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No. She's more of an actor than an engineer. Somebody else is making that stuff for her.

If you want proof go to the farms

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>big fake tits
>reads off a manual
she might be a bug but she's more *intelligent* than you.

>> No.81100154

she's mentally ill in no small part due to her justifiably paranoid lifestyle coupled with some terrible real life experiences and the fact that her remaining fan base is incel neckbeard types who believe they are fighting a war against "PC overreach", but I would say for this reason she is one of the more entertaining people to watch despite the fact that she blocked me on social media for saying that not all western born asians supported her doxxing

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>tfw to intelegent

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>tfw big brian

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Well, if you think about it logically and objectively, MWAAAAAAAH *POP* MWAAAAAAAAH *POP*

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God I'd love to nut deep in her tiny chink womb.

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Wtf I love open source now

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Are her milkers fake?

>> No.81100319

100% real anon. just like bags of sand.

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If she was, wouldn't have got any plastic surgeries

>> No.81100596

They're so fake you can see the bolts holding them on, retard.

>> No.81100602

so much booba. plastic booba that is..

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>Naiomi Wu is a Chinese DIY maker and internet personality. As an advocate of women in STEM, transhumanism, open source hardware, and body modification, she attempts to challenge gender and tech stereotypes with a flamboyant public persona, using objectification of her appearance to inspire women.

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She has two big brains.

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what a cunt

>> No.81100848

No, she thinks she will rape him because peer pressure entices her to do so

>> No.81101252

That's hardly better. If you're online just to make a fool of yourself and get a rise out of people, maybe you should take another look at yourself.

>> No.81101297

Nothing worse than toxic positivity

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based bimbo

>> No.81101702

how the fuck does she sleep

>> No.81101851

Nigger are you serious?

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It's rude as fuck, dude basically just made a lighthearted "joke" while also saying that open source is not the same as free software and she went all arrogant bitch on him. She feels like the type of person that considers every else below here and if you do anything else besides praising her or agreeing with her 100% she will get pissed of at you.

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It's rude as fuck, dude basically just made a lighthearted "joke" while also saying that open source is not the same as free software and she went all arrogant bitch on him. She feels like the type of person that considers everyone else below her and if you do anything else besides praising her or agreeing with her 100% she will get pissed of at you.

>> No.81101962

That's because you're imagining yourself as her simp, getting slapped away
She's not going to have sex with you, just relax and enjoy the show

>> No.81101963

incels can relate because they think similar

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I don't watch or consume anything done by a female except Vocaloid producers, manga and Yuri doujin.

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>calling out trannies

I subbed.

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Breast implants are technology

>> No.81103313

ffs, as if the fact she's chinese didn't give it away.

>> No.81103358

What yuri doujin are actually confirmed to be produced by women?

>> No.81103443

>probably never met RMS
>all but calls him a rapist on the virtue signaling bird app
You're dead to me, simp wrangling chink!

>> No.81103490

>puts leds on clothes and has tits

>> No.81103556

she looks smart

>> No.81103607

I imagine that 95% of her viewership are not watching for the tech.
Me? I’m classy. I’m not into cheap whores.

>> No.81103748

Some trashy whores turn me on but she is not one of them.

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great videos.

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You will never be a woman.
She is a gross whore though.

>> No.81104048

She isn't.

>> No.81104073

She more silicone in her than any other tech YouTuber.

>> No.81104107

She did a collab with the orange-bearded guy who created his own audio jack in an audio-jackless iPhone. He came to her dense when his audience dumped aggressively on her weaponized sexuality. Beardo came to her defense. Ugh.

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Women are always wrong.

>> No.81104198

We still don't if she is intelegent or just a larper.

>> No.81104200

Literally who.

Why does anyone give a shit what an attention whore no youtube has to say about anything.

>> No.81104378

She made some pretty interesting tech related videos. (all directed by her engineer boyfriend but whatever)
You need to look beyond her massive fake boobs and any preconceptions that raises.
/g/ used to praise her.

>> No.81104409


I'd be more into her videos without the tits. why are women fuckign coomers?

also show me her bf

>> No.81104561

>Does she think RMS will rape her if they're in a room together?
Probably, yes.

And that's the problem with the whole anti-RMS movement at the moment: they forgot WHY exactly they disliked him in the first place.
Once you bash someone so hard for so long you can't remember what he did or didn't actually do.

(As a reminder: RMS stood up for a friend who passed away and later got accused of sexual misconduct)

>> No.81104689

Yes, exactly. She's just a mediocre youtuber who enhances her image with revealing clothes to gain a larger audience.
Because she can't compete on her content alone.

>> No.81105011

Sounds too similar to Brianna Wu and they both look like botched trannies

>> No.81105159

>all these simps giving her likes

>> No.81105479

>why are women fuckign coomers?

everyone is. it is literally the fundemental driving force of evolution and the sole purpose of your life. it's just that you're malignantly socialised.

>> No.81105527

based bimbo. hope she takes BWC only

>> No.81105763

Wrong, Naomi looks like a hot tranny

>> No.81105880

Just take an L you dumb broad.

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open bob

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>look up OP video because I want to "jerk off" to it
>she's wearing a skirt patterned entirely with hentai girl orgasm faces
>cringe so hard I almost lose my boner

>> No.81106265

She ends up in conflicts all the time just few years ago it was about an interview vice did. She blocked me as well lmao. She's narcissistic and her paranoia is a result of having a personality disorder.

>> No.81106302

t. easily manipulated coomer

>> No.81106400

She doesn't do anything herself though, does that mean you watch her?

>> No.81106402

Those tits look horrible, why do Asian women ruin their perfect bodies?

>> No.81106534

No u

>> No.81106575

off yourself simp

>> No.81106598

Phew you got us, why so mean?
Can you name something she has done by herself except the walk to the plastic surgeon and paying her producers with BJs?

>> No.81106605

How about just preying on some hedge fund manager? It's easy for good looking women (not that she's like that but anyway males fall on for anything). If I was a gook bitch I'd gold dig so hard my nose would come out from a hole in NA. Much easier than trying to be an e-celeb never been.

>> No.81106658

She's desperate at this point for attention.

>> No.81107083

This is almost Belle Delphine levels of cringe, except AFAIK Belle isn't a complete retard and doesn't get into internet fights with people that don't matter

>> No.81107169

this is degeneracy
kill yourselves immediately

>> No.81107247

>thinking with its dick
We should raise the minimum age to at least 18 to post.

>> No.81107282

Also Belle is younger and extremely more attractive than the gook.

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>mmm side booba
no she isn't, based computer man is

>> No.81107387

Those are for sale

>> No.81107409

bruh why isn't this 360° shit more popular seriously muh dick

>> No.81107421

> she's a lesbian
That is just for marketing

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>> No.81107481

> softporn style toothbrush review
People unironically say shes some kind of hacker/engineer

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>> No.81107509


basically waht I was thinking.

I mean I'd be friends with her cause shes into cool stuff the whole tits thing is gross.

if she naturally had big tits and they were always in a sweater. then I'd be more into her tits.

>> No.81107510

It's a chink copy make specific for red-hair basado

>> No.81107511

Not r-18 doujin, but Mochi Au Lait makes yuri

>> No.81107526

Her DMs

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>> No.81108182

tits too small

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>> No.81108658

where are her nudes

>> No.81109077

Why is a little girl getting real close to his nether regions

>> No.81109132

If anything RMS would poop in his pants if she was in the same room, or if she wasn't in the same room. I don't think he would touch her.

>> No.81109311

fuck yes, MINMAXXING is the way

>> No.81109408

Is that the girl that glue leds to everything and simps said she is a genius?

>> No.81110006

>Is Naomi good for wu?

>> No.81110457

That sums it up pretty well. Also huge attention whore.

>> No.81110481

Wow, this whore is kind of a bigot. I don't really *get* why she thinks that she can claim moral superiority when she gets harassed. I realize she gets points with the contrarians in this thread for that, but she lost whatever sympathy I used to have for her.

>> No.81110506

I AM A VERY IMPORTANT PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

>> No.81110653

Isn't this common knowledge? The chink whore is an obvious fake. This is actually incredible. Some white afwm fetishist finds a cheap chink whore, fucks her, gives her a boobjob and uses her as a foil for his own content attracting hundreds of thousands of thirsty simps. Look at her twitter, tech incels from all around the world are simping for her hard under every post.

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