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N-Word: On

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Name one thing wrong with this.

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In addition to Intel being beaten by a lifestyle company in every conceivable metric, they’ve now decided to be woke and pozzed. They also hope to get Apple’s business and fabricate Apple Silicon... on what 14nm, and after Apple bashing, really?

Intel just put out an ad featuring a MacBook Pro.

Intel fags on suicide watch.

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>oh yes Daddy, take my freedom of speech
Technocrat boot licker

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youre crazy raiden

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N-Word safety: always off

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This is a great idea, it will bring back creativity to insults. They've gotten quite stale the last decade or so.

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with the current state, people either screech like monkies and rage quit or repeat the same boring insult over and over.
doubt this will yield to any renaissance of the sort you're implying

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>what is products pipeline?

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If an AI can be made to remove profanity from conversations, can one be created to increase it? Can every word be replaced with nigger using the correct inflection and conjugation to the context of the input?

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>the amount of toxicity gamers have to experience

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>jewish koolaid

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Nothing is stopping them from filtering other things secretly, without a toggle. Use your imagination on that one.

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but muhh free market, private company etc
isn't that what makes murica so great?

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>Name one thing wrong with this.
It uses CPU power which could be used for framerates

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So let me get this clear; Intel is wasting R&D time and money on some random retarded faggotry instead of finally moving away from 14nm?

No wonder they are losing the CPU market to AMD more and more, fucking retarded kikes.

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>Reducing toxic behavior opening the door for a more diverse multiplayer community

Sounds pretty based to me

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retards hear "intel" , think cpu, and then they probably assume it's going to be built-in on low level somehow, and that it's going to be stuck at full throttle all the time. just reading op screencap debunks it, this isn't cool info anymore when you realize it's just some client-sided userspace filter, so they ignore it

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Guys what did he say? I just see ******. I'm on a 11900k btw if that matters.

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Hmm, could this be used to filter Niggers based on the trash accent or ghetto speak ?

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Sounds like the return of self-hosted vent servers.

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filter this: N1$$ER

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I'm sorry

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>join friend and his group for some multiplayer games
>everyone says hi
>start playing
>an hour goes by
"Anon why is your friend so quiet? He hasn't said anything but hi."
"Do you have that new intcel filter on..?"

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Fuck off cyrus

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Just don't take the vaccine...until it becomes mandatory.

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do you guys really believe this won't be used to keep customers from pointing out problems with game companies? bugs they want to pretend don't exist? leaks of important information kept from customers? I mean, it's kind of a patriot act deal." we need this power to protect you, trust me, I only sell you broken products with planned obsolescence that is locked down and you're not allowed to understand how your property works". This benefits you about we much as the war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, etc. How can you guys accept these chains from the centralized authority that gets loads of taxpayer funded government contracts?

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we're talking about software, not vaccines.
you can choose to install whatever you want whenever you want, and if something is installed that you don't like, you can remove it in several different ways.

>> No.81115779

>someone screams nigger for a whole hour in every single sentence he says
>no one hears him
i begin to see the appeal of this filter

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>FoS is nothing
As expected of a bootlicker

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freedom of speech does not exempt you from consequences of that speech, which for better or worse is defined by what society deems acceptable.
don't like it, move somewhere that isn't north america or europe

>> No.81115943

Yeah just like how you can remove intel management engine.

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believe me I don't like censorship. in an ideal world where money didn't corrupt and people have conversations instead of shouting matches, we wouldn't even be having this discussion.
but unfortunately things aren't as simple.

>> No.81116023

hardware isn't software.

>> No.81116039

>he doesn't know about Minix
oh nonono

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AI for speech recognition has existed for eons now.

>> No.81116306

I'm talking about real-time censorship, something not even Orwell could have imagined

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>N-bombing your opponents becomes a viable gamer strategy

>> No.81116390

Good. Time to grow up, anon.

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Is this actually integrated in with the firmware? If so, I see a problem, but if it's just an app, who cares? Although it would be strange to see a high-level app developed by intel. I guess my problem depends on how much permissions and how low level this app has.

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No, it would be the same thing as your words getting censored as you speak to someone on the phone

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Retard, you are the only tranny here that doesn't understand how Intel ME works. Go document next time wheb you try to make a point.

>> No.81116439

you know name calling just means you have nothing, right?

>> No.81116455

You know your mother is a cheap whore, right?

>> No.81116486

this thread is full of faggots who think it's *not* useful for a player to be able to make their own decision whether they want to use this feature or not.

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Meds. Take them.

>> No.81116517

Cocks. Suck them.

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kek, amazing rebuttal; absolutely destroyed

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