggression once in a while, everyone has wanted to punch someone in the face before, so people can relate to that if it doesn't end up actually hurting anyone. It's considered normal to like violent games.
Loli porn only appeals to people attracted to lolis, which is not a normal reaction to have. People do not relate to that, so the distaste for lolis is more because it reveals someone has certain desires in the first place, rather than the fact it may or may not encourage that behavior.

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>tfw it will take shrinking cock and balls for the world to care about saving the environment

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I'd think I raised my son well and watch it with him together.

>> No.81151590

Yes, but looking at either makes you a pedohpile.

>> No.81151597

We're not talking about the image retard, we're talking about (You).

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this chink is being a total chad
all while /g/ is seething about some meaningless shit
4channel is disappointing as always

>> No.81151630

We have no way of knowing that, but you do at least have an interest in sexual depictions of children.

>> No.81151659

Imagine masturbating to fantasies of kids getting raped by magic tentacles until your real worthless semen is shot into some sad little wad of real tissues or something in your pathetic reality... then getting online to tell actual men that they don’t know the difference between fantasy and reality.

>> No.81151692

>You not being child rapist hinges on your flimsy self control.
isn't this true of all people kek

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Why are americans so retard that everything derails into pedophilia

What's the fucking difference about what this specific anon has interests on, if he won't even hurt anybody?

>> No.81151706

fuck this guy lole

>> No.81151707

Given he's watching it together with him, what do you think?

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or maybe I don't have interest in kids because I'm not a pedophile you tard
>Imagine masturbating to fantasies of kids getting raped by magic tentacles
It looks like you don't need to imagine that as you've done it countless times yourself. Based?
real children are ugly, I wouldn't go near them even if I got paid for it, you must be mentally ill to not understand that by now

>> No.81151716

Even if drawings aren’t involved and you just picture little kids in your head while fapping, you are a pedophile.

>> No.81151718

This is not an argument anon. You have an interest in children. Now, are you handling it okay? We don't know, but it could be unhealthy if you keep denying that you have this condition. It might cause you to actually offend one day, and nobody wants that.

>> No.81151721

That's a big fat if, that's the issue.

>> No.81151724

cope harder pedophile. tell it to the judge when you're facing a life sentence.
most people who say this shit are unapologetic pedophiles or pedophile sympathizers.

>> No.81151730

people who are attracted to children are pedophiles by definition

>> No.81151750

>I don't have interest in kids
You do. Lolis are fictional depictions of little girls. You have an interest in what may be an idealized depiction of a little girl, but you do have that ideation.

>> No.81151765

You aren't using that definition most of the time

You are saying "pedophilia" as the crime, but now you say "pedophilia" as the paraphilia?

Pedophiles who aren't sexual offenders aren't subjulgated by the law

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>cute loli on screen
>picture real children
Oddly specific, a-anon?
>more LARPing
>more extreme LARPing
I will never be in the front of judge because of that simply because I have no interest in real children and never will.
I am not attracted to (((children))). Meds anon.
>noooo, not the girls from a different dimension, nooooooooooooooo

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>> No.81151790

>I don't have interest in kids
Wanting to fuck them counts as interest so clearly you do.

>> No.81151799

you can't hide forever pedo.
all it takes is one of your pictures to be based on the real thing and you're done bucko

>> No.81151803

>not the girls from a different dimension
It's not a different dimension, anon. You're not looking at some sort of alien species. You are in denial about your condition, and you should really seeks some help, even if loli does keep you away from the real thing. I am not against your right to view such art, because I think all art should be viewed, however, your sexual attraction to children can become dangerous if you are not aware of it, and denial is not the way to go.

>> No.81151841

This, fucking hell i hate America

>> No.81151845

>have a president that is a literal little girl sniffer pedo

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>Wanting to fuck them
good thing I don't want to
real things will never be as attractive as fiction, that's why fiction is created in the first place. Cope schizo.
>even if loli does keep you away from the real thing
If you think about it, if you kill yourself, I will be gone from YOUR world, win/win anon.
>suddenly not a pedo anymore

>> No.81151863

Having a pedo rapist in charge is the one thing they got right

>> No.81151866

Why do you want people to rape children? Do you happen to have some skeletons in your closet, hmm? Or perhaps on your HDD?

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Holy fuck i'm dying

>> No.81151888

If that were the case then schizos wouldn't be barred from owning guns. Just because they're insane wouldn't mean they one day gonna randomly decide to grab their fun and go kill someone for no particular reason. But we do know statistically that these people end up doing fucked up things, so we employ reasonable measures to prevent them from doing so until their mental health issues get resolved.

>> No.81151929

Literally never said that.

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>that's a based drawing anon, keep it up

>> No.81151932

>Not only are you a pedophile but you're also a pussy.

>> No.81151933

Anon, I'm not talking about an officer finding your shit. I'm talking about someone close to you, who isn't retarded enough not to put two and two together. Nobody is going to buy that excuse.

>> No.81151950

Yes, he implies he has no interest in real children when in reality he would fuck them if there were no social and legal consequences. He is too scared to admit it. I'm not saying he SHOULD do it. Learn to read ESL-kun.

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But it is obvious, you go online and call someone a pedophile for no real reason.

Maybe, just maybe you skipped your meds today?

>> No.81151967

People have been arrested for Simpsons porn in the US.

>> No.81151976

You're literally mocking someone for not raping children. You are the worst type of moralfag because you're also a flaming hypocrite.
Also the majority of people would do fucked up things if it were not for the laws of the land and you know it.

>> No.81151988

>I swear officer, I only thousands of these fictional little girls! nothing else! wait...no, there's nothing on that external hard drive, I swear!!! aaaaaaaaa noooo the handcuffs are too tight please sir stop aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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>> No.81152005

I think that was Australia, not the US. In the US, a guy got arrested for importing lolicon eromanga, which he plea-bargained in order to get a lighter sentence. It wasn't based on any child-protection legislation, but rather obscenity, which is still illegal in the US. I don't think he should have pled guilty, but when you're looking at a long prison sentence, people get scared. On another note, if you've ever heard of Max Hardcore, he was also put in prison for that, and no underage girls were ever involved.

>> No.81152009

My country is so fucking BASED, holy shit.
Thanks for the list of dystopian shitholes, btw.

>> No.81152023

People are mocking him for pretending he is not a pedophile, all evidence to the contrary.

>> No.81152031

you being a pedophile is why people call you that.

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Absolute state of america, retard impersonating me

>> No.81152087

generally if someone posts with an anime picture, they're a nonce 9 times out of 10.

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Is this how it works in 3rd world countries?
In my country me and my lolis are safe.
the funniest part to me is that laws don't prevent people from doing shit, they're rules in hindsight after shit went down, that's why people still break law and genuinely fucked up people don't care about it
she's so fucking ugly, but children are at least x1000 worse than that, when will you figure that out?
speaking of which, I don't even have loli hentai anyway, that's the funniest part
If people calling me things made me become those things I'd have killed myself by now because I couldn't cope with being a nigger.
moralfagging won't get you laid anon
you need to be 18+ to use this site newfag

>> No.81152119

The Norf FC is waiting for you

>> No.81152120

It's the thought that kills, not the gun. Gun is just a dumb piece of metal, thought is required to kill. Likewise, thought of fucking children is the danger to be realized, not anything else.

>> No.81152122

>you need to be 18+ to use this site newfag
Now you care about age?

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>generally if someone posts with an anime picture, they're a nonce 9 times out of 10.

>> No.81152150

People with unhealthy interests disproportionally act in unhealthy ways compared to normal people. A normal man can be afforded assumption that he won't rape a child, a pedo - not so much.

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>/l/ was deleted in 2004
Somehow didn't notice, what was that board for?
fictional characters strictly speaking have no real age, they're fictional, anon
unlucky, watched too much anime
I really hope this is ironic, otherwise I might have to ask you to kill yourself because I'm not interested in pretending to be a namefagger, I don't even need username to be remembered by, that's why I am objectively better than you.

>> No.81152177

If you have fantasies of fucking kids, you ought to hang.

>> No.81152189

That was implied. Action requires thought, doesn't it? Conscious or otherwise.

>> No.81152196

>play fps. you're secretly mass shooter
>watch slasher movie, you're secretly a murderer
>watch gore, you're psycho
>drink tea, you want to be a brit.
>say "ping pong" you're now chinese.

>> No.81152201
File: 1.48 MB, 2077x1812, 16184348405543530745523586884932.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>drawn loli porn is child porn
>written loli porn is not child porn
I never understood this.

>> No.81152221

Thoughts doesn't imply actions

And you retards are derailing a lot for your retard american ideas, i got banned for much less off-topic discussions

>> No.81152223

Only one moralfag is attacking the pedo here. I just want him to acknowledge his status to himself. Also, I don't know that the American president is a pedophile. As far as I know, there is no real evidence of this. He's an old man. They all do that.

>> No.81152233
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>drink tea, you want to be a brit
i would rather castrate myself with a plastic fork

>> No.81152235


>> No.81152287

I don't think either is child porn, but if you show a keen interest in it, then you might be a pedophile. Also, that pic you posted is pedophile apologia. I don't disagree that being a pedophile might be a natural state of things for many adult males, however, anon there outright refuses to acknowledge this about himself.

>> No.81152289

ping pong in mandarin is ping pang

>> No.81152299
File: 1.31 MB, 1440x1080, 1618396707504.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

anon, are you sure your post is at least 18 years old? It does have to be, this is 18+ site.

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It's not just here Anon. There were many threads on /v/ the last few days with such retards.
I can understand why people dislike loli hentai, it's not my cup of tea either.
But calling anyone who reads it a pedophile is absolutely preposterous. Instead of wasting their time here calling drawings child abuse, why don't they get rid of actual predators and groomers on every single Discord server or roaming Twitter.

>> No.81152303

Congratulations, you are now Chinese. Where is my aliexpress order?

>> No.81152351

I don't want to be Chinese like you.

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>> No.81152396

No, it means you get off to the idea of children, which is what makes you a pedophile. Let's assume that we have a prototypical child. This child does not exist. It is merely the idea of what a child is. If you were to imagine yourself fucking this child and get off to that thought alone. You would be a pedophile, even though no media or real children exist. Being attracted to any depiction or the idea of children, by itself makes you a pedophile.

>> No.81152399

You clearly have mental issues if you can't distinguish fiction from reality.
Not only that but making baseless yet grave accusations of this sort is a dangerous game.
You are the mistake of society,not him.

>> No.81152423

Other anime waifus also have similar anatomy, but you wouldn't claim that guys that fapped to them are not attracted to women because of that.

>> No.81152425
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shut the fuck up "Aimee"

>> No.81152428
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read >>81152196 retard

>> No.81152434

still less than the catholic church.

>> No.81152436

that has already happened, but they haven't started thinking that it could have to do with soi and estrogen contaminated waters.

>> No.81152437

Normies are really pushing for the loli = cp meme, even google started blocking it

>> No.81152487

Who do you think you are fooling? Men jacking off to fantasies of women are straight.

>> No.81152490

Do you think it would be weird if people jerked off to cartoons of violent murder? Do you think violence might sexually aroused them if you heard that?

>> No.81152495

>false accusations
>ad hominem
>moving the goalposts
You couldn't win an argument with a fucking corpse.

>> No.81152496

>You're literally retarded if you think people who jerk off to anime porn of any kind are interested in real women.
They are. The 2d sexual thing either comes from a failure to get a woman, or just as a joke. Let's not pretend that weebs don't also want human contact. The difference is that waifufags can legally have sex with women.

>> No.81152499

But I am

>> No.81152513

bullshit made up numbers. and usually what really happens is tha the people that are into CP are not even interested anime shit because is not the real thing.

>> No.81152524
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but isnt it merely a cope cuz they cant get a woman irl

>> No.81152532

whatever helps you sleep at night, pedo

>> No.81152546

>Do you think it would be weird if people jerked off to cartoons of violent murder?
Guro? Yes, it's certainly a sexual deviance. I think people that are into violence would be drawn to that kind of pornography. It would not be a surprising thing.
>Do you think violence might sexually aroused them if you heard that?
I do not think that being sexually aroused by violence alone is a sufficient cause for worry. The BDSM community practices this in a consensual manner. It is not illegal to have violent sex, though it's certainly deviant from the norm.

>> No.81152548
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>download weed plant image
>go to jail for possession of drugs

>> No.81152550

no pedos like both

>> No.81152552
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>failure to get a woman, or just as a joke
Did both things happen to you or are you so retarded that you believe there's no other possibility that has nothing to do with your miserable life?

>> No.81152553

The question isn't commonality, would you make the assumption violence sexually arouses them?

>> No.81152606

loli is shit

>> No.81152611

>no u!!
jesus you're pathetic.

>> No.81152612

Other than a few outliers, this is the fact, and I've fucked enough women that it isn't worth discussing. I'm not part of the lonely generation like you lot. Regardless. Even if you exclusively only ever consume 2d content, liking depictions of children makes you a pedophile. This isn't about real life versus fantasy. You are attracted to the idea of having sex with a child.

>> No.81152614
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So uhm... What about women that are lolicon. Or shotacon.
Let him be anon. Back alley philosophy isn't a good thing. I don't like loli or shota, but I'm also not going to waste my time calling people something they actually aren't.

>> No.81152618

Japan doesn't even have children because they aren't fucking

>> No.81152620

>under reported crime
yeah how do you know the data will go your way if is not even reported.

>> No.81152662


>> No.81152665

Anime is an idealized version of the woman. You can have neither, so why not pick the ideal over reality?

>> No.81152667

>seething about fiction
You're literally the tranny here.

>> No.81152678

loli is for pedophiles. Nothing to explain.

>> No.81152692

>What about women that are lolicon. Or shotacon.
They are also pedophiles.

>> No.81152701

Then why are you looking at loli porn? You wouldn't look at gay porn if you aren't gay, or furry if you aren't a furry.

>> No.81152702

Someone took a model discarded by an actual vtuber and decided to troll around on leddit.

>> No.81152710

based google translate

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don't know how it is in my country because I'm not a woman and was never interested in what it feels to be one, but it is a fact that in America, women cannot rape or be pedophiles.
anime girls is everything real women will never be, cope

>> No.81152717

Women can be pedophiles, anon.

>> No.81152721
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I fap to Amy rose. I can't way to fuck real hedgehogs, dude there's literally no difference between them.

>> No.81152731


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wear gloves anon

>> No.81152755

>anime girls is everything real women will never be, cope
Yes, as I said. They are the idealized version of a woman, as in everything a real woman never will be. You cope by being a waifufag, because the ideal would never compete if you could have access to the real thing. Being a 4ever alone waifu fag only makes sense if you realize that you can't have the real one either. At that point, it makes little sense for you to go after the real thing, since your interaction with them both is the same. In other words, being a 2d-only fag is, in itself, cope.

>> No.81152761

every fetish I've ever "gained" by seeing images of it, I already had that fetish deep down to begin with.

>> No.81152765
File: 7 KB, 225x225, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just jerked off to this loli hentai
and I'm proud of it. seethe normalfags

>> No.81152766

>Amy rose.
Amy Rose is 12. You're just a pedophile with a furry complex.

>> No.81152768

>In other words, being a 2d-only fag is, in itself, cope.
Is this even disputed? It's obvious.

>> No.81152789

It was literally disputed ITT. See: >>81152460

>> No.81152793

tell your mother

>> No.81152805

>liking a furry means you want to fuck human children
Keep oiling that slope, retarded faggot.

>> No.81152833

he draws shit so easily with a nice style too
i wonder how much money he/she does at day, can draw shit really fast
is it easy to get into the drawing shit in the hardware deparment? (i know here is not the place but maybe someone knows)

>> No.81152839
File: 1.32 MB, 472x470, 1617944981072.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>My mind is so weak I can't hold a belief for more than a few days
> Oh noes I consumed too much of one thing I didn't like and now I like it, I'm indoctrinated nooooo
Retard. You could force me to read NTR shit every single day until I die, I will absolutely hate it and shit on it till my last breath.
Psychology is only ever useful on the normalfags because their mind is extremely malleable. We wouldn't have religious itoddlers if the average Joe had strong beliefs.

>> No.81152854

>he doesn't know the ritual

>> No.81152880

sad cope

>> No.81152901

it was glowniggers all along?

>> No.81152902

we do. Try buying weed from a cop.

>> No.81152904

I never called for the arrest of anon. I just want him to admit to himself that he has a certain condition that is currently untreated, and to be careful so as to avoid being found out. I do not want loli to be illegal. I have said before that I think it's art, and I think this is the only reason we need to keep it around. I do not believe in censorship of any kind.

>> No.81152906

> Plenty of people do that
Yes and plenty who don't. I play TF2 because it's a skill intensive game with cool mechanics, not because I gave anger issues.
It's insane how things can't simply be to some people. There has to be an ulterior motive or some sudo philosophy explanation involved for every little things people do.

>> No.81152917

I blame reddit. Every time they ban something the retards come swarming here and they always bring their NPC moralfaggotry here.

>> No.81152921

4chan was never a loli website you revisionist faggot (except maybe for a/jp). You fuckers spammed /b/ with CP for years when /l/ was deleted. "UOHHHHHHH LOLI LOLI LOLI" only became a popular meme in the 2010s because "hurr durr you can say anything on 4chan".

>> No.81152959

>Yes and plenty who don't
Irrelevant. The original claim is that nobody does that.
>t's insane how things can't simply be to some people. There has to be an ulterior motive or some sudo philosophy explanation involved for every little things people do.
Humans are complex. It tends to reason that their motivations can be complex, though sometimes they are simple, like the fact that someone who faps to 2d depictions of children might be interested in fucking children.

>> No.81152968

Read the thread, retard. Also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lolita

>> No.81152973

Not only was 4chan always full of that shit, /g/ had Cirno threads every fucking day around 2008, and techloli/g/y threads were also a usual thing up until around 2011.

>> No.81152974

no shit and jacking off to children is not the same as simply seeing children

>> No.81153003

that's me. how much a month? dunno, if commissions appear and I do work. around. $350 but I I really worked it could be more.

you can always put higher prices, draw shit you really don't like. also appeal to weird fetishes or draw the flavor of the month to get more. (i don't like doing that tho)

hardware department? if you mean pc and software^, it depends on what software you use and if you stream or not.

- 16gb ram + any deskto cpu from 2010+
- gpu capable to encode video
- from sai to Photoshop the requirements do change

>> No.81153006

nobody believes this defense anon, not even you

>> No.81153022

>For reference, such thought has never crossed my mind
Do you fap to loli? No, then cool. Yes? Then it has, and you need some help.
> which you know, sounds disgusting, and you probably should stop mentioning it that much, or people will start thinking that you are into that.
I did not mean it in the sexual way. You have interpreted that way. I mean as in "this fucking object, or that fucking thing". I did not mean it as a verb.

>> No.81153033

Sure and I don't care but that doesn't mean 4chan was or is a loli website. It's like saying 4chan is a wojak website because a small subset of posters happen to like posting wojaks.

>> No.81153503

If loli hentai were illegal in your country, forcing you to only accept commissions via Monero, how much do you think this would shrink your pool of commissioners?

>> No.81153529
File: 107 KB, 850x535, Christ Proverbs 9 8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's not hard to be a decent person. The first step is always being to yourself and those around

The Bible is the standard and I do encourage people to read it in its entirety

>> No.81153545

*being kind

>> No.81153570

pls. read the old testament. and put the actions and sayings of god to the test as if he was not god.... you know to avoid you biases.

just remember that he is the same and eternal. just because there's new testament or jesus, doesn't mean he's a different character.

make yourself a favor, read your bible. from start to finish.

>> No.81154284


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