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Spend your money how you want I guess.

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I'm on Windows, anon.

People use what they please.

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I already am Anon.

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personally i don't like penis, but you do you op

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use emacs

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But then what would freetard NPCs have to seethe at all day?

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Enjoy your shit performance

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Based M1 bro

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Lol what a fucking loser

Have sex incel

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BTFOs most Intel chips, even the i9, power efficiency on a scale unheard of before: 2 days without a charge, doesn’t get hot and doesn’t throttle, laptops don’t sound like fighter jets taking off... who is really BTFO’d Intel faggot?

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>decide to reinstall macOS
You are a fucking retard forever installing Linux on a MacBook anyways

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Imagine posting that known fake cope and thinking you’re a winner LMAO

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Seriously though, apple could have put in a little more effort. Getting curb stomped by a $500 budget laptop is pretty pathetic.

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absolutely based

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Do people seriously use computers for anything other than web browsing and running pissmark and gookbench all day long?

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so jelly
got any peanut butter?
inshallah do you have butter for jelly?
do you ever slather it in pb butter and make that jelly?
does anynon have butter?
with jelly you can make pb sandwich with jelly

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what?? are you 5 or just retarded?

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